King of the Mt. Lady

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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The Heights Alliance building was a welcome sight to Izuku as he got out of the cab he’d taken from the bus station to the UA main campus. He’d been living here for a little over a year now, and it was like coming home. Dragging his small suitcase behind him, he walked alongside Mina Ashido as they made their way to the dorm. As they drew nearer, Izuku spotted Tenya Iida and Shoto Todoroki standing outside, each holding a duffel bag under one arm. The two of them had been paired up for their own community service trip, though Izuku didn’t know what they’d been doing the past week.


“Katsuki!!!!” Mina suddenly shouted and took off at a run when she spotted Kacchan coming out of the dorm.


“Hey, whoa, SLOW DOWN RACCOON EY—AGGH!!!” Kacchan shouted as he found himself on the receiving end of a flying tackle hug.


Mina kissed his face several times as she clung tight to him, “Did you miss me?” she asked sweetly.


“NO!” Kacchan answered instantly.


“Awwww, don’t be like that, I know you’re happy to see me, I can tell.” Mina said with a cheeky grin as she grinded her hips against him.


“Wha… HEY, KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!!!!” Kacchan shouted, trying to pry her off him.


“Nuh uh, gimme a kiss first and I’ll let go.” Mina told him.


“GRRRRRRR… FINE!” he relented, then when he spotted Izuku he said, “TAKE A GOOD LONG LOOK NERD! THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE!” he said before kissing Mina hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth and drawing her own back into his own.


“Mmmmmmmmmmh!!!!” Mina cooed happily, still hugging herself against him. When they finally broke apart Mina said, “So, how was your assignment, tell me all about it!” as they walked back inside.


“It was lame…” Kacchan began, but Izuku didn’t hear the rest as the door closed behind them.




The green haired youth jumped slightly as he suddenly found Tsuyu standing next to him. He was sure she hadn’t been there a second ago.


“Ahh! Oh, hey Tsu, good to see you again.” Izuku said after taking a moment to slow his heart down.


Tsuyu nodded, “Welcome back, how was your assignment?” she asked.


“Eh, um, it was interesting. I learned how to milk Mi… Er, I learned to milk a cow.” he told her. “What about yours?”


“Was fun, I was life guarding at a community pool. I just wish it was an outdoor pool, I might have gotten a tan.” she said half-jokingly while tapping the exposed area of his right arm which now was slightly tanned from all the time he spent in the sun.


He chuckled and began walking with her into the dorms, “Well, I’m glad you had fun.” he told her.


She nodded and looked up at him, “So, Izuku, you have any plans for today?” she asked.


“Hmm? No not really, I didn’t really think past unpacking and taking a ba…waaah!!” he said before being cut off by pair of hands reaching around him from behind to cover his eyes.


“Guess who!?” Ochaco asked.


Izuku smiled and turned around just into to catch Ochaco as she leapt onto his, her arms wrapping around his shoulders and her legs around his waist. She didn’t weigh anything, meaning she’d already negated the pull of gravity on herself. The brown haired girl kissed his lips gently and hugged him tight, “Welcome home Deku!” she said, “Want some help unpacking?”


“Thanks Ochaco, and that’s alright, Tsu and I were just discussing what to do this afternoon.” he said, turning to look back at the green haired girl.


“No, that’s alright, you two have fun.” Tsuyu said, her voice sounded almost depressed now, “I should unpack myself anyway.” she said before leaping up onto the side of the building and climbing up to the fourth floor where her room was located.


“Tsu…” Izuku said to himself.


“Deku, you okay?” Ochaco asked.


“Yeah, I’m fine.” he told her, “You know Tsu’s the first girl I was ever with, you know… That way.” She nodded, “Well, for a little while I thought it meant we were going out together. It broke my heart for a bit when she said she just wanted to be friends with benefits. And lately, she’s been kinda distant, I wonder if I did something wrong.”


