Meeting the Froppy Family

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Izuku slowly stirred from his sleep, he felt something warm and heavy lying on his chest. It was only when he tried to move that he remembered his situation. He couldn’t even open his eyes to see what was going on.


Nana?’ he thought, ‘Nana, are you there?


“Hmmm…?” he heard his own voice murmuring. His eyes then opened slowly, feeling slightly dried and rough. He’d slept with his eyes partially open for some reason, but Nana blinked them several times, and the sensation cleared up. “Nnmmh, heavy…” she said quietly with his voice. Nana then opened his eyes fully and looked down at his chest.


Izuku felt his face smiling at the sight of Tsuyu lying in bed with him, her head resting on his chest as she slept. “Hmmm, kero kero… Hmmm, kero kero… Hmmm, kero kero…” she snored cutely. Nana giggled quietly and reached his hand up to gently stroke a bit of hair behind her ear. She then traced his fingers along her cheek softly, and he felt her stirring against him. Her dark eyes fluttered open slowly as she smacked her lips softly.


“Kero…?” she said softly.


“Good morning, Kaeru-hime.” Nana said to her with a smile.


“Kero!” Tsuyu started, sitting up on her knees quickly, pulling the blanket away from their bodies. Nana grinned wryly at the sight of her naked body as the cool morning air made her shiver lightly.


“Hey now, don’t fall into hibernation!” she told her, reaching up to pull Tsuyu down and hugging her against his body with one hand. With the other Nana pulled the blanket back up over them. Izuku welcomed the warmth and enjoyed the feel of Tsuyu’s naked body beneath his fingers. Tsuyu cooed softly and snuggled against him, her arms reaching up and hugging her body against his.


“Sorry…” she apologized.


“For what?” Nana asked.


“I didn’t mean to sneak in, but I just wanted to see you, and your door wasn’t locked.” she told him.


Nana chuckled and leaned his head down to kiss her forehead. Tsuyu smiled, moving her head up to kiss his lips instead. “Mmmmmmh,” Nana cooed back against her lips as Izuku felt her long tongue sliding down his throat.


She really likes doing that.’ Nana thought to him, ‘It’s adorable. And I love how smooth her tongue feels.’ she told him as she moved his hands to hold her a little more tightly. Tsuyu cooed again and snuggled her naked body closer. Nana just held the girl, lightly brushing his tongue against hers. Izuku then felt his hand reaching down to stroke Tsuyu’s rump before gripping it firmly.


“Have I ever told you how sexy your ass is?” Nana asked her.


NANA!’ he protested.


“Kero, no, but I wouldn’t mind hearing it more.” Tsuyu whispered back and he felt her warm hands slipping under his All Might night shirt. Nana lifted his arms up and Tsuyu pulled the shirt off. Nana let out a soft groan as the two of them felt Tsuyu’s soft breasts pressing against his chest. In his mind, Izuku groaned as well, her body was so soft and warm, he loved the feel of it against his skin.


Nana… Ah, um…’ Izuku thought to her.


Kid, I’ve been with two ladies with you so far, if there’s something you want me to do, just ask!’ Nana’s voice thought back at him.


F… Feel her breasts…’ he asked, feeling more embarrassed than ever.


Nana chuckled and moved one hand to Tsuyu’s left breast. The green haired girl moaned at his touch as Nana traced her nipple with his thumb. The soft nub slowly stiffened and Nana pressed on it like a button. Tsuyu kissed him again, and Nana lovingly sucked on her tongue. He then felt Tsuyu grabbing the waistband of his boxer shorts, tugging them down slowly. Nana wriggled his hips for her, making it easy for Tsuyu to remove his underwear.


“Kero kero…” she cooed as her hand grasped his already half erect cock. The sensation sent tingles through Izuku as he felt Tsuyu stroking his length until it was completely hard. “Mmmmmh, so big, kero…” she moaned as she slowly pulled the covers away from their bodies.


Nana smiled up at Tsuyu as the naked girl sat up on her knees and hugged her body against Izuku’s cock. Izuku watched as Tsuyu coiled her tongue around his cock, sliding it up and down his length slowly. Nana groaned at the feeling, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. He heard Tsuyu giggled as she slowly coated his cock in a layer of thick warm saliva before opening her mouth wide and swallowing his cock whole!


“Oooooh, yeah, that feels so good Kaeru-hime…” she said through him.


“Gero, gero…” Tsuyu slurred around his cock, bobbing her head up and down, let lips slurping at his cock loudly, “Tashtesh sho guud, gero…” she moaned, slowly deepthroating his cock, her throat bulging wide as his cock moves down towards her stomach. Nana reached his hands out to stroke her hair, she leaned into his touch, moaning around his cock. He could feel the way her throat vibrated around him, sending ripples of pleasure through his entire body.


MMMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMPH…” Tsuyu moaned around his cock, her tongue still wrapped around its length, stroking him in opposition with her mouth.


“Ooooooh… Yes, don’t stop…” Nana groaned, laying Izuku’s body back on the bed as they both watched. The feeling of her mouth and tongue were amazing, Izuku could barely think anymore as Nana reached his hands out to grasp her head gently.


