Losing the Game and the Clothes

(Note: This story is part of a short series of One-Punch Man stories)
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“This is all your fault, sister.”


“HEY!” Tatsumaki barked, glaring at Fubuki while trying to adjust her new clothes. “Don’t you try and pin this all on me! You were fighting right along side me!”


For once, Fubuki wasn’t taking anything from her older sister, glaring right back. “And I tried to warn you: King is just as powerful in video games as he is the real world, if not more so! My group already tried and failed to defeat him, and now look what happened to us!”


“I helped too,” Saitama pointed out mildly, unbothered as usual by the twin glares of death directed at him. There was a small smile on his face, which only made the sisters angrier at him.


“You crouched in the corner and spammed low kick,” Tatsumaki told him bluntly, eye twitching. “King was the one who did all the work.”


“So many combos,” Fubuki mumbled, trying to take her mind off how her ‘ninja’ outfit left so much of her skin exposed. “My character didn’t touch the ground at all during one match; King kept juggling her as I helplessly watched…”


Saitama sweat-dropped at her despondent tone. “Well, at least the outfits he had you two wear for losing to us wasn’t so bad.”


“Like hell it isn’t!” Tatsumaki snapped, turning her glare onto all the people staring at them and taking photos. While she itched to unleash her powers on them, they were just ordinary idiots, so she had to settle for making her anger clear. “Why did King even have outfits like this just lying around?!”


The caped baldy shrugged. “Dunno. Something about an anime convention he went to? I wasn’t really paying attention. I know he’s a big gaming otaku, so he probably has a lot of memorabilia and collectibles.”


Fubuki nodded. “What an accomplished man: one of the most powerful heroes in the world, a powerful gamer, and a collector of art. He’s even more impressive than his reputation makes him out to be.”


Tatsumaki nodded in reluctant agreement while Saitama kept his face deliberately blank. Before the conversation could continue, a noise familiar to the heroes rang through the air: panicked screams.




“Uh, he does realize he’s covered in mold, right?” Fubuki pointed out, watching with mild interest as a giant living pizza stalked down the road. As she had said, it was covered in splotches of mold. Gross.




“It doesn’t even have feet, it’s just kind of bouncing. Ugh, whatever; let’s just hurry up and deal with this,” Tatsumaki said irritably, tossing the scarf of her stupid new outfit over her shoulder as the glow of her power settled around her.


Fubuki nodded and did the same; the psychic sisters began to radiate with energy, readying their attack-




They only knew what had happened when it was over: Saitama had blitzed past them, faster then the eye could see, and punched the monster over the ocean… where it exploded.


“Good, I didn’t want that nasty pizza getting spread all over the city.” Saitama nodded, pleased with himself. “The fish can eat it. Actually, I’m kind of hungry too-” Turning around, he stopped talking when he saw the sisters glaring at him, even harder this time. It also didn’t take him long to realize why. “Ah. Oops.”


“’Oops.’ That’s all you have to say?!” Tatsumaki hissed, covering her now bare breasts with her hands, trying to preserve what little modesty she had left.


Fubuki didn’t even bother doing that much, more focused on letting Saitama know exactly how he had screwed up. “Did you have to move so fast?! Look what the wind did to our clothes!”


Certainly plenty of other people were gaping at them; this was going to be a nightmare to deal with.


“Uh…” Saitama rubbed his head. “I’ll make it up to you both?”


That only seemed to make Tatsumaki angrier. “Oh really?! How?”




“FUCK, I LOVE YOUR HUGE DICK INSIDE OF ME!” Tatsumaki screamed, eyes closed as she bounced up and down on Saitama’s massive pole. Both her hands playing with her own tits, grabbing and squeezing them hard. “THIS MAKE UP FOR IT ALL! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!” Using her powers on herself, the shorter of the sisters moved her body faster than humanly possible, driving her even harder towards an orgasm.


“Oh GOD, his tongue is amazing too!” Fubuki panted, grinding her hips down onto Saitama’s face as he licked her out. Like her sister, she was fondling her tits, making what was already a mindblowing experience even better.


And as the cherry on top, Saitama had his hands on her ass, kneading her rear like they were loaves of bread. Somehow she always forgot how great sex with him could be. She blamed the fact that he looked so ordinary otherwise; it was almost as if he had some power that made him be overlooked…


All further thoughts were driven out of her head by an orgasm that slammed into her out of nowhere. Fubuki shrieked at the top of her lungs, her body spasming as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body.


Behind her, she heard Tatsumaki scream “FUCK!!!!” at the top of her lungs. Apparently, she was cumming as well; a quick glance back through bleary eyes confirmed it. Her older yet smaller sister’s body was shaking like she was being electrocuted, though no one would mistake the look on her face for anything but bliss.


Annoyingly, Saitama didn’t seem to be affected at all. When Fubuki shakily stood up, he was still looking at them with his eternally blank look on face. To make matters worse, his cock was still standing hard and firm. And from the reddening face of Tatsumaki, she had noticed it as well.


“You two done?” he asked, casual as asking for the time. He wasn’t even sweating or breathing hard, the bastard! A single glance between the sisters confirmed it: they were both on the same page for once.


“No,” they said in unison.


“You stay right there,” Tatsumaki ordered, already walking towards his face, licking her lips in anticipation.


“And don’t move until we tell you,” Fubuki finished, her already wet pussy dripping as she approached his massive erection.


This time, they were going to be the ones to fuck him into exhaustion!


Some time later…


“…are you done now?” Saitama asked, looking at the tired sisters lying on the ground with mild concern.


“Were… just taking… a quick break!” The fatigued smaller sister snapped at him. Annoyed greatly that the baldy still hasn’t cummed from the combined sexplay of the Esper sisters. In fact, he hasn’t broken a sweat at all!


“You two been at this for hours and you’re covered in sweat.”


“I’m…gonna…kill you…stupid…baldy…”

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