“Deku…” Ochaco said, then smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging herself against him. “Well, I DEFINITELY wanna go out with you.” she told him, making him blush as they walked inside the dorms. The air conditioned common area was a welcome feeling after a week of sleeping in a farm house loft that was all but uninhabitable during the day. He turned and kissed the top of Ochaco’s head, smiling at the way she giggled happily.


The common area was bustling, most of their class had returned from their varied assignments. Kirishima sat on the big couch with Toru, who was dressed in a simple gray tank top and denim cut off shorts. She had on a pair of bracelets on each wrist so people could see where her hands were. The big screen TV was on and it seemed the news was on.


“…recapping our latest story. Some of you may remember the freak cold snap some weeks ago that blanketed the city. We now have confirmed reports that the cause was a young girl’s quirk manifestation. It seems that she was under assault from some bullies at her school when her quirk manifested suddenly. Her ability has been confirmed to be able to freeze any and all moisture in the air surrounding her. The intense manifestation caused the air in the upper atmosphere to suddenly turn to ice. This caused a hyper efficient seeding of the clouds above, resulting in a brief super storm.” the news caster reported.


“Hey Deku, weren’t you and Tsu caught in all that?” Ochaco asked.


He nodded, “Yeah, it was a close one.” he replied, feeling his cheeks flushing as he remembered how he spent several hours cuddling naked with her to share his body heat after the cold nearly sent her into hibernation. Then after they got back to the dorms, when he tucked her in…


“Deku, you okay? Your face is turning all red…”


“Wha…? No, it… It’s nothing!” Izuku said, still feeling ashamed by how he kissed Tsu while she was asleep. “Hey, after I unpack, how about we go get something to eat together. I don’t mean to sound rude, but all we had at that farm was corn beef, corn bread, and corn on the cob. I could really go for anything that doesn’t have corn in it right now. Heh, heh, heh…”


“Sure! There’s this new place near the school I’ve wanted to try, how about we go there?” Ochaco suggested.


Izuku nodded, “Sounds goo…” was as far as he got before a fist collided with his left cheek out of nowhere! “Dooof!!!” Izuku grunted as the punch knocked him back several paces.




Izuku was afraid of this; Mina must have already told him what happened at the farm during the last few days. He had planned to tell him himself after he was settled in again, but Mina being Mina, beat him to it.


“Katsuki! Hang on, I told you he was helping me!” Mina said, her hands on the blondes shoulders, gently pulling him back. The pink skinned girl then blinked her dark eyes, “Hang on, did you say girlfriend?”


Izuku’s face throbbed, but he could tell that Kacchan wasn’t being serious, that was just a regular punch, not an explosion packed one. Then again, Todoroki was sitting in one of the single chairs near the TV; Kacchan might not have wanted another one of his brain freezes.


“I know. That’s the only reason this nerd is still breathing!” Kacchan said his voice just slightly calmer now, “Hey Deku, just stick to your stupid harem from now on, got it?”


“He called me his girlfriend…” Izuku heard Mina whisper to herself as she clutched her hands over her heart while staring at Kacchan with wide eyes.


“Kacchan, hang on!” Izuku said as he stood up straight again, “I feel terrible about it, honest! And I wanna make it up to you.”


“Hmmm?” Kacchan growled back.


We never settled things with Midnight that last time. So I thought maybe we could try again with Mt Lady, she can handle both of us together with no trouble. And don’t worry about the costs, I’ll cover everything.”


Kacchan looked back at him with a confused expression for a moment, and then grinned, “Alright, I’ll take you up on that, and while you’re at it, every time you screw around with my mom or Mina, you owe me a VIP pass at the agency, maybe that’ll teach you to keep it in your damn pants!”


“Deal!” Izuku said.


“Deku, you sure you can afford that?” Ochaco asked, open concern in her voice. Her face then took on a pouting expression, “And just what did you do with Mina huh!?”


“I’ll explain over dinner?” he offered.