GERO, GERO, GERO…!” Tsuyu choked as Nana pumped her head up and down on Izuku’s cock. Her face was flushed as he heard and felt her moaning around his dick. “GMMMPH, GERO, GMMMPH, GERO…” she gagged softly as he felt her tongue swirling around his cock faster and faster like a corkscrew.


“Ahhhhnnnn, Tsu…” Nana groaned and Izuku felt his groin muscles tensing as she actually fought back an orgasm! It was scary how fast she was learning to control his body. Nana turned his eyes to watch as Tsuyu lifted her mouth off his cock slowly, dragging her lips against his skin as she made a lewd slurping noise.


“Kerrooo…” she croaked softly as she rubbed her face against his cock. She then crawled up his body slowly, dragging her sexy figure against his massive cock as she kissed her way back to his mouth. Nana moaned against her lips, wrapping his arms around Tsuyu again and hugging her closer.


“Izuku…” Tsuyu cooed softly, “Kero… Take me… I want to feel you inside me again kero…” she moaned.


Izuku could feel himself smiling as Nana spoke for him, “My sweet little Kaeru-hime…” He felt Tsuyu shiver in his arms at that little pet name as she pressed herself tighter against him. Nana moved his body to kiss her again, the two of them rolling on top of his small mattress so that he was on top. He felt Tsuyu parting her legs beneath him as Nana moved his body again, pressing the tip of his gigantic cock against her perfectly shaven pussy. Nana watched as she pushed Izuku’s dick inside, his sheer size stretching and distending her pelvis and stomach as it plunged her depths.


KEROOOO…!” Tsuyu moaned, bucking her hips back against him, pushing his cock even deeper.


“Mmmmmmh… Tsu…” Nana groaned with her, pumping his hips slowly, moving his cock in and out of her. Tsuyu kept her arms around Izuku, hugging the two of them tight together. Nana pressed his mouth to Tsuyu’s, welcoming her tongue down his throat as she began moving his hips faster.


MMMMMMH, IZUKUUU…. YES… HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER, AHHHHNNN, SO GOOD… I… I LOVE THIS FEELING SO MUCH!!!” Tsuyu moaned into Izuku’s mouth. It was amazing how well she could speak with her tongue down his throat.


Groaning again, Nana tensed his cock as she moved his hips. The wet squishing sound of his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Nana lifted his body up slightly, tilting his head down so Izuku could see the way his cock spread the puffy pink lips of Tsuyu’s pussy. Her clit was so swollen it looked like a little pink jewel. Her juices glistened on his cock as it slammed in and out of Tsuyu over and over, his balls making a wet slapping sound against her ass every time Nana slammed his cock all the way inside!


KEEERO, KEEERROO, KEEEERRROOO…!!” Tsuyu moaned, moving to wrap her legs around his waist, bucking her hips against his thrusts! “KERO, KERO, KERO, IZUKUUUU, KERO KERO KERRROOOO…!” she moaned as Izuku felt her entire body tensing.


Nana smiled for him and kisses Tsuyu deeply, slamming his cock into her harder now, the bed creaking in protest under them. “You like that Kaeru-hime?” she asked, “Like my big giant cock stuffing your little froggy pussy!?”




“Tsu…yu..!” Nana groaned softly, and the green haired girl pulled him close, kissing Izuku again. Nana didn’t even gag in the slightest now, swirling his tongue against her’s as it moved down his throat.


HARDER KEROOO, FUCK ME HARDER IZUKU, AHHHNNNNN…!” Tsuyu moaned as Nana triggered One for All at five percent. Izuku could feel the strength flooding through him as green bolts of lightning arched around him. He could see the red lines of power moving across his arms like glowing cracks as Nana began slamming into Tsuyu harder!






Instantly Izuku felt his skin tingling as Tsuyu’s mucus glands lost control, gushing a thick clearish gray slime all over both of them. It was thick and warm, and felt a lot like jelly, but Nana either ignored it or didn’t care as she continued slamming his cock into her before burying it balls deep inside her. There was a wet noise inside Tsuyu and Izuku felt her stomach swell against his own as his cum flooded every inch of her womb!


Nana then let out a long sigh as she went limp on top of Tsuyu, panting softly. Izuku was familiar with this feeling of fatigue. It seemed to hit him at random whenever he used One for All while having sex. And the odds of it went up the more he enjoyed himself with his partner.


Tsuyu kissed him once again, and Nana kissed her back for Izuku, snuggling their naked bodies together. The wet squishing noise of Tsuyu’s mucus only served to heighten the whole experience.


“Mmmmmh, good morning by the way…” Tsuyu cooed.


“I like your wake up method, Kaeru-hime.” Nana said.



In the common area of the dorms, Izuku stood in front of the refrigerator and retrieved the bag of snacks from the other day. ‘Gotta say kid, you got a nice little date planned.’ Nana thought to him as she lifted the bag out of the fridge.


Thanks, I just wish I was the one taking her out, no offense.’ Izuku thought back to her.


“None taken,” Nana said in his voice.


