Lessons in Expansion Jutsu

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“It’s alright Hinata, you can do it…” Tsunade whispered into the dark haired girls ear as she pressed her naked tits against the girls back.


“Ahhaa, ahhh, haahh… N… No, it’s too much, they’re too big, I can’t handle it anymore…!” Hinata panted, her breasts heaving as her entire body was sweating from the exertion.


“You can do it!” Tsunade encouraged her as she felt the girls body quivering now.


“Ahhh, they’re so big, if I go any longer…” Hinata moaned.


“Hold out, just a little longer, I’ve seen you take on huge cocks longer than this!” Tsunade encouraged her.


“No, I can’t, they’re too big, any longer and I’ll breeeaaakk!!!” Hinata screamed as her entire body went stiff. Then, with a puff of smoke, Hinata’s tits, each one as big as her entire body, returned to their normal size as she lost hold of the jutsu before going limp in Tsunade’s arms.


“Good job Hinata!” Tsunade said, “You held them at that size for over half a day! With a little more practice, you’ll be able to keep them at any size you want for as long as you want.”


Still panting from the exertion, Hinata held up a hand and made a thumbs up gesture. Tsunade let the girl fall back on the towel laid out on the rocky surface. The blonde then got up and looked out over the group of women currently employed at Busteez. Sakura, Tenten, Temari, Ino, Samui, and Shizune were attending her little “Training Camp” this weekend. The six women all sat cross legged in sexy bikinis. They were using one of Konoha’s more pricey spa’s to host the training camp. It was a perfect place to help the girls train thanks to the artificial waterfall set up around one of its wild pools. Sitting under the waterfall was a great way to help with the endurance training aspect.


“As you can see, the Expansion Jutsu given by the Akimichi clan has its drawbacks for new users.” she explained, “I know the full combat version of this jutsu is by far less taxing, but that will remain within the family.”


“Can I ask something?” Ino said, raising her hand, “Who’s idea was this? Not that I mind, I’m excited by the idea of making my tits as big as I want.”


“Oh I can answer that!” Sakura spoke up, “Remember when I went off with Kaguya to open that new Busteez in the Land of Waves? Kaguya got the idea to borrow some chakra and use it to perform her own version. She had her tits so big everyone was staring!” Sakura said then laughed, “When I saw them my jaw fell to the floor and you know what she asked me? Do you think they’re too big?!”


All the gathered girls began laughing and Tsunade smiled. Camp’s like this were also great for building comradery between the girls. She then clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention again. “Anyway, in doing so she gave us a great new way to please our customers. Until now, the best way to do something like this was with genjutsu, and only those well versed in it could make the clients actually feel something when they get grabby.” Tsunade said, looking towards Sakura.


“Guess you got a big brain behind that billboard brow of your’s Sakura.” teased Ino.


“Fuck you Ino pig!!!!!” Sakura said, tackling the blonde back on her towel.


“You offering?” Ino asked with a grin as she and Sakura began to wrestle.


“You wish!” Sakura shot back as the two of them rolled around on the ground. Tsunade let them go at it for a few moments, rather enjoying the comedic display between the two. But she eventually brought the scuffle to a close and separated them.


“Now, back to the basics,” Tsunade said as she moved back to the head of the group, “The seals for this Jutsu are Monkey, Dragon, Bird, Ox, and Snake, in that order. The amount of chakra you pour into each seal will regulate the size and shape of your breasts and nipples. Also, if you add the Ram seal at the end that will induce lactation, but be very careful with that one, as even when the Jutsu is released, the production will continue for a while afterwards, and you have to wait for your breasts to stop producing like you would if you’d stopped nursing an actual baby.”


“Huh, seriously?” Tenten asked.


“Yes, and also the amount of milk produced will be congruent to the size you make your breasts. So I would avoid trying it at all until you’ve mastered this technique, unless you want some embarrassingly wet tops in your future.”


Tenten blushed and looked down at her own tits, cupping her hands around them and hefting them slightly. Tsunade smiled, she hadn’t tried that last bit herself to date, nor did she intend to. She’d heard a few stories from friends of hers that have had children about sore nipples and aching tits.


Nope, no thanks, not her!


“So, anyone want to volunteer to try this next?” Tsunade asked.


“I will.” Samui said raising her hand.


Tsunade stepped aside as the other blonde got up and walked over. Dressed only in a bright red thong bikini bottom, her already impressive tits bouncing and jiggling erotically with her movements as she moved to stand in front of everyone. “Alright, try and go as big as Hinata did earlier.”