“Mmm, fine!” she said, though he could tell she was still a little upset.


Kacchan then left the common area, heading to the stairs that led up to the next floor. Everything was intensely silent for about five seconds before Mina began jumping up and down, “He called me his girlfriend!!! Wooohooooooo!!! Girlfriend, girlfriend, he called me his girlfriend!” she began singing to herself. “Hey Katsukiiiii, wait up!!!” she said as she ran upstairs after him.



“Hmm, a threesome?” asked Mt. Lady, “Sure, and wow, you boys must be loaded to order me!” she said with a grin, then looked at Izuku more closely, “Oh wait, you’re the Lifetime VIP guy aren’t you? Oh well, I’m not booked for anything today. Besides, if I can handle to two of you together I can rub it in that old lady’s face for weeks!” she said after Izuku and Bakugo approached her on the Agency main floor. She had just finished a lap dance session with Gunhead and was headed for the employee dressing room when they found her.


She was dressed in a much more X-rated version of her hero costume. All of the gray areas were now completely clear, giving anyone a clear look at her clean shaven pussy. The purple section over her chest was much smaller now, covering only the upper section of her tits, exposing her nipples and undersides of her breasts. Her boots now had six inch heels and clear platform soles, making her a good five inches taller. The only way anyone could tell she was actually completely covered was the shine the material gave as the lights reflected off its surface.


Izuku explained the situation to her while Kacchan just looked annoyed as he leaned against the wall. “Just gotta be sure you’re not trying to put it all on your VIP right? The old lady made a point to tell everyone that was a no-go a couple weeks back.”


“No problems there, the nerd here will pay for everything, he kinda owes me.” Kacchan said smugly as he gestured towards Izuku.


“Hmmm, I’m sure there’s a fun story there, but it’s not my business. So, which room should we use?”


“Let’s use that fancy VR room we had with Midnight.” Kacchan suggested.


Mt. Lady winced, “Oooo, sorry, that room is meant for orgies and such, you need at least four people to use it normally.” Mt. Lady explained.


“What kind of stupid rule is that!?” snapped Kacchan.


“I think it has to do with the cost of running that room. Like it’s a massive power user or something like that, so that’s mainly to pay the electric bill for it.” Mt. Lady explained.


“Perhaps I can help?” asked a voice behind Izuku and Kacchan. The two of them turned around to see Mineta suddenly standing behind them with a smug expression and holding up a VIP gold pass. “I’ll be the fourth.”


Mt. Lady clapped her hands together, yen signs in her eyes, “That’s perfect! We can go right now if you like?” she asked.


Izuku looked over to Kacchan, the blonde shrugged, “That’s fine, like the pipsqueak here will even be able to compete.” he said.




“WHAT’S THAT ABOUT MY HAIR?!” Kacchan shouted at him. Leaning in with a dark glowering expression.


“Nothing…!” Mineta backed down, and Izuku was reminded of a dog backing down with its tail between its legs.


“Bakugo-Kosujisama!!!!!” a girl squealed as someone jumped up onto his back from behind. “You came to see me!!! I’m so happy!!!!” giggled Himiko Toga as she nuzzled her cheek against Kacchan’s. She was dressed in a tan colored sling bikini that was six sizes too small and did nothing to hide her nipples and only just barely covered her clit, but left the lips of her pussy completely exposed. The only thing that threw off her look was the GPS monitor attached to her ankle.


Izuku watched all the color drain from Kacchan’s face as he scrambled to get the other blonde off of him. “GET OFF ME YOU CRAZY SLUT!!!!” he shouted at her.


“Awwwww, don’t be like that, we had so much fun that last time.” Himiko pouted, “Hey, I can be her again if you like? Or any other girl you want.”


“I WANT YOU TO GET LOST!!!!!” Kacchan shouted, managing to shake her off finally.


“Himi-chan, these three are mine. Why don’t you copy Mandalay and give some lap dances? People have been asking for her and she’s off tonight.” Mt. Lady said, though her tone made it more of an order instead of a suggestion.


