Kaguya’s Cumfilled Cut

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Standing outside the school, Boruto Uzumaki watched as Denki fiddled with the camera controls of the mounted digital high definition camera. It was still early in the morning, so they had plenty of time to do the one scene they had planned for today. After editing the last batch of footage, filming was ready to resume. The biggest annoyance so far was the camera was acting up and not recording in HD. Letting out a long yawn, Boruto walked away from where Denki was working to the snack table where a small buffet had been set up. There he found Kaguya dressed in her full teacher costume of a dark business skirt, pale blue blouse, and matching blue heels.


The Ivory skinned former goddess fidgeted in her heels, stepping from one foot to them next trying to maintain her balance. “Why do women wear these horrible, things!” she complained.


“Because they show off our asses.” answered Sarada. She stood at the end of the buffet table, dressed only in a white robe that barely held in her huge tits that jiggled and bounced with her every subtle motion. Sarada was acting as ‘fluffer’ again today, a role she was enjoying more than even her role as a character in their little production!


“Yup,” agreed her mother Sakura, “Anyway, I thought you were used to them now Kaguya-san?” she asked as she put down the magazine she was reading. Sakura wasn’t scheduled to do any scene’s today, but it was one of her few days off from the hospital, so she was spending it with her daughter here. The pink haired woman was dressed in a sexy red minidress that hugged all of her curves in all the right places.


“The ones we wear at the club yes,” Kaguya said, “With practice I was able to master them quite easily, but these… arrgh!!” she hissed as she lost balance again and tipped to one side. Boruto moved quickly, catching her in his arms, his hand groping one fat tit in the scramble. Kaguya let out a soft sound as his fingers sank deep into her marshmallowy tit. He could tell from the feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her blouse.


“You okay?” he asked.


“Yes, thank you, Lord Boruto.” Kaguya said with a smile on her ruby colored lips as she pressed her breast into his hand a bit harder as he helped steady her.


“She totally did that on purpose.” Sarada muttered.


“Yup.” agreed her mother.


Kaguya didn’t respond to their bait as she stood up on her own again.


“Sakura-san, while we wait for Denki, would you mind going over the set-up for your next scene with me?” asked Mitsuki as he looked at the script in his hand, “With yours and Sarada’s new jutsu, I’ve made a couple of revisions to make the scene into a threesome with yourself, Boruto, and Wasabi.”


“Oh really?” Sakura asked as she walked over to the young albino, “Let me have a look at that?”


Mitsuki handed her the script and Sakura began reading it carefully.


“That little trick of your family is interesting,” spoke up A, former Raikage of Kumogakure. “Why do you suppose it was developed?”


“No idea,” Sarada said as she walked over to him, “Parts of the scroll are beyond saving, the history behind it is one of them.”


“Hmm, pity.” was A’s reply as he bit into a large breakfast pastry. He then set it on a paper plate before setting the plate down on a table that was set up next to his chair, “Snow Princess, you ready for all this?” he asked Kaguya.


“But of course,” Kaguya replied, “As if that were ever in question.”


“Won’t matter if I can’t figure out what’s going on with this camera.” said Denki as he pulled a part out of the housing and began examining it quietly. “No, the circuit board is fine, could it be the battery?” he muttered to himself.


“What about the battery?” Boruto asked as he moved back over to Denki.


“Well, it should be fully charged, but,” Denki said as he replaced the circuit board and pulled out a small black square shaped item, “We’ve been using this one a lot lately, so it might be getting worn out already.”


Setting the battery aside, Denki went over to a box that was always set a few paces behind the snack table. Boruto always wondered what was in that box, but he’d never gotten around to checking it out himself. Denki pulled the flaps open and inside were a handful of smaller boxes, all with the logo of the company that made the camera Denki was holding.


“Ah, here we are…” said Denki, pulling out a small box about the size of his hand. Boruto watched as he tore open the smaller box, pulling out the minor packing material and revealing it to be a new battery. He then took it over to where they had set up a charging station for phones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices. Setting the tiny black square into a charging cradle, the light flashed red, then almost immediately turned green.


