Hotspring Horn-iness

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Kaguya gave a smile as Naruto returned to the Bath Lounge V.I.P. area, having left momentarily after a ruckus on the clubs main floor made enough noise to reach even back here. “Everything alright out there Naruto-kun?” asked Mei Terumi as she reclined in one of the deeper edges of the hotsprings, her huge tits floating just above the water’s surface.


“Yeah, it’s all good. Some out of town guys having a party out front got a little too grabby. It was all dealt with before I needed to do anything.” Naruto said, shrugging out of the bathrobe he’d donned to leave the room and slipping his naked body back into the steaming water.


Smiling wider, Kaguya waded over to the blonde, “The lord-master is very gallant to have been willing to intervene in such affairs.” she said, still trying to hold character after Mei and Tsunade had both broken it to tell him about the upcoming competition.


“Huh?” Naruto said, a confused look on his face.


“Gallant is old timey for brave, ‘Master’.” Tsunade said with a giggle.


“Oooh,” said Naruto as he remembered that Kaguya was from a much different time period. He then moved back to his seat and eyed Kaguya’s now naked body. She felt her cheeks flush a light pink as he looked at her with such open lust. She felt a heat between her thighs as she watched his cock becoming erect again.


“Please master, forgive my fellow slave girls for breaking rank before, allow me to service you in their place as an apology.” she said as she waded through the water, kneeling in front of him and letting her heavy tits wrap around his cock.


“Oh, hey, did you put on make-up?” Naruto said as he got a closer look at her face.


“Yes milord, the servant Mei helped me apply some in your absence, does it please you?” Kaguya asked, puckering her now green painted lips and blinking her opal eyes so that her matching eye shadow could be seen.


“Oh yeah, it looks really good…” said Naruto, eyeing her even more lewdly, licking his lips as she slowly began rubbing his cock between her cleavage.


The ivory skinned woman smiled more genuinely, “I’m so pleased you like it my master, may I use my mouth to service your wonderful cock?”


“Wow, she’s really into this whole slave thing,” Kaguya heard Mei whispering to Tsunade.


“Shh, it’s just getting good!” Tsunade hissed back.


Kaguya ignored them, looking up at Naruto like a proper slave should as she continued rubbing her breasts up and down his impressive length. In the time since her second revival, she had come to love this new world her sons had made. Without all that power clouding her judgment, Kaguya had ‘mellowed out’ as Sakura had put it once. She only partially understood the term, but she was a quick learner. A fortnight ago, she came to this club with Hinata (her escort at the time), instantly becoming enamored with the lights, music, and the adoration of the women on the stage. She wanted that for herself, and decided to begin working here as well.


When Naruto nodded in approval of Kaguya’s request, she began kissing his cock all over, starting from the base and working her way to the tip; her lips leaving green stains all along his thick shaft as she moved. She breathed excitedly as she opened her mouth wide and took the top five inches of Naruto’s cock into her warm wet mouth.


Though the term applied technically, Kaguya did not consider herself a whore. In her time, whores were lowly women, pitiable in most cases. Here, she was desired, sought after, and men paid a high price just for an hour of her company. It wasn’t all that unlike being a goddess! She let out a low moan as she slowly bobbed her head up and down Naruto’s thick cock. Her jaw ached with the strain of taking it all in, but she loved the feel of it as it slipped down her tight throat.


“Mmmmmph, mashter, pwease, ushe uh mouph ash ‘ou shee phit…” Kaguya slurred around Naruto’s cock. It had taken Tsunade and Sakura the better part of a day to explain this “Role-playing” concept to her, but Kaguya loved it, being able to act so lewd and submissive, it turned her on as Naruto groaned in pleasure, at the feel of HER mouth around his cock, HER head moving up and down to give him release.


“Mmmmmmmhh…” groaned Naruto as he reached out with his hands, grabbing Kaguya’s horns tight and pushing his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged and moaned, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as she felt herself cumming from the rough treatment. Naruto pumped her head up and down his length, fucking her throat harder as she made strangled gurgling noises.


“AGUH…GUH…GUUUGH…AHGUG!!!” Kaguya choked, moaning between sharp breaths for air. She lost herself in her character, loving the feel of being little more than a pleasure slave for her master and his beast of a dick. Thick, warm wetness filled her mouth and throat as Naruto came with a loud groan. She held the salty load in her mouth as he released his grip and let her pull herself free. As instructed, she held his cum in her open mouth for a long while, rolling it around with her tongue as he watched. She then made a show of closing her mouth and swallowing with a loud gulp before opening her emerald painted lips again to show she had finished her ‘meal’.


“Thank you very much, Master.” she moaned, meaning every word. Tsunade and Mei watched on in stunned silence, breath taken by the rookie’s masterful performance.

Story by Sailor Io

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