“Awww, okay…” Himiko said, still pouting as she turned back to Kacchan again, “Come see me soon Kosujisama!”


“LIKE HELL!!!!” Kacchan shouted back at her.


“Tee-hee!” Himiko giggled as she began skipping away, gray sludge forming all over her body for a moment before she transformed into Mandalay wearing the same tan sling suit and ankle monitor.


“Kosujisama?” Izuku and Mineta echoed together.


“Grrrrrr… LET’S GO!!!” he shouted and headed towards the back of the room.


The four of them began walking towards the back area of the Agency main floor. That section had a few rooms, but they were mostly employee apartments of a sort. Though only one “employee” was staying here full time. It took some doing getting Kacchan to talk about it, but he apparently had an encounter with Himiko Toga, former League of Villains member turned as Kacchan put it, “Happy Whore.”


Seems some weeks ago, the pros frequenting Busteez had caught her sneaking around and arrested her. Instead of letting her spend the prime years of her life in Tartarus, Midnight convinced the courts she could rehabilitate Himiko. So they let her stay at Busteez under house arrest as a form of work release. What Midnight did to her after that Izuku couldn’t guess, but when Ochaco told him about her she described her as “A whole new level of crazy.”


Midnight had all of the girls donate a small bit of blood so Himiko could use her quirk to imitate any and all of them for clients that they were either too busy or did not want to entertain. Though he still wouldn’t say who he encountered Himiko impersonating, Izuku wasn’t a total idiot. Since that night he hadn’t looked at Ochaco the same. The green haired youth wisely suppressed a grin when he thought about it.


Also in the back area were the stairs leading up to the second floor where rooms not unlike a Love Hotel were laid out. Though he’d yet to see them all, Tsu and Ochaco told him there was a seedy hotel room, a newly wed bedroom, a classy hotel room, among several others. But everyone’s favorite was what had been dubbed ‘The VR Room.’ Hatsume, the room’s designer and builder hated that everyone called it that. The official name was ‘The Hard Light Simulated Environment Room.’ Quite the mouthful.


After they exited the main agency area, a thought occurred to Izuku when he glanced over at Mineta. Not too long ago, he saw Mineta writing down some pretty heavy IOU’s into a notebook. Tsu’s name was there as well, and when he asked her about it she just said; “I did him a favor is all.”


“Mineta, how are you affording all this?” Izuku asked. “I thought you still owed a lot to Tsu and Mt. Lady both.”


“Hmm, oh he paid that off a couple weeks after opening night.” Mt. Lady said when she overheard.


“But how, didn’t you charge him like 50,000 yen?” Izuku asked.


“Wow, good memory!” Mt. Lady said with a smile. “Yeah, he paid in full, such a good little boy.” she said in baby voice while winking at Mineta.


“I’ve been working here.” Mineta said, when Kacchan and Izuku both turned to him with shocked expressions he began waving his hands and shaking his head so vigorously that a couple of his pop-off orbs actually flung off his head. “No, no, no, not like THAT! I’ve been busing tables, doing laundry, really dumb boring stuff like that. Midnight found my notebook when I dropped it opening night and offered me a job to work here doing the menial stuff none of the girls wanna do.” he explained, then took a deep breath, “Midnight-sensei didn’t wanna hire people to do that through the regular channels, too much risk to the public images of the girls if someone brought in a cell phone or camera and stuff. She figured hiring me and some of the other students like Kaminari and that jerk from Class B would be better. She pays me really well for it too! I get a VIP pass once a week or the equivalent in cash.”


“Huh, well that makes sense I guess.” Izuku said as they reached the second floor. The four of them went straight up to the VR room. Mt. Lady took Izuku and Mineta’s cards, along with the one day VIP card Izuku bought for Kacchan at the bar. Izuku was glad his mother was off tonight, he didn’t want to explain why he was buying a VIP for someone else to her.


