Long Dong Endurance

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Rangiku Matsumoto strolled down the street of the small resort town she had been sent to with a smile as she felt her massive tits and ass bounce enticingly against her nude body.


It had only been a few days since the woman had awakened to her Yugo gene, but she was already absolutely loving her new body. Rangiku had always been well endowed, something that she, along with nearly every other male in the Soul Society, enjoyed very much, but now her curves had reached a size that made her old body look flat as a paper by comparison.


Her famous tits had been huge before but now they had grown dozens of times over, presently being even bigger than tires as they covered nearly her entire torso, meanwhile her ass and thighs were not to be left behind. Her butt even before she had awakened to the gene, while not as readily apparent as her boobs thanks to her shihakusho, had been just as blessed as the curves on her chest as many a lucky shinigami had found out in her chambers late at night. Thankfully, her cheeks had kept up just fine with her breasts after her Yugo awakening, as her ass was nearly as massive as her boobs now, having grown nicely with her thighs to give a good balance to her absurd new proportions.


And while her new size was nice enough, the increased pleasure that came with it was even better! Rangiku’s body had been sensitive before but now even the slightest movement of her tits or ass caused a surge of pleasure to move through her body, so much so that even when she was walking normally it was an intensely erotic experience.


She truly was bigger and better than ever, and the former lieutenant blessed her luck for it every day! Apparently it was a near one-in-a-million chance that she had been born with the Yugo Gene at all, but thanks to it her erotic body could still contend with the best of them!


The only problem is that I’m no longer the Titty Queen of the Gotei 13 anymore…’ Rangiku thought with a small frown as she looked at the woman walking beside her.


To her right was none other than Isane Kotetsu, the larger than life member of the 4th Division and first female to awaken to the Yugo gene in the last half millenia. She was among the very first to get screened by Unohana once the Law of Procreation had gone into effect, and amazingly had been the first among those tested to awaken the gene. However, the girl seemed to be more than a little embarrassed about it, as not only had she gained out-of-this-world curves, but some of her other proportions had changed as well.


Specifically, the silver haired woman’s height. According to what Rangiku had heard from Unohana, sometimes when one were to awaken to the gene, their body could grow in areas outside of their sexual organs as well, one of such areas being height.


So now, much to Isane’s own dismay, the already tall woman had grown even taller thanks to the Yugo gene. With the transformation her body went through having added nearly half a foot to her height, as she now towered over nearly all of the Soul Society at six and a half feet tall. Apparently that arrancar Neliel had gone through something similar as well, though that was just something that the orange haired woman had heard from Nemu.


But that’s not the only thing that got excessively big.’ Rangiku thought as she stared at the woman’s chest. While the two women had both grown nearly the same amount in the ass department, Rangiku had been completely outclassed in her most prominent feature, her boobs! The healer beside her had grown such a large rack that Rangiku honestly wondered how she stood up, with her chest reaching all the way down to her knees and bulging around her entire body.


“Man, how about you share some of those titties with me, huh?”


“T-trust me, I would if I could… Though I’d rather give you some of my height if anything.” The silver haired woman said with a sigh. She had already had a complex about her height before, but now it had grown to be even worse.


“Oh, I’m just kidding; you don’t have to be so embarrassed all the time! Plenty of guys love how big you are now, in all aspects.” Rangiku said with a smirk as she looked up at her friend. However, as she had turned her head she got a glimpse of someone just behind them, a familiar silhouette of the one sent to accompany them on this mission. “Speaking of which, here comes one of them now!”


“I~ Sa~ Ne~ Chaaaaaan!”




Letting out a small squeal of surprise as she felt a hand come into contact with her ass, Isane turned around to see none other than Yushiro Shihoin standing behind her. Rangiku, meanwhile, had to steady herself as she felt Isane’s giant ass bump into her own before she looked over her shoulder as well, giving a smile at the sight of the man behind her.