“What’s not taken?” asked a voice from the doorframe leading out into the main common area. Nana turned his head to see Momo standing in the passage with a soft smile. She was still dressed for sleep in an expensive looking red nightgown that was a little more sheer than she probably realized. Nana and Izuku could both see the futanari cock and balls hanging down between her legs through the fabric. The tip even hung peeked out from beneath the hem of the gown. Izuku already knew Momo enjoyed mimicking his size when she used that little trick, and seeing it now, it looked about right for his non-erect state.


“Nothing, just talking to the kid.” Nana said, “Have a good night with Kyoka?” she asked with his voice while glancing down at Momo’s cock.


Momo blinked her gray eyes, then looked down and smiled, “And Mina.” she added.


“Kinky.” Nana replied.


“Your opinion or Izuku’s?” Momo asked as she walked into the kitchen with him.


“Mine, how are you this morning?” Nana asked.


“I’m fine, but I needed to ask a favor. I wanted to ask after class yesterday, but with everything that happened I forgot.” Momo said, “And now I’m wondering if I should wait until after things have resolved themselves.”


“What do you need?” Nana asked her, “I don’t mind helping out if it doesn’t take too long. Izuku is really looking forward to this date.”


“Oh this will only take a second.” Momo told them, holding up one hand and creating a gun shaped item. Izuku recognized it as a vacuum blood sampler, he’d seen enough of them when they were doing tests on how his quirk interacted with Momo’s. “The people working with the organ printer have a theory on how to make it more efficient, and they’d like a sample of your blood to test it out is all.”


“That’s fine,” Nana said, “I doubt Izuku’s condition would affect the results of something like that. I have to admit, I never thought One for All would have an application like this, boosting someone else’s quirk without it being actually in them.”


Quirk symbiosis is very rare.” Momo said as she pressed the end of the sampler against Izuku’s forearm. Nana winced for him as the tiny needle punctured his skin and instantly drew out a small sample of his blood. The machines were supposed to be painless, but he personally thought it felt a little like a bee sting, only the pain faded after a few seconds.


Momo took the tiny vial out of the extractor and shook it to make sure the seal would hold. “Thank you Izuku.” she said a little too loudly.


“I told you he can hear you.” Nana said.


“Sorry, this is all just so strange.” Momo said. She then placed the blood vial inside her personal drawer inside the fridge, “Thanks again.” she said more quietly. “Um, when things clear up Izuku, would you like to have dinner with Kyoka and me? You can bring Tsu and Ochaco if you like.” she asked, though her tone told Izuku she’d rather he come alone.


I’d like that.’ he told Nana to say for him.


“Kid says sure.” Nana told her, then leaned over and kissed Momo’s cheek. “Shame really, you two would have made a fine husband and wife.


Momo blushed and nodded before excusing herself and walking back out of the kitchen. Nana followed her out, still carrying the bag of snacks. Izuku talked nana through using his smartphone to bring up the digital tickets for the movie he’d bought earlier that week.


Wish they had these things when I was active,’ she thought to him, ‘So useful.’


“Deku.” said an angry voice, and Nana turned his head to look at Kacchan as he came down the stairs, “Or are you still the other one?”


Nana grinned with his face, “Looking for a rematch, Bakugo?” she asked.


“Maybe. How much longer you here for?” he asked.


“Around this time tomorrow is when things go back to normal.” she told him, “We hope at least.”


“Hmmm, alright.” Kacchan said bitterly.


“Don’t tell me you’re still bitter about the other day, you won after all.” Nana told him, still grinning.


“That wasn’t a win!” Kacchan shot back, “I swear if you were Deku I’d wipe the floor with you!”


Nana shook his head and laughed, “You’re a far cry from the kid I met on Nabu Island…” she muttered quietly.


“Huh, what? What are you talking about?” Kacchan asked, clearly confused.


“Nothing, you don’t remember anyway.” Nana told him, even though she spoke with his voice, she sounded disappointed. Before Kacchan could respond, Tsuyu emerged from the stairs leading up to the dorm rooms. “I’ll talk to you about it later if there’s time.” she told him as Izuku felt himself smiling and moved his body over to Tsuyu.


Izuku felt his pants tightening at Tsuyu’s outfit, or rather lack there of! She was barely dressed at all, wearing what looked like a beige bikini with a pair of ultra short shorts. So short that the crotch of them dug up between the folds of her pussy. She’d shrunken her breasts a bit, Izuku remembered that a long while ago, she’d told him that she could alter the size of her breasts at will. Tsuyu smiled back at him with green painted lips and did a quick little turn around for him, wiggling her ass playfully. When she turned to face him again, she quickly blinked her green shaded eyes that matched her lipstick.


“You like, kero?” she asked him.


In response, Nana stepped closer and pulled Tsuyu against his body, her hands grabbing the green haired girl’s overly exposed ass before she pressed his mouth to hers. Tsuyu croaked again, kissing back and pressing her ass into his hands. He could feel her tongue sliding down his throat as Nana gave her ass a firm squeeze again.


“Let’s go,” Nana said for him when they broke the kiss. She then thought to Izuku, ‘Here we go kid, let’s show her a good time.



Half an hour later, Nana walked Izuku and Tsuyu into the theater. They had made it with plenty of time, allowing them to beat the line at the snack counter. Using his bank card, Nana bought the two of them a large buttered popcorn and a drink to share.


“Is it me, or does popcorn always taste better in the theater?” Nana asked, popping a single piece in his mouth and chewing slowly.


