Hot Nights in Hot Springs

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Early evening at Busteez Hero Agency on a Sunday was the usual crowd. Mostly Student’s from UA and Shiketsu were filling the tables. A few off duty heroes were already coming in for their after patrol drinks. Since she began working here, Itsuka Kendo had met several of the pro’s she idolized. She never thought she’d be meeting them while doing strip teases, but hey, it was still personal facetime with pro’s like Kamui Woods and Fat Gum!


She smiled to herself as she made her rounds through the main floor. Dressed only in a string micro-bikini that was little more than dental floss and some triangles of fabric, Itsuka smiled at how her giant ass and tits bounced with her every step. Just for fun, she had the part-timer girl with the writing quirk write CUM DUMPSTER on her right asscheek. It took a few tense minutes for her to wait out the maddening arousal that her quirk caused whenever she wrote something racy on someone. Ochaco warned her about that little side effect when she experienced it herself a couple weeks back during that little carnival.


Bringing Death Arms the usual beer he had whenever he visited, she could almost feel his eyes leering at her ass! But she rather enjoyed the attention as she set the mug down on his table and he nodded his thanks before stuffing a wadded bill into the hip strap of the bikini bottoms she wore. She gave him a sweet smile before walking off to continue her duties.


“Hey, Kendo, over here!” called the voice of Tetsutetsu from over where the students usually sat. She saw him waving her over to where he was sitting with a couple of her other classmates.


“Heya Kendo, NIIICE outfit!” said Tetsutetsu.

Kendo smiled and struck a pose like Uwabami taught her, making sure to bounce her heavy tits up and down. “Thaaaank you.” she said, “So what’s up, you guys need anything, ‘cause this isn’t my section tonight.”


“Yes, actually,” said Monoma who was sitting to Tetsutetsu’s right, “Do you happen to know which heroines will be on escort services for the upcoming dance? On that note, I’m so glad you chose to stick with your own class for the event and not those losers from Class 1-A, who are so short on ladies almost all of them will have to rent a date for the party, HAHAHAHAHHHH….!!!” Monoma began laughing, but stopped short when Kendo rendered him unconscious with one gigantic handed karate chop to the base of his neck.


“You shouldn’t be one to talk when you’re looking to do just that yourself.” she chided him. She then looked at Tetsutetsu and Shishida, “To answer his question, I know Mt. Lady and Cow Lady will be working as professional escorts. Uwabami too I think. As for everyone else, just check the website, but you should probably try asking some of the girls first. The little guy from class A got a date with that hot American girl just by asking her.


Shishida nodded, “Monoma was the only one looking to hire an escort from our class.” he told Itsuka, “I myself already have asked Yanagi to the dance, and she said yes.”


“Dude, seriously, when did that happen?” Tetsutetsu asked him.


“This afternoon before I met up with you.” he answered.


“Well, good for Reiko.” Itsuka said. “Anyway, if you guys don’t need anything from me, I’ll send the girl over who’s working this section.”


“Actually Kendo, I thought we could discuss our clothes for the dance,” said Tetsutetsu, he then pulled out a gold card and laid it out on the table. “Maybe in that Bathhouse setting in the VR room? It’s allowed for just two now right?”


Itsuka snatched up the card and smiled, “Full rate? Sure! I can use the money to get the dress I really want!”


When the dance was announced, Itsuka checked out the list of shop where the girls could find formal dresses. One in particular caught her attention. It was run by this woman with a quirk that allowed her to make her own silk. She did completely custom work, every dress was unique, but her prices were so high Itsuka thought her eyes might pop out of her sockets when she saw the cost of her CHEAPEST dress!


Momo had offered to buy it for her, but the orange haired girl turned her down, not wanting to owe her rival a favor like that. She began working extra VIP shifts that week to save up some cash to buy it herself. Though, she wished she could wear it while standing next to Shoto…


Itsuka understood why, having met Endeavor briefly not too long ago. The man was rather intimidating, and it wasn’t hard to imagine him trying to keep her and Shoto apart if he disapproved of their relationship. Still, it hurt a little.


Tetsutetsu got up from the table and gave their classmates a thumbs up as she began leading the way to the back of the agency. Out of the corner of her vision, she spotted Shoto walking in with Melissa. The two of them spoke briefly before heading in separate directions. She would have gone over to speak with him, but she had to take care of Tetsutetsu first.


The two of them walked up to the second floor of the building together, and she could almost HEAR him smiling. Whatever, it was just sex! If it was one thing Itsuka learned quickly here, there was a vast difference between fucking, and love making. Fucking was just physical, sure it felt nice, but love making… Itsuka felt herself getting moist at the memory of last night with Shoto in her dorm. At how she watched him sleep almost the entire night. The way he hugged himself against her in his sleep as she stroked his hair gently. In moments like that, she understood WHY he was so desperate to not have someone try and take that away.


“So Kendo, what’s this dress you mentioned?” Tetsutetsu asked.


“Oh, just one that might make your dick shoot off when you see me in it!” she told him, turning her head back to wink at him. “If I can manage it, you’ll wanna wear something that goes well with teal colors.”


“Oh? I guess I can change the bowtie color. I already rented a tux, I just gotta go in for the fitting.” he told her.


“A tux huh, not gonna wear your hero gear?” she asked as she stopped in front of the VR room door.


“Nah, I wanna look good for any photos. My costume is awesome, but it’ll likely look a little out of place with a bunch of other people in suits.” he said.


Itsuka nodded, “Alright, that works for me, but YOU’RE paying for any photos we get taken.”


“Deal!” he said.


Itsuka touched his card to the plate by the door and entered her employee ID. Midnight was constantly upgrading things here lately. At least since the American girl came to work there. Now they got paid a lot faster when using the VIP areas. All she needed to do was scan the gold VIP pass against a room door and enter her ID#, the money went into her account the very next day. The lock bleeped once and Itsuka entered the scenario for the room to make. When the door opened, she and Tetsutetsu were greeted by the sight of a large outdoor bath house.


