Mei and Tsunade in Stripdown Showdown

The applause for the previous competitors was dying down, and Tsunade heard the announcer once more.  “Another great entry; I hope everyone is enjoying Amateur Stripper Night here at Busteez!”


The crowd roared its approval as Tsunade took a deep breath; she and Mei were next.  The Genjutsu cast over them should ensure that no one would recognize them, but there was always a risk of discovery or something going wrong.


That was what made it so exciting.


“Our next act will be tough to beat!  Although they have the bodies to be professionals, our next two contestants promise us that they have never done this before!”


Mei and Tsunade looked at each other, smiling and blushing at the crude compliment.  Considering what they were wearing, there wasn’t much to check, but they each did one final look over of the other’s black bikini top, thong, stockings, and heels.


“All right, ladies: STRUT YOUR STUFF!”


That was their cue, and the current Mizukage and former Hokage strutted out onto the stage, tits and asses bouncing and jiggling with each step.  The crowd, hidden behind the glare of the lights, howled its approval, catcalls and whistles raining down on them.


Stopping at the center of the stage, Tsunade and Mei went back to back, put their hands on their thighs, and bent their knees to begin twerking their huge asses, the rounded mounds almost touching each other.


Already, money was being thrown onto the stage, and the two women smirked.  They were so going to win this.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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6 months ago

hola esta buenarda la historia (tengo una ereccion porwue estan buenas tsunade y mei) y me preguntaba su podrias hacer un fanart o imagen de mikoto uchiha y de kurenai o tugao (en especial mikoto por favor plis)