Hungry for Redheads

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Karin-chan!!!” Kushina called out as she spotted the other redhead approaching from the other end of Nindo Street, she waved her arm to get the girls attention, her heavy tits swaying as her one size too small blouse fought hard to hold them in.  She’s already popped two buttons and was glad she’d opted to wear the bikini top as well under her shirt.


Like Kushina, Karin was dressed in an extremely slutty outfit, a barely existent skirt, thong panties that dug into the folds of her pussy, and a white blouse tied tight under her tits.  Kushina would have worn a skirt as well, but couldn’t find anything tiny enough in her own wardrobe, so she went with the tiniest black bikini she could find.


Quickly spotting her, Karin waved back and weaved her way through the crowd.  “Hey Kushina-san, sorry I’m late.” Karin said when she came up.


Kushina waved a hand dismissively, “Don’t be, our date isn’t even here yet.”


“What!?” Karin exclaimed, slamming a hand down on the counter to the tea shop where Kushina was enjoying a well-blended green tea.  “I gave up a very nice slot on tonight’s stage work for this and he’s late!?”


Kushina giggled, sipping at her tea, “Oh please, you jumped at the opening when you saw the client’s initials on the form.  How many men have the initials S.U., and spend about a week in town if that?”  She sipped her drink again, “Plus, if you hadn’t volunteered, Hanabi-chan or Kakashi-sama would have asked you anyways since you and I are the only two redheads currently in town working at Busteez.”


“Huh?” Karin blinked, confused.


Kushina shook her head and reached into her bra, pulling out a folded bit of paper, “Did you even read all of it?”


She handed the paper to Karin and watched as she unfolded it and read, her lips moving silently to the words.


WANTED: Two girls for Night on the Town for Client S.U.  Redheads preferred, slutty attire, good at sucking dick.  Kakashi had handwritten a note saying that this was a client who only spent a few days in town at a time and it was very important that he enjoy himself.


“Oh, I hadn’t even noticed the redhead part, I just…” Karin began.


“Didn’t want Sakura stealing time with him?” Kushina finished with a snicker.  “You do know she’s out of town herself right now right? She’s helping Kakashi-sama establish a Busteez franchise in the Land of Waves


“What, really?” Karin asked, Kushina nodded and stifled a laugh at the way Karin began rubbing her hands together. “Then she won’t be interrupting me at all tonight!”  The bright redhead snickered, whispering to herself, “Oh we’re gonna do this and that and he’s gonna touch me there…”  She then looked back at Kushina and her expression soured, “You know Kushina, I think I can handle this myself tonight, why don’t you take off, I’ll tell our client you’re on your period or something.”


“Not funny,” Kushina said, her own expression souring.  A little unexpected side effect of her coming back was that she was sterile.  While never having P.M.S. again was a plus, knowing she could never have any more children was a tough pill to swallow.


“Don’t care, Sasuke is all mine tonight, beat it old lady!” Karin hissed.


Kushina only playfully stuck her tongue out as a voice said, “I see you haven’t changed much Karin.”


The redhead went still as a statue, her expression softening so quickly it was comical, “Sasuke-kuuuun!” she cooed, whirling around to face the man and instantly hugging his arm, “I missed you soooo much!  It’s not nice to keep a girl waiting like that…” she said, rubbing her finger in circles on his chest.


“Uh-huh,” Sasuke said flatly as he nodded to Kushina, “I don’t think we’ve ever formally met.”


Kushina smiled, “Kushina Uzumaki, you can call me Kushina.” she told him with a smile.


“A pleasure.” Sasuke said, looking back to Karin, then to Kushina, and back again, “I suppose that makes the two of you related?”


“Same clan,” the two of them said in unison.


“I think distant cousins technically.” Karin said.


Kushina giggled, getting up from her seat and moving to hug herself against Sasuke’s other arm, “Awww, you can think of me as your big sister, even call me ‘onee-chan’!”


“NO WAY!” Karin shot back with gritted teeth.


“I don’t mind.” said Sasuke.


“ONEE-CHAAAAN~  Ready to go?” Karin immediately changes her tune and responded sweetly.