The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom and the night air smelled fresh. Once inside, Itsuka casually shed the micro-bikini she had on, smiling when she heard Tetsutetsu gulp as she bent over while pulling down her bottoms. While he got undressed, she went over to the storage cupboard and opened the door.


“Aw crap.” she cursed.


“What’s wrong?” Tetsutetsu asked.


“Nothing, just whoever used this room last didn’t restock the body washes.” Itsuka said told him. Closing the cupboard she stood up and began walking towards the exit, “Wait here, I’ll get some from the massage room, it’s right across the hall.”


“Oh, alright.” he agreed as he struggled to get his shoes off.


“Slow down big boy, we got time.” Itsuka chided him playfully.


“R… Right.” he said with a blush before she walked out of the room.


The Massage Parlor room was as she said just across the hall from the VR Room. It was always stocked with extra soaps and oils just in case a hero might want something different than what happened to be in the bath simulation at the time. Walking naked to the door, Itsuka reached out for the knob and turned it smoothly before pushing it open and walking inside.


“…Wow Iida, you’re really carrying a lot of tension in your calves, kero!” said a voice as she walked inside. The ‘kero’ quickly identified the owner as Tsuyu Asui. She spotted the green haired frog girl standing on the other side of the room. She was dressed only in a fancy silk loincloth that only reached down to her thighs and a couple of new looking bracelets that were made of a series of linked silver cylindrical tubes. Itsuka could tell she didn’t have anything on under it when she hopped up onto the table, giving her a clear view of her naked pussy when the fabric fluttered from her movements.


Itsuka could see a man lying naked on his stomach atop the massage table, even if Tsuyu hadn’t called him by name, the massive calves on his legs easily identified him as Tenya Iida, the Class A representative.


“They get stiff when I stall them out ofteeEEEEEEN.” said Iida, his voice instantly becaming high pitched as Tsuyu rested her rump on his bare back.


“Relax,” she told him, “I need a good angle to work your calf muscles from, kero!” Tsuyu said, but her grin told Itsuka she was enjoying how flustered he had gotten. Itsuka giggled, catching their attention.


“Oh, hi there Itsy, kero!” Tsuyu said to her. The other girls had taken to calling Itsuka ‘Itsy’ after Nejire had dubbed her ‘Itsy-chan’. There were worse names she guessed.


“Huh, Kendo-san!!!” Iida yelped, trying to get up from the table, but Tsuyu pressed her butt against his back harder, holding him in position. “Th…this isn’t what it looks like!” he said, flailing his arms around.


“Sure it is!” Tsuyu said, “Iida came when I called asked him to stop by tonight, and I told him while he’s here he should use the services we provide. Inko’s home cooking is good, but that’s not what this place is for, kero.”


“Ts.. Tsu, why would you tell her that!?” Iida said as he continued to flail about like a drowning man in a river. Tsuyu brought up her hands and tugged at the end of one of the cylinder tubes that made up her bracelets. She withdrew a very thin needle that she then stabbed into the back of Iida’s neck.


“Relax, kero.” she said as the flailing youth suddenly went slack.


“Su, vat vid ‘ou vu do meh…? Aye dan’t vuve…” Iida said.


“Wow, is that acupuncture?” Itsuka asked, blinking her eyes in surprise.


“Nah, these are poison needles Melissa made for me, turns out my mucus can paralyze temporarily if it gets in your blood.” said Tsuyu as she held up her bracelet and pulled another needle out from one of the links.


“‘Ou boisoned be!?” Iida asked in shock.


“Non-lethal, you need to relax, kero.” Tsuyu said as she began rubbing her ass back and forth on his lower back. Iida let out a low groan and Tsuyu smiled, “People can still feel everything, kero, they just can’t move, so it’s a perfect capture item.”


“Oh, neat!” said Itsuka, “Well, sorry to bother you, but someone forgot to restock the VR Room, so I need to grab some items from in here.”


“No problem.” Tsuyu said as Itsuka walked over to another cupboard.


“‘Endo-shan, whhy ar ‘ou ‘aked?” Iida asked.


“I’m doing some VIP work in the VR Room, it’s fine, I didn’t have much on to begin with.” Itsuka told him as she turned to look at him, letting him have a full view of her naked body.


“Hmmmmmph!!!” he groaned at the sight.


“Oh right, you haven’t seen me when I do this with my quirk have you?” Itsuka asked, “I think my tits look really good at this size.”


“Kero kero, wow, you’re getting all stiff again, that’s impressive when you’re paralyzed Iida.” Tsuyu said.


“Oh, I think he’s getting stiff elsewhere too.” Itsuka said with a giggle as she looked under the table. The massage table was designed with a man’s arousal in mind, meaning the area where his legs rested were split to allow his dick to get erect comfortably. “Not bad.”


“Kero?” Tsuyu croaked as she leaned forward and leaned her head down between his legs, “Hmm, pretty impressive, yeah.” she agreed when she looked down at his cock.


“Whhy are ‘ou vuing dish do meh…?” Iida whined.


“Tsu’s right, you do need to relax. We’re complimenting you!” Itsuka told him


“Don’t worry,” Tsuyu said as she hopped up and stuck to the ceiling, “I’ll take care of this,” she told Itsuka as she lashed out with her tongue and used it to flip Iida onto his back. Itsuka licked her lips at the sight of his cock standing fully erect. He was nearly as long as her forearm from her elbow to her wrist, and almost as thick, not bad really…


Tsuyu then dropped from the ceiling and landed on top of Iida, her legs straddling his waist.


“Suu!!!” Iida yelped.


“Kero, so Iida, about why I asked you to drop by…” Tsuyu began as she inched her ass down, rubbing her bare rump against the length of his cock slowly. She then leaned forward, pressing her big tits against his chest, “Could you take me to the dance? I still need a date since Izuku is going with Momo.” she told him as she began rubbing the folds of her pussy against his cock, spreading her glistening juices along its length.


“Ah…ahh…” Iida groaned.


