Hinata’s Humiliations

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Ooohh, I can’t believe I’m doing this…‘ thought Hinata Uzumaki as she walked naked through the shopping arcade. Aside from the sandals on her feet, she was completely naked from head to toe. But no one was looking at her. That was because even though she was naked, she didn’t look it. It had taken over two hours, but her body had been perfectly painted to look clothes in a skin tight, but still normal looking outfit. To anyone not looking close, Hinata looked as if she were dressed in a sports bra and spandex shorts.


Still, the truth of it was she was totally naked in a crowd of people. Just thinking about it was making her hot; she had to consciously keep herself from getting wet as she passed between two young men.


“Pardon me,” she said. Neither replied and just continued on. A pity, she was hoping that they might look closer and see her hidden nudity.


She walked up to a stall selling fresh vegetables, buying the thickest carrots, daikon, zucchinis, and other phallic shaped vegetables as she’d been told. They were big for veggies, but all still so small as well…


“Hmmm, what do we have here?” asked a voice as a shadow fell over her from behind. She felt a man’s hand on her ass and she pressed her thighs together as he gave it a squeeze, “Looks like a perverted housewife aching for a dick.”


“Ahhhhh…” Hinata shuddered as she pressed her ass back into the man’s hand. She turned her head and offered a lewd smile to Choji Akimichi, “They… They’re all so small though…” she whispered as she felt a trickle of juices running down her thigh as he pressed himself up against her back.


“I thought you ladies said size doesn’t matter…” he said to her, still gripping her ass.


“It’s a lie!” she whispered back.


Choji laughed, “I know, now, buy that big daikon there and shove it into this horny pussy!” he told her.


“Ye… Yes…” Hinata whimpered softly as she reached into her purse and pulled out the money to pay.


The vendor gave her a strange look, “Ma’am, are you alright, you’re shaking.”


“Yes… I’m… I’m fine… Nothing’s wrong… Nothing at all…” she stammered as she leaned back against Choji as he moved his hand from her ass to between her legs. She felt his fingers sliding into her dripping cunt and began slipping back and forth. There were so many people around; someone had to be seeing this! Who could be watching her lewd behavior as she bent forward slightly, pushing her pussy against his fingers.


“He…re…” she told the vendor as she handed him the money. “Keep, the change.” she said as she and Choji hurriedly walked away, bag of vegetables in hand. They only made it a few meters away before he reached his thick fingered hand into the bag and pulled out the thick daikon. It was about as long as her wrist to her elbow, and as thick as her forearm. He slowly pulled his fingers from her pussy and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pushing those fingers against her lips.


Moaning softly, Hinata wrapped her lips around Choji’s fingers, tasting her own juices as he used his other hand to press the tip of the daikon against her pussy. Still sucking on his fingers, Hinata moaned as she guided the vegetable inside herself.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmh…” she moaned around his fingers, swirling her tongue around them as she pressed her body back against his.


“That’s a good slut, now, make sure it’s all the way in, and keep it there as we walk.” he told her.


“Yesh…” she slurred around his fingers, pushing the daikon all the way inside and clenching her inner muscles to hold it there. It was thick, but not as thick as she wanted. She needed to be filled, stuffed full until she felt like she was gonna break. She remembered the way it felt when Choji slammed his cock into her in that back alley, and in her son’s room. So thick, so hard…


“Mmmmmmh, you’ll reward me for this, right…?” she asked when he pulled his fingers away.


“You really are a needy woman.” Choji said with a laugh.


Part of Hinata hated herself for how she was acting, but another part was also turned on at the same time. Being submissive was fun, being degraded made her horny. Even now, as she walked naked down the street with a makeshift dildo in her cunt, her pussy overflowing down her thighs, beginning to wash away the body paint… She chewed her lower lip as she struggled to keep her composure. People were beginning to take notice. She even saw one mother cover her childs eyes as the two of them passed.


Nooo… My nipples… My nipples are gonna get hard…!‘ she thought as she felt them beginning to tighten slowly.


