Kaiju Mating Practice

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“Please Midoriya-san; there’s gotta be a secret to it!” Minoru begged for the thousandth time.


Izuku sighed softly, his patience starting to wear thin now as the two of them walked along the beach picking up random bits of trash. Most of it had washed in with the tide today, so at least no one was dumping illegally again. In the little over a full year since All Might had passed One for All to him, Izuku had begun coming here regularly. This was the beach where he prepared his then weak body to receive All Might’s quirk. In a lot of ways this is where his journey as a hero really began.


Back then, All Might tasked him with cleaning up an otherwise filthy beach covered over seven feet deep with trash. Someone had been dumping here illegally for a while, but no one from the city even bothered to try and clean up the mess. As such, no one even came to this beach anymore. Now the place was the picture of a perfect beach, yellow white sands, clear blue water, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore soothingly.


Though today he couldn’t really hear the waves over Minoru’s begging. On his way here today, he’d bumped into his classmate.


“Midoriya, please, teach me!” he begged.


“Huh, teach you what?” Izuku asked.


“The secret, how you were able to score with nearly every girl in our class!” Minoru yelled as he dropped to his knees and bowed, pressing his head to the ground.


Izuku felt himself blushing, “I… I don’t know what you mean…”


“Oh come on! The whole school knows! Yaoyorozu-san practically screamed about it on our island field trip!” he told him.


Izuku gulped, “Um, I don’t have time for rumors… I got plans to be somewhere today.”


“Fine, I’m coming with you then, and you’re gonna tell me how you did it!” he proclaimed, following out here to this beach.


Sighing, Izuku turned to his purple haired friend, “Honestly, there wasn’t any trick to any of it…” he said.


“So you finally admit it!?” Minoru said excitedly.


“Listen, I never really planned anything. Every time it just kinda, happened, is all.” he told him, “I don’t really have the confidence to try and seduce anyone. I mean, for a while I thought it meant Asui and I were boyfriend and girlfriend.”


“Oh come on, you’re really saying that every time it just ‘happened’!?”


Izuku half grinned nervously, “Yeah, pretty much.” he told him as he rubbed the back of his head idly.


“Ahhhhh, I don’t believe this, I was so sure you had some kind of master seduction method that you could teach me!” Minoru shouted up at the sky, tears streaming down his cheeks.


Izuku almost felt bad for him, almost. Maybe if he wasn’t such a big open pervert the girls might like him more. Izuku looked at his half-filled bag of trash, mostly wrappers and empty drinking cups today. At least there were no washed out cars or giant refrigerators, though now not even a big semi-truck would have really been a problem for him to move. He looked out over the ocean and smiled softly at the sight. He wanted to keep this place clean as long as he could, maybe one day people would start coming back here, make his job a little easier.


Izuku then blinked as he noticed something out in the distance. The water was bowing upward unnaturally. There was something rising up from the depths of the ocean, fast, something big!


“Mineta, stop crying, we got trouble!” Izuku told him as he dropped his bag. The swell in the water was moving towards shore and fast!


“Huh, wha… What’s that!?” Minoru asked as a large pair of what could only have been purple horns broke the surface. “No, you gotta be kidding me, A KAIJU!?”


“Could be…” Izuku said. Admittedly, that was his first thought too, he’d seen way too many kaiju movies that started exactly like this. “Mineta, head farther inland, I’ll stay here, maybe I can hold it back while you call the authorities!” he told him as he dropped into a defensive posture, glowing lines of energy spread over his body like large cracks. ‘Crap, how am I gonna fight a Kaiju!?‘ he thought to himself. He still couldn’t hold it long, but he could pull twenty percent of One for All’s power all over his body. Sure, he’d taken out that giant robot during the tryouts what seemed like a lifetime ago now, and doing that all but destroyed his arm.


“Maybe I can just keep it distracted… Move up and down the beach, try and keep it away from the main city…” Izuku muttered to himself deep in thought.


“Midoriya, now’s not the time for that!!!!” Minoru screamed, moving back and forth along the beach in a panic. The horns meanwhile rose further out in the water as whatever they were attached to came closer to shore.


“Mineta, hurry, run now and get to the police, I’ll hold it here as long as I can!” Izuku yelled as the top of the creatures head began breaking the surface of the water.


“Ahhhh, we’re gonna die!!!!” Minoru whined.


“No we’re not, we’re gonna…” he cut off mid-sentence when a mass of golden blonde hear came up between the horns, followed by an equally large head as Mt. Lady broke the surface, letting out a deep breath and drawing in a fresh one.