“Please kerooo…?” Tsuyu pleaded cutely as she began teasing the tip of his cock with her pussy. Itsuka grinned as she watched Iida’s face twitching as he felt everything Tsuyu was doing, but couldn’t move a muscle in response!


“Aw wight…!” Iida said, his words still badly slurred by Tsuyu’s poison dart.


Tsuyu smiled and slowly lowered herself onto Iida’s cock, “Keeerrooooooo…” she moaned cutely as he slid inside her easily. Itsuka suppressed a giggle at the way Iida’s eyes crossed as he felt Tsuyu’s pussy slipping down his shaft.


“We’ll, I’ve bothered you enough for one night, you two have plans to make, I’ll be seeing you.” Itsuka said, excusing herself.


“Take care Itsy, kero!” Tsuyu said in a completely casual tone as she began bouncing herself up and down on Iida’s cock slowly.


Itsuka giggled once she was outside the massage room, Tsuyu was something else, she had to wonder what she might end up wearing to the dance given her taste in swimwear. Tossing and catching a bottle of body soap in the air, Itsuka walked back to the VR Room and went inside. Just inside the door she grabbed a towel and held it in front of her naked figure as she made her way further inside. Tetsutetsu wasn’t anywhere to be found. She grit her teeth, that metal-headed idiot better not have wussed out! And he couldn’t have gotten impatient, she wasn’t even gone five minutes!


“Uhhh…” she sighed, “Tetsutetsu, where are y… WHAT THE?!” she yelped when something cold, hard, and BIG slapped loudly against her ass! She whirled around to find her classmate standing naked behind her, his hands behind his head and a stupid grin on his face. He was in full metal body mode as his cock stood out proudly from between his legs. Itsuka’s eyes were as wide as saucers at the sheer size of it!


“Lemme guess, Recovery Girl?” she asked with a lopsided grin.


“Huh, hey, how’d you…?” Tetsutetsu asked, his grin fading.


“Oh, let’s just say you aren’t the first to do that.” she told him as she set the bottle of bodywash down and smiled over at him, “So, I guess you wanna skip the whole bath bit?” she asked him as she hefted her own gigantic tits and jiggled them back and forth, “Cause I’m fine with that too.”


“Hehehe, sure you can handle all this?” Tetsutetsu asked confidently.


Itsuka turned around to show off her ass again and gave herself a spank, making her big butt jiggle, “Oh yeah, question you should ask is, do YOU think you can satisfy ME!?” she asked even though she already knew the answer. Shoto was the only man she’d been with to date that could keep up with her really. She didn’t know if that was just a question of stamina, or if it were just how she felt about him, but it didn’t matter. One of the VERY FIRST things Midnight taught all of the girls here was how to fake an orgasm! It was all in the moaning and in a few internal clenches. She remembered Midnight’s words; ‘Only a man who really knows what he’s doing, or who actually cares, will be able to tell the difference.


Thinking of it now, that detail made her smile as she thought about Shoto while Tetsutetsu came over to her as she knelt down. She pressed her gigantic ‘Cow Udder tits’ as Cow Lady often called this size, around his iron dick. The orange haired girl suppressed a small yelp as she felt the cold metal cock against her sensitive skin. Her juggs only engulfed a little over half of his size as she leaned her face forward and brushed her tongue along the underside of his rod.


“Hey Tetsutetsu, drop your quirk for me.” she told him.


“Huh, why?” he asked.


“Because iron dick tastes exactly like it sounds.” she said as she made a disgusted face.


“Huh, you may be right, I can barely feel anything anyway.” he told her.


“I’m actively choosing NOT to be insulted by that.” she told him as his skin returned to normal as she was surprised by the sudden shift in temperature. Before, his cock felt cold like the metal it had turned into, but now it felt almost HOT in comparison. Pressing her tits around his fuck meat again, she smiled as she heard him groaning softly before she leaned her head forward and kissed the tip of his cock with her lips.


“Oooohaaahhhhhh…” Tetsutetsu groaned as Itsuka opened her mouth wide and took his fleshy dick down her throat.


“Mmmmmmph…” she moaned at length, making her esophagus vibrate around his cock, “Yeeeeah, muuuush vedderrrr…” she moaned, finding the taste of a flesh and blood dick much more preferable to an iron one. She loved the salty taste of his skin, and the way she could take his pulse through the throbbing of his erection! She could feel her neck stretching around his giant girth as she bobbed her head up and down in time with her tits. Closing her eyes, itsuka let herself enjoy the feel as she listened to Tetsutetsu groaning in pleasure. Pinching her own nipples between her fingers, she gave them a light twist, loving how sensitive her tits were at these sizes. She already felt like she could cum just from a titjob alone as she began moving her body faster. Saliva glistened along Tetsutetsu’s length as she actively drooled over him, her lips making lewd slurping noises as the glided along his length.


“Oh yeah, that feels great Kendo…” he groaned as she let her boobs fall away from his cock and leaned her body forwards. Itsuka imagined this must be how a sword swallower felt as she felt his cock reaching down into her stomach!


“Mmmmmmmmph, sho phiiiiick!!!” she slurred around his cock, her eyes crossing slightly as she looked up at him, causing her vision to double for a moment. She made a show of pulling her head back, letting her lips drag over his thick cock. She smiled to herself as she felt him shivering in pleasure. Honestly this job was too easy sometimes! She then let out a long low moan as she took his length back into her mouth. Her jaw began to ache from the sheer thickness, but she actually kind of liked that!


“Mmmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph…” she moaned as her lips slurped and sucked on his cock. Tetsutetsu groaned with her, his dick throbbing harder in her mouth as he rested his hands on top of her head.


“Fuck, that feels amazing Kendo…” he told her as he leaned his head back to savor the feel of her hot and wet mouth.


“Guuuahhh, ahhh…” Itsuka gasped as she pulled her mouth free and took in a deep breath. She then moaned as she rubbed his cock against her face while she began licking and sucking on his balls gently. Each one was about the size of a softball now as she licked them slowly while gently cradling them in her small hands.


