Kyokas Debut Night

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The employee dressing room at Busteez was nicer than Kyoka thought it would be. Personally she had pictured a drab dirty room with skanky laundry all over the place. But in reality the room was rather nice. The walls were painted a deep red with magenta carpeted floors, and not a single bit of stray laundry to be found. Though there two large lidded hampers, one had ‘fabrics’, the other ‘dry clean’. Inside were dozens of zip locked baggies with names of the girl who the contents belonged to written on the side. On the inside of the lid was a handwritten note from Midnight:


All laundry MUST be zip locked before being placed in hampers. Please be sure to write your name on the bags so they can be returned to your lockers. Unbagged laundry will result in pay dockings, let’s keep things sanitary ladies!


At the end of the note was a tiny sketch of Midnight winking to the reader.


Along the walls were several couches and chairs. A well-stocked minifridge in one corner full of water, juices, soda, and some of those mini liquor bottles she’d seen on airline flights. There was even a coffee table slash dancers table in the middle of the room. It had a pair of poles sticking out of the surface. Kyoka figured they were for practicing with.


“Why am I doing this?” Kyoka asked her reflection. She sat naked in front of a large mirror that dominated one wall, looking at her own reflection as a neon sign buzzed on the wall behind her.


“Awww, why so down Kyoka-chan!?” asked Toru. Kyoka couldn’t see her aside from a floating pair of gloves in the mirror behind her. “This is your big night! And Midnight-Sensei already said you don’t have to strip or anything, just sing for everyone.”


“I know!” Kyoka said, turning to look as Toru went over to one locker and opened the door. She pulled out a huge PVC top with her name written in gold lettering on the front. Kyoka gulped as Toru slipped the top on, revealing how big her tits actually were. They were so big; each one was easily bigger than a beach ball, capped with an equally large nipple that strained against the fabric. Kyoka knew though that her tits were actually even bigger than that, the top was easily two sizes too small, the dark haired girl could almost picture the tit flesh spilling out around the edges of the fabric. Though with her being invisible, it didn’t show. She then put on a small black choker with WHORE written in the same gold lettering.


Kyoka looked down at her own tits; just an hour ago she sat with Recovery Girl as she enhanced them for the second time. Thankfully this time she got it right and they were just slightly bigger than her head instead of the size of her entire torso!


Toru pulled on a matching pair of thong panties and stuffed a condom into the waistband. She then walked over to the coffee table and picked up a box on the surface. The invisible girl brought the box over to her and held it out, “Here,” she said, “Try it on.”


“Thanks.” Kyoka said to her friend as she accepted the box and opened it, inside was a PVC top similar to Toru’s, just several sizes smaller, matching panties, and a pair of booty shorts made by Best Jeanist himself. Getting up, Kyoka looked herself in the mirror as she pulled on the thong panties and booty shorts.


“Hmm, no choker?” Toru asked as she looked inside the box, “Hang on, I think I got a spare.” she told her as she ran over to her locker again and returned with another choker. Kyoka raised an eyebrow at the word printed on the surface.


“Really, slut?” she said as she read choker.


“I have Pornstar as well.” Toru offered. Kyoka reached out and took the offered choker and slipped it on. Once it was secure she got up and pulled on the top as she looked at her reflection again.


“Too sexy!!!!” Toru said as she came up beside her and struck a pose.


“Um, yeah…” Kyoka reluctantly agreed, trying not to feel jealous at the way Toru’s jugs bounced inside her top. ‘It’s fine Kyoka, you had them even bigger than that and you were miserable for two whole weeks!’ she told herself even as she felt her cheeks blushing while she pulled her top into place.


“Well, I should finish getting ready.” said Toru as she moved over to one of the make-up stands and began applying silver and pink body glitter to herself. Suddenly Kyoka could see a shimmering ghost-like figure of Toru’s actual body.


“Toru?” Kyoka asked.




“You ever try using make-up and body paint? To make yourself visible I mean?” Kyoka queried.