“Heh, be careful, wouldn’t want to get caught like this…” Choji warned, his hand moving back to her ass, fingering her pussy from behind and stirring the daikon around inside her. Hinata’s knee’s trembled with excitement as she had a minor orgasm. It had been over a week since Choji and Tsunade had come to her house for a threesome. In that time, Naruto only actually came home once, and only to sleep, he barely even cuddled with her! After that, Hinata called Choji from the club, asking if he’d like another session. It wasn’t completely unusual, though she doubted any of the girls sounded as needy as she did on the phone.


“Can’t afford it right now.” he had told her.


“Then no charge!” Hinata said instantly.


“Hooo, you need it that bad huh?” Choji asked, and she could almost hear him grinning lecherously. “Tell you what, you need to do a couple of things for me first, prove you aren’t just trying to tease me.”


“Anything.” Hinata agreed.


She probably shouldn’t have said that as they left the shopping arcade together. Her heavy tits kept rubbing together as she moved with the radish stuffed inside her, and the paint was already coming off! Though right now it only made it look like a boob window in her sports bra so long as no one looked too closely. But she was sure her back was almost completely exposed now with the way he kept fingering her pussy and squeezing her ass. She turned once to look at him, seeing him is his usual casual clothes of a loose fitting kimono over his wide frame. But she could see the fabric stained by the paint covering her back.


Once away from the shopping center, the number of people around them dropped sharply and Hinata let out a whimper and moan as Choji took her into a nearby alley way and pushed her up against the wall there. “Please, hurry… I need it so bad…” she panted.


“Not just yet you horny slut,” he told her as he spread her legs and slipped his fingers inside, pulling the daikon out of her enough to grip the base, “I’m not fully convinced yet.”


“What…? But I… Ahhhhaaa…” Hinata moaned as he began pushing the radish in and out of her hard. Her pussy was so worked up it felt almost twice as thick! “Hahh… Yes, don’t stop!!!” she begged as she rocked her hips back against him, her pussy made all kinds of lewd noises as he fucked her with the daikon.


“I thought you said it was too small?” Choji asked.


“It is small… Ahhh, but when… Mmmmmh, you do that… Ahh, fuck me, make me cum please!” Hinata panted, the side of her face pressed against the alley wall as she drooled against the stone surface.


Choji stopped, pulling the daikon out of her pussy with a wet slurping sound and tossing the ruined vegetable down the alley. Hinata let out a pained whine as she fell to her knees, the paint covering her tits smearing down the wall before she turned to look up at him, “No please!” she begged, “More, I want more!” she told him as she knee crawled over, her tits completely exposed now, but she didn’t care.


Choji grinned down at her, “You’re such a slut Hinata, I like this side of you, so honest!”


“Yes, I’m a slut, I’m a slutty housewife that needs a big hard cooock…” she moaned, her hands trying to get inside his robe. She loved being like this, so slutty, so needy, it turned her on so much!


“Ah ah, not just yet, I did say I needed you to do a couple of things for me, didn’t I?” he said as he backed away slowly.


Hinata let out a weak whimper as she put her hands down and nodded, “Yes, wh… What would you like me to do next, master?” she asked him.



“Haah, haah, haah…” Hinata panted as she crawled on all fours. Every motion in this position made the butt plug in her ass stir from side to side. Sweat beaded all over her nearly naked body as she crawled down the street next to Choji. Nearly naked, her only clothes were a red dog collar with a golden plate that read MOMMY, a pair of dark blue thigh high stockings made of a tough but flexible mesh which protected her knees, and a pair of doggy ears on top of her head.


“I still amazed I’m seeing this, you really are a perverted slut Hinata!” said Choji as he walked next to her.


“Haaah, woof, woof!” Hinata answered, she wasn’t allowed to talk, being the man’s pet bitch on tonight’s evening walk. Her pussy wouldn’t stop dripping as she felt the plug in her ass moving constantly. It was a thick one too, with a wide ball at the base so it wouldn’t come out unless purposefully removed.