“Nah, it’s better.” Tsuyu agreed, “Thanks for bringing me to see this, I’ve been wanting to see it since it got released in Japan.”


Izuku felt himself smiling as Nana spoke for him, “I know, it’s so hard getting permission to leave campus, but Principal Nezu felt bad for allowing Momo and I to be pressured into that marriage. So we both have a bit of good will. I thought it best used to do something special for you and Ochaco.”


He had told Nana the details of that bit and she relayed them for him. Tsuyu hugged herself against his arm as they made their way into the middle area of the seating. It was the first showing of the day, so there weren’t very many people here. Also the movie itself premiered over a week ago, so attendance was also down because of that. It was an American movie about an astronaut who went on the first mission to Mars, but she violated the no sex protocal and wound up pregnant while en route. The baby was born on Mars healthy, and spent his entire life growing up on a research station. In that time, he developed a relationship with a girl on Earth through email. The problem came when the boy tried to come back to Earth and meet her. Having been born in lower gravity, his body couldn’t handle a 1G environment.


As things began getting more dramatic, Nana took Tsuyu’s hand in Izuku’s. She slowly interlaced his fingers with hers and smiled as Tsuyu leaned her body against his. Nana moved to rest the side of his head against the top of hers when she rested her head against his shoulder. Tsuyu made a cooing sound and began snuggling herself against his body. Nana gave Tsuyu’s hand a squeeze, but willingly let it go when she pulled away to grab a sip from their soda. She then slowly moved his hand to rest on Tsuyu’s thigh.


“Kero…” Tsuyu croaked softly, and Nana smiled as Izuku felt more than saw Tsuyu parting her legs slowly as she shifted in her seat slightly.


Quick pointer kid, we ladies love it when you get adventurous.’ Nana’s voice said in his head. ‘Like thissss…’ she told him as she used his hand to stroke Tsuyu’s exposed thigh. She used his fingers to trace slow long lines along her leg, and Izuku could feel Tsuyu shivering under his touch.


“Kero kero…” Tsuyu croaked again, and Izuku felt her hand against his leg.


And that’s your cue to get bolder!’ she told him. He felt his lips smiling again as Nana moved his hand over the single bit of fabric covering her crotch. It was hot and moist, and Nana was easily able to push the covering aside before dipping his fingers inside with a soft wet squish.


In response, Tsuyu deftly undid the zipper of his pants, reaching her hand inside and feeling around for his still mostly soft dick. She then pulled his cock out, gripping it gently as she snaked her tongue out and coiled it around his dick.


Nana and Izuku both groaned softly as Tsuyu began stroking his cock again with only her tongue. Nana then moved his fingers in and out of Tsuyu’s pussy, and Izuku loved the warm wet feel around his digits as the cushion of Tsuyu’s seat began getting soaked.


“Kero, kerooo…” Tsuyu moaned softly, moving her tongue faster now, thoroughly coating his cock with her slick saliva. Izuku felt his cock getting harder and harder, and Nana was actively working to keep him from getting completely hard, lest someone see an odd shadow from one of the rows farther back.


“Mmmmmh…” purred Tsuyu, “Emergency exit…” she whispered.


Nana nodded, quietly getting up with Tsuyu, keeping Izuku’s head low as they slinked out of their row of seats. Luckily there was no one else in the row to see his cock sticking out from his pants as they made their way out. The emergency exit opened out into a filthy alley behind the theater. Nana watched the way Tsuyu’s big round ass bounced as they made their way deeper into the alley. The walls were covered in graffiti, and there was a noisy air conditioner mounted to one wall.


Tsuyu then turned back to look at him with a green painted nail to her lips, “Think the staff will be mad about the puddle in the seat?” she asked.


Nana chuckled and reached Izuku’s hand out to grab her ass. Tsuyu croaked again and leaned herself back against him as Nana spoke for him, “I’m sure it’s not the first time, or the last.”


She then pushed his fully erect cock against her rump, “Now, are you gonna take responsibility for this Kaeru-hime?” she asked Tsuyu with a grin.


“Kero!” Tsuyu croaked happily, rubbing his cock up and down with her ass. “This reminds me of that night at the carnival.” she cooed, “Mmmmmmh, that was so fun…” she said as she quickly shoved her shorts and bikini bottoms down together. Nana didn’t waste any time as she leaned Izuku’s body against Tsuyu, shoving his cock inside her in one quick motion! She then moved his hands to grab her pert breasts, giving them both a squeeze as she began slamming his dick into her.


“Nnmmmmmh… You’re such a bad girl, Kaeru-hime!” Nana said, “Fucking your boyfriend in a dirty alley like a cheap little whore!”




Nana laughed and spanked Tsuyu’s ass loudly, and he could feel her pussy getting even tighter around him. “Harder kero…” Tsuyu said breathlessly.


“Hmm, hmmm? I can’t hear you princess…” Nana teased.




Nana moved his hands to Tsuyu’s hips, already calling on One for All. She turned his view to see the red lines and arcs of green lightning spreading along his cock! Izuku felt Nana use his tongue to lick his lips at the sight of his cock slamming into Tsuyu’s pussy at a blurring speed. The impact of his hips against her ass made it ripple erotically as Tsuyu croaked and moaned in ecstasy!


