Mastering the Mocha Beauty

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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Walking in circles across the hotel room, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez growled like a beast. It was a fairly nice room for human standards. Every wooden piece of furniture was white as snow with golden handles. Two doors would lead either to the bathroom with the exact color scheme as this main area, or the balcony and its quite nice view over Karakura Town’s skyline. He had visited the city before but never like this. And not once because he was invited by an unknown stranger!


Though he already had a pretty good guess as to who summoned and told him to wait here in this hotel!


It had been more than a week since Nelliel suddenly disappeared from Hueco Mundo with no traces left behind. At first, he simply waved it off since he still had Tier Harribel to fuck, and given Nelliel’s rather carefree and simpleminded personality at times, it wasn’t all that strange or concerning. But then she came back and told them about all that stuff now going on in the Human World and how a former Captain of the Shinigami wanted to open some kind of club. Just as quickly as she returned to Hueco Mundo, she disappeared again though and Harribel followed not soon after, deciding that it would be wise to see what this whole club-business was all about. Which left him alone in their palace with only Harribel’s fraccion to fuck and those two idiots from Nelliel’s fraccion.


Needless to say, it was boring!


Not one of Harribel’s three sluts were able to handle his cock in any kinda way and tapped out before he even had the chance to get wild. The only one who kinda managed to keep up with him was that other dark skinned chick, but even she left after Harribel didn’t return for quite some time!


“Grrrrr!!!” he growled again, feeling the need to smash something to pieces as his cock grew just by thinking about how frustrating the last few weeks had been. Obviously he would never say it out loud, but he did actually miss them and the long nights and days that they spent fucking together.


For this very reason alone, he followed the anonymous letter’s invitation towards this hotel, kinda hoping that Harribel or Nelliel were behind it. And if not… Well, let’s just say that he would end up blowing some steam one way or another!


As it turned out though, he didn’t have to wait for long until a loud KNOCK KNOCK echoed through the room. His keen senses told him in advance who was standing in front of the door. He couldn’t help but grin! There was only one person in all of the different worlds with that kind of Spiritual Energy!


“Fucking finally!” he snarled before jumping over the bed to open the door. “Took you long enoooohh…”


A light smile curled around Tier Harribel’s lips upon seeing his reaction. Not that she could blame him though. Right now her breasts were twice as big as her entire torso and weighed just under a ton. Only thanks to her superhuman strength she was able to stand upright despite the massive imbalance of weight. Her lips were painted in a snowy white that looked deliciously exotic in conjunction with her bronze complexion and golden hair while a pink V-slingkini failed spectacularly in its attempt to hide her pierced nipples!


“Like what you see?” she asked in a strangely flirty voice with a nod towards the blue haired man’s quickly growing erection.


“Damn! What the hell are you eating here in the Human World for your tits to grow this ridiculously?” he asked back, his eyes flashing in a dangerously happy way, showing that he liked what he saw. “How did you even manage to get in the elevator with those funbags in the way?”


“Oh, you mean those?” Harribel hefted her tits, her hands sinking into the overly soft flesh as she did so, “Just a little something that my new boss taught me. And yes, it was hard riding that elevator.”


Grimmjow nodded, practically seeing herself trying to squeeze through the narrow doors. And that’s without even taking the weight limit of those damn things into account! He stepped back and allowed her entrance into the room. He must have blinked since she managed to get through the doors without any problems whatsoever, pushing him onto the bed with her heavy tits.


“New boss?” he then asked, his eye meeting hers as she looked down on him over the mountain of flesh. “Don’t tell me you’re working for the same club as Nelliel now!”


She knelt down in front of the bed, pressing her nipples against his knees while she put her hands to rest on them, “Since a few days actually. They had some very convincing arguments!” she explained.


The sweet smell of the Arrancar Queen’s lust filled the room as she became wet just by remembering the day she spent with Toshiro Hitsugaya at the beach. Grimmjow couldn’t help but groan in annoyance. “Since when were you the kind of person who was that easily swayed?!”


“Oh, that Unohana does have her ways!” Harribel reassured before sensually licking her lips. “In fact, that’s the very reason why we invited you here in the first place: To convince you into joining the club as well!”