“I wanted to put a matching tail on you, but I couldn’t find anything in time.” Choji told her, “But I think this is good for now.” he said as he stopped and knelt down, “And I bet you love your little plug, don’t you girl?” he asked Hinata, giving her ass a spank before gabbing the base of the plug and wiggling it vigorously.


“Aaahhhaaaaa…. Woof, wooof…!” Hinata howled, cumming hard as Choji laughed.


“Heh,” Chijo chuckled, “Know the irony here? I’ve been wondering if we should get a pet for Cho-cho.” he told her as he reached under her to grab her heavy hanging tits. “Hmmm, maybe next time I’ll have you dress up like a cow!”


“Woof… woof woof!!!” Hinata barked and panted, loving every humiliating second of this. It may have been late, but there was still a chance someone might see them if they looked out a window. Her, the Hokage’s wife, being treated like a dog and paraded around on a leash. She chewed her lower lip and suppressed a moan as Choji finished fondling her and got back up. He gave a tug on the leash and began heading south again. The plan was for one walk around the block where Hinata’s house was on location, they had made the final turn, and Hinata could already see her home. All the lights were out as her children were already in bed, a good thing, she didn’t know if she could take any more stimulation from all this.


“Annnnd here we are, is doggy ready for her reward?” Choji asked her as they made it to her front door.


“Woof! Woof, woof, woof, haah hahh hahh…” Hinata barked and panted as she got up on her knees, her arms up at her sides in a doggy begging position.


Choji grinned down at her as he opened his robe and lowered the hakama he wore. He’d already expanded his cock, though he hung limply between his legs. Letting out a low needy moan, Hinata leaned forward, taking his flaccid cock in her mouth and moaning in open lust. His cock stunk from the night walk in the humid summer air, but the smell only turned her on more as she felt him getting hard in her mouth!


“Mmmmmph… Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” she moaned, slurping her tongue around him as he swelled in her throat.


Choji groaned softly, looked down at her as she took his half erect cock down her throat. “Mmmmmh, you look so erotic right now Hinata, a total bitch in heat!” he told her.


“Mmmmmmmmph!!!” she moaned, gripping the base of his cock in both her hand, “AGUGH! GUGH! GUGH! GUGH! GUGH! GUGH! GUGH!!!” she gagged on his cock as it got bigger and bigger, filling her throat and making her neck swell around it. Her lips made dirty, wet, slurping noises as she worked her head back and forth, ropes of drool hung from her chin as she salivated all over his length. She wanted this in her pussy so bad, she needed it, her cunt hadn’t stopped dripping since this afternoon. Her hands weren’t nearly enough, she couldn’t make herself cum.


“Cawk…. mmmmph… Caaaawk… Vant bhig caaaawk…” Hinata slurred, then choked as Choji forced his entire length down her throat. “MMMMMMMPH!” she moaned as her pussy gushed like a broken faucet. She was cumming, just with her mouth and throat she was cumming! Her vision blurred as her eyes rolled back, she couldn’t think anymore, all she knew was the strangled pleasure of this fat man’s cock filling her mouth and throat.


Choji groaned as he held his cock in her mouth for a long while until she felt his cum pumping directly into her stomach! Hinata whimpered, she couldn’t taste it at all, only feel the thick liquid warmth filling her belly.


“Huuuguugh…” Hinata coughed when Choji pulled out, his cock giving her face one last spurt of cum, it smelled so strong, she got dizzy. But still, she wanted this, needed it! She used her fingers to push the cum into her mouth, moaning at the taste as she made a show of swallowing every drop.


“That’s a good girl.” Choji said with a grin.


“Ahhaaa… Woof!?” Hinata barked, turning around with her ass in the air and a hopefully look on her face when she looked back at him.


“Ah ah, you still have one task left.” he said, wiggling his finger in the negative. Hinata whimpered like the dog she was.