“Mmmmmmmh, yeah, that’s the stuff Kendo-san…” Tetsutetsu said as she got him to lay back on the ground. She then licked her way up his shaft again, making sure he had a good view of her tongue as she dragged it along the side of his dick. She then kissed the tip once again, pulling her head away slowly so that a rope of saliva hung between her lips and his cock for a moment before snapping.


“Call me Itsu-nee…” she told him.


“Huh?!” Tetsutetsu gasped.


“You all look at me like I’m your big sister anyway, so I want a proper title for that!” she said with a cheeky grin. “Besides, it kinda turns me on to think I’m taking care of my little brothers needy dick!” she said in a baby voice.


“I… uhhhh…” Tetsutetsu said nervously, until she grabbed his balls in her expanded hand and gave a warning squeeze.


“ITSU-NEE!!!!” he called out.


“That’s a good boy!” she told him before she began crawling up his naked body, making sure to drag her heavy tits over him, “Now, just lay back and let onee-chan take care of you.” she whispered in a seductive tone. She then grinned as she felt his cock pulsing slightly as she spoke. She made sure to let him feel the full weight of her smooth soft tits pressing against his chest as she straddled his waist like Tsuyu had with Iida just a short while ago. She clamped her asscheeks around the length of his cock, using them to rub it up and down slowly, her saliva making for the perfect lube.


“Ooooooh…” Tetsutetsu groaned softly.


“Mmmmmmh, you like nee-san’s big sexy butt?” she asked sweetly.


“Oh yeah, that feels so good Itsu-nee…” he replied.


Itsuka felt a naughty thrill as he called her that, and leaned her head down by his ear, “Now, just let nee-san take care of everything…” she whispered again, gently biting the lobe of his ear as she raised up her hips, reaching her hand down to grab his massive cock and guide it inside her sopping wet pussy!


“MMMMMMMMMMMMH!!!!” Itsuka moaned as she felt his length slip inside her slowly, “YESSSSSS, SOO THIIICK!!!” she moaned as she lifted herself up slowly, then gently lowered herself back down, her stomach distending in the shape of his cock as it pushed into her depths.


“Ahhhh, Itsu-neee…!” Tetsutetsu groaned, his quirk triggering out of reflex, making his cock as hard as steel inside her!


“MMMMMMMMHHHH!!!!” Itsuka moaned as the sudden temperature shift made her cum instantly! “OH FUUUCK!!!” she moaned as she let her weight fall fully onto him, taking his entire dick deep inside! She grabbed her tits in both hands, squeezing them so hard her fingers practically vanished into the soft flesh.


“Oooooohhh, yeah, so tight and hooot!” Tetsutetsu groaned as he grabbed her hips and suddenly thrusted his cock upwards.


MMMMMMMMMH, YEAH, THAT’S IIIIIT…!” Itsuka moaned as she rolled her hips into his thrust, stirring that huge iron dick inside herself. “DO IT, POUND NEE-CHAN’S HOT LITTLE PUSSY!!!!!” she told him as she released her grip on her own breasts and pulled Tetsutetsu’s hands to them His iron shifted hands were as cool as ice against her stiff nipples as she let out another moan.


“I…Itsu-nee…” Tetsutetsu groaned in pleasure as he slammed his hips upwards, bouncing her up and down on his dick!


YES!!! POUND NEE-CHAN HAAARDERRRR!!!!” she screamed as she began rocking her hips faster as the silver skinned student groaned beneath her. She never realized how much she loved having something hard and COLD inside her! It turned her on to no end as her pussy gushed like a ruptured balloon again and again.


“Ahhh, fuuuuck, you’re squeezing me so tight Ken…. Itsu-nee…!” Tetsutetsu groaned.


“Ahhhh, no, don’t let up…” Itsuka panted as she felt his thrusts begin to slow. They’d barely even started! Shoto had so much more stamina for this! And he could keep his dick cold, unlike Tetsutetsu’s which had already warmed up inside her! Itsuka pursed her lips in disappointment as she continued rocking her body against him.


“I’m not even CLOSE to being done!” he yelled and renewed his thrusts, making her moan in pleasure again. She guessed being able to turn your body to iron was helpful in keeping your dick hard!


“Ahhh, this is so good Itsu-nee…” he groaned as she felt his cock pulsing inside her as she came.


“Yeah?” she asked with a grin as she leaned forward, “You like nee-chan’s tight pussy?” she said while licking her lips and pressing his hands into her tits harder.


He nodded and Itsuka grinned as she began rolling her hips even faster, loving the way he began to moan as her ass jiggled wildly. She then released her quirk slightly, making her ass shrink and her cunt tighten! Tetsutetsu groaned instantly as her pussy clenched him even harder! She moaned with him, feeling as if his cock had suddenly grown inside her.


“Now, pound nee-chan as hard as you can you metal headed dork!” she yelled at him, then moaned as he did just that. ‘Hmm, he’s not as good as Shoto, but he makes up for it with eagerness.’ she thought to herself as she felt her body shaking in pleasure.


HUUUURRRRRRAAAAAGH!!!!” Tetsutetsu roared as he began slamming his hips up and down, his iron balls smacking loudly against her ass in a SLAP SLAP SLAP pattern as Itsuka let out a long moan.


“YeeeeaAAAHHH, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THEERREE I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!!” she screamed as her pussy sprayed all over his crotch before she fell over in a heap on top of him. The orange haired girl could feel his cum shooting directly into her womb as he began cumming as well. She waited several moments, trying to catch her breath until she felt him struggling beneath her. Itsuka blinked in confusion before she realized her tits were covering his face and slowly smothering him!


“Oh, whoops!” she said as she leaned up and Tetsutetsu took in a deep breath of air, his quirk switching off and his cock going limp inside her suddenly. She tried not to show how grossed out she was by that sensation.


“What the hell Itsu-nee!!!???” he said, and Itsuka delivered a swift big handed chop to the side of his neck.