“Huh, fully charged already?” Boruto said.


“Just means that it wasn’t sitting on a shelf long.” Sarada said.


“I ordered these directly from where they make them, so it’s not a big surprise really.” Denki said as he slotted the battery into the camera. “Ahhh! There we go!” he said triumphantly, “HD option is working now.”


“Hey everyone, we’re ready to go now!” Boruto called out.


“About damned time.” said A as he got up from his seat and stretched. “Yo, Poptart, time to do your work!”


“Riiiight!” Sarada said as she took a final bite from a sandwich she had been eating from the buffet. She chewed it slowly before swallowing with an audible ‘gulp’. Boruto could have sworn he saw her skip a step as she made her way over to the big chocolate skinned man.


Boruto watched as Sarada got down on one knee as A opened his pants, pulling out his cock and balls. Sarada’s face was slightly flushed as she grabbed his dick in her tiny hand and began stroking him slowly. At the same time she leaned her face in close and began slowly brushing her tongue over his balls.


A groaned softly, grinning down at the dark haired girl as she licked and sucked at his balls gently. “Mmmmmh, you sure love balls, don’t you Poptart?” he asked her.


“Mmmmmmh…” was Sarada’s only reply as she slowly dragged her tongue along his left nut, moving her head up to lick her way up his barely erect shaft before taking the tip into her mouth. “Guuuuh…” she gagged lightly, sucking the soft cock down her throat like the pro she was!


“It is always important to enjoy one’s work.” said Kaguya.


Boruto nodded and looked up at Kaguya, enjoying her cool beauty as he reached a hand up to grab her ass gently. Her ruby lips smiled as he gave her butt a slightly harder squeeze. He began to wonder if he could make the ivory skinned woman submit just like he did with his aunt…



After his trip to the Shrine a couple days ago, Boruto found it was fun having Hanabi as ‘his woman’.


While the two of them were sitting in the backyard of his home, just enjoying the afternoon sun, he simply had to reach a hand inside her kimono and her legs spread instantly for his hand as he began fingering her pussy. He was also pleased to see that she had stopped wearing panties, just like he asked!


Things only got more intense after that when his mother returned home to find Hanabi sucking his cock in the yard. He could still see Hanabi’s pretty face bobbing up and down on his cock as the door into the house slid open and Hinata walked out. Her face was mildly amused as she crossed her arms over her big tits.


“Uh, hi mom…!” Boruto said nervously.


“Hai onee-shan…” Hanabi slurred around his cock, “Come join ush…” she said as she lifted his head off his cock and made a show of licking his dick from the base to the tip, “Boruto-kun is soooo hard today, I don’t think I can take care of him all by myself…” she purred.


His mother shook her head and chuckled before she began walking towards them as she began to strip.



“Easy Sarada, don’t make him fully erect!” called Mitsuki, snapping Boruto back to the present! He looked over to where Sarada still knelt in front of A, his cock maybe a quarter erect as she pulled back reluctantly. The former Raikage stuffed his cock back into his pants, making a large phallic shaped lump running down one pant leg before refastening his belt.


“Alright everyone, let’s get set-up.” said Mitsuki. A and Kaguya then began walking towards the front of the school. The rest of today’s group followed close behind.


“Say Boruto,” Sakura said as they walked. “Do you have any plans later?”


“Nothing concrete, why?” he asked.


“Just wondering if you’d like to join Sarada and I for dinner.” said the pink haired woman, “Then after the three of us could have a little fun,” she said with a grin as she made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, then running the index finger of her opposing hand through the circle.


Boruto raised his eyebrows at her offer as she gave him a wide grin, “Hell yeah!” he said with a smile.