“Hmm? Oh yeah, a few times in middle school actually. It’s a real pain though, especially if I’m doing it all by myself. I’m not so good with facial make-up, so my face comes out looking a little off. And the whole hollow eyes thing really creeps people out, so I don’t do it much. I can make it so people I want to CAN see me, but the method is…” she began to squirm, “Embarrassing, and only temporary.”


“Huh, embarrassing like how?” Kyoka asked, suddenly intrigued.


“Ooooooh…” Toru squirmed even more, at least Kyoka thought that what she was doing from the way her clothes were moving. “I gotta, well… Um, I have to kiss them… Like a for real adult kiss after I’ve worked up a lot of spit in my mouth, so you know, embarrassing!”


“Interesting and, how long would it last?” she asked, now curious.


“A few days at best, I think it depends on the amount of my saliva you take in, but I’ve never really experimented with it.” Toru answered.


“I’m sure you can find a willing volunteer at our dorm.” Kyoka said as she finished getting dressed. She then stood up and looked herself over, “Well, it’s time.”


“Hehe! Break a leg!” Toru said with a wave.


Kyoka smiled back at her classmate and friend as she went through a door at one end of the dressing room. Her ears were instantly assaulted with a pulsing beat as she walked into a small antechamber between the dressing room and the main dancer’s stage. The sound proofing in this place was truly impressive. From where she stood Kyoka could look out onto the Busteez main dancer’s stage. There she spotted Ragdoll finishing her dance number.


Kyoka was happy for her, having had her Quirk stolen the way it was she was forced to leave the Hero world. Here at least, she could be a part of it again in a way. The dark haired girl looked out at tonight’s crowd and gulped. “Huh, wha… Why is everyone here!?” she gasped when she saw her ENTIRE class out in the audience There were even a couple of student’s from Class 1-B sitting around the stage.


She spotted Mineta first; the little perv was sitting with Camie and Mt. Lady. Both women were doting on him like the professional callgirls that they were. Where did he get the money for all this?! It was something Kyoka wondered more than once.


Momo sat with Midoriya, Ochaco, and Tsuyu at a table just to the left of the stage. All were dressed casually since none of the girls were on shift tonight. Kyoka plugged one earphone jack into the wall next to her so she could hear them better over the music.


“Wow Izuku, your mom’s food is better than the chef we have at home!” Momo said as she took another bite from the plate sitting in front of her.


“Thanks!” Midoriya replied, “The food we get at the dorms is fine, but sometimes I really want something mom made, so I’ve been coming here more than I probably should.”


“It’s fine Deku!” Ochaco said cheerfully, “At least I know your main reason for coming here is the food, so that makes me happy!” she told him before grabbing his arm and hugging him close. Kyoka briefly saw open jealousy play over Tsuyu’s face, but it was gone as fast as it had appeared. ‘Really girl, just tell him how you feel already!‘ she thought at Tsuyu.


“Gero, if you like, I can start cooking some of the meals at the dorm more often?” offered Tsuyu, “I’ve gotten really good at making your mom’s curry rice with pork.” She smiled when Izuku nodded enthusiastically with an open mouth smile.


Momo finished another bite off her plate, “The food aside, I can’t believe you invited the whole class Izuku, I honestly just meant you and Bakugo should stop in tonight.”


“Well, I thought everyone should support Jiro, I mean she can play all those instruments in her room, so she must be a good singer too!” Izuku said.


“Um, Deku, those two things don’t exactly link together.” Ochaco said.


“Yeah, my dad can play the drums pretty well, but don’t ask him to sing, gero.” Tsuyu added.


Kyoka felt her cheeks turning beet red as the plug on her other earlobe flailed about wildly. She rested her hands over her heart and willed it to slow down, “Don’t panic,” she said to herself, “Midoriya meant well, and that’s okay. All I’m gonna do is sing, that’s all…” she told herself as she pulled her other plug from the wall.


As the music ended, Ragdoll walked off stage and smiled at Kyoka. “Nice crowd out tonight,” she told her.


“So I saw.” Kyoka said with a nod, trying not to sound nervous.


“Relax, you’re gonna be great!” the green haired woman told her as she reached out with her paw gloved hand, “Go on out and show ’em your stuff!” she told her.