“Tomorrow, be at the club after sundown.” he told her as he corrected his clothes and turned away. “Do a good job and maybe I’ll fuck your ass!”


“Ahh, WOOF, WOOF WOOF!!!” Hinata barked happily.


“Keep the collar and everything. You might need them again.” Choji told her as he turned to leave. Hinata just squatted naked on her front porch until he was out of sight.



“You know, I never get tired of this place.” said Omoi as he walked with Choji into the main area of Busteez. “Thanks for bringing me out here.”


“No problem, you’re my wife’s old teammate, that makes you as good as family to me.” Choji told him as he walked alongside him through the club. “But hey, isn’t there a franchise in your village now?”


Omoi nodded, “Yeah, but here is the original, just can’t compare. Also, don’t tell anyone I said this, but the women here are prettier.”


Choji let out a big belly laugh, “HAHA, I won’t disagree there. Come on, I arranged a fun show for us tonight.”


“Oh?” Omoi asked.


“Yep, right this way.” he told him as they moved toward a table by the stage. He had timed their arrival tonight as the music in the air shifted from a rock beat to a techno one. In the DJ booth he spotted Tsunade, the older blonde gave a nod to him. The two of them were on better terms as of late; she apologized for her comments about his dick after their trip to Hinata’s house a few days ago by treating him to an all he could eat meal at his favorite Bar-B-Que place. He still grinned at the look on her face when she saw the check, but in all honestly, that was all she needed to do to get back in his good graces. Was still an odd coincidence, the two of them arriving at the same time like that.


“And now, a special event for anyone man enough to show their stuff, Hinata Uzumaki!!!” Tsunade announced. Choji and Omoi sat at a table right in front of the main stage as Hinata walked out stark naked from backstage, her skin was flushed with open arousal, her pussy lips were puffy and pink, and dripping down her thighs non-stop. The nipples of her big tits were hard and bright pink as she groped herself, fingers tugging and pulling them tightly. She was the very picture of a woman lost in lust!


“Please, everyone…” she moaned as she sat down on the stage and began to Masturbate, “COCKS, I NEED COCKS, I WANT THEM IN EVERY HOLE, FUCK… FUCK ME NOW, NO CHARGE, JUST STUFF ALL MY HOLES!!!!” she begged.


“Damn! This place knows how to put on a show.” Omoi said as he got up, but Choji put a hand on his shoulder.


“Just wait a bit.” Choji told him as other men began rushing up to the stage. Within moments, Hinata was sandwitched between three men, their tiny dicks pushing inside her. Hinata moaned for them as she rocked her body slowly, but Choji knew this wasn’t doing anything for her. He grinned as he watched one man after another take his turn. Nearly all of them were average or below. It was almost sad to watch, but he loved how Hinata just moaned, begging for more every time the man in her mouth finished.


“AHHH, MORE, MORE!!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!! IT’S NOT ENOUGH, FUCK ME, COCKS, I NEED COCKS! STUFF MY HORNY HOLES PLEASE, I WANT THEM ALL!!!” Hinata moaned, a look of near madness on her face as she wrapped her lips around the dick of some guy Choji recognized from the Anbu Black Ops. Naruto often called him Yamato, but Choji knew that wasn’t his real name. Hinata moaned happily around his cock as she took it down her throat. Another man, one Choji didn’t know shoved his average dick into her pussy as she lay back on the stage.


“Hah, I almost feel bad for her.” Omoi said, “These guys barely have anything to offer.”


“I know, I don’t think she’s cum once up there.” Choji agreed.


“Heh, well, why don’t we show these chumps how it’s done then?” Omoi suggested.


“Hmm, I think it’s about time.” Choji agreed as the Yamato guy and the other quickly finished. ‘Jeez,‘ he thought, ‘Where’s the stamina!?


As the last two men climbed down from the stage, Choji and Omoi climbed up. Choji had gone with a loose fitting outfit today just for this purpose. Weaving quick hand signs, he shifted most of his body mass to his dick, causing the rest of his body to ‘deflate’ slightly. This made it even easier to strip himself naked on stage. Other patrons cheered as he and Omoi moved up to Hinata as she lay back panting.


