Ichigo’s Super Sexy Birthday Surprise

As Ichigo pondered on how a things could change so quickly, all the events that happened to him in the last 24 hours flashed through his eyes.


A few hours ago he was celebrating his 20th year birthday with his family and friends. It was all well and normal, until Urahara called him to a corner so they could have a conversation, and he gave the orange-haired young man an envelope, inside it was ticket, along with another paper with very specific instructions.


It turns that Urahara had paid a luxury room at a Five Star Hotel at the Karakura Downtown for an entire week, and it was all for Ichigo. It took some insistence, but Ichigo decided to go there, he could use some R&R, though he was still a suspicious of the entire thing.


He went there in a limousine, also conveniently paid by Urahara. During the trip, Ichigo remembered of the paper with the instructions, or rather, three lines of instruction; it was: 1. Saying for Ichigo to return to his bedroom at 8 PM, and, 2. Wait for four people that were going to be accompany him for the rest of the trip, and, 3. It said for Ichigo to have fun.


To say that he was suspicious of this entire affair was the understatement of the year.


But after spending some time at the hotel, enjoying what it had to feature, Ichigo forgot any suspicion he had boiling inside him. He was forced to admit, maybe, for once, Urahara didn’t have any second intentions. Maybe he was just giving him a nice, if not a little uncommon, birthday present. So far, the entire first day at the hotel was a blast.


When it reached 7:50 pm, Ichigo remembered of Urahara’s instructions and went to his bedroom, maybe it was because he was in an unusually good mood instead of his normal serious, foul-humoured self, and probably out of a lightly morbid curiosity.


For a few minutes, he waited, laid down on the large bed, large enough for about six people and it would have space left, with his eyes closed, when he heard the sound of the room’s entrance door opening, followed by the sound of many sets of steps, he noted, that was then followed by the sound of luggage being left on the ground and the door being closed.


“I can’t believe that he convinced me to go through with this!” Ichigo was surprised and shocked when he heard that familiar, female and angry voice. “Once I get my hands on Urahara…!”


“Come on, Kukaku-san, there is nothing for you to be scared of. It will all be fine.” A second voice said in a friendly and motherly tone. It was also a female voice, and it was also one familiar to Ichigo.


“B-but I’m not…!” The first person stammered before being interrupted.


“There is nothing to be ashamed of, Kukaku-san. We are all adults, here.” A third female voice.


“So, girls, let’s go?” A fourth female voice said excited.


As the people he heard talking entered the bedroom, a deep red blush covered Ichigo’s face, and his eyes nearly jumped out of his skull as he not only knew those people, those being Captain Kirio Hikifune, Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu, Kukaku Shiba and Ikumi Unagiya, but they were wearing skimpy outfits that were more akin to what hookers would wear. “C-Captain Hikifune? Isane? Kukaku-san? Miss Unagiya? B-but what are you doing here?!”


Isane giggled sultrily. “We are the company that Urahara promised to you. Didn’t you read the instructions he left?” She sat on the bed by his side, she sensually crossed her legs, leaned slightly to show him her assets, and she looked into Ichigo’s eyes.


So this is the company that Urahara was promising. That sneaky weasel. “Look, ladies, I appreciate the effort, really. But, I’ll have to refuse whatever you are offering… It simply isn’t what I want… Not right now, at least…” He got up and was about to get out of the room, until Hikifune and Isane hugged his arms, and they gently pushed him down against the bed.


Hikifune laughed. “Oh, really? Well, your friend here says otherwise.” She grabbed the forming bulge in his pants, and gently squeezed it, Ichigo could not help it but let out a low moan.


“We just want to give you a gift for your birthday, Ichigo, you wouldn’t deny us that simple satisfaction, now would you?” Isane chuckled, she unfastened his belt, and she then pulled down his pants and underwear, revealing the mighty and tall erection that started to form the moment he laid eyes on them.


The four girls blushed deeply at that sight. Hikirfune and Isane not only looked more than willing to go on with it, but they couldn’t wait. Hikifune had a soft and gentle smile, while Isane looked ready to pounce on him. Ikumi started to lose some of the confidence she had, she looked shy and a little hesitant. But Kukaku was probably the shyest, strangely enough, she couldn’t even make eye contact with Ichigo.


“Alright girls. I think our birthday boy is ready. I think it is time we give him his gift.” Hikifune said. The girls then started to undress.


As Ichigo contemplated on how quickly things escalated in the last hours, he thought to himself: “An entire week in this wonderful hotel? And with them being with me? I’ll have to find a way to repay Urahara for this amazing gift.”

(Story by Autobotmindmaster123)

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