He was just as naked as they were, with his thin but wiry body on full display. But what was infinitely more eye-catching to the woman than his toned muscles was the large organ sprouting from his waist.


Casually resting against Yushiro’s thighs was easily one of the biggest penises that either woman had ever seen in their life. Despite its flaccid state, it hung down nearly to his ankles. Thankfully for him it didn’t go any further than that due to being propped up by the sheer size of his balls. It looked to be so long that they wondered how it didn’t hinder his movement. But what truly got the women’s juices flowing was the man’s thickness.


Even for the monstrous length of his cock, the sheer girth of it was even more disproportionate to the rest of his size. It was large enough that it dwarfed both of his thighs as it rested against his testicles, causing both women to drool hungrily at the sight of it.


“Y- Yushiro-sama!” Isane said with a blush and a smile as she gently rubbed her ass cheek.


“Yo! Sorry I’m so late, now that we don’t have to have our bodies under kido anymore my big sis has been getting real attached, so that held me up for a bit. But it’s good to see you again, Isane-chan! You too, Rangiku! I gotta say, that new body suits you!” Yushiro said with a bright smile as he stared at the two women.


“Holy shit….” Rangiku gasped out as she wiped a bit of drool from her mouth before composing herself. “Thanks, Yushiro-sama. I’m really starting to like it too! But man…. Where were you hiding that thing?! It’s awesome!”


“Eh? Oh, yeah. My family has this special type of Kido to restrict our sizes when we need to move around, but now that the Procreation Era has started we don’t have to do that anymore! It feels awesome just being able to hangout in my real body for once, it’s always so stuffy with that Kido on!” Yushiro said with another innocent smile as he tapped the base of his enormous cock for emphasis, catching the eyes of both women as they drooled even harder. “But anyway, we need to go and recruit that Fullbringer and bring her to Captain Unohana, right?”


“Um, Y-yes! That’s what we were told by Nemu-san.” Isane affirmed with a nod.


“Huh, alright. But will she even be able to see us? The Fullbringers are basically just humans, right?” Yushiro said with a tilt of his head. In his many centuries of life he could count the number of times he had been to the human world on one hand and for all those visits he had never stayed for long, so his knowledge on humans was slim at best.


“Well, yes, but they’re a lot more than that as well. They have an incredibly high amount of reiatsu within their bodies and unique abilities that are beyond that of even Kido or something a zanpakuto could grant.” Isane informed as she went over the information Nemu had given her. She had never actually fought the Fullbringers back during their conflict with the shinigami, but after reading the reports she understood why Captain Unohana and Commander Kyoraku were so adamant on allying with them; under the right circumstances their abilities could be downright fearsome. “So Riruka-san should be able to see us just fine.”


“Hmm, alright then.” Yushiro said with a nod of understanding and another happy smile. “Well, let’s go find her!” And with that, Yushiro turned around as he began sauntering off towards the resort city proper.


“Wait, Yushiro-sama!” Rangiku interjected as she watched the man begin strolling away. “We don’t actually know where Riruka is and it’s already pretty late. She’s probably not going to be strolling around outside during this time of night, so how about we wait until morning to start looking for her?”


“I- I agree with Rangiku-san. From what I’ve seen of the human world they tend to stay indoors mostly after dark.”


“Ah, really? That’s too bad. Well, guess we’ll have to kill some time until morning.” Yushiro said with a pout. He had been not-so-secretly looking forward to meeting a rare species like a Fullbringer.


“Well, how about we find a place to…. Let off some steam?” Rangiku purred to Yushiro as she suddenly appeared next to the man, her breasts pressing into his back while she reached around to rest a hand on the base of his shaft. Beginning to softly stroke the flaccid length, she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it pulsing lightly beneath her hands.


“Hm? I don’t mind, but are you sure, Rangiku?” Yushiro said, his face betraying no emotion other than his usual cheery disposition. “I’m pretty big, even for someone with the Yugo gene. You might want to get a little more experience with your new body before you and I have a go.”


