Honey Dust Hotties

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Ugh, these things are so heavy!” Sakura complained as she struggled to tie the strings of her five-sizes-too-small bikini top. The fabric of this green bra dug deep into her newly expanded tits. She was still amazed at how easy it was for her to use the expansion jutsu, though Choji only taught her how to use it on her tits and ass, nothing that could be used in combat. She didn’t hold that against him, it IS an Akimichi clan secret jutsu after all.


“I don’t know,” Hinata said as she moved up behind Sakura, grabbing the strings of her top and pressing her foot at the small of the pink haired womans back as she pulled hard before tying a tight knot. “I kinda like it.”


“Seriously?” Sakura asked, wincing slightly as the fabric dug even harder into her skin, her plum sized nipples already slipped out from under the two triangles of fabric. “These easily weigh nearly fourty pounds each.” she said as Hinata finished tying her. “Thanks.” she told her.


“No problem, do me now?” Hinata asked, putting on a golden Bikini top over her own expanded tits.


“Sure, turn around.” Sakura told her. Hinata did so, and Sakura used her technique of pressing her foot against the small of the Hyugas back for support as she pulled the strings tight. “I mean,” The pinkette said as she began struggling to hold the first part of the knot in place, “I’ve seen beach balls smaller.”


“Yeah, but it makes me feel sexy,” Hinata said with a blush, “And besides, they really help when doing titjobs with men like Naruto, the Raikage, and Bee, less moving my whole upper body.”


“Ok, you got me there.” Sakura admitted, her back still ached from her last titty wanking session with Naruto, and her natural size was only as big as her head, and that barely covered half his length! She finally managed to finish tying Hinata’s top and stepped away to grab what was a poor excuse to be called the bikini’s bottoms. Little more than a sideways ‘H’ of dental floss with just enough fabric to cover her inner labia and clit. She tied the sides of the bottoms, making sure that the fabric didn’t dig deep into her pussy.


“Speaking of, who do you want tonight, Raikage-sama or Bee?” Hinata asked as she pulled on her bottoms, the thong back leaving her ass almost completely exposed.


“I’m fine with either.” Sakura said as she tried and failed several times to pull her top down over her nipples. In the end she gave up and looked herself over in the mirror, “You’re right, it does look sexy.” she said to Hinata.


The dark haired girl smiled sweetly as she sat at her dressing room vanity and applied a small bit of some odd white powder to her breasts with a feathery puff. Sakura tilted her head to one side, “What’s that?”


“It’s called Honey Dust, makes the skin silky smooth and smells wonderful.” Hinata told her. Sakura walked over to the dark haired girl. She could smell the stuff instantly, a sweet smell like honey with a hint of flowers. She couldn’t tell Hinata had applied anything where the feathers hand touched, but when she reached a hand out, and traced her fingers along the curve of Hinata’s cleavage…


“Oh wow…” Sakura said, surprised by the actual silky feel of the other girls skin, “So smooth.”


“I know, I wanted to try it tonight before I do the same for Naruto-kun.” Hinata told her.


Sakura smiled at that and looked to the jar on the vanity, “May I?” she asked.


“Sure!” said Hinata, grabbing the feather puff and swirling it in the jar. A very fine cloud rose up from the jar as she lifted it out and began dusting the pink haired womans cleavage. Sakura pulled open her cleavage for Hinata and giggled as the feathers tickled her.


“Really smells nice.” she commented.


“I know.” Hinata agreed as she finished her work and put the applicator away. She then reached over and hefted Sakura tits in her hands. The dark haired girl’s fingers sinking deep into the ultra-soft tit flesh. Sakura moaned softly, her increased size coming with an equally increased sensitivity as her nipples hardened even more.


“Ahhaaaa, cut it out…” Sakura moaned.


Hinata giggled and fondled her even more, “Why? It’s fun teasing you…” she said with a grin, lifting one tit up and brushing her tongue over her nipple. Sakura let out a soft moan as her pussy got damp and she squeezed her thighs together.


“Haaahhhh…” Sakura moaned some more, her cheeks flushing a bright red.


“Okay, let’s go.” Hinata said, all business as she let go of Sakura’s tits and got up.


The pink haired woman gave her friend a sour expression, “You’re awful, you know that?” she told her as she fought to bring her heartbeat down. Hinata had changed so much in just a few years of working here at Busteez. Sakura still remembered how self-conscious she was in that sexy dress she was wearing when they went for their interview with the Busteez manager (who turned out to be Kakashi). Now, her friend was just a few notches below a full-blown nympho.


Hinata giggled and took Sakura’s hand in her own, “Let’s go,” she said, breaking Sakura out of her thoughts. The pink haired woman nodded and followed Hinata out of the dressing room.


The outdoor V.I.P. lounge had a wonderful view of Konoha’s skyline. Every year the village became more and more like a city, with gleaming towers of glass and iron rising up into the air. It was currently summertime, so the pool was uncovered and looked refreshing against the sticky humid air. Sitting naked at the water’s edge was the Raikage A and his little brother Bee.


Sakura felt a flush of pride as both men’s jaws dropped as the two top heavy bimbos waded into the waist deep waters.


“Daaaaamn, dem titties gonna make a cow jealous!~” Bee rapped horribly.