Nodding again, Kyoka looked out at the crowd again. There were some big names here tonight. Endeavor sat a little ways away from the main stage, drink in hand and Mandalay sitting on his lap, her arms around his shoulders. A few tables down from him sat All Might and Principal Nezu. Kyoka still couldn’t get used to what he really looked like, though as of late he was a bit less skeletal, his sessions with that Eri girl were doing well, but for some reason she couldn’t restore his ability to trigger his powers like before, so he remained retired.


“And now, we’d like to present a new feature here at Busteez,” came Hatsume’s voice over the speaker, “For your listening pleasure, I’m happy to present, Earphone Jack in her first live on stage performance!”


Sighing softly, Kyoka steeled herself and walked out onto the stage to the applause of the gathered heroes. A small space opened in the floor at the end of the stage and a microphone on a stand extended out from beneath the stage. ‘Just what all did Midnight-sensei put into this place?’ Kyoka wondered as she went up to the mic. and removed it from the cradle.


“Thank you,” she said, thankful that her voice didn’t trigger the cliché feedback for this situation. “Tonight I’d like to sing for you a favorite song of mine, I hope you all enjoy it.” She then nodded to Mei in the DJ booth, closing her eyes as the music began spilling out of the speakers. She let everything else fade as she focused on the pulse of the music, the thrumming from the bass speaker, as the music built, she threw her arm to one side as the beat suddenly sped up, as if grabbing the music and pulling it into herself before bringing the mic to her lips and letting the lyrics flow out.


“Armies of faeries
Fly now in golden circles
Climbing the Bittersweet


Once she began she couldn’t stop, she didn’t even feel the stares of the audience, there was just the music as she moved her body as she continued to sing.


“Your poison berries,
Put me in ecstasy,
The cover of your leaves,
Is like a green cascade!”


“Take me to the Moon,
Swing me to the Sun (Take me to the Moon),
Sing with me the tune,
Bewitching everyone,
Bewitching Everyone!”


She could feel herself moving to the music, her hips swinging with the melody as she gripped the mic.


“My sweetest hours,
I wish will never run away,
Climbing the Bittersweet,


“Your purple flowers,
Like my goddess’s crown,
Show me the truth,
In my crystal blade!!!”


“Take me to the Moon,
Swing me to the Sun (Take me to the Moon),
Sing with me the tune,
Bewitching everyone!
Bewitching everyone!”


As the song went into a musical solo, Kyoka danced to the beat, her breasts heaving inside her top so powerfully that the zipper in the front pulled apart. Even as she bared her breasts to everyone, Kyoka didn’t care; she grabbed the dancer’s pole and did a spin around before she began to sing the final verse!


“Take me to the Moon,
Swing me to the Sun (Take me to the Moon),
Sing with me the tune,
Bewitching everyone!
Bewitching everyone!”


The song began playing the final notes as Kyoka lowered the mic, catching her breath as everyone suddenly stood and began applauding like crazy!


“BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!” Endeavor yelled, his deep voice echoing over the rest of the crowd. She could see on his face a genuine smile of one who enjoyed the song, though Mandalay looked a bit annoyed with him as she rubbed at the back of her head. He must have stood up abruptly, not giving her time to get out of his lap.


“Now THAT, was some Grade A showmanship!” Present Mic said, “WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?! PLEASE CALL IN YOUR COMMENTS!” he continued with a loud booming voice.


“WOOOO, GO KYOKA!!!” Momo shouted before blowing a loud whistle with her fingers.


“Heh, not bad Earlobes,” Bakugo said with his arms crossed, though Kyoka could only hear him thanks to her exceptional ears.


“Encore!!!” called All Might, “Encore, ENCORE!!!!”


ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!!” everyone began chanting. Kyoka fought to hold back tears as she smiled. Her primary goal in life was to be a Pro-Hero, but if that failed, then she wanted to be a rock singer. Tonight was showing her she had the stuff to do just that!