“Not bad for being basically a janitor.” Kacchan said as Mt. Lady swiped each card through a slot reader next to the door. Three beeps later there was a click as the lock unsealed itself. The inside of the VR room was like out of an old sci-fi show. A yellow grid over solid black walls, floor, and ceiling. There was a very low hum as the machine warmed up slowly.


Smiling as she went over to a small depression in the wall, Mt. Lady began tapping on a control console. “So, what setting would you boys like?” she asked, “We just expanded the menu a bit. There’s a nice nude beach, a yacht on the ocean, a dirty back alley, I think Himi-chan requested that one, even a public restroom. I swear, that girl has really weird tastes.”


“She’s nuts, what do you expect?” Kacchan said.


“You’ll get no argument from me, though it is kinda cute how she acts like the old lady’s little pet whore.” Mt. Lady said.


“What exactly did Midnight do to her?” Izuku asked.


Mt. Lady stiffened slightly, and he could have sworn that she was trembling for just an instant, “Um, nothing illegal, I’m sure of that.”


“I wanna know, but at the same time I don’t…” said Mineta, who then held up his hand, “I vote nude beach!”


“That’s fine, let’s just get on with it; I gotta show this nerd how to really please a woman!” Kacchan said, openly looking up and down Mt. Lady’s curvy body.


“Mmmmmmh, I like the sound of that! You know, it really surprised me how many pros are either average or below. Seriously disappointing really.” Mt. lady replied. “I for one love ’em big! And you boy’s won’t disappoint.” she said with a wink before turning her gaze solely on Izuku.


He gave a light shrug, “Might as well make it unanimous.” he said with a nod.


Nodding back, Mt. Lady tapped a final key and their surrounding all blurred and shifted. Bright sunlight assaulted Izuku’s eyes as indoor suddenly became outdoor at high noon. He lifted his scarred hand to shield his eyes as he took in the new setting. Mt. Lady had it wrong, this wasn’t a beach, it was a large lake in a mountainous zone. Brown and green hills surrounded them, the sands of the shores around the lake were a dark yellow sand, any darker and it would be brown. Clouds dotted the skies overhead as gentle breeze blew over the group carrying a forest scent along with it. Izuku couldn’t even begin to guess how it all worked, but he was impressed all the same.


Off in the distance across the lake, Izuku could make out a number of beach towels laid out near a large hut on stilts. There was a word for those, but Izuku couldn’t recall it at the moment. On the beach towels were a number of naked young women. And though he couldn’t see them perfectly, he knew enough that they were holographic simulations of everyone working here at Busteez.


“WOW, THIS IS AWESOME!!!!” Mineta said. “Last time I was in here is was just some open area setting, this is so much more… Heheh, detailed.” he chuckled pervertedly as he strained to look across the lake at the buffet of naked beauties now waving at the group.


“Ahem, I hope you don’t plan to ignore me!” Mt. Lady said, turning around and pulling her hair up to expose the neatly hidden seam and zipper to her outfit. “Undo me?” she asked sweetly.


“YES MA’AM!” Mineta said excitedly, standing up on his tip toes to reach the tiny handle to the zipper and pulling it down. Contrary to what Izuku had thought, her outfit slipped off easily, fully exposing her naked body beneath! Her huge tits seemed to suddenly get bigger, as if happy to be free of the tight confines of her clothes. Watching them bounce, Izuku gulped, feeling his pants getting tighter as Kacchan reached his hands out to grab them, squeezing them both roughly as he covered Mt. Lady’s mouth with his own!


“Mmmmmmmmmmh… Ahhhh…” she gasped, opening wide for his tongue, swirling her own against his as he kneaded both her breasts in his hands. His index and middle fingers encircled her huge nipples, tugging on them before twisting them towards one another.