“Never mind…” he said sheepishly, “Actually, do mind, RUN!” he shouted as the water the giant woman displaced began rushing in on them in the form of a seven foot wave! The two of them both dropped their bags and began running for the concrete barrier that separated the beach from the road, but too late. The wall of water smashed into both of them, slamming them against the barrier roughly. Izuku felt the air get knocked from his lungs as he was held against the wall by the water. Luckily the wave wasn’t a full tsunami, and dispersed as quickly as it had come on, flowing back out to sea and leaving him on his hands and knees in the now turned to mud sands.


Next to him, he heard Minoru coughing hard as he tried to fill his lungs with air again. There was a large thudding crash as something heavy was dropped on the beach.


“Huh? Oh no, are you two alright!?” Mt. Lady asked clear concern in her voice. “No one was supposed to be out here!” she said and Izuku turned in time to see her body shrinking back to normal as she came running over to them. Behind her Izuku saw what he could only identify as a freight container, the kind they loaded on trains and big eighteen wheeler trucks. It was covered in seaweed and still leaking out water from within.


Mt. Lady stopped next to him, kneeling down and cradling his head in her arms. “Please be okay!” she said as she held his head against her breasts.


“…n’t breave…” Izuku said, his voice muffled by the blondes huge tits.


“Hmm, what’s wrong?” she asked, blinked her pink eyes.


“Aye, can’f, breave…” he repeated, his voice still muffled.


“Oh! Sorry!” she said, letting his head fall away from her chest again. Izuku took a deep breath of air before sitting up slightly.


“Are you alright?” she asked again, “I didn’t think anyone would be out here, so I came up a bit faster than I should have.”


“I’m okay, where’s my friend?” he asked.


“It’s not fair…!” he heard Minoru’s voice. Izuku followed it to the youth’s body lying several feet away. He lay on his stomach, tears streaming down his cheeks, “Why do things like that only happen to you Deku!?!?” Minoru yelled.


Izuku blinked, and then looked at where his face had been buried only moments ago. He felt his face blushing as he sat up the rest of the way, his back straight as an arrow. Next to him, Mt. Lady blinked twice, then snickered, “Yeah, you’re fine.” she said.



“So you’re the one who cleaned up the beach?” Mt. Lady asked, “All by yourself?”


Izuku nodded, “All Might wanted to see if I was truly determined to join UA, and helped me get in if I proved myself.” It wasn’t a total lie, but there was only so much he could tell them. The three of them sat at a food stand a few dozen meters inland from the beach. As an apology for slamming them with a pseudo-tsunami, the blonde offered to buy both of them a lunch. Though after they ordered, Mt. Lady batted her eyes and showed off her figure in her outfit to get the entire meal for free.


“Wow, that must have taken a while, even with your quirk.” Mt. Lady said as she took another large swig from the beer she had ordered, “Ahhh, yummy.” she said then turned to Izuku and Mineta, “I’m afraid that mess was my fault. The city asked me to clean up a huge build-up of trash not too far out from that beach. They guy I spoke with said that once it was ashore the city would take care of the rest, but I guess they never bothered.”


“Either they got too lazy to keep up their end of things, or that guy wasn’t with the city.” Minoru offered as he sat next to the heroine.


“Hahhh, guess I’ll have to look into it now, it annoys me to think some company might have tricked me into moving their trash for them to avoid a fine.” she said as she ordered another basket of fried octopus balls.


While the cook went to work she turned her gaze back to Izuku and smiled, “On top of that, I guess I owe to a thanks for cleaning up the beach so well, I mean, last time I saw it the place looked like a real dump. It’s why I stopped doing any cleaning in the first place.”


“Yeah well, I need to thank you as well, ahehehe… after all, you helped give me a challenge that helped me get into UA to begin with.” Izuku said nervously at the way her eyes went up and down his body like a predator eyeing its prey.


“I suppose all’s well that ends well…” Mt. Lady said as she finished her beer and order another, her cheeks beginning to flush visibly now.


20 Minutes later…


So you guys got washed off the ship and spend two whole days naked together on the very island you were headed for, but didn’t realize it until that invisible girl with the enormous chest tells you?” Mt. Lady said, her face almost completely red now.


Izuku nodded.


“Haaaahhhh, sounds like something out of a light novel, ‘HIC’!”


“Yeah, and after that he got with every girl in our class at least once!” Minoru grumbled then took a big bite of the dumpling he’d ordered. Izuku knew he wasn’t drunk, but his friend was doing a good impersonation of the ‘Bitter Drunk’ type.