“Aw, don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll be fine. I spent the first couple days after I got this body getting fucked by ‘you-know-who’, after all.”


“Oh, he was the first guy to awaken, right? I heard he’s even longer than me!” Yushiro said with sparkles in his eyes. “But still… I’m pretty sure I’m still by far the girthiest, I’m worried I might stretch you out a little too much.”


“Oh, don’t worry so much! Pussies are made to be fucked! Besides, you pounded Isane for weeks after she got that body of hers, didn’t you?”


“Well, that’s true…. But Isane-chan is built a bit different from most of the other girls. She’s almost got a body as good at taking dick as big sis! But…. Alright we can give it a try if you want.” Yushiro affirmed with a nod as his thick dick began throbbing even more underneath Rangiku’s hand.


“Alright! Thanks, Yushiro-sama! Let’s get started right now! Isane~! Come help me get this beast hard!” Rangiku shouted with a smile as she immediately kneeled down to the left of the enormous tower of dick meat before pushing her heavy tits up against it.


“A- Alright. But you really should be careful, Rangiku-san. Yushiro-sama is pretty gentle when he wants to be, but even with that his cock is hard to deal with no matter what.” Isane advised as she moved over and leaned down to Yushiro’s right, admiring the oversized dick she had become more than well acquainted with in the last month.


Reaching out, Rangiku grasped the limp member before hefting it lightly in her hands; even soft it still had an amazing weight to it. Taking a more firm grasp, she began to do her best to stroke the giant schlong as she admired the huge veins that were pulsing along it’s girth. Pushing her chest closer to it, the ginger woman began working her whole chest against the caramel colored cock as it slowly began to swell between her soft boobs.


Meanwhile Isane was taking a much more experienced approach, as she used her larger tits to capture her half of Yushiro’s length easily while her hands reached down and took a hold of the swollen testicles beneath, hefting the bowling ball sized spheres in her hand as she massaged them gently. With the size of their massive mammaries combined, the two former lieutenants were able to easily encompass nearly the entire mass of the Shihoin Patriarch’s cock within their soft flesh.


“Oohhh man, a double paizuri really is awesome. Big sis used to be the only one that could give me titjobs, so this is pretty new for me! Well, she used to make Sui-Feng try too, but I think that was just to bully her.” Yushiro complimented as he laid a hand on each of the women’s tits and began slowly thrusting between them, earning moans of surprise and pleasure from his partners.


“Ooohh yeah. Wait, you fucked Sui-Feng before?” Rangiku moaned out in surprise as she processed what the man had said.


“Hmm? Oh, no we never actually did it. When we were growing up big sis was the only other person besides me that had the Yugo gene, so she was the only person that could handle my dick size and I was the only person that could satisfy her. So basically we were at it 24/7 as long as she didn’t have any Captain stuff to do.” Yushiro reminisced as he looked into the air, obviously seeing a distant memory invisible to the other two. “But since Sui-Feng was always attached to big sis at the hip she always ended up walking in on us going at it. So after a while sis started making her ‘help out’ as payment if she was gonna peep all the time. It was usually just little stuff like playing with sis’s boobs or massaging my balls while the two of us fucked, but it was pretty fun watching her do all that. She even made her dress up in cat ears one time and act like our pet for the day…. Hmm, what’s so funny?”


Looking back down towards the two women, Yushiro saw that Rangiku’s face was beat red as she tried and failed to keep in a chuckle, while even Isane was barely managing to stifle some giggles beneath her hand.


“Heh heh… N- Nothing, Yushiro-sama!” Rangiku said as she slowly got her laughter under control. “You just gave us some nice info, that’s all.”


“Hmm? Alright, I guess.” The man said with a dainty eyebrow raised in confusion. “Well, I’m about ready to go. You want to get started, Rangiku?”


