Hotel Hoeing Down

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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“I’ve gotta say, I’m surprised that you joined in on this little game, Tatsuki.”


Looking over at her companion for the night, Tatsuki felt her right eye twitch. She didn’t consider herself a vain person, but just once, it would be nice to be the one with the bigger bust. She could accept it in the case of her Shinigami friends; their bodies were artificial, so they could make their tits as big as they wanted.


Unagiya, though, she was a regular human like her, so how did she end up with melons like that?!


“Orihime talked me into it,” she grumbled out loud, pulling up on her bikini bottoms before they slipped any lower. “She’s the one that picked out my swimsuit too. Though I doubt it would last long if I tried to do any actual swimming; it’s just for looking sexy in, like yours.”


Seriously, she loved Orihime, but no one should be that cute and sexy when they were pouting. Every time Orihime pulled out the puppy dog eyes, Tatsuki folded immediately. It was annoying and embarrassing, especially when her friend used it to rope her into something like this: waiting under a street light, barely dressed, with another scantily clad woman, knowing that she would be getting fucked in the next few minutes.


“You do look really good in it,” Unagiya assured her, smiling when the younger woman blushed harder. “Not as good as me, of course,” she added impishly, albeit with her own face turning red. The last time she done something like this was before her son Kaoru was born; she could feel herself getting wet and horny with anticipation!


“Hello, ladies.”


Both of them looked up at the attempt of a smooth-talking come-on line. Renji and Hitsugaya were walking towards them, both of them wearing only swimming trunks. Tatsuki’s eyes were drawn to the white-haired captain; now just a little shorter than herself, all of his lean muscles were on full display. She quickly folded her hands behind her back to keep herself from reaching to touch them. Unconsciously, she pushed her chest out as well, which Hitsugaya definitely took notice of, going by the bulge in his shorts.


Meanwhile, Unagiya was staring open-mouthed at Renji, her eyes tracing the lines of his tattoos. They went all over his body, running down his arms, torso, and even disappearing into his swimming trunks. Wondering just how extensively he was tattooed caused her mouth to water and her nipples to harden. “Dibs!” she said quickly, pointing at Renji and making him blush, instantly ruining the suave demeanor he was trying for.


Tatsuki and Hitsugaya exchanged commiserating looks at the antics of their friends, before both of them blushed even harder as the implications of Unagiya’s claim sank in.


Later, in a nearby hotel room…


“Mmm!” Tatsuki moaned into Unagiya’s mouth, one hand tangled up in the other woman’s hair while her other hand fondled the underside of her tits. With their upper bodies pressed so tightly together, their breasts were squashed between them, their rock-hard nipples rubbing.


The two whores were kneeling naked on the bed, their asses thrust out behind them. Hitsugaya and Renji were more than happy to take advantage of their position; both were fucking the women hard, Hitsugaya pounding Tatsuki’s pussy, while Renji gave it to Unagiya up the ass. Already turned on, watching the women make out while getting fucked made them both hornier than they could ever remember being.


The only sounds in the room were pants, moans, grunts, and the sound of flesh on flesh. All four of them were entirely focused on the sex and other lewd acts; this might not be something any of them ever did again, and they were determined to make it a night to remember.


When the quartet managed to cum at the same time, the resulting screams and shrieks would have had the other guests calling the police, if Hitsugaya hadn’t had the foresight to place down a silencing kido beforehand.


As it was, only the foursome heard the sounds the other made, before they collapsed onto the bed, panting and feeling the pleasant ache in muscles that were seldom used for some of them.


Tatsuki was the first to recover; raising her head, face still flushed, she asked Unagiya, “So… switch?”


“Mmm… not just yet.” Renji shivered, though in nervousness or a bout of arousal, he wasn’t sure, as the older of the two women turned hungry eyes on him. “I still want to experiment a bit more.”


Huffing out a laugh, Tatsuki turned to Hitsugaya, idly admiring how sexy he looked post-coitus. “Looks like you’re stuck with me.”


His low chuckle gave her a warm feeling in her stomach, and his answer of, “I don’t mind in the slightest,” had her blushing her hardest yet.


Orihime was going to be so smug when she found out about this…

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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