“Mmmmm, yeah, plhay with muh titsh…!” Mt. Lady moaned, moving her hands to Kacchan’s waist, undoing his belt and pants with practiced precision. In a few quick motions, she had his cock out and in her hands, stroking him to full erection.


Behind them, Mineta scrambled to get out of his own clothes, tossing them aside once they were clear of his body. Izuku then began to undress himself, much more calmly though, placing them on the now sandy ground neatly folded. When he looked up again, Mt. Lady had dropped to her knees, moaning in delight around Kacchan’s cock as she began stroking Mineta’s with her hand.


“Yesssssh… sho phucking phiiiiick…!” she moaned happily, her neck visibly stretching around the other blondes cock as it moved down her throat.


“Mmmmmmmhhhh, Mt. Lady, your hand feels so soft and nice!” Mineta groaned.


The blonde woman only giggled around Kacchan’s cock, working to take it even deeper into her mouth.


“Yeah, you like sucking big fat dicks, don’t you slut!?” Kacchan asked her.


“Yesssssssh, I wuv dem…!” Mt. Lady moaned, “I wuv bhig cawksh sho muuush!!!! Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!!!” she slurped and sucked Kacchan faster now, taking his cock all the way down her throat. Izuku looked down at her round sexy ass, reaching his hands out to grab it firmly, making her moan even louder.




“WELL, DON’T KEEP THE LADY WAITING DEKU!” Kacchan groaned, grabbing Mt. Lady’s horns and pumping his cock into her mouth now. The blonde woman let out a low choking moan in pleasure, drool bubbling around her lips as she let herself relax and be facefucked.


Gulping, Izuku looked down at his own throbbing hard-on, now resting on Mt. Lady’s soft warm ass. “NOW, NOW, NOW, PHUCK MUH PUSSHY NOOOOOW!!!!” Mt. Lady slurred around Bakugo’s cock as Izuku moved to press the tip of his cock against her pussy. Mt. Lady must’ve gotten impatient as she bucked herself back, impaling herself on his cock! Wet, tight warmth wrapped around Izuku’s cock as she took his dick all the way in. He distantly noticed her ass was now even bigger, making it easy for her to take his length in a single motion!


“MMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!!” Mt. Lady moaned around Kacchan’s cock, her fist now pumping up and down Mineta’s dick rapidly, cum already coating her fingers. “BHIG BHIG BHIIIIIG, SHO PHUCKING BHIIIIIIIG!!!!!” she screamed, her pussy spraying like a broken faucet, her hot juices coating Izuku’s balls as he took a second to savor the feel of being inside her. His hands them moved up to her hips, gripping them for support as he began thrusting his cock into her slowly, enjoying the way her huge ass rippled and jiggled like a pudding mold!


“MMMMMMMPH, YESSSSH, YESSSSH, I WUV DIIIISH…!” Mt. Lady screamed, “MOAR MOAR, I NEED MOAR!!!” she slurred before pulled her mouth away from Kacchan’s cock. “MY ASS!!!! I WANT YOU IN MY ASS NOW!!!!! THAT’S HOW YOU BROKE MIDNIGHT RIGHT? MY HOLES ARE A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!!!!!!”


“Heh, I like how you girls get here.” Kacchan said, rubbing his cock all over her still masked face. Mt. Lady breathed out a whimper, licking his dick whenever it came near his mouth. “Over there.” he said, pointing to a large burgundy float sitting at the edge of the water. “Hey Deku, make yourself useful and move that into the water for us!” Kacchan shouted at him insultingly.


Not giving Kacchan the satisfaction of him glaring back at him, Izuku pulled his cock out of her pussy with a lewd sucking noise. “Nhooooo, put it baaaaack…” Mt. Lady whined.


He gave her an apologetic smile as he moved over to the large float. It was easily big enough for all four of them, but likely weighed the better part of 500 pounds. Triggering One for All at five percent full cowling, Izuku easily kicked the giant floating foam mat into the water. He was careful not to kick too hard though; he didn’t want to have it skipping over the water to the other side of the lake. He then turned around and gasped as he found himself face to tits with Mt. Lady as she tackled him onto the float.