KERO KERO KEROOOOO, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING IZUKUUU, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!!” she screamed in pleasure as jets of her mucus squirted out her sides as if fired from hoses while the glands along the rest of her body made her instantly covered in the slick slime.


Nana groaned along with Izuku as she pushed his cock all the way into her before he came. ‘Ahhh, fuck I love this feelinggg…’ Nana moaned in his mind, ‘Cumming, cumming with a cock feels so good!!!’ she told him as Tsuyu let out a long croaking moan as Nana slowed to a stop, leaning his body against Tsuyu’s back. The two of them stayed like that for several minutes as the AC unit’s fan whirred noisily in the background.


“Kero, kero, kero…” panted Tsuyu, “Please, more…” she begged. Nana grinned and pulled his cock free only long enough to turn Tsuyu around and kiss her again. Then, pressing her back to the wall, Nana shoved his cock back inside as Tsuyu wrapped her arms and legs around his body tightly.


Izuku couldn’t think through all the pleasure as Nana rammed his cock into Tsuyu over, and over, and over! Wet squishing sounds echoed between their bodies as Tsuyu kept cumming with her entire body every time his cock pushed into her! The wall behind them began to crack in a spiderweb formation from the force of his thrusts. All the while, Nana kept their mouths connected in a seemingly endless kiss.


By the time Izuku had full awareness again, he found Tsuyu recovering her shorts and getting dressed again before they exited the alley.


The remainder of this date went pretty much exactly as Izuku had pictured it. After leaving the theater, Nana took Tsuyu to the dance club he had picked ahead of time. While he had planned to use the dancing techniques Mina had taught him before, Nana it seemed, was an experienced dancer! He particularly enjoyed when she took him to the Club DJ and had him play something slow before using her Float quirk to spin around the room with Tsuyu as though they were in space!


Gotta tell you kid, I’m actually having fun.’ Nana told him as she walked his body next to Tsuyu as they got off the train and made their way into the suburbs. She followed the green haired girl through the streets as the sun began setting in the distance to a medium sized house painted a dull yellow color.


“Kerooo…” Tsuyu muttered softly.


“What’s wrong Kaeru-hime?” she asked.


“Kero! Oh, it’s nothing, just a little… Nervous. Mom can be a little, forward…” Tsuyu said.


“Oh, anything I should know?” Nana asked for him as Izuku felt a little weary at how Tsuyu had said that. He’d seen it enough times in teenage drama’s with parents that grill the boyfriend when they meet him. Though until now, he thought it was all just that, TV Drama.


You kidding kid? My father about scared the piss out of the man I married.’ Nana told him, ‘I still remember when I came down to go to a dance with him, he looked as though he’d aged fifteen years in as many minutes! It’s tradition for parent’s to do that.


The two of them approached the door, and Tsuyu used a key to unlock it before opening it and ushering Izuku inside. “Wait here.” said Tsuyu as they both took off their shoes just inside the entrance. To Izuku’s surprise, the place actually smelled familiar. He’d been to the houses of friends before, and he always noticed that family homes all had a unique smell to them. But this place…


Smells like the princess.’ thought Nana as she seemed to read his thoughts. ‘Kind of like the air during a heavy rainstorm, damp, but not in a bad way.


Izuku agreed as Tsuyu went ahead. Just as the green haired girl went out of sight, another younger girl with big dark eyes and even darker green hair poked her head out from the archway leading into the den to his left. Nana smiled for him, Tsuyu had mentioned her little sister many times. And she actually did look a lot like Eri! The same wide eyed look of wonder on her face as she approached.


“Well hello there, I’m Sh–, I’m Midoriya Izuku, I came to meet you with your big sister.” Nana said, almost using her own name by mistake. “I go to the same school as her.”


The girl blinked her big wide eyes and came out a little more as Nana knelt down so that they were closer to the same height. She held a large stuffed frog plushie that had big bright red eyes. A tree frog, one of Izuku’s favorites. Nana reached into his pocket and pulled out one of the candies left over from the movie and offered it to her. The girl’s face brightened as she quickly snatched it up and unwrapped it before using her tongue to pull it into her mouth. He felt Nana stifle a laugh, he’d have done the same, she was adorable.


“Ah, there you are Satsuke!” said a woman’s voice from the corridor. Nana turned his head to see Tsuyu standing with what could have only been her mother. She had the same dark green hair and slightly wide mouth. Tsuyu still seemed nervous as the woman came over and picked the girl up in her arms.


“So, you’re the young man trying to steal my baby girl’s heart away?” she asked.


MOM, KERO!” Tsuyu protested.


“I’m only teasing sweetie.” her mother said, then turned back to Izuku, “Welcome, I’m Beru Asui, this here is my youngest, Satsuki. Come on honey, say hello.” Beru told the little girl.


Satsuki gave a shy wave, but didn’t really say anything. Beru kissed the little girl’s cheek, “My husband is running a little late, so I hope you don’t mind waiting a little. And Samidare is at his friends house playing that new game that just came out.