“Thank you,” she said into the mic. “This next one is an original of my own making. I wrote it for… Well, nevermind that, I really hope you all enjoy it.” Kyoka said, holding up three fingers to Hatsume, indicating the track number on the disk she’d given her earlier.


A new melody began to play, this was had a much more traditional Japanese feel to it. It was what Kyoka thought a waterfall would sound like if it were music. Closing her eyes again, she brought the mic to her lips again and began to sing much more softly than before.


“Feeling the night winds combing through my hair, I gaze at the stars shining overhead…
The cold rain begins to fall, splattering onto the roof and the sleeping window.
I wish I could be a part of the scenery around you, because I just wanna be with you all the time…”


As the music flow around and through her, Kyoka laid her emotions as bare as her chest.


“I will never say I love you!
If I can have only one wish to come true!
I would want to pursue the same dreams you have,
Even if I have to hide my feelings for you!
I am gonna stay by your side!
But please realize that I look up to you more than anyone else.
Remain just the pretty way you are,
Oh glass flower that blooms in my heart…”


The music slowed just a hair, and Kyoka let her body move with the beat as she began the next verse.


“Written with ink of my tears, I write a letter with no address…
The long nights, the past, all of them are over the distance, among the scattered clouds…”


“I’ll never say I love you!
If the world were going to end tomorrow,
I would protect you with all my strength!
I’m gonna stay by your side!
But please make me believe that it will come true someday,
Blooming for eternity, yet fleeting, oh glass flower within my heart!”


The music pulsed and pounded around her, Kyoka forgot everything as she turned her attention to one person in the crowd and finished the song.


“I will never say I love you!
If I can have only one wish to come true!
I would want to pursue the same dreams you have,
Even if I have to hide my feelings for you!
I am gonna stay by your side!
But please realize that I look up to you more than anyone else.
Remain just the pretty way you are,
Oh glass flower that blooms in my heart!!!”


The music quickly ended as Kyoka tossed the mic up into the air and let it fall back onto the stage behind her. Once again the crowd began to cheer. Whistles and applause filled the main room of the agency.

“A CHART TOPPER IF I EVER HEARD ONE!!!” said Present Mic with his booming voice.


“Such passion, well done young lady!” Endeavor called.


Kyoka smiled as she took a bow, blushing as she suddenly became VERY aware of how exposed her breasts were as the hung from her chest like a pair of cow udders. She quickly stood up again and closed her top back up. She then bowed again and looked out over the crowd. Mina who sat to the right of the stage was wiping tears from her eyes. Todoroki sat next to her and offer her a napkin from the table.


She happily accepted it, “So beautiful!!!!” she cried before blowing her nose noisily.


“Are you going to be alright?” asked Tokoyomi who also sat with the pink skinned girl.


“Yeah,” Mina said, “It’s just, didn’t you two understand?” she asked them before blowing her nose again.


Smiling, Kyoka turned away and looked around the room some more. Most of the women in the agency were either openly crying or at least dabbing at their eyes. It warmed her heart that some at least fully understood her song as she looked down to where Momo, Midoriya, Ochaco, and Tsuyu had been sitting. Ochaco was in tears like Mina, wiping at her face with her sleeve. Tsuyu only smiled up at her and nodded softly.


Kyoka’s smile waned slightly when she saw Momo wasn’t sitting with them anymore. She took one last bow before heading backstage again as Hatsume began to announce the next dancer. The dark haired girl only casually waved at Mt. Lady before heading back into the dressing room.


Did I go too far?‘ she wondered to herself, ‘Oh… What is she hates me now…‘ she thought as she went through the door into the dressing room and found herself being grabbed by the front of her top and yanked inside.


“WAH!?” she gasped as Momo pulled her into the dressing room and shoved her up against the wall.


“Yaomomo, hang on, I can…!” she said as panic flooded her at the sight of the intense look on Momo’s face, now redder than her hero costume, “I’m sorry, I…” she began, but was cut off when Momo pressed her mouth against hers hard! “Mmmmmph!!!” Kyoka gasped as she felt Momo’s tongue pushing into her mouth, sucking her own back out.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Momo cooed softly, pressing her body against Kyoka as she sucked on her tongue passionately. Kyoka’s dark eyes slowly drifted closed as she began to return the kiss, her arms nervously wrapping around the other girls waist, hugging the two of them even closer. She felt a single tear working her way down her cheek as Momo slowly broke the kiss and looked her in the eye.