“Thanks, now, this is mine!” she told him before straddling his hips, his cock sliding back inside her with ease. “MMMMMMMMMMMMH YEAAAAAH, THAT’S THE STUUUUUFF…” she moaned at length, rubbing her hands over the visible swell in her belly as he penetrated to her very womb! She then turned and waved to both Kacchan and Mineta, “Come on boys, I want it in every hole!!!!”


Kacchan and Mineta quickly climbed onto the float with them as they began drifting out onto the open clear water. Izuku could see some fish through the surface as they bobbed up and down gently. But his attention was instantly drawn back to Mt. Lady when Kacchan began pushing his cock into her ass!


Gripping her butt, Izuku spread Mt. Lady’s asscheek wider, making it easier for Kacchan to force her dick all the way inside! It was strange feeling his dick against his own inside her, with only a thin barrier between them.


“Ahhh, why don’t I get a spot!?” whined Mineta.


“BECAUSE YOU’RE JUST A TAG ALONG!” Kacchan shouted at him.


“YEAH, WELL AT LEAST I PAID MY OWN WAY!” Mineta shouted back.


“WHAT WAS THAT!?” Kacchan growled.


“HEY!!! ENOUGH OF THAT AND FUCK ME ALREADY!!!!!” Mt. Lady interrupted, “NOT ONE OF YOU IS LEAVING UNTIL I’M SATISFIED, GOT IT!?” she then pulled open the cheeks of her wide sexy ass, “NOW, KEEP STUFFING THAT HUGE DICK UP MY ASS!!!!” she commanded, “AND YOU!” she said, directing her ire towards Mineta, “Bring that big dick up here, I wanna feel it in my mouth!” she said more calmly, though her voice was thick with her own lust.


“AHHHAAAAHHH…” Mt. Lady moaned as Kacchan began thrusting into her harder, Izuku groaned, loving the way her pussy felt every time she came between the two of them, clenching tight around his own dick as he worked to find a steady rhythm with Kacchan. “YeeEESSssss… So biiig. My hoooOOllleSSS, so fuuLLL…!” she moaned, her voice changing pitch with their thrusts as she bucked her body between them.


“I love when girls get like this; it’s such a turn-on!” Mineta said as he pushed his cock in Mt. Lady’s face.


“Mmmmmh, biiIIGGG cock… Ahhhmmmmph!!!!” she moaned, wrapping her mouth around his cock and moaning in sheer pleasure.


“This is so awesome!!! Mineta groaned, “I never thought I’d see a woman going airtight outside a movie! Let alone be a part of it!!!!”


“Huh? Airtight?” Izuku and Kacchan echoed together.


Grabbing Mt. Lady’s horns, Mineta began pumping his cock into her mouth as he explained, “Geez, don’t you guys know anything, airtight is the term for when a woman is taking a man in every hole at once!”


Oh, I guess that makes sense,‘ Izuku thought as he looked at the look of mindless pleasure on Mt Lady’s face. Her tongue swirled around Mineta’s cock every time her face pulled away, as if she didn’t want his cock to leave her mouth!


“MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH HUGAH GAH GAH…” she moaned, ropes of thick drool hanging from her chin now. “SHO BHIIIIG, BHIIIG, BHIIIG… CUUUUUMMMMMINNNNGGGG…!!!!”


“YEESH, YOU CUM TOO EASY SLUT!” Kacchan laughed, spanking her ass with light explosions, “AT LEAST MAKE US WORK FOR IT A BIT!!!!”


“YEEEEESSSHHHH… MOAR, SHPANK MUH ASSH MOAR!!!!!!” Mt. Lady groaned, “HMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH!!!!” she then moaned as she slurped and sucked on Mineta harder. The purple haired youth groaned in lewd pleasure, letting go of her horns as she began moving her head faster than he could force her.


