Instantly Defeating S Class

(Note: This story is part of a short series of One-Punch Man stories)
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Sometimes, Tatsumaki got bored with being a hero.


Sure, she wasn’t the highest ranked hero, but she was so near the top, it hardly made a difference. As such, there were no enemies or even allies that were a threat to her. And while crushing the hopes and dreams of her opponents usually got a thrill out of her, every so often, she needed to step back.


Of course, she wasn’t going to completely give up her fun, hence her current location.


“If you ever get up the nerve to come back, try to last longer than five minutes next time!” Tatsumaki said with a scornful laugh as her latest ‘partner’ staggered out of the alley, still shell-shocked. Honestly, he hadn’t been half bad, comparatively speaking, but she wasn’t about to let him know that.


She snorted elegantly. Feh, these fools came swaggering in, ready for a quick fuck, only to find themselves on the receiving end of a hard pounding. The expressions on their faces were hilarious!


Glancing at the clock on her phone, Tatsumaki scowled. Almost time to head back to headquarters; maybe this time, there would be some actual challenges for her-


“Um, do you know that you’re half naked?”


Twisting around to glare over her shoulder, the psychic heroine sneered at the person interrupting her. Utterly unremarkable, the only thing that made him stand out was his baldness. For some reason, the stupid look on his face really pissed her off.


“Get lost!!!” she snapped at him, folding her arms under her breasts. “A weakling like you won’t be much of a challenge!!!” Seriously, he looked like a stiff breeze would knock him over; Tatsumaki wanted to work a little bit for her victory; a weedy guy like this, she might accidentally kill him.


A sudden gleam appeared in the weirdo’s eyes. “A challenge? Sounds like fun, and I think I can prove I’m not weak.”


Tatsumaki rolled her eyes. “Fine, I’ve got a few minutes to kill. Don’t blame me if I’m more than you can handle.”



A Few Minutes Later…


“Mmm! Ohh! Ahh~! SO FUCKING BIG!!!” Tatsumaki screamed, eyes rolling back into her head as she was pounded like a nail.


A nail being hammered on by Godzilla!


His strength was insane; she felt as if the ground should have been splitting under the force of his thrusts. Instead, it was her pussy that was taking it, and it was very rapidly pushing her towards an insanely powerful orgasm!


Which would be humiliating!!!


“Ugh~! Shit! S-SLOW DOWN!!!” Tatsumaki cursed herself for stuttering; it revealed just how much this was affecting her. Always before, she had been the one in control, teasing and tantalizing, or forceful and bold. Now the shoe was on the other foot; she was near helpless before him, and desire fought with outraged embarrassment as she was fucked harder than she had ever been in her life.


“Nah, I’m sure you can take it.” The bastard didn’t even have the decency to look like he was trying hard! His expression was almost as bored and stupid looking as before, something that really got Tatsumaki’s blood boiling.


She was one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world, and this… NOBODY was acting like it didn’t matter to him! The nerve!


“And I think we’re almost finished.”


She blinked up at him. “Wha-OH FUCK!!!”


His thrusts, already faster than she would have thought possible, sped up until his whole body was a blur, thrusting his cock in and out of her faster than she could see.


Tatsumaki could definitely feel it though!


“FUCK!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her, fast as machine gun fire. Her body spasmed with each one, as if she was being electrocuted. It felt better than anything she had ever imagined, and only the fact that this bald loser was the one doing it to her kept her from enjoying it to the fullest.


Then he came as well, and the world went away for a while.


“…was fun,” was the first thing Tatsumaki heard when she came back to herself. Blinking blearily, she watched as the man got dressed again. “Thanks for the fun; wasn’t as much of a challenge as you said it would be though. Oh well.”


And then he was gone, leaving Tatsumaki well fucked on the ground and glaring hotly at his stupid bald head reflecting in the sun.


She was going to find that infuriating asshole, and the next time, she would be the one making him scream in ecstasy! She swore it, on her hero’s name!

(Story by User: S22132)

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