Arching his back, Grimmjow cackled at the ceiling above, “GAHAHAHA!!! You really have changed since you left Hueco Mundo! Did you find a new boytoy to play with here or what?!” he already waved the question off, the moment he asked. “Nevermind! You should consider yourself lucky then that the days are boring without you and Nelliel around. So I might very well join this little club-thingy!”


A victorious smile spread across the usually so composed, mocha skinned beauty’s face, “I thought you would say that!” she purred.


BUT!” Grimmjow raised a finger to stop her before she could say anything else. “First I’m gonna thoroughly fuck you! Seems like whoever convinced you had some big impact on you… I can’t let this slide! You need to be reminded whose cock truly is superior!”


“Obviously!” Without wasting another second, she ripped her bikini appart before stretching her arms to both sides of her body in an open invitation, “Try your worst!”


Needing no further encouragement, he quickly lunged himself at her, tearing his own clothes to pieces to free his bulging erection. Harribel had only a fraction of a second to admire the thick, nearly half a meter long beast before he pushed it between the canyon of her breasts! He put his hands on her head for leverage and started thrusting his hips back and forth.


“Right for the tits I see…” she moaned, feeling his cock pulsate rapidly in between the mountain of flesh. “How predictable!”


“Oh shut it, you stupid bitch!” The Arrancar roared back at her, “You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into when you walked in with tits like that! I’d have to be some kind of sissy if I didn’t immediately go for them!” he groaned, continuously slamming his hips against her breasts.


MMMMMHHH… YES!!” Harribel screamed out in wild lust as the thick meat rubbed all over her sensitive spots, causing her pussy to gush even more than before. Whenever she got the chance and the tip of his dick poked out between her cleavage, she would lick it, coating it in a mix of her saliva and the sweat that followed due to the immense heat between her tits. “FUCK!!! I MISSED THIS COCK SO DAMN MUCH!!!!


HA!!! That’s what I thought!!” growled Grimmjow. He pulled her face into her own tits to give her easier access to his dick as he pumped it in a frantic rhythm. “No way in hell is there a cock here in the Human World that beats mine! Am I right!?”


HMMMMMM!!!!” unable to give a clear answer, Harribel simply moaned as the burning red tip of her partner’s length pushed past her lips with every thrust! At times like this she wondered if there was lava or something similar hot running through those bulging veins of his, “GLLLLLLLLGH, HMMMMM, PHHHHHHHM, SLLLLLLGH, GUPPPPH!!!!” but just as quickly as those thoughts came, just as quickly she forgot about them as raw pleasure coursed through her entire body!




With each thrust Harribel found herself being pushed back more and more. She subconsciously arched her back while he continued pushing onward with no regard for anything else than the pleasure that washed over the two of them! A loud THWOMP echoed across the room as he finally managed to fuck her out of her balance, causing the floor beneath her to crack due to the impact. With her massive tits now acting as a weight that kept her pinned to the ground, Harribel was forced to watch as Grimmjow climbed between her breasts, his throbbing cock pointing straight at her!


He grinned at her, grabbing her painfully stiff nipples to each side of himself and twisting them around, “I hope you’re hungry, slut! Cause I’m far from being finished with you yet!” he declared, already thrusting his hips forwards once more to shove his cock into her mouth.


UUUUUUGH!!!! AYE WOULPN’T HAPHE ID ANY OTHA WAE!!!!!” she moaned around his length as she started bobbing her head back and forth as much as she could.


Grimmjow watched with growing pleasure as her throat visibly distended every time she gobbled his meat, “HURRRGH!!!!” small drops of sweat glistened on the blue haired man’s skin as he moved his body in perfect motion with hers.


Letting her tongue swirl all over the man’s erection, Harribel couldn’t help but let her eyes roll back into their sockets as she rode waves of waves of sheer pleasure. While not even close to Ichigo in terms of size and girth, Grimmjow more than made up for it with pure force! Something that she always missed when having sex here in the Human World was how none of her partners so far were as hard and rough as she would have liked. That wasn’t a problem when it came to Toshiro Hitsugaya as she had already fallen in love with him and his dick way before he actually fucked her at that cliff. But damn, did it annoy her when other people didn’t show any kind of initiative or assertiveness!


MMMMMMMOH!!!!” her legs kicked the air as Grimmjow continued fucking her throat while twisting her nipples into opposite directions. The pain and pleasure hit her like trains and brought her closer and faster towards orgasm than most other guys ever managed to do. “OOOOH, HOW MUSH AYE MISSHED DISH!!!!!