“Moments over, you can go back to Kendo now.” she told him as she got up. She then bowed and smiled sweetly, “Thank you for your patronage.” she said before gathering her micro bikini and leaving the room.



In the Heights Alliance dorms, Ochaco Uraraka walked into the girls bath and sighed softly to herself as she began taking off her clothes. The last week had been just one long emotional mess! Ever since she and Tsuyu found Deku with Melissa, she didn’t know what to feel. She knew she had over reacted when they found the two of them, she did, but…


She sighed again, her head had been going in circles like that for days now. Deku had tried to talk to her a couple nights ago, he apologized for breaking his promise, and said he wanted to make things up to her, but then Melissa arrived and Ochaco found some excuse to get away. Since then, she and Deku hadn’t had much chance to talk at all between their classes and Work Studies. Either she was away with Ryukyu, or he was at the Endeavor Agency, or both.


Slipping off her panties, Ochaco folded them neatly before placing them in a wicker basket with the rest of her clothes. She sighed again softly as she found her personal basket that held her own selections of soaps and shampoos.


“Sighing like that can’t be good for you.” said a voice from the doorway. Ochaco yelped lightly and jumped before she turned to see Mina Ashido grinning at her. “Guess controlling gravity can’t lighten the load on your mind huh?”


Ochaco gave a small smile, “Yep, you’re totally right Mina.”


“It helps to talk, mind if I join you? I can wash your back.” the pink skinned girl offered.


Ochaco nodded, “Thanks, I’d like that.” she told her.


“Roger dodger!” said Mina as she hurriedly stripped down, tossing her clothes haphazardly into one of the baskets and grabbing her own bath box. The two of them then went into the outdoor hot spring. Ochaco was still amazed by what the girls were able to build all on their own. Originally, the girls bath was just a plain bath house style bathing room, but with a little elbow grease and a LOT of help from Momo, they rebuilt the place into a hot spring worthy of a high priced resort! The plumbing was originally difficult to figure out, but her dad had given her a simple to follow how-to guide.


Ochaco went over to where a series of stools had been set up and began filling a pail with steaming hot water. She had doused herself a second time when Mina came in and pressed herself against Ochaco’s naked back! Her breasts were warm and soft and felt a little bigger than normal. Had she not been using her quirk again?


“Oooochacoooo!” she said cheerfully before grabbing her tits in both hands and giving them a squeeze.


“Miiiiinaaa!!!” Ochaco squealed as Mina pinched both her nipples and tugged on them gently.


“If you’re gonna relax, first you need to let loose, release that part of your quirk that you use to compress these babies!” Mina told her while fondling her breasts playfully.


“Hmm, oh, I guess you’re right.” Ochaco agreed as she brought her hands together, pressing her fingertips against one another. “Release!” she said. The tips of her fingers glowed for a second before her breasts and ass ballooned outwards. Each of her breasts were easily twice as big as her head, with an ass to match! A mild sense of vertigo faded now that she was no longer pushing gravity in two directions within herself. Not a lot of people knew it, but the chief reason her quirk made her sick when she used it too much was because she could increase gravity within her own body, while also negating the weight at the same time. She only used it to keep her boobs and butt at a manageable size. She couldn’t apply increased gravity to anything other than herself yet.


“Daaaaamn girl, you really shouldn’t hide this rocking bod!” Mina said, “Honestly, I’m jealous, I gotta go days without using my quirk at all to get results like this.” she told her as she began rubbing her hands over the smooth mounds of her tits.


“Yeah, weeell, it’s not exactllly, practical…” Ochaco moaned softly at Mina’s attention, her nipples were already getting stiff as the other girl continued rubbing her naked body against her back.


“Pssssh, who cares? It’s sexy as fuck!” Mina told her as she pulled away for just a moment, quickly spraying herself with some hot water before grabbing a bottle of body wash from Ochaco’s basket. “Oooo, you still have some of that jasmine scented stuff!” she said excitedly.


Ochaco smiled, “Yeah, Midnight-sensei got it for me. If you ask I’m sure she can get some more for you too.”


“I’ll do that,” Mina said, “Mind if we share for now?”


Ochaco nodded, “No problem.”


“Awesoooome!” Mina said in a singsong tone as she flipped the cap open and poured a generous amount over Ochaco’s back. It felt cold at first, making her stiffen for a few seconds, but the feeling vanished quickly as Mina moved to press their naked bodies together again! Ochaco made a soft sound as Mina began rubbing her body up and down against hers, causing the soap to begin to lather up.


“Mi… Minaaaa…” Ochaco moaned softly.


Mina giggled, “Just relax girl, and let me handle things.” Mina whispered into her ear gently as she poured more soap over Ochaco’s breasts! The brown haired girl let out a soft moan as Mina began moving her hands all over the massive mounds, lathering her up slowly as she gripped both her nipples in her hands and gave them a soft twist.


“Mmmmmmmmh…!” Ochaco cooed, leaning back against Mina’s soft naked body.


“Now,” Mina whispered softly into her ear, “Tell me, what’s going on with you and Izuku, you three were all on Cloud 9 a few weeks ago.”


“Well, I…” Ochaco said, then explained everything. How she and Tsuyu had agreed to date Deku together, how they set up some simple rules for sharing him, and how hurt she was when she found him fucking Melissa on the beach a while ago.


“Seriously!? It was all YOUR idea?” Mina asked. You’re kinkier than I thought!” she told her as she gripped both her tits in her hands and lifted them up to rub the soap underneath them. “But honestly, I don’t see why you’re mad at Izuku, I mean, he was on Agency grounds, and Melissa was officially hired right?”


“Yeah, I KNOW that, it’s just…” Ochaco said as she hunched over.


“Just what?” Mina asked. When Ochaco didn’t respond, Mina shoved her left had between her thighs and slipped three fingers inside her pussy.


HAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Ochaco moaned at the sudden sensation of the girls fingers inside her already aroused pussy!