“Easy!” Samui said confidently as she cracked her knuckles. She then weaved the seals in rapid succession, stopping on the final one and closing her eyes. Her breasts jiggled for a moment before ballooning outwards! Within the space of a few seconds each of her breasts was nearly as big as her entire body if she were to curl up in a fetal position.


“Honestly that’s just amazing!” said Temari.


“I know, I can’t wait to master this move!” Shizune said.


“Feeling a bit inadequate?” Tsunade teased her.


Shizune blushed and looked down, “May… Maybe a little.” she said as she grabbed her own breasts and pinched her nipples.


“Well, you should have someone massage them more Shizune-san!” Sakura said, moving up behind the dark haired woman and reaching around to grab both her breasts in her hands.


“AHHHIIIIII!!!!” Shizune squealed in surprise as Sakura fondled her tits roughly.


“Oh, they’re a bit softer than I imagined, do you use any product on them?” Sakura breathed softly into her ear. Tsunade giggled, loving the way her attendant blushed and struggled against Sakura’s grip.


“N… Noo… I just… Use a moisturizing sooooap…” Shizune gasped as Sakura began playing with her nipples, teasing them into hardness as she moved to nibble on the edge of her ear.


Next to them, Temari and Tenten both watched wide eyed as the pink haired girl had her way with Shizune. Sakura giggled and continued nibbling Shizune’s ear softly as she rubbed her own breasts against her back softly. She then released one soft breast and moved her hand down between Shizune’s legs, lightly caressing her thighs and making the dark haired woman let out a soft cooing moan.


“Okay, that’s enough.” Tsunade said as she brought her hand down on top of Sakura’s head in a swift chop. “You’ve had your fun.”


“Ouch!” Sakura said as she released Shizune and rubbed the top of her head, “That hurt master!”


“Then don’t molest my assistant.” Tsunade said, giving Sakura a smug grin.


She then turned back to Samui as she went into the pool to swim a couple of laps. Contrary to a popular cliche, boobs didn’t float no matter how big they were! Samui moved gracefully through the water as though nothing were amiss. Tsunade watched as she moved over to the waterfall and sat up on the rocks underneath. This part of their training was a bit harder. Along with the increased size, came increased sensitivity. And the feeling of the water pouring heavily over the breasts like this made Tsunade cum her brains out several times!


Samui moved into a crosslegged meditation position beneath the falls, letting the water cascade over those gigantic knockers non-stop. Within a few minutes Samui’s cheeks were flushed red as she struggled to maintain her position.


“Everyone watch, you’ll need to keep a hold of yourself at these sizes if you want to satisfy the clients.” Tsunade said. “Cumming too much before they do can sometimes be a turn-off. To say nothing about just being able to function regularly at these sizes.”


“Hmmmmh…!” Samui moaned, moving her hands to rub her breasts all over, “Fuuuuck, this feels amazing!!!!”


“Hold it back Samui.” Tsunade told her.


“Ahhhh, yes… This feels so good, my tits, my tits feel good!!!” she moaned, groping herself now as she began dry humping her ass on the rocks where she sat.


“Okay Samui, come out of there!”


“FUCK I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!!” Samui screamed in pleasure, falling off the rocks and back into the pool. Tsunade dove in quickly, swimming over to the girl and helping pull her back up to the surface. Thankfully it was easy as Samui had lost hold of the jutsu when she hit the water.


Coughing and sputtering, Samui swam back to the edge of the pool with Tsunade and shook her head. “I see why you want us to train like this.” she said between coughing fits.


“Yes, though I might need to use something other than the waterfall for the sensation endurance.” Tsunade said.


“I have one idea.” Samui offered when she managed to calm her body down.


“Oh, what might that be?” Tsunade asked.


“First, lemme check something.” Samui said as she lifted her own tits up, pulling on her own nipples gently. Tsunade leaned in and was surprised to discover that the other blondes nipples were pierced! And the holes had expanded along with the rest of her tits! Samui moved over to the edge of the pool were a number of diving weights had been lined up. They were basic dumbbell shaped weights, with balls on either end marked with the weight. She grabbed two fifteen pound weights and began unscrewing the weighted ball at one end.


“Hang on, what are you?” Tsunade began to ask as Samui fitted the open end of each weight through the piercing in her nipple before screwing the other end of the weight back on. She then repeated the action with her other nipple and another diving weight.


“I think I’ll take a stroll with these on.” Samui said.


“Hmm, I wish I’d thought of that.” Tsuanade said, pouting slightly at her lack of imagination, “Though sadly, it can’t work with all of us, most of us never pierced our nipples, and having it done now, then expanding to that size would be, unpleasant.”


“So, do it later on when you have time to heal after. For now, I’m gonna take a walk.” Samui said smugly as she walked out of the pool and began to take a stroll.