The blue haired Arrancar laughed, squeezing her now red nipples as though he wanted to press juice out of rocks, “Of course you do!” he snarled, enjoying the feel of her tongue slobbering over the underside of his dick as he moved his hips back and forth.


His balls slapped wetly against her chin as more and more of her saliva dropped out of her mouth and on them, “YEPH! YEEEEEEEEPH!!!!” she babbled, her nose buried deep in the thick bush of blue pubic hair as the first of undoubtedly many orgasms came over her!


Heady smelling scents filled the room as clear juices sprayed out of her pussy, forming smaller puddles on the ground beneath them. Atop of her, Grimmjow shuddered upon feeling her ecstatic moans and howls vibrating around his cock. “Damn, girl! You cum just from me fucking your whore mouth?! What has happened to you?! You really lost your bite!”


GUUUUUUGH!!!! AYE’LL SHOW UH WHOOO LOSHT HISH BITE!!!” she replied almost instantly, her eyes glowing in a dangerously golden light.


Moving purely on instinct, Harribel threw her partner off of her and onto the bed before following not soon after. During her jump she deactivated the Kido Spell that Unohana created and that kept her tits so massive, shrinking them down to their original size. Grimmjow simply put his hand behind his head and watched as the blonde woman impaled herself on his cock, “OOOOOOOOHHH, YESSSSSSS!!!!” she howled, her ass clamping around his length as though it never wanted to let him out again.


Grimmjow gritted his teeth, nearly overwhelmed by the tightness of her butt. “DAMN!! Just how limp are the dicks you fucked here!?” he growled, simply laying there while she began bouncing up and down on his lap.


Her ass smacked against his legs with loud SLAP SLAP SLAP noises that drowned out even her frantic moans for a brief moment. A second later however, her moans and screams of pleasure became even louder than that, “FUCK!!!! NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!!!!!!” she hollered, moving so hard and so fast that the bed beneath them creaked in protest. While fondling her breasts, Harribel looked down on her partner and how his nails dug deep into his own arms. “WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT ME LOSING MY BITE!? WHOSE PRECUM IS CURRENTLY FLOODING MY ASS RIGHT NOW?! AND WHO CAN’T HANDLE EVEN TWO MINUTES OF SOME LIGHT ANAL SEX?!


HRRRRRRGH!!!!! Is it… my problem that your partners here do such a piss poor job at stretching that little hole of yours!?” he snarled back at her, trying his best to hold back from cumming immediately.


Splinters of wood flew in every direction as the bed’s legs broke. Both Arrancar ignored it though and simply continued fucking for what felt like an eternity. Grimmjow’s cock reached deeper inside of her than she remembered, stirring around with every minor move of them and bringing her over the edge at least three times. Juxtaposed to this, sticky precum kept oozing out of her pussy and mixed with their combined sweat, making the entire room reek of sex!


Once the bed was completely broken, Harribel grabbed her fellow Arrancar at his ankles and pulled them into an Amazonian position, “FUCK!!!! THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!!!!!” she howled like it was some kind of mantra.


Grimmjow’s fingers dug into the floor beneath as the first few drops of cum flooded the dark skinned woman’s ass, “GROOOOOOOAHAHAAAAAAH!!!!” he then roared as the drops quickly turned into a torrent that blasted her entire insides white with sticky hot cum!


FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!” for a moment Grimmjow feared she would rip his legs off as her hand clenched tighter around it than ever before. Her legs quivered and shook as she climaxed with him, her love juices raining down directly on the scarred man’s face.


Grinning from ear to ear, Grimmjow licked up the sweet nectar, “Now that’s what I call a nice warm-up!” he declared.


“My words exactly!” agreed Harribel and let go of his legs, only to drop down onto all fours right in front of him, spreading her rosy red pussy with her index and middle finger in an open invitation. “So what are you waiting for?! FUCK ME ALREADY!!!!


“Geahahahaha!!! As you wish!” he pushed himself off the ground and put both of his hands on her hips while aligning his cock with her cunt, “By the way, you can consider myself a member of that damn club! Seems like I have to teach those beta boys in the club a thing or two!” he said before pushing his cock all the way into her pussy!