“Pleased to meet you,” Nana said, then introducing Izuku formally and bowing respectfully. Quick pleasantries were exchanged before all of them moved to the living room where Beru served a mild tea and light snack. Nana was able to answer most of what he guessed were the usual parents’ questions about school, dorm life, things of that nature. Izuku couldn’t understand why, but Beru kept eyeing him not unlike how Mitsuki did every time he entered Busteez. At one point through the corner of his vision as Nana talked about the other day’s little sparring match with Bakugo, Izuku saw her slowly licking her lips.


Before he could wonder about that, Izuku felt a mild pressure in his groin that told him his bladder had become full. “Oh, this is a little embarrassing, but could I use your bathroom?” Nana asked before he could tell her.


“Of course,” said Beru, “She made you sit through the whole movie huh?” she said with a teasing wink at her eldest child.


Oooh it’d be fun to tell her what really happened!’ Nana thought.


DON’T YOU DARE!!!!’ Izuku thought as loudly as he could.


Just kidding.’ Nana thought back impishly. Beru sent him to the upper floor bathroom as it seemed the one on the first floor was damaged from a broken pipe. Beru mentioned something about a villain incident the other day damaging the pipes in homes all over the neighborhood. She told him the upstairs ones were fine, but the lower floor one needed repairs still. Nana took him to the bathroom and used it easily enough, though Izuku had to talk her through it again, one of the more humiliating parts of this entire ordeal.


“Not my fault, I’m used to sitting down for all this.” she said as she washed his hands.


“Sitting down for what?” asked a voice from behind. Nana whirled around to find Beru standing in the second doorway into the bathroom that connected from the master bedroom.


“Oh, I uh…” Nana stammered slightly.


Beru smiled, “I can see why my daughter likes you, you get flustered easy.” she said with a giggle as she came close. Izuku could smell her perfume, a rich flowery aroma that made him just a little dizzy. When she leaned forwards, Nana moved his eyes to look down her top, staring at her wide cleavage. She gulped for him as Beru wasn’t wearing anything beneath her top, and the neckline was low enough that both of them could clearly see her bright pink nipples.


“But I can also see you’re a lot braver than you let on, aren’t you…?” she asked in a breathy voice.


Nana, stop, don’t look!’ Izuku said, but he could already feel his cock swelling in his pants again, straining the fabric.


Beru giggled, “Mmmm, veeery brave…” she breathed as she leaned in closer, pressing her mouth to Izuku’s. Nana gagged lightly as Beru’s tongue forced its way down Izuku’s throat. “Mmmmmmh…” the older woman moaned softly, and Izuku could feel her hands at the waistband of his pants. Her fingers moved with the precision of a skilled surgeon, loosening his belt and releasing the fasteners just before his cock could rip through the fabric.


“Ara ara…” Beru cooed as his cock sprung free from his pants. The massive shaft was actually pulsating and twitching as Beru stared at it with a look of awe on her face. “Mmmmmh, well I can’t let you go to dinner like this, now can I?” she asked rhetorically before opening her mouth wide and snaking her long tongue out to coil around his cock. Nana and Izuku both shivered at the feeling as Beru began stroking his cock with her tongue slowly.


Like mother, like daughter…’ Nana thought with a groan as Beru opened her mouth even wider, deepthroating his cock in a single go!


“A… Asui-sama… Ahhh…” Nana tried to say, but couldn’t finish as Beru began bobbing her head back and forth with no difficulty. Her mouth and throat felt amazingly tight, but soft at the same time. The feel of her tongue stroking his cock in opposition was even more incredible than how Tsuyu had done it earlier!


“Mmmmph, sluuurp, mmmmph, sluuurp, mmmmph, sluuurp, mmmmph, sluuurp, mmmmph…” she moaned and sucked at his cock, “Sho bhiiig gero geroo… Mmmmmph muh mouph pusshy pheels sho guud…” Beru gagged and moaned around his cock, the sheer girth of it slurring her words.


Nana shuddered and groaned again, but Izuku could feel the tension leaving his body as Nana began succumbing to the feel of the woman’s mouth on his cock, ‘Nana, nhooo… D… Oonn’t… Ahhh…’ Izuku groaned in his own head. This felt so good, it was getting harder and harder to think straight as Beru began fonding his balls with her nimble fingers.


S… Sooorry, kiiiid… Ahhhh, this feels so good…!’ Nana’s voice thought back at him as she watched the way Beru’s lips erotically dragged along his cock.


“Ahhh, not again mom!!!” said Tsuyu’s voice from the door Nana had used to enter the bathroom from the hallway, “You do this every time, kero!!!” she said, giving her mother a stern look as she stomped over and pulled her mother off him. Her tongue slithered along his cock as she pulled it back into her mouth.


“I’m just…” Beru began.


“No! This is mine!” Tsuyu said, lashing out with her tongue and coiling it around his cock with a sound like a whip cracking, “This is MY cock!” she said, “You can’t have it, kero!”


Beru smiled smugly at her daughter, “Oh please dear, you wouldn’t even know what to do with it. Besides, he clearly prefers a woman’s touch to a girls.”


“Kerrrooo…” Tsuyu growled, “What do you expect when you provoke him! Izuku is very honest and that’s what I love about him!” she said while continuing to stroke his cock with her tongue.