‘Bitch.’ Tsunade thought to herself before she turned back to the rest of her class. “Okay, let’s carry on!” she announced.


The gathered women each took turns practising just expanding their breasts to that size. Temari had a little trouble getting an equal size in both breasts at first, but with a few tries she mastered it. Tsunade smiled as she helped Sakura next. The blonde woman grinned as her pink haired former student knelt in front of her, unable to rise to her feet from the sheer weight of her new knockers, “For someone who I taught how to crack a mountain with her bare fist, you have surprisingly weak legs.”


“Ahhh, that’s mean master, I’m just off balance is all!” Sakura protested. Tsunade chuckled and leaned in closer, pressing her own bare tits against Sakura’s back. Her skin was soft and supple, and she smelled like the cherry blossoms from which she took her name. Tsunade reached her arms around the younger girls slender figure, grabbing big handfuls of naked tit flesh. Licking her lips, Tsunade squeezed them together and watched as Sakura’s nipples tightened as she rubbed them against one another.


“Mmmmmh…” Sakura moaned softly.


“Now, let’s see how well you hold out at this size.” Tsunade said with a grin as she groped and fondled the pink haired girls tits softly, moving her hands all over the heavy globes of ultra soft flesh.


“Ahhhaaa, ma… Master…” Sakura shuddered, her entire body shaking in pleasure as Tsunade leaned her head down to lick and kiss the base of her neck.


“Shhhh… Don’t talk.” Tsunade told her as she licked her way from the back of her neck to the edge of her ear. She then squeezed her heavy tits harder, loving the way it made her shiver as she listened to her coo and moan. The blonde then lightly bit the edge of Sakura’s ear, tugging gently on it as she moved her hands to grip her nipples tightly before twisting them toward one another.


“AHHHHAAAA!!!” Sakura moaned, her entire body going stiff.


“Hmmhmmm, did you cum just from, THIIIIS!?” Tsunade asked, twisting her nipples again, to the exact same result.


“Bad girl, cumming so easily just with these big slutty tits, you need to hold it back.” Tsunade said with a grin, making Sakura cum again and again as she pulled, twisted, and tugged on Sakura’s nipples as she nibbled on her ear gently.


“Ahhhaaa, Mas… Masterrrr, Don’t… Don’t stoooop…” Sakura moaned.


“Hmmmm, you want more?” Tsunade asked.


“Ye… Yes… More, I want more, make me cum some mooore…” Sakura panted.


“You little slut.” Tsunade giggled as she moved around in front of Sakura and pushed her down onto her back. She then rested both her hands on the pink haired girls gigantic tits, pressing her weight down on them.


“AHHHHHHHH, SO GOOOOD!!!!!” Sakura moaned, clenching her thighs together as her pussy gushed like a burst water balloon.


Tsunade licked her lips, Sakura looked so sexy when she came. The way her peridot colored eyes crossed, and how her tongue hung out of her mouth when she panted for breath. It was such an erotic sight! The blonde haired woman leaned down and slipped her tongue along Sakura’s, pulling it into her mouth and sucking on it gently as she moved her arms to hug both her tit’s hard.




Tsunade chuckled to herself, loving the feel of Sakura’s slippery wet tongue in her mouth as she moved a hand down to rip away Sakura’s thong bikini bottom. She then pressed her thigh between Sakura’s slender legs, feeling the heat of her pussy pressing against her skin as the pink haired girl began grinding her crotch against her in wanton lust. Tsunade began sucking harder on Sakura’s nimble tongue, rubbing her thigh between the younger girls legs.


“Mmmmmmhh…” Tsunade moaned into Sakura’s mouth before breaking the kiss. A long thin strand of saliva connecting their mouths for a long moment before snapping. The older woman then moved down to wrap her mouth around Sakura’s left nipple. Her reaction was instant!


“OOOOHHHAAAAHHHH, YES!!! SUCK MY NIPPLLLLE!!!!” Sakura moaned as she came instantly.


“Bad girl, you’re supposed to stop yourself from cumming!” Tsunade chided her as she swirled her tongue around her nipple slowly. She then moved a free hand down to stroke her crotch gently, loving how soaking wet she found her prize student. With a swift motion, she ripped off her thong bottoms and pushed her fingers inside easily. Sakura’s body bucked in pleasure as Tsunade quickly found her g-spot and began stroking it gently.


“Ahhhaaa… I… I can’t help iiit!!!” Sakura panted, “My body, my body’s so sensitive now!!!”