“Eh? What do y-… Holy shit…” While they had been talking and laughing, Rangiku hadn’t actually noticed the ever expanding mass of dick meat growing even more in front of her thanks to her tits covering the majority of the man’s cock from her view, but as Yushiro took a few steps back out of her breasts, the seductive woman got a full view of the mammoth that she was up against tonight.


Despite his flaccid length already being absolutely massive, his erect size easily surpassed it and still seemed to be growing! But what was truly fearsome was the man’s sheer thickness, as it still maintained the disproportionate girth to the rest of his cock as the rod seemed to be more than double in girth. Then, resting hungrily below, were the now bloated balls that had naturally increased in size as well, dwarfing Rangiku’s own head as they throbbed in excitement below.


Oh my god… I was feeling pretty confident, but… Can I actually handle that? It’s even thicker than I am!’ Rangiku thought as she felt her pussy lips begin flowing heavily in a mixture of excitement and fear.


“So, what position do you want to try first?” Yushiro said as he began moving towards the former lieutenant with another sparkling smile, only to stop as he saw her expression. “Or we can try something else tonight? It’s not too late to back out, you know.”


“Yeah, it’s pretty scary the first time Rangiku-san.” Isane chimed in as well. “There’s no harm in preparing yourself a little more before you try to take Yushiro-sama.”


As she heard the worry in her partners voices, Rangiku felt a fire light in her eyes as she stood up, causing her entire body to quake enticingly as she did, before walking forward to one of the railings and laying her hands down on the bar. Thrusting her ass out, the ginger woman turned around and glared at the oversized cock behind her with pure determination in her eyes.


“Feh, I can take it just fine.” Rangiku hissed as she turned her head back around to gaze over the railing. Woe would be the day that anyone doubted her sexual prowess. “Stick that big, fat cock into me and let’s get started!”


Unable to help the sweat drop that formed on his head, Yushiro gave a look to Isane who merely shrugged her shoulders in response.


“Alright, I’ll start out nice and slow then.” Yushiro said with a giggle at the woman’s determination as he approached her from behind, gently resting his cock against her ass as he began to saw up and down lightly against her cheeks.


“Hah? Don’t be a coward! Fuck me like you fuck Yoruichi-sama. I can take it!” Rangiku shouted, the woman’s horniness and sheer motivation beginning to edge out her rational thinking.


“That’s… Probably not such a good idea. I don’t even fuck Isane-chan like I do with big sis yet.”


“Oh, come on. Yoruichi-sama’s body is nothing special. Sure, her ass and boobs are a bit on the bigger side but that’s all. If she can take it I can too!” Rangiku said with a smirk as she tried to edge the man on.


“Oi, Rangiku. You shouldn’t talk like that about my big sis….” Yushiro warned as his smile lowered ever so slightly, no longer seeming to reach his eyes. Meanwhile, behind them Isane looked between the two nervously as she watched Yushiro begin to position himself at Rangiku’s entrance.


“Aw, what’s the matter?” Rangiku prodded with a smile, happy her jabs seemed to be landing. “Are you getting worried that there’s finally some competition for your big, bad, older sister?”


“…Fine, I’ll fuck you exactly like how I fuck sis.” Yushiro said with a plastic smile as he laid his hands onto the woman’s plump ass, positioning his head to press against the center of her soaking pussy.


“Alright! Now give me that big co-”



Riruka sighed in annoyance as she rolled over in bed, carelessly throwing off the arm that had been laid on top of her by one of the men sharing the bed. Rolling out of the bed, she walked out to the balcony of her hotel room as she felt a cool breeze begin to make her bare nipples stiffen.


Geez, so much for the ‘Big Dick Resort’ they talked so much about… I’m too horny to even sleep.” The redhead grumbled in annoyance as she felt the semen from the night’s activities dripping down her leg. “God, these guys barely even had cute dicks, and their creampies were pathetic. It only tickles if it’s just this much!”