“Tell me!!!” Mina said as she began dipping her finger back and forth slowly, making Ochaco moan again as she leaned her head in over her shoulder and began to nibble her ear. “Or I’ll keep doing sexy things to you…” she threatened. “Like thiiiiiis….” she said as she touched her thumb to her clit, and a sudden tingling sensation hit her like a shockwave!


AHHAAHHHH, MIIINNAAAAAA!!!” Ochaco moaned her she clenched her thighs together as the feeling was too intense to fight as she felt herself cumming hard!!!


“Heheheee, I thought that might work well on you.” Mina said as she bit the edge of her earlobe and tugged on it gently. “It’s the most mild acid I can make, just makes your nerves tingle a little, but, depending on where I put it…” Mina trailed off as she pressed her thumb to Ochaco’s clit again.


HAAAAAHHHH I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!” Ochaco moaned as her entire body went stiff as her pussy began gushing hard. Her vision blurred with pleasure as Mina giggled and licked the edge of her ear slowly.


“Mmmmmmh, you make such cute little moans, it’s turning me on so much making you cum!” Mina whispered as she hugged herself tightly against Ochaco’s body until her shaking stopped. “Now, why are you mad, really?”


“Hah… Ahh… I… I’m not mad… At Deku… I…” she panted.


“Hmmmmm, tell meeee, or else!” Mina said with a wicked grin before she touched her fingers to her clit again and began moving them in quick circular motions.


AHHHHH MINAAAAAA!!!!! AHHH SO GOOOOD!!!!!” Ochaco moaned as she came again when the pink skinned girl applied her acid again, “CUMMING CUMMING CUMMINGGG!!!


“Mmmmmmh, you’re so sexy when you cum Ochaco…” Mina told her as she pulled her hand away slowly and moved it back to fondle both her breasts again.


“Hah, ah, hah… Melissa is prettier than me…” she panted, “What if Deku decides he doesn’t want me anymore when he can have her…?” she confessed.


“Woah, seriously, THAT’S what’s bothering you!?” asked Mina as she ran her hands around Ochaco’s tits slowly, spreading the soap to every little nook and cranny. “Izuku’s not like that. Trust me, he’s not the kind of guy looking to upgrade to a hotter model.”


“You really think so?” Ochaco asked her.


“I KNOW so. You shouldn’t worry about stuff like that, honestly. At least not right now. You think I worry about Katsuki looking for a hotter girl?” she asked. “I only consider myself his girlfriend because he made that claim first! He’s free to be with whoever he wants, afterall, it’s not like I’m looking to marry him or something.”


“Huh, seriously?” Ochaco asked as Mina moved to begin rubbing the lather into her hips and thighs slowly. Her touch was light and gentle now that she wasn’t teasing her so much.


“Yeah! Why else do you think I put up with that rotten attitude of his? He’s got a nice big dick and the energy to use it! That’s what got me interested in the first place!” she told her while sticking her tongue out and winking, “Wait, don’t tell me you were planning to marry Izuku or something?”


WHAT? MARRIAGE!?” Ochaco yelped as Mina’s hand brushed against her pussy again. “Well, nooo, not really… I wasn’t thinking that far ahead honestly.”


“Good, romance is great and all, but planning for wedding bells right now, meh, look at what that’s doing to Momo and Izuku, I think I saw a gray hair on her head the other day.”


Ochaco smiled and giggled as Mina nibbled on her ear again, “But, if Melissa being prettier really bothers you… I think I can help with that.” she whispered hotly into her ear.


“How?” Ochaco asked, blinking her brown eyes in confusion.


“Ehehehehehe!” Mina giggled impishly. She then grabbed the shower head that was used to fill the buckets and rinsed both of them off. Once the soap was all washed off, Mina squatted down in front of Ochaco, giving the brunette a clear look at her naked and hairless pussy. The pink of her labia completely matched the rest of her skin as she reached out to grab Ochaco’s right tit in both hands.


“Damn these are huge, this might take a little while, but trust me, it’ll be worth it!” she told her as she pressed one palm against her nipple and a thick semi-white goo formed between her hand and Ochaco’s tit.


“Mina, what are… Oh that feels nice…” Ochaco cooed as whatever kind of acid Mina was using tingled lightly against her nipple and areola. Mina only continued grinning widely as she moved her hand in a slow circle, spreading her mixture all over her breast very slowly.


“Ever heard of a chemical peel?” Mina asked.

“Um, yeah, isn’t that where they use an acid to burn off the top layer of dead skin or something? I read about it in a spa pamphlet Momo gave me once.” Ochaco said.


“Yep, well, normally you need a very special acid and such, and a bit of a recovery time. But thanks to my training, I can balance my acid’s PH better than any chemical company can. In fact, I’ve been doing it ever since my quirk appeared.” she explained, “It’s why my skin is pink and so soft and smooth. Well, part of it anyway. So now, I can give you a full body treatment with no recovery time!”


“Wow, that’s amaaaahhhh…” Ochaco began, then moaned as Mina began rubbing her acid on her other breast, “Oh this feels so good…”


“Hehehe, I know, it’s the same kind I used on your clit earlier, it stimulated the nerves soooo nicely.” she told her, “You like it?”


“Mmmmhmmm…” Ochaco moaned, bringing her hand up to nibble on her knuckle to keep from moaning louder as Mina finished with her breasts and moved on to spread her acid over the rest of her body. The tingling sensation was like a thousand tiny feathers dragging over her skin. It didn’t tickle, but it did feel oh so very nice. “Mmmmmmmh…” she moaned again as Mina pressed herself close, mashing her breasts against Ochaco’s gigantic ones.


“Mmmmmmh, you’re so cute when you’re turned on!” Mina told her before leaning in closer, “Normally I like big hard cocks, but tonight, I’m in the mood for something a bit softer,” she said, then leaned her face in close to Ochaco, “And sweeter…” she breathed before pressing her lips to the other girls


“Ahhhaaa…” Ochaco gasped as Mina gripped her wide ass in both her hands. The pink haired girl used that moment to push her tongue into Ochaco’s mouth, deepening the kiss. “Mmmmmh…” she moaned again as Mina’s tongue slipped along her own.