“I’ll say it then!” she proclaimed, “I love you!”


“Yaomomo, I… I…” Kyoka whimpered, her own tears flowing freely now as Momo kissed her again. “Mmmmmmmh…” Kyoka moaned into their kiss as Momo reached her hands up, cupping Kyoka’s face in them and wiping away her tears with her thumbs.


“I… I love you…” Kyoka whispered when the other girl broke away once again.


Momo giggled, “Was that so bad?” she asked.


Sniffling, Kyoka shook her head and Momo pressed her lips against hers once more, gentler this time as she traced her hands down her neck and shoulders, pushing the straps of her top away. The dark haired girl let out a soft whimper as Momo moved one hand to unzip the front of her top, once again freeing her enlarged breasts. She cupped one in her hand, squeezing softly as her index finger traced around the nipple.


“Ahhh…” Kyoka sighed softly, her nipple turning stiff under Momo’s attentions. She tilted her head to the left when Momo began kissing the right side of her neck, letting out a soft moan as Momo nibbled at just the right spot below her ear.


“Yaomomo, mmmmh!” she moaned, feeling her pussy getting hotter and hotter the more the other girl licked and nibbled at that spot as she lifted her right leg and wrapped it around Momo’s waist, using it to hug her even tighter.


“Hmhmhm,” Momo giggled as she moved her other hand down to unbutton the booty shorts Kyoka had on. Then, hooking her thumb into the waistband of both her shorts and panties, Momo pushed them down, without her ass holding them on, the flimsy garments slipped down Kyoka’s long legs, exposing her newly waxed pussy. She heard a ripping sound and glanced down in time to see Momo ripping off her own panties after pulling up the bright red miniskirt she was wearing. Kyoka then saw red lines of energy cracking over Momo’s skin before she felt something hot, hard, and so very THICK pushing inside her.


“Ahhhh, Momoooo…” Kyoka moaned, lifting her other leg and letting herself fall onto Momo’s newly formed cock! The other dark haired girl caught her ass in her had as the huge length easily on par with Midoriya and Bakugo pushed deep inside, spreading the lips of her cunt as wide as she thought possible!


“Yes… Momo… T… Take me!!!” she moaned as Momo’s cock pushed all the way inside. She wrapped her arms around Momo’s shoulders, holding onto her as the other girl began thrusting into her. So full… It was the only thought Kyoka could form coherently, “Harder…” she gasped, “HARDER!!!” she then screamed as her entire body shook in pleasure.


Momo did just as she asked, thrusting her hips and driving her huge cock deep into her again and again. Kyoka’s pussy sprayed like a broken faucet as she came every time she felt Momo’s cock penetrate her womb!


“YES!!! MOMO!!! YES, FUCK ME!!!! MY PUSSY IS YOURS!!! YOURS AND YOURS ALONE!!!!” Kyoka screamed, her hips rotating into Momo’s thrusts. She could feel her belly stretching to accommodate the gigantic length as the other girls balls smacked against her ass again and again.


“Mmmmmh, you have such a dirty mouth Kyoka…” Momo cooed, “It turns me on!” she said before kissing her again, their tongue wrestled against one another’s as Momo pounded her against the wall.


“MOMOH… MOMOOOH…” Kyoka moaned as the other girl sucked on her tongue again, “YOU’RE SHO PHAR INSHIDE MEEEE… YESSSH… SHO GUUD, IT PHEELSH SHO GUUUUUD…” Kyoka slurred.


“Mmmmmh, Kyohkah…” Momo slurred back, “Mmmmmmm, sho tight… It pheelsh like you’re shucking me inshide…”


Kyoka felt her cheeks flushing, “IT’SH BECAUSHE I WANT YOUR CAWK INSHIDE MEEEEE…” she admitted as her fingers dragged across Momo’s back slowly. “PLEASHE DUN’T SHTOP!!! DUN’T SHTOOOOP, PHUCK ME HAARRRDERRRRR…!”