“Oh, and you expect me to believe you could keep something that magnificent satisfied so he won’t wander?” Beru challenged.


Tsuyu looked at Izuku and Nana gulped nervously. Neither he nor she knew exactly how to respond, especially with Tsuyu jerking him off with her tongue!


“Alright, kero! I accept that challenge!” she told her mother before kneeling down and engulfing his cock in her mouth again! Nana groaned and leaned his head began as Tsuyu began slurping and sucking at his cock wildly, filling the tiny bathroom with lewd wet noises as both of them tried to think of a way out of this!


Beru moved to kneel next to her daughter, pulling Tsuyu’s head back and coiling her tongue around his dick again. Both women then began stroking him with their long tongues. The sight and sensation of it was maddening as Nana only groaned. She and Izuku watched as mother and daughter took turns sucking his cock down their throats as their tongues dueled one anothers for space on his dick!


“Ahhhhn, Tsu…” Nana tried to speak, but the words caught in Izuku’s throat as Tsuyu quickly pushed her mother away and downed his cock again just before he came, HARD! There was a wet noise as his balls were quickly drained into Tsuyu’s stomach, making her belly swell visibly just a bit. If he hadn’t cum so much earlier, it might have been more than she could take.


“Awww, you’ll spoil your dinner like that honey!” Beru chided her daughter. She then sighed in resignation as she pulled her tongue back and got up, “Alright, I’ll see you two downstairs. Your father should be home any minute now anyways.” she said before leaving as though they had just had a minor argument that was resolved as quickly as it had begun.


Pulling her mouth off his now softening cock, Tsuyu looked at Izuku and said, “Kero, sorry about that, I warned you she can be really forward.”


“Uhhh, yeah…” Nana said with a slight grimace.


‘What the hell just happened?’ the two of them thought together!



Much to his relief, when it came time to have dinner with Tsuyu’s family. Nana just repeated what Izuku told her. It made the conversation take a little longer, but her parents and siblings likely passed it off as him being the ‘Nervous Boyfriend.’ Which was actually true, Tsuyu’s father looked like an anthropomorphic toad, and a rather scary one at that.


“Dad, don’t be mean!” Tsuyu chided her father when she caught him giving Izuku what Nana called the ‘Dad Glare.’


My own father did that to all my boyfriends in school. Don’t take it personally. Thankfully, I think my mother’s technique was different.’ Nana told him as the evening finally came to a close.



It was well past sundown by the time the two of them returned to the dorms. Izuku was surprised to see All Might standing outside the building waving at them as they approached.


“Young Midoriya, Asui, how was your date?” he asked.


“Kero, it was great! My dad really likes him.” Tsuyu said with a happy smile.


Holy crap he looks old now.’ Nana thought to him as she replied in his voice, “I thought you wouldn’t be back until tomorrow Tosh… All Might.” she said, almost calling him by his real name.


“I caught an earlier flight on one of those Private Automated Planes.” All Might answered. “Principal Nezu told me to come see you right away, that you had something important to discuss with me.”


“Oh right, that!” said Nana, she then turned his head to Tsuyu, but the green haired girl seemed to read the situation and excused herself before Nana could even ask her anything. Nana waited for Tsuyu to go back inside before grinning from ear to ear.


“Hihi Toshi!!! Man, you really did pull off that whole symbol of peace thing! I’m so proud of you!” she said while reaching his hand up to pinch All Might’s cheek like a doting mother might.


“Young Midoriya…?” All Might asked, the confusion clear on his face.


EEEEEEEENT!!!! wrong, try again Toshi!” Nana said, “I know the outside is different, but I thought you’d at least recognize my accent! I mean, Chi-chi and Nezzie-chan got it in one.”


All Might blinked once, twice, three times as recognition dawned over his face.


“Ma… Master?” he asked nervously.


BINGO!!! You get a prize!” Nana said flashing a ‘V’ sign with his fingers while still grinning broadly.


All Might promptly fell back as he fainted. Nana sighed, “Yeah, I was kinda expecting that.” she said with a shrug. She then bent down and began lightly, but rapidly slapping her hand against his cheek. “Hey, come on, wakey wakey!!! I don’t have much time left before the kid’s back in the driver’s seat here. So let’s not waste it sleeping alright?” she said as he slowly came around again. “Ah good, thought I might have lost you there!” she said with a grin.


“Master, what, how, why…” All Might stammered.


“All good questions and I’ll explain as we go. Come on, we’ll go see Chi-chi, she can vouch for everything.” Nana explained as she helped All Might to his feet. The two of them then began walking as Nana began telling the story all over again.



Inside the dorm, Tsuyu and Ochaco watched as the two left. The chestnut haired girl turned to the other, “Um, Tsu, what was that all about?” she asked, not having been able to follow a bit of what they could hear outside.


“Ummm, I dunno, but Izuku has been acting a bit odd the last couple days, kero. She then smiled, “Not that it was a bad thing.”


Ochaco puffed her cheeks with jealousy, “Okay, spill, and don’t leave out anything!”


“Spill, spill what?” asked Mina’s voice as she came running over and bounced up and down excitedly, “I wanna know, I wanna know too!”