In spite of herself, Ochaco couldn’t fight how aroused she was getting as Mina knocked her down onto her back, taking her time spreading her solution over her skin. She moved to scissor their legs together as she began rubbing the gel-like substance along her leg.


“Hmmhmm,” Mina giggled as she positioned herself clit to clit with Ochaco, reaching a hand down between their bodies and smiling as her fingers made a wet squishing noise!


“AHHHH, MINAAAAA!!!” Ochaco moaned as she felt more thick gel rubbing all over her pussy, making her clit, labia, and everything else tingle with sheer pleasure.


“Mmmmmmmh, moan like that more for me Ochaco… I love the way it sounds…!” Mina moaned with her as she began rolling her hips slowly, bucking her cunt to the other girls, spearing the acid gel solution between them.


Ochaco chewed her lower lip as she found herself rolling her hips back. “Mmmmmmnnnhhh… So good, my pussy feels so goood!!!” she moaned!


“Mine too, mine too!!!!” Mina moaned, hugging her leg against her body as she moved her hips faster! Ochaco moaned again as she looked down to see Mina slowly licking her calf with her tongue as she traced her fingers along her smooth legs.


“MMMMMMMH, MINAAA… YES… DON’T STOP, MORE, MORE, YESSS!!!” Ochaco moaned, grabbing her own tits and kneading them roughly as the two of them grinded their bodies together on the floor.


“AH, AH, AH, AH…” Mina panted as she slowly licked her lips while looking down at Ochaco with her dark eyes.


“Mi… MI… MINAAAA!!!” Ochaco screamed in pleasure as her pussy began gushing in ecstasy. The pink skinned girl moaning with her as she pressed their pussies together tightly!


Ochaco felt her mind getting fuzzy as she came down from her second orgasmic high. Mina meanwhile moved to continue her little treatment.


“There, all done!” Mina informed her when she’d finished.


“Wow, I’m almost as pink as you are!” Ochaco said.


“Yeah, that’ll be gone by morning, don’t worry about it. And when it is, you’ll be amazed at how smooth and soft your skin is, like silk!” Mina told her as the two of them washed off for a second time before heading into the bath itself.


Sighing again, this time in contentment, Ochaco leaned back in the bath and closed her eyes, “You’re always helping me through these things… the last time we were in the bath together, you helped me through some issues with Deku too…. Thanks, Mina. For everything.”


“Anytime. Now do me a favor and talk it out with Izuku already, nobody likes seeing you two all mopey. He’s doing a decent job at hiding it, but I can see he’s feeling as bad as you were!”


“I will.” she promised.


“Okay, now DISH! who you gonna go with to the dance!?” Mina asked excitedly.


“You sure change moods on a dime!” Ochaco said, blinking in surprise at how fast she changed the topic.


“Whaaaat, the emotional stuff is over with, now I wanna gossip!!!!” Mina said with a grin.


Ochaco just shook her head, “Well, no one has asked me yet, so I…”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Tetsutetsu gave her that metal rod ayyyy

1 year ago

Very well done with the picture and the overall chapter this week! We have quite a bit of ground to cover here.

But before I get started, let’s discuss the picture itself first. XD I personally really like how it was made. Not only with Itsuka herself, but also with the metallic form of Tetsutetsu and the overall background and color scheme. Nicely done.

Now then let’s get onto the story of the chapter itself, in my usual review and reaction style. First, that was a pretty good start. Itsuka herself being the primary focus for the chapter’s narrative was a smart move, not to mention it highlighting the previous chapter from another perspective. Not only that I really liked how she interacted with Tetsutetsu, Shishida and Monoma, who got knocked out with a chop for running his mouth at the worst time. Served his ass right. Haha. Anyway, we also learned that Mount Lady, Cow Lady and even Uwabami would be working as escorts for the dance. Interesting.

Moving on, we also get to see Tsuyu with Iida in a massage parlor style sequence. I have to tell you, I liked how that was written. Not to mention using this to confirm that they’ll be pairing with each other for the dance themselves. That and the non-lethal poison needle acupuncture. Very clever.

Now for the main part of the chapter, Itsuka herself and Tetsutetsu. I loved how much of it went, even the big sister femdom. It was going really well until he relied on his metallic form on and off. As she thought herself, he’s not as good as Todoroki, but his eagerness definitely makes up for it. Though it’s too bad she cuts him off right towards the end. That was some cold shit, darling. XD

Which leads me to the true ending of this chapter, Mina and Ochaco. We finally get to see exactly what’s going on in Ochaco’s head and it took Mina and some serious prying, and some Yuri action mixed in, to get it out of her. It’s great someone else finally gave her that much needed heart to heart, the Melissa business and all. It was well done.

Overall it was a very good follow up. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Nice work.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, yeah, Itsuka was only interested in earning that check! Was fun to show her kinky side. And how she’s serious about Shoto and such.

As to Ochaco, she needed a solid talking to from a 3rd party to clear her head up. Bakugo doesn’t count as any kind of emotional support.

I saw Ochaco as feeling less certain of herself with Deku with Melissa in the mix because of how well they were getting on when they first met in the movie. I even used the same lines, lol.

1 year ago

How big would Izuku dick become if he went to recovery girl. I know about Shoto and testutestu but how big would Izuku be.not only one for all but recovery girl enchantment on top of that.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Also if you could possibly do a chapter of Izuku getting the enchantment and possibly maybe using one for all with the enhancement. That would be great.

1 year ago

To Everyone, I’m glad this chapter is getting more commentary faster than last week. Sorry about that, I have some plans for Jiro and her singing related to her Quirk, and the songs are stepping stones to that. I recently learned through the manga that her parents are both musicians/singers, I wanna play with that a little. No spoilers, but her quirk has more uses than she’s let on.

1 year ago

More Itsuka, more Itsuka!