They reached the front of the school where the gates were currently closed, blocking off any traffic from outside. For added privacy, they also set up a curtain behind the gates that would prevent any passerby’s from looking in on them. Denki quickly got set up and A and Kaguya went over their lines again. Today’s scene was a basic one, where A and Kaguya in their roles here at the school would find themselves fucking outside the main entrance. Later subtext would show Sakura’s character had used her jutsu to provoke them into fucking so she could harvest the lust chakra.


He and Sakura found an empty bench to sit on as the filming began. Boruto had been over the script so many times he had gotten bored of it. Instead, he looked over at Sakura and said, “So, learn anything else from that family scroll?


“A few things.” Sakura said, “There were some other medicines that Shizune and I are working to make. One in particular I think a few endangered clans will like.” she told him, then turned to him and smiled, “But that aside, what would you like for dinner tonight?”


Boruto thought about it and said, “A mother daughter sandwich?” with a cheeky grin.


Sakura laughed hard, then grinned, “Oh, you’ll be getting THAT for dessert.” she said. “As in an actual meal though?”


“Hmmm, curry is always good.” he told her.


“Done.” said Sakura as she turned to watch as A and Kaguya both began shaking, having just been hit with the jutsu from Sakura’s character. Boruto had seen the digital effect that would be added later in post production. It was a kind of pink aura that would fall over both of them. A’s special pills kicked in at just the right moment, making his massive cock rip through his pants as Kaguya pulled up her skirt and ripped off her panties!


A was on top of her instantly, pushing his cock into her pussy instantly. “AHHHAAA!!! MY PUSSY!!! MY PUSSY IS GOING CRAZYYYY!!!” she screamed as A began slamming his cock in and out of her as he roared like a beast. His hands began ripping at her remaining clothes, tearing them off as he plunged his thick meat into her pussy.


Mitsuki sat in a folding chair with DIRECTOR stenciled on the back of it.


“Yes, like that Raikage-sama, but be sure not to block Denki.” he quietly told them as A ripped off Kaguya’s blouse, her huge tits jiggling free. Their pink nipples already stiff as he grabbed them both and began squeezing them roughly.


Sarada stood behind Mitsuki, her hands resting on the back of the chair as she leaned forward slightly. Boruto watched as her sexy ass shook from side to side slightly as she wiggled her butt while she watched A and Kaguya.


“Mmmmmh…” Sakura moaned next to him, and Boruto felt something wet and slippery between his fingers. He turned to find his hand between the pink haired woman’s thighs, rubbing at her pussy beneath her tiny dress. He was about to pull his hand away, not even realizing he had done that, but then Sakura spread her legs a little wider for him, “Don’t stop.” she whispered.


Grinning, Boruto hooked the tips of his fingers on the edge of Sakura’s panties and pulled the crotch covering aside. He loved the way she moaned as he pushed his middle and ring fingers inside her welcoming pussy.


HMMMMMMMMH, SO DEEEEEP!!!” Kaguya moaned as A lay on top of her, driving his cock in and out of her pussy again and again. Boruto watched as a phallic shaped lump rose up and down on her belly as he drove his massive length deep into her womb. Kaguya’s face was a mask of pleasure as she bucked her entire body back against A as he mauled her breasts, kneading them both as he alternated sucking on their nipples.


“Nice acting,” Boruto said, still moving his fingers back and forth inside Sakura.


“Mmmmhmmm…” the pink haired woman moaned, “Kaguya can fake it with the best of them.” she told him as she leaned herself against him even more, “Push them in deeper…” she breathed as her pussy let out a small spray against his hand.


“Like…” Boruto whispered back, then pushed his fingers in farther, using the little trick he learned from Wasabi to find Sakura’s G-Spot and press on it hard, “THIS!?


YES!!!!” Sakura and Kaguya screamed together, though Kaguya’s voice was louder, masking Sakura’s moans as she clung to him and shook with pleasure.


“Mmmmmh, you bad boy, making me cum like that!” she whispered, though her tone was anything but angry. Borugo chuckled and began rubbing his fingers on that spot a little less intensely as Sakura moved to rub her hand against his left thigh which was now sporting a large swell much like A’s pants had a few moments ago. “Mmmmh, enjoying the show?” she asked.