AAAAAAAAAT???” Isane’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as she saw the bill that Harribel brought with her after returning from her meeting with Grimmjow, “You destroyed the entire hotel just by having sex???” she asked, unable to comprehend the story that she just heard.


“Hey, Bimbo-tits! It’s not our fault that those buildings are so easily destroyed!” retorted Grimmjow, sounding eerily proud of his accomplishment.


Unohana shrugged her shoulders, “Oh well… Stuff like that happens and actually seems like quite the publicity for the club.” Upon seeing the confused look on her former Vice Captain’s face, she added, “I’m pretty sure that even more people will now come to visit our grand opening next saturday, once they hear that our employees not only destroy bedrooms during sex but also entire buildings!” She wrote Grimmjow’s name on the list with all the other coworkers before shaking his hand. “Glad to have you on board!”



Unohana’s Palace of Harlots and Gigolos Club Roster:
Retsu Unohana (Owner)
Toshiro Hitsugaya
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Isane Kotetsu
Hanataro Yamada
Lisa Yadomaru
Rukia Kuchiki
Tier Harribel
Nemu Kurotsuchi
Renji Abarai
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (NEW!)



Busteez Mansion of the Carnal Arts Club Roster:
Kisuke Urahara (Owner)
Yoruichi Shihoin
Orihime Inoue
Yushiro Shihoin
Franceska Mila Rose
Jackie Tristan



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Toshiro Hitsugaya
5 months ago

More Toshiro and Harribel

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

I’ll try my best.

5 months ago

I think we all know what inspired Rtenzo for this artwork👀

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Really? I for one don’t know of any inspiration.

5 months ago

Welcome aboard, Grimmjow! And I really hope the hotel he and Harribel demolished with their insane sex is insured! O_O

Aside from that, it looks like Unohana has more than enough manpower in her club to really provide whatever her clientele would like. Though I really do wonder how Urahara will counteract it.

Finally, I find his dynamic with the other Arrancar women to be rather interesting, including Mila Rose being the closest to really keeping up with him before getting with Harribel here. Which honestly speaking, considering how she worked in the story so far, actually makes more sense than I thought. 🤔

At any rate, I really liked this chapter from beginning to end. This was fun to work on and read.

Looking forward to seeing what’s happening next. 😀

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I mean, it only makes sense that a lioness would be able to keep up with a panther, while a goat or a snake would fall prey to it XD.

5 months ago

would love for more one piece stuff especially luffy x nami and can’t wait for the old stories to comeback this artwork was great as was the story mr akrononym

5 months ago
Reply to  Hey

Thanks man

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Hey

Glad to see that you like it. Thanks for your feedback.

5 months ago

Had fun with this as Grimmjow was someone I’d like to have joined but figured would be unlikely. Not too much stuff with guys with blue hair sticking out.

The dynamic he has with the ladies of Hueco Mundo is nice as hell. I’m interested and I’d love to see it play out more… that’s if possible. It’s cool he isn’t a character made to be a bitch pretty much who eventually gets manhandle by chicks while acting tough at first. It’s anime trope-ish. But I understand it. Wondering since he’s a member now will this dynamic with the Arrancar involve Tosh at some point? Seeing as he’s working with the guy he’s curious about affecting Harribel n outmatching him.

Not much to say about Harribel. aside from the relationship with #6 we’ve seen her before but she’s great in this as times before. I’d love more of her if possible!

Curious regardless of art would would you like to work on most? If they are already used who would you like to work with more often?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

I thought Grimmjow would make for an interesting addition to the club. I’m sure there will come a few Pin Up artworks without a specific cock in it, which would allow for some more Grimmjow-action. Aside from that, nothing specific is planned with him as of yet.
I don’t really understand the last two questions, but I would be super happy to work more with One Piece since it’s my favorite series here. When you were talking about Bleach, then I would be glad to have more stuff with Sui-Feng. She’s my personal favorite.

5 months ago

Another great piece. Seeing Harribel go wild is always entertaining to see.

Though Grimmjow mentioning that he made quick work of the Tres Bestias does bring up an interesting twist: what if Apacci and Sun-Sun end up joining Mila Rose in Busteez instead of following their mistress to Unohana’s?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  TropicPanda

Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.
As for the Tres Bestias, not much is planned with them as of yet since (aside from Mila Rose) they don’t appear all that often in artworks. That being said, I could definitely see them working for Urahara’s club in the future.