Hoisted By Her Horniness

Yoruichi would be the first to admit that she was a tease. It was so much fun, watching otherwise straight-laced and serious people get so flustered and blush so hard. Sui-Feng was still a favorite target, but Ichigo had turned out to be even more amusing. He was hotheaded to begin with, and a major prude on top of that; it didn’t take much to wind him up, and the colors he turned!


And naturally, he would never dream of taking up Yoruichi on her offers… at least, that used to be the case.


She’d had a lot of fun with Urahara’s latest business venture, but she hadn’t considered that Ichigo been hanging around the eccentric genius even more than she had, or that the orange haired substitute Shinigami might have gotten over his hang-ups regarding sex.


So when Yoruichi teased Ichigo, talking about how horny she was, how hot she was, and how she needed a good hard fucking, she couldn’t predict him tearing off both of their clothes and hoisting her into the air coming.


And when his huge dick pushed into her pussy, she had to cover her mouth with her hand to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her suddenly soaking wet twat was filled up completely; she could feel it stretching around his dick as he lowered her on it all the way.


Then, with a grunt of effort, Ichigo started bouncing her up and down. Her toned ass rubbed against his muscled abdomen; her tits jiggled in all directions as she was fucked outside, in plain view of anyone who might happen to walk by.


The thought of being seen like this, naked and being pounded from behind, completely at Ichigo’s mercy, sent a thrill through the purple-haired beauty. She moaned wantonly, mouth open and tongue hanging out. Yoruichi could feel Ichigo kissing, licking, and sucking on her neck and back; she was probably going to end up with multiple hickies, a reminder of the incredible sex they were having.


And she had a feeling that Ichigo wasn’t going to stop there. If he had the stamina she thought he have, then she could be looking at an ass reaming, tit fucking, and sucking his dick, if it would even fit in her mouth.


All in all, she was probably going to end up getting fucked in all kinds of ways. Not that she was going to object, but she would definitely have to be more careful about teasing Ichigo in the future.


Who knows where he might fuck her next?


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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