“Maybe a little, Kaguya-mama is really sexy when she moans like that.” he confessed as he watched A pull his cock from her pussy and move to push it into her face. Kaguya gagged and moaned around his length as her throat bulged with his girth.


AGUH GUH GUGH GUH…” she choked around his cock. A grabbed hold of those bunny ear shaped horns on her head as he pulled her up onto her knees. Real pleasure played over Kaguya’s face as A gripped them tight and began fucking her mouth and throat harder.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, take it, take it you pasty whoooore!!” A groaned in pleasure.


Boruto was still unsure about that line, but Kaguya was fine with it. The whore bit wasn’t what bothered him so much as calling her pasty. It felt too derogatory to him. He always found Kaguya’s pale skin alureing, like a porcelain vase. Pasty seemed more like someone who just didn’t get enough sun.


HUUGUH!!! AGUH GUH GUH GUH GUH!!!” Kaguya gagged around his dick, moaning as her drool hung from her lips in long stringy ropes. “YESH, MUH MOUPH, PHUCK MUH MOUPH WIKE A PUSSHY!!! PHUCK MUH MOUTH PUSSHY MOAR!!!” Kaguya gagged around A’s cock.


“Hmmmmmh, not so roooough, you’re gonna make me cum againnn…” Sakura moaned as she shook against Boruto while his fingers began moving even faster. She then quickly opened the front of his pants with the deftness only a pro like her could manage and pulled his cock free from it’s confines. Her peridot eyes sparkled in open lust as she stared at his throbbing erection for a moment before opening her mouth wide and deepthroating his entire length in one fluid motion!


“Oooh, yeaah…” Boruto groaned in pleasure at the feel of Sakura’s wet, hot mouth and throat as her own neck bulged with his thickness.


MMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH!!!” Sakura moaned as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. Her lips making quiet wet slurping noises every time she pulled her head back up. Boruto loved the way her lips dragged back across his cock. The sight of it only made his cock harder as he rubbed his fingers at her g-spot even more. “HMMMMPPPH!!!” Sakura gagged and moaned around his cock as he made her cum again, and again, and again!


I’m really liking this little trick, I’ll need to thank Wasabi later.’ he thought to himself as his hand became completely soaked with Sakura’s orgasmic juices. He let up on her just a little as he watched A lift Kaguya up onto the bench. He had missed the brief exchange of dialogue while he was enjoying Sakura’s blowjob, but he knew it by heart anyway. Still under the sway of the jutsu, Kaguya’s character wanted her ass fucked next, and A’s was more than happy to give her what she wanted. The former Raikage’s upper body was still in top form as he lifted Kaguya like she weighed nothing, pressing his dripping cock against her asshole before unceremoniously lowering her onto him!


Kaguya’s opal colored eyes crossed as her stomach tented again, “OHH FUUUUCK… MY INSIDESSS… MY INSIDES FEEL SO GOOOD!!! MORE, FUCK MY ASS, MESS UP MY BODY MOOOORE!!!” she begged as A grabbed her thighs and pulled her them up until her feet were over her head in a kind of full nelson lock.


Boruto watched as A bounced Kaguya up and down on his cock, her big soft tits jiggling wildly with every thrust as she moaned in pleasure. Denki moved around them, filming the entire scene from different angles as Sarada and Mitsuki watched from a safe distance away. Mitsuki’s expression was that same unreadable smile, but Sarada’s face was slightly flushed. When Boruto looked closer, he could see a slight motion under the fabric of the robe covering her butt. It took only a split second to figure out she was masturbating as she watched. Boruto followed her gaze and saw she was focused on A’s cock and balls as he pounded his dick up into Kaguya’s ass!


He didn’t know why, but something about her staring at the former Raikage like that didn’t sit well with him. He quickly forgot all about it though as he looked down at Sakura as she began gently fondling his balls. The pink haired woman held his cock so far down her throat that he could feel the inside of her stomach!