Will there be more of Itsuka and Tetsutetsu in the future ?! The image is excellent, and the story is the same!

1 year ago
Reply to  MichaelX

There, should be, though likely not with Tetsutetsu, and even if there is, it won’t be all that romantic. 😛 I got a couple big events I’m hoping to do at the Dance as it comes nearer.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I know, i know! But if there were another encounter, I would like it to be more sexual and mischievous than today’s story was!

1 year ago

Side note since I don’t compliment Rtenzo much. I’m happy with how my request turned out with this picture. Honestly most of my requests have been rather well done so I’ve been glad to get so many haha.

1 year ago

If Izuku is he who has the boys biggest cock, why didn’t Mina decide to be with him instead of Bakugo?.
If we rely a little on Mina’s thoughts and her ideology, it is seen that she prefers to be with someone who has a rather large cock (and also be with good-sized dicks) and Izuku has the cock a little bigger than Bakugo, So why be with Bakugo instead of Izuku? so she could enjoy Izuku’s cock more often and not occasionally.
I understand that now she is not convinced by the fact that Izuku is in a relationship with Tsuyu and Ochako, but why don’t I take advantage of being with him before that happened?.
I know that last season he said he would go for Bakugou, because according to her it would be fun to try to hunt him, but now that we saw a little more about his way of thinking, he leaves me with doubts haha.

Excellent story as always bro, I really like how you wrote to Kendo in this chapter

1 year ago
Reply to  Teto12

You missed the bit waaaaay back when Mina also was interested in Bakugo because of not just his size, but having the energy to put it to good use. We’ve seen how vocal and energetic she is, she also needs guys who can keep up with that energy.

1 year ago
Reply to  Teto12

PS, glad you enjoyed the story. I had fun writing it this week.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

True, I forgot xd jaja.
Bakugou, unlike Izuku, is that he has some more resistance, which Izuku lacks, since he tends to get tired quickly.
at least I remember

1 year ago
Reply to  Teto12

Well, I meant more Mina figured his aggressive persona also translated to he’s a guy that’ll pound her until she’s in full Ahegao. THAT’S what got her interested more after she spied him with Ochaco on that beach. As to his calling her his girlfriend, that AMUSED her. She puts up with his bullcrap and shitty treatment because she’s ready to dump him like a sack of potatoes should she decide to do so. I paired Mina with Bakugo for a reason, her positivity I’m trying to get to rub off on him a bit and make him mellow the f–k out. I get he’s the Vegeta of the series, but I didn’t start liking Vegeta until he chilled out a peg, his insulting Goku becoming banter and not hurtful. He’s not there YET in the manga or anime.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

True, because Bakugou is someone who would fuck a girl without stopping until he is satisfied.
On the other hand with Izuku it is not like that, since he is more gentle, more “understanding” and careful in some way so as not to harm the girl he is fucking with, and that we can see in his last encounter with Mina, when later to fuck his face hard and see that Mina still wants to continue, he doubts and asks about his face, seeing that Mina wanted to continue and she pressed him to continue, he entered trust and we already know what happened next.
And good point, Bakugou may soften a bit with Mina as well as Vegeta with Bulma

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Apart from that Izuku does not last long either since he is training and learning to handle the OFA in sex haha

1 year ago
Reply to  Teto12

It’s the latter, using it and controlling it during sex is exhausting for him. Otherwise he can go as long as Bakugo

1 year ago

This was a really nice chapter and fits right along with last weeks as well. We got a good amount of insight for how Itsuka was handling things as well as seeing what Tsuyu would be up to for the dance.

I also have to say, no wonder we haven’t heard about Melissa working at the club much, the girl is busy making everyone new gadgets haha.

It’s funny how this came out the same week as the recent Bleach chapter because you get two different ways femdom can be taken. While the former was mostly just mean spirited and impersonal, the one you’ve written had both parties deeply enjoying the experience. It was also pretty hot seeing this side of Itsuka and this kink she seems to have. Though the scene felt like it ended pretty abruptly.

Lastly, the conclusion with Ochaco and Mina was a good amount of character development. We see what’s been bothering Ochaco so much and she feels about it. I’m not sure Mina was the best person to speak those thoughts to though as she seems to not be quite the romantic that Ochaco is Haha. Still, I hope she doesn’t take her advance in the sense of not worrying so much about being in a relationship as Deku and Ochaco are cute together and it would be a bummer if they kind of just go a friends with benefits route.

So over all it was a good chapter, and as Itsuka is one of my favorite girls it couldn’t go wrong. Well okay I mean it could have if she bullied her sex partner or if Mineta somehow got involved. Still hate that little grape hahaha.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Bro, I’m a simple man, I see Yushiro I don’t even click therefore I have no idea what happened but yeah, femdom can be friggin’ great and you said it best in the third paragraph “both parties deeply enjoying the experience”.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

LOL I still haven’t read that Bleach story so I’ll take your word there. Melissa hit the ground running so to speak. Making support items like her father for everyone. Now in the manga All Might decided against support items himself, but I plan to have Deku using them as in case of emergency stuff, give him more breathing room as he masters one for all. Not sure when, but at some point he won’t need red mode at all.

Mina I thought would be best to help air things out with for Ochaco.

As for how the Itsuka bit ended, that was meant as a bit of a gag by me, guess it didn’t land well. Sorry.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Oh, you missed that Itsuka did TWO kinks in her session with Tetsutetsu! Yeah the whole Oneesan RP, that was obvious, but, it’s temperature difference that REALLY gets her off! Hence why she enjoys being with Shoto so much aside from the romantic interest I built there.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh I didn’t miss that. I noticed that in the last two parts we’ve seen her have sex with Shoto. That’s why I didn’t mention it here since I think I mentioned it the first time it came up.

1 year ago

How big is Tetsutetsu dick compared to Izuku

1 year ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Doesn’t matter, as he cheated to get that size, and will likely go back to normal later once he runs into movement problems. Deku’s quirk granted him his size and it’s the biggest as far as cannon goes.