“MMMMMH!!!” Momo moaned into her mouth, kissing her even deeper as she slammed her thick cock deep inside again. Kyoka could distantly hear the drywall cracking against her back, but she didn’t care as she hugged the woman she loved tight. “MMMMMH, MOMOH, I’M GONNA CUMMMM… I’M CUMMING… I’M CUMMING ON YOUR BIG DIIIICK!!!!” she screamed into Momo’s mouth as she felt hot liquid warmth filling her womb as Momo came inside her as well.


“YESH, CUM, CUM INSHIDE MEEEEE…” Kyoka told her, clenching her inner muscles in a vain attempt to hold every drop inside her. She quickly realized that was impossible as she felt the huge load of cum pouring back out of her, splattering loudly onto the floor


Momo’s thrusts slowed down, and Kyoka unwrapped her legs from around the other girl. She felt Momo’s dick slipping out of her slowly, making her whimper at the empty feeling it left behind. But it was quickly forgotten as Momo kissed her lips again gently.


“Mmmmh, I knew instantly that you wrote that for me.” she whispered once she’d withdrawn completely. Kyoka felt herself blush as she looked down, only to see the huge dick now attached to her love. It was an odd sight, like something out of an ero-doujinshi. It glistened with their combined fluids as it seemingly deflated to a flaccid state and hung almost to her knee!


Gulping, Kyoka looked back up and nodded, “I… I didn’t know how else to tell you…”


Momo giggled and eased back away from the wall more as Kyoka confirmed she could stand on her own. She kept her arms around Momo’s shoulders for support though as they moved over to one of the couches she’d seen earlier. Resting her head on Momo’s shoulders, Kyoka began sobbing softly.


“Kyoka?” Momo asked.


“It’s okay…” Kyoka said, “I’m just, so happy right now… Guess I should never call Midoriya a crybaby huh?”


Momo smiled back at her and they both laughed softly, “Actually, if anything, I’d thank him for his um, I guess you could call it a ‘gift’ to me.”


That was right, Momo could only do things like give herself a giant functioning dick because his cum augmented her quirk. Something called quirk symbiosis, a really rare even where one person’s quick could support or enhance another’s. Or when two people’s quirks enhanced one another’s. Though Kyoka remembered Midoriya didn’t get anything from Momo, other than the blowjobs she needed to give him to get his cum, the fuel for Momo’s enhancement. But, maybe that was a fair trade for him.


Kyoka snickered, sniffling again and nodding, “Yeah!” she agreed.


“Ready to go out and see everyone?” Momo asked, “I’m sure they wanna congratulate you for a great show. After we both find some underwear again that is.”


Kyoka shook her head and hugged herself against the other girl, “Can we stay like this for a bit?” she asked. “Also, I think your friend there might be ready to go again.” she told Momo, using one of her earphone jacks to gesture to Momo’s slowly hardening cock.


“Oh!” Momo gasped with a blush, “If you want, I can get rid of it.”


“Nah, keep it there for a while, I don’t think I’m satisfied yet.” she said with a grin.


Both girls giggled to one another and they cuddled together on the small two person couch in the dressing room.


After a couple of minutes of cuddling, the two bathing in eachother’s warmth, the silence was broken by an awkward cough “Umm….”


Momo and Kyoka’s eyes widened, jumping up to look for the source of the sound but saw nothing. “Toru?!” Momo asked with a cherry red face


“W-wha-what are you doing here?!” Kyoka tried to ask casually but failing, instead chuckling nervously.


“This is the dressing room, I was taking my break when you two came in…” The invisible girl responded.


The girls eyes followed the sound to a nearby couch. Now able to see the floating sparkles of glitter when their eyes focused towards her direction.


Kyoka, noticing something wrong, narrowed her eyes “Hey Toru, did someone spill a drink on your seat– OHH!!”


“Hehe! thank you for the show…!” Toru replied cheekily.

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