Sighing in annoyance once again, the girl reached down and spread her lips so that the viscous fluid would drain faster. Looking backwards at the bed, she glared in annoyance at the two unconscious men laying there. After she had spent the entire day scouring the island for some good manmeat, the two she had decided to take home that night were a pair of brothers that had come and hit on her at the bar.


“…Jeez, it’s depressing that you two were the biggest I found today. You’re barely even a foot long! Even Yukio was bigger than that!” The Fullbringer muttered to herself as she stared at the men with twitching eyebrows. “Not cute at all!”


Stomping back out to the balcony, Riruka stared off into the distance with a melancholy frown as she thought on her current situation.


Man, can’t I just get one cute guy with a giant dick to come and sweep me off my feet?‘ The girl fantasized as she rested her chin against her hand. ‘Feh, well, I guess I might as well make the best of my last day here. The cocks aren’t anything special but at least the sweets are good.



With a sigh of exertion, Yushiro slowly pulled out of the well fucked pussy in front of him, his cock being released from it’s confines with an audible “POP”.


“Ohhhguuuhh…” The still form of Rangiku moaned, only the whites of her eyes visible as her tongue hung out of her mouth in orgasmic bliss.


“Man, I thought she’d at least be able to go for half an hour…. But only ten minutes?” Yushiro questioned aloud as he gave the woman a rough slap on the ass, causing the well fucked ginger to let out a low moan of pleasure. “Moh…. I didn’t even get to cum. I guess there really aren’t any other girls that can keep up with me like big sis can.”


With his erect cock, dripping with Rangiku’s juices, now fully exposed to the air, Yushiro turned and walked away from the near comatose Rangiku leaning against the railing as he made his way over to Isane with a smile.


“Uh, w-wow….” Isane mumbled out as she stared in amazement at the fucking she had just witnessed, a veritable fountain of juices gushing out of her cunt. “I didn’t know you could be that… rough, Yushiro-sama.”


When Isane had first started having sex with the man he had been almost overly gentle and careful with her, something the woman had definitely appreciated as it took her almost a week to get used to taking his dick. Then they had slowly but surely worked into a more forceful rhythm afterwards, but absolutely nothing on the level she had just seen between the two in front of her.


“Hmm? Oh that wasn’t much. Big sis would barely even consider that foreplay.” The man said with a finger on his chin, as if remembering some past encounters with the Shihoin Family matriarch. “Well, how about you Isane-chan? Wanna have a go? Seems like you’re already in the mood.” Yushiro suggested as he nodded down towards the puddle forming between her legs.


“Uh…. I want to, but I don’t think I could handle, um, all that.” Isane said with a quiver in her voice as she nodded towards the other woman lying unconscious on the ground.


“Oh, don’t worry. That was only just to give her a little taste of what happens when you bad mouth my big sis.” The youngest Shihoin said with his familiar flowery smile returning as he walked towards Isane, only stopping once the engorged head of his throbbing cock was nestled between Isane’s monstrous boobs. “We can do it just like we normally do. It’ll be nice to just relax and drain my balls until morning, don’t you think?”


“W- Well…. That doesn’t sound too bad.” Turning around, the woman smiled nervously as she gently reached behind and spread her lips to give her lover easier access to her soaking cunt. Even after all the weeks of sex she had Isane still had moments where she was nervous about it.


But Yushiro was always pretty nice to her overall, and had taught her a lot about the whole process. Especially about having sex with such unique bodies like these.


Gently pressing his tip forward, Yushiro smiled as Isane let out a low groan at the feeling of his girthy cock stretching her insides. Stopping when the tip was inside, he gently seesawed in and out so that her juices could lubricate his shaft even more before placing his hand on top of his dick to push a few more inches in.


“Oooohhh Yushiro-samaaaaaa!” The girl groaned aloud as she felt as if her entire body was splitting apart in the most pleasant way possible. Beginning to pump her own hips back as well to assist her partner, Isane bit her lip as more and more of the mammoth dick impaled her erotic body.


