Making the Best of a Booty Decision

“This is the last time I let you get us this drunk on vacation, Lucy-chan,” Levy informed her friend firmly as they walked.


Both were having some trouble balancing, thanks to the antics they had gotten into while hammered.


“It wasn’t that bad!” Lucy said defensively, the blush on her face suggesting that she didn’t really believe what she was saying.


Levy gave her blonde friend a flat look and started counting things off on her fingers. “You convinced me to use my magic to enhance our bodies-“


“At least now we know it works! and it wasn’t our whole bodies. Just parts of them.” It wasn’t all the convincing of an argument; Lucy still shivered each time her enlarged ass jiggled, which happened with every step she took. And she knew that Levy had it even worse, her ass being that much bigger.


“You destroyed all of our clothes except for these incredibly slutty swimsuits-“


“Well, we are on vacation, and it’s better than being naked,” the blonde replied with an attempt at a cheerful smile. Luckily it was so warm here; otherwise both she and Levy would have been freezing. Hell, Levy was topless, and her own swimsuit wasn’t much better, considering it was basically two strings.


“And last but definitely not least, we have these tattoos on our butts,” Levy finished triumphantly.


Lucy could only wince at the reminder. ‘Big Booty Bitch’ and ‘Ass For Days:’ they must have been drunk out of their minds to get those emblazoned on their rear ends.


Snickering from behind them made the blonde and bluenette turn around again, blushing harder than ever. “There is one bright side,” Lucy said softly from the corner of her mouth. “At least Gajeel has definitely noticed you now.”


“Not the way I had planned,” Levy groused, though she did look pleased at the attention. “But I’ll take what I can get.”

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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