Sitting across from him, the Raikage only nodded approvingly, “Very impressive ladies, I hope you’re ready to put those things to good use.”


Sakura still didn’t like the Raikage very much; she hadn’t forgiven him for the whore comment some time back (even if it was technically true). So she waded over to Bee, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pressing her giant tits against his bare chest. She felt Bee’s dick throbbing between her legs as she straddled his lap. Meanwhile Hinata took the Raikage, moaning as she sat in his lap and letting him begin to fondle her enhanced tits.


The pink haired woman then moaned as Bee grabbed both her tits while she grinded her crotch against his length. The dark skinned man’s hands squeezed and fondled her huge knockers roughly, her top straining to stay in one piece.


“Mmmmmh, is this for me?” Sakura asked in a cute voice as she reached under the water to grip Bee’s dick. She slid her hips back slightly and pulled his cock upright, stroking him slowly as he wrapped his mouth around one of her fat nipples. Sakura moaned at the feel, loving how sensitive her tits were as she stroked the man’s cock with her left hand while fondling his huge balls with her right.


“You know it, I been waiting all month to get back between dem titties! Now dey all big and heavy and looking oh so good!~” Bee told her.


Sakura fought to keep from rolling her eyes; seriously, Bee could use a few lessons in basic rhyming. Instead she only smiled up at him as she slipped off his lap and into the water. He moaned as she lowered her tits around his cock, his huge length was slightly shorter than his brothers, but much thicker as it slipped between her tits. That stuff Hinata used made his dick slip between them like butter and she got a thrill at the way Bee groaned at the feel of her breasts mashing around his dick as the tip peeked out from her cleavage.


Next to her Hinata was following suite, using her arms to press her tits together around the Raikage’s length as the older man leaned his head back and let out a low groan of pleasure.


Smiling at her friend, Sakura began sliding her tits up and down slowly, loving the hot feel of Bee’s hard cock rubbing between them. She looked back at the dark skinned man, smiling up at him as she opened her mouth wide and took the top five inches of his cock in her mouth. She could taste some of the honey dust on him, a sweet flavor that only turned her on more as she moved her whole upper body slowly, bobbing her head and tits up and down the man’s huge dick.


“Oh yeah, that’s the way girl…~” Bee groaned, his dick throbbing in Sakura’s mouth as she moaned around it.


Next to her, Hinata had ditched her top, her ass sticking out of the water as she rocked her entire body back and forth, making a show of licking the underside of the Raikage’s cock whenever it peeked out from between her giant tits. She turned to look at Sakura with a smug expression on her face before pulling her tits back and pulling the Raikage’s cock to her mouth. The older man let out a low groan as Hinata slowly took his ENTIRE length into her mouth. Her throat swelled visibly as it sank down nearly to her stomach.


Sakura’s peridot eyes went wide, when did she learn to do that!? Neither of them was inexperienced when it came to deepthroating a huge dick, but all in one go?! Sakura narrowed her eyes as she lifted her mouth off Bee’s cock long enough to shed her own top. Her heavy tits bounced and jiggled and she felt a wave of relief as they hung free. She smiled as Bee grabbed them both and sucked on each nipple for a while, making her moan as her hands pumped up and down his length.


“Mmmmmh, yeah, that feels so good Bee-sama… Chaaaaa…. Lemme suck this big hard dick now, I want it in my mouth so baaaad…” Sakura whined playfully.


“Mmmmh, I love when you girls talk like that…” Bee groaned as he released Sakura’s heavy tits. She smiled at him as she knelt down in the water, pulling his cock to her lips. She relaxed her throat and took the top half of his cock into her esophagus. She felt her gag reflex making her want to choke, but she fought it down as she forced the rest of his length into her mouth.


“Sho guud… Guh! GUH!! GUH!! GUHHH!!!!” Sakura gag speaked, moving her head up and down, feeling Bee’s cock teasing her stomach with every downward motion. She snaked a hand down between her legs, rubbing at her clit through the fabric of her bikini bottoms. She felt her face flush with arousal as she moaned in lust.


“Oooohh… ahhhh…” was all Bee could manage as Sakura deepthroated his length. She smiled around his cock as she began bobbing her head faster, loving the feel of the man’s cock moving through her throat as she had her own first orgasm of the night.


She glanced back to Hinata, her eyes going wide when she saw her in the Raikage’s lap, his cock already balls deep inside her as she moaned in ecstasy. Water sloshed and splashed around the woman as she bounced up and down.




Sakura almost felt bad for the Raikage, since Hinata was clearly faking, though it seemed he couldn’t tell. Men. Sakura turned her focus back to Bee, moaning around his length as she ripped off her bikini bottoms and slipped three fingers into herself. She silently swore to herself she wouldn’t let Hinata surpass her in blowjobs. Moving her head up and down faster, everything around her became a blur as Bee grunted and groaned. Thick liquid warmth began spurting straight into her stomach as she moaned in genuine pleasure.


She waited for the feeling of his cock throbbing in her throat to let up before she lifted her head off all the way. It took some willpower, but she kept herself from coughing and smiled at Bee, “I hope that wasn’t all…” she said teasingly, enjoying the look of shock on Bee’s face as she spread the lips of her pussy open with her fingers.


It was gonna be a long night.

(Short Story by User: SailorIo)

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