“I know…” Tsunade said back with a grin before she began applying a gentle flow of chakra to her fingertips. Again she was greeted with an instant reaction as Sakura’s pussy gushed all over her fingers, soaking her hand in heady smelling juices as Tsunade moved to suck on her other nipple.


“YESSSSSS!!! CUMMINGGGGGG!!!!” Sakura screamed. The older blonde giggled, loving the sight of Sakura’s face as she made her cum again, and again, and again! She loved hearing Sakura moan like this as she forced her to cum even more as she sucked hard on her huge nipple.


Without even realizing it, Tsunade moved to straddle Sakura’s thigh and began grinding her crotch against her. She moaned softly around Sakura’s nipple as she lightly bit down, enjoying the way Sakura’s body went stiff as she felt her own pussy getting hotter and more sensitive. She rocked her hips against Sakura’s thigh, moaning in pleasure as she forced her to yet another climax!


Suddenly Tsunade bolted upright as frigid water was poured over them!


“WAAH!!!!” she and Sakura shouted.


“Sorry, but I just couldn’t watch anymore.” said Samui as she stood over the two with an empty bucket in her hand. Tsunade fixed the other blonde with a glare as Samui reached between her massive tits, the heavy piercings in her nipples clanging together as she withdrew a weapons scroll from her cleavage.


“Hang on, how are you even holding it there!?” Tenten asked.


“Please, I’ve been keeping scrolls between my tits long before we got this jutsu.” Samui said with a smile.


“Yeah, but without a top on?” Temari asked.


“Trade secret.” Samui said with a smirk before unfurling the scroll and with a puff of smoke producing a long straight sword. She then walked over to one of the dark gray rocks surrounding the pool. She bent over to pick up the stone. It was roughly the size of her head as she looked it over for just a moment before tossing it into the air.




With a flurry of sudden, swift, and precise slashes the stone was carved into a new shape. The excess pieces falling away from the main piece which fell back into Samui’s hand with a quiet slap. Tsunade blinked, it was a double ended dildo, and a quality looking one at that!


“Normally, I don’t like using my sword skills to make something so tacky, but I need to show you how to please a woman, WITHOUT cheating!” Samui said as she turned the dildo over in her hand, running her fingers over the surface gently.


“Cheating!?” Tsunade asked.


“Yes cheating!” Samui shot back, “Taking advantage of the sensitivity of her tits at this size! And you call yourself a Hokage.” she told her as she moved over to Sakura, still on her back and panting for breath. Samui reached a hand out to touch the pink haired girls cheek, caressing her softly as she leaned in close and lightly touched her lips to the other girls. She then slipped her tongue into Sakura’s mouth softly, lightly teasing her tongue back out and into her own.


“Ooohmmmmmh…” Sakura moaned into the kiss as Samui slowly and gently pressed her massive tits against the other girls, making a point to let their massive juggs rub and slip against one anothers. The giant fleshy mounds squished into one another as Samui used her Dildo to push aside the crotch of her thong bikini bottoms then slipped the cool stone inside herself.


“Mmmmmmmh, I do love the feel of cool stone in my hot pussy…” she purred after breaking the kiss.


“Ahhaa…” Sakura gasped plaintively when Samui broke away.


“Hmmhmm, you’re adorable.” she giggled at Sakura, kissing her again as she dipped half of the dildo in and out of herself. The surface turning darker as it became soaked with her fluids. She then pulled it out slowly and brought the wet end between herself and Sakura. Without any prodding from the blonde, Sakura began licking the slick surface of the Dildo gently, then took it into her mouth to suck the juices from it gently.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Sakura moaned around the think smooth stone. Samui watched as Sakura took the rigid cock as deep as she could before pulling it back and licking the length of stone herself. She then pressed her mouth to Sakura’s again, their tongues mingling lewdly outside their mouths.


At the same time, Samui moved to push one end of the double dong into Sakura’s dripping hot cunt. Tsunade noted she was certain to use the cool end of the dildo and watched jealously as Sakura bucked and moaned as the cold stone slipped inside her with ease.


“AHHHHHH!!!” Sakura moaned in ecstasy, cumming instantly as Samui shoved half the length inside her pussy, making her cunt spray hot juices everywhere.


The short haired blonde then skillfully moved to scissor her legs with Sakura’s, lining her pussy with the other girls and slipping the other end of the stone dildo into herself. Tsunade watched as their clits came in contact, the double dong completely swallowed by their pussies! Both women moaned in sheer bliss as they began grinding their crotches together, stirring the rock hard dildo inside themselves. Their gigantic tits jiggled and wobbled like massive water balloons! Samui’s tits moved in opposing circles, the heavy dumb bells through her nipples clanging every time they collided.