MMMMMMMPH, PWASHE, CUM, AYE WANT UR CUM SHO BHAAD!!” Sakura begged as she looked up at him with needy eyes. Boruto began pushing his fingers against her g-spot again, listening to her moans mix with Kaguya’s as she held up her hand in a “V” sign as she too began moaning in orgasm as A’s cum began filling her asshole!


“Ahha…” Boruto grunted as he felt himself cumming directly into Sakura’s stomach. The pink haired woman let out a long low moan of bliss as she couldn’t even swallow, his cum pouring directly into her stomach!


“Annnnnd… CUT!” Mitsuki yelled. “Wonderful job you two, that was flawless.” he said to A and Kaguya.


“Thank you, now put me down!” Kaguya said to A, “Your cock is stretching my ass too much!”


“Apologies.” A said as he let her down and Kaguya lifted herself off of him. Her ass made a rather rude noise as his cum poured back out. “Can someone bring me that restorative medicine please?” she asked.


“I’ll get it,” said Mitsuki, “And Lady Uchiha, please refrain from moaning so much, I’d hate to have to reshoot such a great take from so many background noises.” he said calmly as he looked back at Sakura and Boruto. The pink haired woman still had his cock in her mouth as she let out a gagging gasp.


“What? MOM!?!? We were supposed to wait until after dinner!!!” Sarada yelled at her mother.


“Agguuuh, aaahh…!” Sakura gasped as she pulled her mouth free. “He started it!” she said as she kept her legs spread wide to show Boruto’s hand still fingering her pussy. The young blonde yanked his hand away and chuckled nervously as Sarada came over to them.


“Yeah right, and I bet you’re the one that put it there!” she said to her mother. “This idiot’s not bold enough to just take a girl in public without her making the first move!”


“What!?” Boruto said.


“Quiet!” Sakura and Sarada shouted at him.


“Just because you don’t want to take any initiative unless provoked, don’t think I’m going around trying to seduce your boyfriend away from you. I’ll have you know Sasuke and I are still perfectly happy.” Sakura shot back.


“Wait, what did I…?” Boruto tried to ask, but Sarada looked at him with her Sharingan fully triggered and Sakura’s eyes were ablaze as well.


QUIET!” they said together again and continued arguing at one another.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Love the chapter! And mother and daughter need to have a slut off against each other.

1 year ago

Fluffer Sarada is just so good!

1 year ago

Yes, she slots into the role quite nicely.

1 year ago

Lovely feet

1 year ago
Reply to  Edgar

Something tells me you wanna see a footjob happen.

1 year ago

And we’re back to shooting the movie, this time with A and Kaguya, someone I haven’t seen in a while. But there were many things that happened here in this chapter.

We’ve seen Sarada fulfilled her “fluffer” role, Boruto taking a good handful of Kaguya, namely her ass, probably hinting at adding her to his little harem completely later on, not to mention a quick little flashback of him and Hanabi at home with Hinata walking right into it, and Sakura getting off on Boruto fingering her and eventually sucking him off while filming the scene. Good thing A and Kaguya were being professional and Kaguya’s quite a good actress. That and I don’t think she likes being around A too much, huge cock or not. 😛 Plus Mitsuki and Denki really did their jobs well here too.

Though this looks and sounds like Sarada and Sakura aren’t quite done with Boruto just yet. Too bad one just wouldn’t wait until dinner. XD

Overall, I really liked how it all went, from start to finish. Same with the picture too.

Looking forward to seeing how the next chapter plays out. Nice work. 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I like the idea of Sarada loving being a ‘fluffer’.

As for Kaguya and Boruto. She already kind of is in his Harem. But if there is a chance for him to make her one of “His Women” I’d like to lay the groundwork for it. As for Kaguya’s acting talent, yeah, I like the idea that she can act with the A-lister (oh god, the pun) actresses. She just has trouble with modern fashion. Hence her trouble with the heels.

Mitsuki is just Mitsuki, lol, and Denki I think has found his calling.