Sasuke nodded, slipping his arms around both their waists as they took to the streets of Konoha.  Kushina was honestly surprised by how much of a gentleman Sasuke was.  Most of the night they just walked through the streets.  If she were to wager a guess she would say he was just trying to enjoy being in a town that more or less despised him.  She didn’t have all of the details, but as far as she knew, his only crime was defection and associating with wanted criminals.  Maybe Sakura could fill her in with his entire story when she came back.


The three of them stopped at the ramen shop her son was always going on about.  Sasuke treated them to whatever they wanted and the three of them took one of the picnic table seats just outside the restaurant counter.  Kushina smiled as she straddled his lap, grinning as she felt the bulge of his dick through his pants.  She grinded her hips against his lap, cooing softly as she felt his hands caressing her ass.


Karin sat next to Sasuke, the dour expression she gave Kushina melting away when she realized she could be the one to feed him.


“Here you go Sasuke-kun, say ‘ahhhh’.” Karin purred her voice purposefully higher than normal.  Kushina smiled, she’d been with enough men to know Sasuke was indulging Karin rather than the other way around.  She decided to help him enjoy things a bit more as she slipped off her bikini top, letting him have a clear view of her naked tits through the opening in her top.  She grinded her hips more as she felt the bulge in his shorts getting tighter, elating a groan from him between bites of ramen noodles.


“Mmmmmh, that can’t be comfortable, let me help with that.” Kushina whispered, nimbly sliding down his lap and under the table.  The lights in this area were dim, and no one would see her unless they looked close as she undid his pants, pulling his thick cock free and rubbing it against her face.  God she loved the smell of cock, it turned her on so much as she savored the hot feel of it against her face before she opened her mouth wide and took every inch down her throat in one motion.


Sasuke groaned louder as Kushina began slowly bobbing her head up and down.  She could almost feel Karin’s glare as she made a lewd slurping noise around his dick.  The other redhead gave her a sharp kick to her side, but Kushina retaliated with a punch to the girls shin.


“Everything okay Karin?” Sasuke asked when the other girl flinched.


“Just fine Sasuke-kun, here, just one more bite…” Karin replied.  Kushina giggled around the man’s cock, moving her head faster now as she fondled her own breasts.  The crotch of her bikini bottoms was completely soaked, juices dripping down her thighs as she began rubbing at her pussy with one hand, her head moving back and forth faster.


“Uh, mmmmhh…” Sasuke loudly grunted, and Kushina suddenly found herself gulping down thick hot cum that filled her mouth.  She moaned around his cock, relishing the taste as she slowed her motions and moved her other hand to stroke Karin’s thigh.  The other girl stiffened, but relaxed when she realized Kushina was using a mini kunai dagger to slice off her thong panties.  She then pulled back, exposing Sasuke’s cock and holding the still fully erect rod in place as she moved to straddle his lap now.  She guided the thick member inside Karin who shuddered in desire as he sank inside her.  Kushina then moved to lick and suck Sasuke’s balls as Karin tried and mostly failed to discreetly bounce herself up and down in his lap.


“Hey you three!!! we don’t do that here! save it for that brothel you work at!” said the daughter of the owner of the ramen shop, Kushina forgot her name.


“Awww, you’re no fun,” Karin whined, “Come on Sasuke-kun, let’s go have some fun elsewhere.” she said, making a show of pulling herself off his cock with a lewd wet noise.  She shamelessly walked away from the restaurant, her tits clearly hanging out now; Sasuke must’ve undone her top, and her cunt clearly visible beneath the nearly non-existent mini-skirt.


The three of them left the area with little fuss, since there wasn’t anyone around save the owner and his daughter.  They found an alley not too far away, and Kushina gasped as Sasuke pushed her up against the wall, ripping her panties off and spearing his length inside her.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, rolling her hips to his thrusts and biting her knuckle to stifle her own panting moans as Karin and him locked lips.


The older redhead lost count of how many times she and Karin traded spots, but before long both of them were panting and sweating, their pussies nearly dripping with Sasuke’s cum.  She noticed that the sun was just starting to rise when they finally made their way back to the club. Sasuke dropped them off before going to visit Kakashi in the Hokage office building.


“Mmmmmh! that was fun!” Kushina said, stretching her arms out.  “I think I’ll grab a shower now, wanna join me?” she asked Karin.


The younger redhead lay back on the dressing room couch, “Maybe later, I wanna enjoy this feeling a bit longer…” she said blissfully.

Story by Sailor Io

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