A Love Hoe-tel

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The room was beyond fancy, if she didn’t know better, Tenten would have sworn she was outside at an early sunset. The hotel had been open and running for about a month or so now, and she’d only seen a handful of the rooms. Tonight was her first night in this one, and she could tell it was modeled after one of the V.I.P. rooms at the Busteez Club, only with the details dialed to eleven!


The walls were all high resolution screen TV’s, with a plethora of backgrounds and ambient sounds. There were a few fake sakura trees that looked so real she’d have sworn they were if not for the fact they were indoors and there was no natural light to sustain a plant. The air smelled of cherry blossoms in spring, and the floor was some of the finest artificial grass she’d ever seen.


There was a single bed to the left of the entry, the sheets neatly tucked in and pressed. The opposite wall had an actual TV mounted on it with a menu of adult video’s to select and watch if the occupants wanted, though as she leaned back into Naruto as his hands reached around her waist to grab her heavy tits, she knew he wouldn’t need that kind of stimulation just to get in the mood.


Hard to think we nearly got killed outside this place.” She said with a soft moan as his hands sank deep into the flesh of her tits.


“Yeah,” Naruto agreed as he squeezed her tits harder, leaning his head in to kiss the nape of her neck as he used his foot to close the door behind them. “I spoke with the foreman the day after that, didn’t know this is where the hotel was being built, so it turned out I was the owner…” he chuckled awkwardly.


Tenten giggled at that as she reached under her skirt and pulled at the ties holding on her panties. “I’m betting you just signed the forms without looking at the address didn’t you?”


Naruto laughed, “Yep.” he admitted as he moved his hands up to push aside the thin strings that held up her black silk dress. The flimsy garment slipped away from her body silently and pooled at her feet. Tenten smiled and turned in his arms, wrapping her own around his shoulders and pulling his face to hers in a deep lewd kiss. She booked the room for the entire weekend, and with a little help from Kakashi and Tsunade, she’d gotten Naruto’s schedule cleared for that time as well.


Hinata was such a good friend; she’d meant it when she told Tenten if she wanted to fuck Naruto, all she had to do was ask! It still surprised her when she asked for this weekend and the dark haired woman readily, almost eagerly, agreed. Tenten didn’t care about the womans motivations as she sucked on Naruto’s tongue while his hands moved down to grope her ass. She pushed her ass back into his hands, her own moving down to undo his belt and pants. Her hand fished out his enormous cock, already hard and throbbing under her fingers. Tenten felt her pussy ache with the thought of this thing stuffed inside as Naruto pushed her up against the far wall.


“Nawuto… Mmmmph, Nawuto…” she slurred around his tongue as she wrapped one leg around his waist. The blonde grabbed her other leg, lifting her up and spearing her tight pussy with his enormous cock. Tenten moaned in instant orgasm, moving her arms around his shoulders to hold on as he began thrusting into her roughly.




Naruto chuckled, “You sure cum easily Tenten.” he told her as she slammed into her over and over.


“AHHHHAAAA!!! it’s… MMMMMHHHHH!!!! because… FUUUUUCK!!! You’re so huge, AHHHHH!!! it feels SO GOOD! so full…” Tenten panted and moaned as she dragged her finger nails along his back, leaving light red lines along his skin.


She wrapped both her legs around his waist as Naruto grabbed her ass in both hands, holding up her full weight as he lifted her away from the wall and began bouncing her up and down on his dick. The dark haired woman moaned into his mouth as she held on tight, savoring the feel of his cock stuffing her cunt to the limit.


Naruto made his way over to her bed, falling back on it so Tenten lay on top of him. She moved to straddle his waist in the cowgirl position, leaning up to help him out of the remainder of his clothes. His hands went to grab her heavy tits again, making her moan louder as he squeezed them hard. Tenten bounced her body up and down his length several more times before lifting herself free, his cock making a lewd noise as it slipped free of her tight hole.


Licking and kissing her way down his body, Tenten let herself enjoy his scent and taste as she slowly traced the seal over his belly with her tongue, loving the way it made him groan softly. His cock pressed between her gigantic tits and she mashed them tight around his length. Her juices made a perfect lubricant as she positioned herself between his legs.


“Mmmmmmh, I love how big and soft your tits are Tenten.” the Hokage groaned as he reached down to grab them again. She moaned, loving how he squeezed them roughly as she wrapped her mouth around his cock.


“MMMMMMPH! cum in muh mouph Nawudo, cum all ovah muh phash…” she slurred back as she bobbed her head up and down his dick. Her jaw ached with the thickness of his cock, and she relished the feeling. “Shqueeze muh diddies hahrder…” she moaned as she felt herself cumming just from the feel of his cock moving in and out of her throat. Everyday at work she’d had to suck so many thin short cocks, leaving her still horny at the end of her shift.


Tenten moaned around his cock as she felt Naruto’s hands squeeze, sinking into the squishy flesh of her tits. He then pulled on one nipple like he was trying to milk her tit like a cow’s udder, her legs shuddering as she began cumming again! She heard him groaning and pulled his head up just as he began cumming in her mouth. She swallowed the first few spurts of his cum before lifting her head free entirely, moaning in delight as her face, tits and hair were all bathed in his hot spunk.


The two of them stayed there, panting for a long while before Tenten climbed up on top of him again. “Mmmmh, I hope you’re not done yet, I booked the entire weekend and I’m gonna drain these balls dry!” she said as she reached down and groped one fat testicle in her hand.


“Which one of us is the call girl again?” Naruto asked with a laugh, “And I’m not done, not by a long shot, dattebayo!”


Tenten smiled and moved up to kiss him again. She then guided his cock into her ass, moaning in pleasure as he filled her again. This was gonna be a great weekend!


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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