“Yeah?” Samui asked, “You like that, then how about THIS!!!???” she asked as she began bucking her hips even harder, making the pink haired girl howl like a bitch in heat as she came over and over again.


“Yeah, that’s it Sakura, move those hips girl!!!” Ino cheered from the side lines.


“Wow… They’re… They’re really going at it!” Tenten said with a blush.


“Yes, they are.” Tsunade said with a mild pout, “NEW LESSON! Pay close attention, as you’ll need to please a woman on occasion.”


“That’s RIGHT, now I’ll show you how… It’s… DOOONE!!!” Samui moaned, rolling and bucking her hips harder and faster. She leaned her head back and let out a long moan of sheer pleasure, “FUUUUCK, I love this position!!!!” she moaned as her own pussy began gushing back against Sakura’s. Both women pushed themselves up in a crab walk position, bucking their bodies back and forth, the dildo only becoming visible for a few seconds at a time as they pulled away from one another, only to vanish back inside them as they came together again.


“AHHHH, I’M CUMMINGGGGGG, CUMMING CUMMING CUMMINGGGGGG….!” Sakura moaned in ecstasy along with Samui. Tsunade fought the urge to touch herself as she watched the spectacle. She then gulped as Sakura’s entire body seized up in pleasure, her face a mask of mindless pleasure as she let out a soundless scream of ecstasy. Right before she collapsed like a house of cards.


Samui then picked herself up, pulling the double dildo out of herself and Sakura as she did so. She then tossed the soaking wet hunk of stone to Tsunade. “That’s how it’s done granny.” she said smugly before walking away. Tsunade would have felt a little more insulted if Samui’s legs weren’t shaking as she walked away.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

This Samui has obviously been a seduction Kunoichi for a LONG time. Dumbbell piercings was especially clever. Poor Tsunade, getting outdone so easily like that.

1 year ago

Awesome. Tsunade and Samui both look hot but it’s obvious Samui is the real star in this pic and chapter. Her gigantic tits and nipples with those heavy piercings is 5 star work.

This is probably the second or third pic I’ve seen where the girl has huge piercings. I hope there’s more pics like this in the future because it’s definitely becoming a favorite of mine.

The story is great and pretty well written and the Yuri sex is a nice change of pace. All in all, excellent work to both of you.👍

1 year ago
Reply to  ZMaster

Thank you. Hope you like the next one’s I do as well.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 year ago

My mind stopped at the mention of literal Milk Mounds.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Hehe, luck permitting, you may really enjoy a character in BSU someday.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Luck in terms of story content or in the pic?

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert


Both, these are OC’s of mine I hope to have appear in both story and art someday.

1 year ago

I love the heavy piercing pics, not the first time you’ve done one of these, if i recall correctly?
And… I’m really curious about what the next BSU chapter will be about… could you give us a little hint? pls x)

1 year ago
Reply to  Vinny

A character that hasn’t appeared in the story in a long time but she was one of the first characters in BSU

1 year ago

This is a great picture and the story has a much different tone than the other Naruto/Boruto chapters so far, which I personally like.

I like how Tsunade and Sakura were used, but to me, the real show stealer here was Samui. Without question. Haha. That and it seems Tsunade is totally jealous. XD

More importantly, it’s nice to see a little girl on girl action now and then too. Don’t get it too often on here. Especially the double dildo part. Nice touch.

Well, hope to see more soon, especially of more MILF/GILF action! {hint hint} Nice work again!

P.S: I hope there’s more pictures of characters in the Busteez uniform. I really like that.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, I don’t get to do much Yuri stuff, was a nice change of pace.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Better reply time
Had some personal issues to deal with earlier.

This pic gave me a hard time trying to figure out a story to at first. Then as I was going over previous chapters to figure out where to place it I had the idea. Where Kaguya came up with the idea to expand her tits, have the other girls have a little training seminar on how to do it themselves. Like at a fast food place and they are teaching the crew to make a new menu item.

I briefly thought of having Choji there teaching the class, but he wasn’t in the pic, so I changed it to Tsunade giving the class, and decided to have her have a bit of fun with Sakura. The original end had Shizune dumped cold water on Tsunade and Sakura, but Enzo thought Samui should be featured more since she is the bigger focus in the image, so I had her show up Tsunade a bit more. Also was fun to do some proper yuri for a change. I need to do more with that theme.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I get it now. Now it all makes a little more sense. Still, I personally think you did quite well with it.

1 year ago

This was an awesome story, first and foremost. Kudos to Sailor on another fun chapter. As for the art, it’s a home run as usual – I especially love Tsunade in her Busteez uniform.

1 year ago

Glad you enjoyed it, was a fun if tricky write.