“That’s good, Isane-chan! Look, I’m already almost half way in!” Yushiro said with a smile as he gave the girl a pat on the ass in encouragement. “It used to take you an hour to get just this far when we first started!”


“It’s allll thanks to yooouuuu, Yushiro-sam- Oooohhh god!” Isane groaned in absolute bliss as she felt an orgasm rock through her body as her dark skinned lover began pumping his hips into her with even more force than before.


“Sorry, I’m still a little blue balled from Rangiku, so I’m gonna blow my first load a little early, ok?” Yushiro finished with another smile as he laid a hand on each of the large woman’s hips and began forcefully pumping more of his throbbing cock into the woman with a slight gasp of his own.


“Oh god, YES!” Isane moaned aloud as she felt even more of the beefy length forcing its way inside her. Yushiro was deep enough that Isane could even feel his balls swinging into her thighs with every thrust as he mounted her, and going from how much they had swollen up this was going to be a massive creampie indeed.


Grabbing a hold of her massive tits, Isane roughly pulled and grabbed at her nipples to enhance her own pleasure as Yushiro continued to rail her, now gyrating his hips at varying angles so that he was specifically hitting only her sweetest spots, not that he even needed to try much, thanks to the sheer size of his dick.

Finally, after a few more minutes of such treatment with Isane long having lost count of how many orgasms had rocked her body, the woman felt her lover slow down from his long, deep poundings into short and controlled pumps as his length began expanding inside her.


“Oh fuck, here it comes, Isane-chan!” Yushiro announced through closed eyes as he humped into the woman.




And finally, Isane felt her eyes roll back into her head entirely as the most powerful orgasm of the night exploded into her mind like fireworks, as an absolute torrent of hot seed began flowing into her womb. Something she had learned early on was that Yushiro’s cock wasn’t the only part of him that was unnaturally thick, as the man’s seed was closer to syrup than an actual liquid. But this only served to enhance her pleasure further as she had grown almost addicted to how the cum ground against her walls with every creampie as the semen was shot into her womb and overflowed with every thrust.


As Yushiro continued thrusting inside her, Isane felt her orgasms sync up with the man’s dick, with one rocking her body every single time Yushiro let out another wave of seed, before finally the woman couldn’t keep up anymore.




Unable to finish her sentence, Yushiro watched in mild surprise as Isane’s eyes rolled even further into the back of her head and the woman’s tongue rolled out of her mouth in orgasmic bliss, the call of unconsciousness obviously having taken hold of the woman firmly.


“Eh? Oh crap….” Yushiro blinked as he stared at the now unconscious woman in his arms, frowning as he felt her body go limp around his dick. “Probably should’ve held back some more on the creampie…. Isane-chan? Hellooooo?”


Giving the woman a few slaps on the ass only exhibited a few twitches of pleasure from her unconscious form as Yushiro’s dick continued pumping more and more semen into her, though that orgasm was slowly tapering off now that her pussy wasn’t trying to milk out any more of his seed.


She was out like a light.


“Man, and I’m still ready to go…. What am I supposed to do now?” Yushiro questioned aloud to himself as he looked between the limp body of Isane on the end of his cock and Rangiku’s near comatose form resting against the railing.


Unknown to him, however, was that a certain redhead was thinking those exact same thoughts in the distance.


Yugo Gene


1: Yushiro Shihoin
3: Hanataro Yamada


1: Isane Kotetsu
3: Tier Harribel
4: Retsu Unohana
6: Neliel Tu Odelschwanck
7: Yoruichi Shihoin
10: Rangiku Matsumoto


(Story by: A Stray Cloud)

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4 days ago

So does the 4 way leaderboard stack up like Yushiro with most Girth
Person X with most Length
Person Y with most Ball size/Semen volume(IDK?)
And Person Z with most duration and repitition of performance
Or something like that?

