Isane, Nemu and Hikifune in Lewd and Lustful Ladies

The mass in her hands felt unreal. Kirio hadn’t ever seen a penis this big in her entire life, and she’d lived long enough to have an incredibly detailed list of shafts in her memory banks. Even after pleasuring it for several minutes, she felt like it hadn’t yet reached its full length, throbbing and twitching in her hands as she peppered it with kisses. Its head bulged out at her, begging her to take it inside of herself and drive it to a blissful orgasm. But, the gluttonous woman was simply having too much fun playing with it to go right to the main event. Ichigo may be a stud, but he needed to learn how to appreciate foreplay.


“Mmm, god that’s good,” she moaned, absolutely in love with the taste as she planted, deep, moist kisses along his length. She was a master chef, but this surpassed anything she’d ever cooked before. Her black-coated lips wrapped around the head and sucked on it like she was trying to pull all the sugar off of a lollipop, getting a light explosion of precum in her mouth. That tasted even better. The purple-haired vixen moaned, and went back to running her tongue in circles along the underside of the dick in front of her, pushing her massive tits up into the base to cushion it for Ichigo’s comfort.


This was supposed to be a menage-a-quatre, but at this rate, Kirio wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to give the others the turns they so desperately wanted. Already she could feel Isane’s lustful glare boring holes in the back of her head. For such a shy woman, that tall, busty beauty had a libido that put her own to shame, it was just a matter of Kirio being more willing to act on her urges. That’s why she had stripped down as fast as she could and lunged at Ichigo the instant he agreed to the sexcapade. She hadn’t even bothered to take off her g-string, but it didn’t matter, she’d just let Ichigo tear it off with his teeth later, if Isane didn’t break it first. The grey-haired vixen was getting antsy, humping Kirio’s swollen backside and gripping her meaty cheeks as she waited for her chance to impale herself on Ichigo’s manhood.


“Kirio, please, I, I need it…” she begged, whimpering like a lost puppy as her gargantuan boobs jiggled on the shelf of Kirio’s ass. Kirio chuckled to herself and squeezed Ichigo’s shaft, angling it towards Isane’s head. Kirio turned, and saw Isane reflexively open her mouth, already wanting to accept it into her moist lips despite it being several feet away. She needed it badly, but so did Kirio, it had been ages since she had a nice good fuck. Besides, she wouldn’t mind letting Isane suffer just a little longer. The woman furiously groping her rump had such a massive rack that even the outrageously-busty Kirio felt self-conscious about it. She knew that if Isane got a chance to wrap those sweater-pillows around Ichigo’s dick, she wouldn’t get a chance, her own set just wouldn’t compare.


“Wait your turn, honey,” Kirio said, in a motherly, sweet tone that made Ichigo’s manhood stiffen just a bit more. She heard a moan of approval come from the side of the bed and saw Nemu patiently waiting her turn. Letting her wait made Kirio feel slightly guilty. Despite not appearing to need some sex, she knew the synthetic woman was desperate for some human contact. It would probably get her to loosen up a bit, in the good sense of the word. Still, she was loyal enough to wait until after Kirio had her fun, and then after Isane got to let out some pent-up lust. Then Kirio could go again, and Nemu could have her turn. Then Kirio and Isane, then Nemu and Isane, then all three at once…

(Story by BioYugi)

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