“Oooooooh yeeeaaahhhhh…” Mineta groaned once before thick white cum spurted back out of Mt. Lady’s mouth and he fell back into the water. Izuku worried for all of a second before he realized that the water wasn’t real, and Mineta was breathing easily at the bottom of the lake they were floating on.


“HEH, LOSER!” Kacchan sneered at Mineta as he began pounding to Mt. Lady even more. “So how ’bout it blondie, who’s dick is better? Mine or Deku’s?”




“Kacchan, I think we should slow down, this is like with Midnight…” Izuku suggested.


“LIKE HELL, I’M GONNA MAKE THIS BITCH SQUEAL LIKE A PIG!!!!!” Kacchan roared, slamming his cock into her even faster now, how hips making a loud ‘SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP‘ sound every time they impacted with Mt. Lady’s huge ass.


“HAAAAAAHHHHH, BWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Mt. Lady squealed like a pig as she came over and over.


Kacchan laughed, “I WIN LOSER!!!!” he told Izuku as he slammed his entire length inside her. Izuku felt and heard him cumming inside her, his spunk making all manor or lewd sounds inside her stomach.


Grunting with him, Izuku couldn’t hold back any longer either as he came inside her hot tight pussy! Mt. Lady let out a final silent scream before going limp between them.


Kacchan stood up first and shouted, “CLEAR PROGRAM!”


Instantly the room reverted to its original state. Izuku grunted as he and Mt. Lady fell a few inches to the floor when the float they were on vanished suddenly. She was heavier than he thought she’d be, but then again her ass and tits were currently several times their regular sizes.


Walking over to where he discarded his clothes, Kacchan got dressed, once he had his clothes back on he turned to Izuku, “Screw my mom or Mina again and I’ll want DOUBLE this, and then another double for every time. Think you can afford that Deku?! ‘CAUSE I WON’T TAKE ANY EXCUSES!!!!”


With that, he simply left, slamming the door behind himself.


Rolling Mt. Lady off him as gently as he could, Izuku sat up and looked down at her face. Her expression was, well, the term fucked stupid came to mind. Her breathing was even if still panting, her tits heaving up and down slowly.


“Are you gonna be okay?” he asked.


She gave him a weak thumbs up before letting her hand fall on her sweat soaked stomach. He offered to help her up, but she wordlessly waved him off, giggling softly to herself. “I beat you old lady…” she muttered.


Izuku got dressed after using a towel to wipe the sweat from his own body. As he was buckling his belt he turned back to Mt. Lady only to find Mineta kneeling by her feet, her foot in his mouth as he sucked on her toes.


“Mi… MINETA, what are you doing!?” he asked, his eyes wide.


“Hey! You and Bakugo got your thing, I have mine!” he shouted back before slowly threading his tongue between each of Mt. Lady’s tiny toes.


“Mmmmh, that’s a good boy….” Mt. Lady cooed. She was enjoying this!?


“Um, Mt. Lady? Thanks.” he said to her.


“Anytime, but next time, have a little more fun for yourself would you? I could tell you weren’t into it all that much. What’s the matter, afraid that Froggy girlfriend of yours will get jealous?” she teased.


“Tsu? But we’re not…” he said, feeling his face turning red.


Mt. Lady blinked, “Oh, really? From how much she talks about you I figured you were dating. My bad.”


Thanking her again, Izuku exited the room, ‘Tsu talks about me a lot?‘ he thought to himself as he closed the door behind him. When he looked up again he found himself face to tits with Midnight!


“All done?” she asked, then without waiting for his reply she said, “Good! I need you!”


“Huh, what foooor…?” he gasped when the dark haired woman grabbed his wrist and began pulling him along behind her.


“I’m making a calendar to sell to all the clients, and I want Froppy for April. It’s a good thing you’re here since I need some sexy shots with her and a VIP!” Midnight explained.


“WHAAAAAT!?” Izuku yelled in shock.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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