5 days ago

I hope ichigo has the Yugo gene and that it’s disproportionate and oversized cock and ball for his already tall and muscular body. One more thing, if ichigo has the Yugo gene(which I hope he does) will he need kido to hide his true body if he wishes to visit the human world.

Last edited 5 days ago by Mitchin
A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  Mitchin

Guess we’ll have to see lol.

5 days ago

Always good to see yushiro x insane girl together again

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  Matthew

Yeah, they’re a super fun pairing! Glad you enjoyed it.

5 days ago

Great work and really great story,
Always like stories with my fav enzo girl, isane chan.
She will win so much experience with yushiro kun especially when he reach her anal g spot since only him can reach it.
Cant wait to see her next story.

Last edited 5 days ago by Truth313
A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  Truth313

Yeah, Isane’s super fun. She’s big all over!

5 days ago

Once again the mighty have fallen before the power of Yushiro

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  AxelRayne44

Yep, he’s a beast lol.

5 days ago

I honestly hope to see hanataro being the one who ends up banging riruka! Simply because I think their personalities are a really interesting pair and I’m a little bored of yushiro at this point. I get that yushiro has a massive dong, but it’s always the exact same thing whenever he’s included in any of these stories and it feels like he has nothing else really going for him. I feel as if I always know exactly what’s going to happen in the story before I even read it.

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  ShrimpGod

Well, everyone with the Yugo gene will get with one another eventually. There’s no set pairings.

5 days ago
Reply to  A Stray Cloud

Oh I was sure that was going to be the case cause that’s how most of these stories go, But I was really looking forward to Riruka’s first pairing and I think it’s just going to be a little boring if it’s with yushiro because every story including him usually follows the exact same pattern which makes it predictable. Plus like I said before, he doesn’t have much going for him other than having a big dick. Which isn’t an issue by the way! I just don’t think he has much going for him compared to other characters which makes him less fun for me personally!

Last edited 5 days ago by ShrimpGod
5 days ago

nice! the story and art were pretty good! can’t wait to see yushiro pound riruka! I think that the other two males with the Yugo Gene are probably toshiro and Ichigo. as for the females, orhime, rukia, kukaku and maybe nanao? I can’t guess who the others are but maybe Lisa or Mashiro are up there. can’t wait to see if my guesses are wrong or not!

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  anon

Glad you liked it! And we’ll have to see!

5 days ago

It’s always a treat to see Yushiro here. A cute ball of energy, let me tell ya.

So we’ve figured that the Yugo Gene is special. With so many ladies, I can only guess that Hitsugaya or Ichigo are probably the ones carrying it.

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  Linkonpark

Glad you enjoyed it! Yushiro is really fun to write.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 days ago

Two more Yugo gene bearers have appeared and I think it comes to the shock of no one that these two are Rangiku and Isane, given that they are among the most requested girls (I assume). Interesting information in regards to Yushiro’s past with Yoruichi and Sui-Feng. From my point of view, I can see three different outcomes for Sui-Feng: 1. She has the Yugo gene; 2. She does not have it but grew accustomed to Yushiro’s cock and now is as capable in taking cock as the female Yugo gene bearers (possibly even better because of her experience); 3. She doesn’t have it and now searches for another way to continue fucking with the two siblings. Anyways, the compete mess in which Yushiro left Rangiku behind was extremely interesting and I can’t wait to see an actual sex scene between two Yugo gene bearers. I wonder how Yushiro’s inevitable encounter with Riruka will turn out and if she has the Yugo gene as well. I’m inclined to say yes, given the time being spend to woe her over, but it would be just as fascinating if she simply was so good in taking cock even without it.

Really interesting plot so far and definitely my favorite series from a story perspective.

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
5 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Glad you liked it! I’m looking forward to writing more about the Shihoins and Sui Feng. That whole relationship is pretty fun.