Mt. Lady only laughed again and got up from her seat, “Come on, I need to walk off that meal.” she said and took an unsteady step away from the stand. Izuku saw her faltering and moved to her side instantly as her knees betrayed her and she tumbled forward.


“Uh, a little help Mineta?” Izuku asked, having trouble holding the woman upright from just her left side. It wasn’t that she was all that heavy, but having the sudden addition of dead weight threw off his balance.


Mineta moved to the womans other side, though he couldn’t really help hold her up. Instead he gently placed a hand on her stomach and helped push her back up so Izuku could steady her better.


“Awww, what gentlemen…” Mt. Lady said with a giggle as he and Minoru began carrying the blonde back towards the beach. “I’ll be fine in a few minutes… Heeey, are you grabbing my butt?” she asked Minoru after a few steps. Izuku was about to scold his classmate when she giggled, “It’z okay, you’re kinda cute, grab away!” she said with a laugh.


Izuku rolled his eyes as Mt. Lady let out a little squeal as Minoru did just that, “Ooooo, bhad bhoy!” she said then laughed as she leaned against Izuku more. The three of them headed back to the abandoned beach area. The water had all washed back into the ocean and the sand was completely dry again thanks to the bright sun overhead.


“Ahhh, I love the beach when it’s quiet like this…” Mt. Lady sighed. “No one around, just you and the ocean…”


“Yeah, it’s nice alright. Hey Midoriya, you think…” Minoru began but stopped when Mt. Lady gasped.


“Heee~y, you’re that Midoriya kid from UA right? ‘HIC’ That rich girl in your class says you’ve got a HUUUUGE dick, izzat true?” she asked, hanging off him now, her arms around his shoulders as he held her upright, “Cause if it is, I want me some of that right now!”


“I uh…!?” Izuku stammered, “Well…”


“Oh come on, pleeeaaassse, I’ll let your little friend join the party too!” she said, stroking his cheek as she pleaded.


“MIDORIYA!!!” Minoru yelled, and when Izuku looked over at him he saw his classmate nodding so vigorously that the balls on top of his head were actually popping off on their own as he looked at him with pleading eyes.


Not waiting for his reply, Mt. Lady slid down to her knees, grabbing the waistband of his cargo shorts and pulling them down. He gasped as his cock was suddenly exposed, hanging huge and flaccid in front of the blondes face. It nearly reached his knee un-erect and was almost as thick as his forearm. The blonde woman stared at in in awe, her pink eyes wide.


“Hoh YEAH!” Mt. Lady exclaimed happily as she took his soft dick in both hands, stroking him gently as she took the top four inches into her mouth, “Mmmmmph!” she moaned around his length as he began swelling in her mouth. Within moment he was fully erect, Mt. Lady’s throat bulging from his thickness as she took nearly half his length into her mouth.


Izuku could only groan as he looked around nervously. No one was around as people still didn’t come to this beach. The nearest buildings were a fair distance away, so nobody could see even if they were looking. ‘Ahhh, why does this keep happening…?‘ he thought as he watched the blonde move to take even more of his cock into her mouth.


“Heeey, you said I could join too!” Minoru complained, moving to stand next to Izuku and pushing his own huge cock in the womans face. He blinked in surprise, Izuku never realized Minoru was that big, not from the few times he’d glimpsed him in the showers.


“Mmmmmmahhhh, hahhh, holy cow, what are they feeding you boys at that school!?” Mt. Lady asked as she looked at Minoru’s cock with the same awed expression before reaching up to grab Minoru’s cock and pulling it into her mouth with a lewd moan. “Mmmmmph, cocksh, cocksh tashte sho guud…!” she slurred as she took Minoru’s cock easier than his own, though he still saw her throat expanding around the other boys girth.


“Oooooh, your mouth feels so nice…” Minoru groaned, closing his eyes and leaning his head back.


“GUH! AGUH! GUH! AGUH!!” Mt. Lady gurgled around Minoru’s cock, her head moving back and forth as her hand still stroked Izuku’s dick slowly, smearing her saliva all the way down his length, “Mmmmmmh, sho viiiiiig…” she slurred as she pulled away entirely and made a show of liking Minoru’s length before moving back to Izuku, “AHHHHHMMMMPH!!!!” she moaned, taking half his length in a single motion.


“Oooohhh…” Izuku groaned, “Mmmmmt. Lady-san… ahhhh… Never mind…” he began, but stopped when she suddenly deepthroated his entire cock! Distantly he noticed her tits had gotten bigger, they were spilling around the purple part of her suit now, nipples perfectly outlined through the fabric. He didn’t know she could use her quirk that way, expanding her body in sections instead of all at once. But it explained how she could take his cock in her mouth like this, and if he was being honest, it felt great!


“MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!!! MMMMPH!!!!!” Mt. Lady moaned around his cock, bobbing her head back and forth for a full minute before pulling away with a deep gasp, “Ahhhh, fuck you boys are so big, I love it!” she panted as she deepthroated Minoru again, making the purple haired youth groan as his dick was completely engulfed in the blondes mouth.


“Mmmmh, yeah, take it all Mt. Lady-sama…” Minoru groaned, “Your mouth feels every bit as good as I imagined!”


The blonde woman giggled around his cock, then moaned as she pulled away again, “More! I want more!” she panted as she pulled Izuku and Minoru closer, pressing their cocked together before taking them both down her throat at the same time!


“GUH!!! GUH!!! GUHH!!! AGUUUUUGH!!!” she gagged, thick ropes of droll running from her lips and down and over both boys’ balls. Her pink eyes rolled back in their sockets as Izuku felt her throat clenching as her body shook in orgasm.


“MMMMPH!!!! MMMMPH!!!! MMMPH!!!” Mt. Lady moaned as she moved her head up and down. Her lips made all manner of lewd slurping noises every time she lifted her head back upward. Izuku let out another groan as he watched, loving the wet slippery feel of the blonde womans mouth.


She could only keep it up for so long though before pulling herself free of the two gigantic cocks and gasping for air. “Hmmmmmmmm, more, fuck me, um, what’z your name again?” she asked Izuku.


“Uh, Izuku, Izuku Midoriya.” he answered.


“Right Izuku, come fuck my ass, hurry!” she begged as she reached down to grab at her own butt. She then pulled at the fabric, tearing it open with ease and exposing her naked ass and pussy. “Shove it up my butt!” she moaned.


“Uhhh, I think I’m too big, I don’t wanna hurt you…” he told her, laughing nervously.


“Oh, that’z no problemo, watch!” she said, craning her head to look at her ass as best she could, “BaBam!” she said as her ass grew to three times its original size, further ripping her costume. “There, alllll good now! ‘HIC’” she told him. “Hurrrryyyy…” she whined, rocking her ass back and forth, making it jiggle erotically.


Izuku gulped as he moved behind her, reaching down to grab her ass with both hands. It was soft and smooth, his fingers sank deep into the creamy flesh as he pulled the cheeks apart, exposing her tight little asshole. He aligned his dripping cock with her asshole, pressing the tip against it, then pushing in the first ten inches!


“OHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!! YES YES!!!! RIGHT UP MY TIGHT ASS!!!” Mt. Lady moaned in a husky voice, “MORE!!! FUCK MY ASS ALL THE WAY IZUKU!!!!” she moaned. Then whipped her head back around to glare at Minoru as he took a single step back, lifting his foot out of his swimming trunks. “Hey, where do you think you’re going!?” she asked sternly as she reached out to grab his cock and pull him close again, “I’m not done with this yet!” she told him as she arched her back and pressed his cock between her enlarged tits, “AHHHHHMMMPH!!” she moaned as she took his exposed length into her mouth and throat.


“Ahhhh, Mt. Lady, I never dreamed I’d be spit roasting you with my friends!” Minoru groaned as he watched her bob her head up and down again.


“MMMMPH!!! MMMPHH!! MMMMPHH!! shud up an phuck my mouph!!” she slurred around Minoru’s cock. “MMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” she howled around his length as Izuku pushed his cock deeper, groaning at the feel of her tight asshole clenching around his dick like a vice.


“YESH!! YESSSSSSSHHH!!! MOAR!! PHUCK MUH ASSSSHHH!!!!” Mt. Lady moaned, pressing her massive tits around Minoru’s dick as her head bobbed up and down the exposed length. She then began rocking her body back against Izuku, bouncing her creamy ass against his pelvis.


Knowing from experience that it was best to do as a lady asked, Izuku gripped her asscheeks tighter and began thrusting his hips. The blonde let out a low animalistic moan around Minoru’s cock, making him groan in pleasure as well.


“Yeah, more, suck my whole cock!” Minoru groaned, grabbing the horns of Mt. Lady’s mask, using them like handle bars as he pushed his entire length down her throat. “This is for making me clean your house for my internship!!!” he roared as he began pumping his length into her mouth harder. Mt. Lady let out a long gurgling noise as his cock moved in and out of her throat. Saliva ropes dripping from her mouth which each face-fucking motion.