Tsuyu smiled smugly and began, “Well, it started when I snuck into Izuku’s bed this morning…”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
4 months ago

Omg this was so incredible! The art was amazing seeing that thick fat froggy ass of our frog princess. In those tight so called fuck me Jean shorts riding her thick pussy and fat ass! The background is awesome! But where this story shines is the story! It’s long but amazing, too many to name but highlights include, the beginning morning suck between asui and deku, the interaction with momo who just fucked jiro, and mina. The whole scene at the movie theater and after it as he reailed her good! Then finally asui and her mom going double raw froggy blowjob! I was a bit surprised but not really that her mother could handle deku’s shaft however she is a experienced frog so it’s nice. Everything this chapter is screams perfection, in its highest form it hits all the boxes !

4 months ago

Hehe, thanks man, I had a lot of fun doing this chapter. Been planning that wake-up sequence for almost an entire year. The scene in the theater I just kind of winged it, and enzo had the idea for Deku getting seduced by Beru, but I came up with how the scene unfolded.

5 months ago

I’m always here for the huge thicc Tsuyu onion booty 🍑🍑🔥🔥 an ass tattoo would’ve been the icing on the CAKE… I’ll see myself out. Your fat asses are always the best Tenzo and Deku(Nana) getting some head from Tsu’s mom makes the story extra spicy especially when it’s mentioned that it wasn’t Beru’s first time she’s done with a boy that Asui brought home. Hoping we can see a mother daughter combo attack on Deku’s monster meat

5 months ago

a better picture for this would have been tsu and her mom kneeling in front of deku’s cock in a bathroom while both tongues were wrapped around it.

5 months ago

I think Enzo said he wouldn’t do a tongue wrapped around the cock image a couple years ago.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

eh thats kind of lame.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I don’t mind trying it once awhile

5 months ago sounded kinda interesting tho

5 months ago
Reply to  Jose

I based it off what I could remember of the movie “The Space Between Us”. It was a Scifi Romance drama I wanted to see in 2017, but never got around to seeing.

5 months ago

Great chapter I loved the cut interactions between tsu and izuku(nana) the image looks amazing as well can’t wait to learn more about momo’s night with Mina and kyoka also wondering will we get futa art of momo
Good luck with future chapters

5 months ago
Reply to  Jack

Doubt it, but I may do the story of that night later for just my patreon.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

I might not care that much about all that lovey dovey stuff between Izuku and Tsuyu but I have to say, that it was written pretty good. Personally I don’t really see the appeal of Tsuyu but her Quirk can be (and is) used in very interesting ways during sex. The mucus part was a bit meh but I overall greatly enjoy the use of Quirks during sex. Momo being a futanari in this story is also quite the welcoming surprise, since I really like futanari stuff, especially when they’re dominating. All three sex scenes were pretty distinct and I like at least two of them. The first was a nice introduction for a chapter but felt pretty slow and as said, I don’t care about feelings or romance so there’s that. Their cinema romp was quite naughty and pretty good, with Izuku causing the wall to crack because of the use of OFA. I don’t really see value of having the sex scene with Tsuyu’s mom, she wouldn’t be my first choice for a MILF sex scene, that’s for sure. What it did provide, was to give Tsuyu a chance to stand up for herself and declare that Izuku won’t run off to other woman. Something that would be a good statement if it wasn’t for the fact, that Izuku here is basically a harem protagonists who fucks everyone. Amazing job with Nana reuniting with All Might. Their interaction was nice and having their interaction being overlooked by Froppy, Ochaco and Mina will without a doubt lead to interesting plotlines in the future.

Great job by making the meeting between Izuku and Tsuyu’s parents feel realistic, aside from the sex scene of course.

5 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Did you catch that Nana woke up All Might the same way he did Deku when they first met?

As for Momo’s threesome, that might end up exclusive to my patreon, as will a scene in next week’s chapter which is finished and posted there, story only.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Damn, I didn’t realize that parallel with Deku and All Might. Superb job there.

5 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

😁 I do know what I’m doing with these long complex plots and chapters.

Sakura Uchiha
Sakura Uchiha
5 months ago

When are we gonna have the next Naruto pictures

5 months ago
Reply to  Sakura Uchiha

Don’t know. I told you last time this isn’t the spot to ask

5 months ago

Once again, we have been provided a beautiful art piece and story! Thanks again! I can’t wait for more!

5 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Thanks. I really loved the art that was used, that sexy Froppy Frog Butt!

5 months ago

This was a cute chapter. It’s rare seeing actual dates take place in porn so this was nice. The part with the mom felt a little unnecessary as it just seemed more like your typical “This is porn so the Main Character needs to fuck EVERYONE” which threw me off a bit. This one is a minor nitpick but i felt like the pet name was overused to the point that I thought Nana had just forgotten her name hahaha.

It was fun seeing her get reunited with All Might as well. I wonder what an Ochaco date will be like, if there ever is one. I also wonder if her mom will get involved too hahaha, after all they are poor and can use the money the busteez offers.

5 months ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Actually, Ochaco’s family is doing better. I mentioned it way back when the love hotel was built, but her exposure with Ryuku drew some business to her father’s company. They built the hotel and such.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh yeah, I remember that. Well then I guess it would just be her wanting cock hahahaha.