“AGUUUHHMMMMMPH!!!” Mt. Lady gagged and moaned at the same time, her eyes rolling back in their socked as Minoru pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, “AGUGH!!! AGUGH!! AGUGH!! AGUGH!!!!! AGUGH!!!! AGUGH!!!! AGUGH!!! AGUGH!!!! AGUGH!!!!!!!” she gagged over and over. Izuku would have been worried were it not for the fact he could feel her body tensing in orgasm over and over as he began slamming his cock into her faster. The loud slap slap slap of his pelvis smacking against her round creamy ass echoed over the beach as she let out even loudly howls around Minoru’s dick!


“Oh yes, you’re mouth feels awesome Mt. Lady, ahhh I could fuck it foreverrrrr….” Minoru groaned. He gripped her horns tighter, pumping her head back and forth on his dick, ropes of thick drool flinging back and forth from the blonde womans lips.


“AAAAGUUUUGH!!!! HARGER!!! MOAR!!! PHUCK MUH HOOOOLESS!!!!” Mt. Lady screamed around his cock, “AAAGGUUUUUUGH!!!! CUUMMMMIIIIIINGGGUUUUH!!!” she moaned as her ass clenched Izuku’s cock almost painfully tight! He also felt warm wetness gushing from her pussy every time his balls smacked against her.


“Ahhhaaannnn, this is great, this is great, this is great, this is great!!!” Minoru chanted as he pushed his dick all the way down Mt. Lady’s throat, his balls slapping her chin, “I’m facefucking Mt. Lady!!!! Ahhhh so goood!!!!!” he groaned in ecstasy.


Izuku only grunted with every pump of his hips, his hands gripping her ass tighter. Her asshole clenched around him over and over as it rippled with every impact of his pelvis against her.


“Yesh… YEEEEESH… YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSHHH!!!! CUM IN MEEEEEEEE!!!!” Mt. Lady howled in ecstasy, her entire body spasming with one continuous orgasm.


“Oh fuck yeahhhh!!!!!” Minoru groaned, shoving his cock all the way down her throat again. Thick white fluids gushed back out from the blonde womans lips as her eyes rolled back again. Izuku grunted himself as he pushed his cock as deep as it would go just as he came inside.


“SHO FULLLLLL GUUUGH…!” Mt. Lady gurgled around Minoru’s cum before she went limp between the two boys, her body only suspended by their cocks until Minoru went soft and she fell forwards. Izuku was honestly surprised when she didn’t cough or vomit out any of Minoru’s cum, she only lay on the side of her face in the sand, panting softly for breath.


Slowly, Izuku pulled his cock free, a lewd sucking sound emanated from Mt. Lady’s now gaping asshole when his dick ‘popped’ free. The blonde fell onto her side, giggling like a hyena as her body returned to its normal proportions.


“Oh man… I needed that…” she panted after a few moments. Izuku pulled his swim trunks back up after a few moments focusing to calm his dick back down. At the same time, Minoru moved to retrieve his own shorts.


“You need any help?” Izuku offered her.


“Nah, I’m okay now.” she said, her voice totally sober. “Wooo! you kids are insane, honestly, I think I could put my whole fist in my ass still.”


“Um, could I see that?” Minoru asked, “OWWWW!!!!” he added when Izuku smacked the back of his head. Mt. Lady giggled and got up, Izuku then blinked when he saw her torn costume slowly stitching itself back together!


Seeing his surprise, Mt. Lady said, “Pretty cool huh? Newest in costume tech thanks to Best Jeanist, self-repairing fabric. I honestly have no idea how it works, but it’s handy in situations like this.” she explained as she cracked her knuckles, “So, you, the tiny one, that’ll be fifty thousand yen for the titfuck and blowjob.” she said completely matter-o-factly, “And you, with the Kaiju dick, we’ll call this even for me dumping all the trash here, ‘kay?” she asked sweetly with a wink.


“Huh?” Izuku asked.


“Yes ma’am!!!!” Minoru said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his cellphone. From the corner of his eyes, Izuku saw him open a note app. On it he saw Tsuyu’s name with 30,000 written beneath. Minoru typed in a new line with Mt. Lady and 50,000 below, “Ummm, can you gimme a couple weeks to get it together?”


The blonde laughed, “Sure,” she said in the same sweet tone, but then leaned down so she could be eye level with Minoru. Her face was deadly serious, “Try and stiff me though, and I’ll sic Kamui Woods on you. Got it?” she asked in a flat tone.


Minoru nodded and Izuku could only shake his head. He honestly pitied his classmate now.

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2 years ago

Great work and story izuku the lucky guy learn mineta how to be as lucky as him and mount lady my fav bhna girl 😉
Hope to see bakugo mom next time

2 years ago
Reply to  Truth313

I hope someone requests me to do Bakugo’s mom!