“Hey babe, ready for the main course?” Omoi asked, his cock already standing proud and casting a shadow over Hinata’s naked flesh. The dark haired housewife pushed herself up on her hands, a look of open longing on her face as she stared at the two huge cocks now before her.


“You’ve done well Hinata, here’s your reward.” Choji told her.


“HAAAHHHH…!” Hinata howled like an animal as she got up on her knees, grabbing both cocks in her hands. Her mouth went for Choji’s first, and he felt her throat vibrating around his dick as she took more than half his length in a single go!


“MMMMPH!!!! CAWKS, BHIG YUMMY CAAAAWKS!!!!” Hinata slurred around his length. She worked her head back and forth wildly, her lips smacking and slurping around his dick. He loved the way her mouth felt right now, so warm and tight, and so slippery… He let out a groan as he watched her work his entire length into her mouth.


“MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH…!” Hinata moaned as she sucked Choji’s dick while her hand pumped up and down the length of Omoi’s cock.


“Hey now, don’t be neglecting my friend here!” he told her, grabbing her long black hair and pulling her off his cock.


Hinata gasped for breath as ropes of her drool connected her lips to his cock for a hot second, “Ahhhaaa… Cocks, cocks are so delicious!” she gasped, “Please shove them in me more!” she begged as she moved to take Omoi’s cock into her mouth. The blonde haired man let out a groan.


“Oh shit!!! She’s like a vacuum!” he groaned, “Is she some kind of sex demon? She gonna suck my soul out through my dick or something!?”


Choji grinned, “Wouldn’t be the worst way to go!” he laughed, watching as Hinata easily deepthroated his huge dick, her throat swelling visibly.


“AGUGH, GUGH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH…” Hinata gagged around his cock. All around the stage, the other patrons cheered the three of them on.


“Hell yeah, fuck her!!!”


“Make that slut cum!!!”


“Stuff her; I wanna see her go crazy!!!”


Grinning, Choji watched as Hinata moved her head back and forth over and over, drool hung from her mouth and chin as she slurped and sucked his friend’s length while her hand gripped his own. When she heard the crowds cheers she pulled her face away, stroking both men as she looked up at them, “Please, please hurry!!!” she begged.


“AAAHHHAAAH!!!!” Hinata howled like the bitch in heat that she was when Choji and Omoi sandwitched her between them. He let Omoi take her sopping wet cunt; he had a promise to keep after all as he stuffed his full length up her ass!


“MORE… GIVE ME MORE!” she begged as the two of them shoved their cocks all the way inside her, “MMOOREE… IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” she screamed.


Choji grinned, pounding his cock into her asshole as he brought his hand down on one creamy asscheek. Hinata only screamed in pleasure as he spanked her over and over, “Yeah, you like that slut!?”


“INCREDIBLE, I’M GOING CRAZY!!!!” Hinata answered, panting for every breath now as she drooled in ecstasy. “I-IT FEELS GREAT IN MY ASS TOO! THRUST IT IN THERE!!!!”


Choji happily complied, loving the way her rounded asscheeks rippled and jiggled with every impact of his pelvis against her. He could feel Omoi inside her, his cock rubbing against Choji’s with only the thin membrane of Hinata’s insides dividing them.


“Fuuuuck, this pussy is great, I can’t get enough!!” Omoi groaned, pumping his hips with Choji, the two of them finding a quick rhythm.


“AHHH, IT’S HITTING SO DEEEEEP! IT’S REACHING MY WOMB!!!!” Hinata screamed, “I LOVE THIS! THIS IS WHAT I WANTED! BIG COCKS ARE STUFFING INTO ME! THEY’RE SCRAPING MY INSIDES, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!” she howled, rocking her body and rolling her hips into their thrusts.


“BOTH COCKS ARE GRINDING AGAINST MY ASS AND WOMB!” she moaned, her face insane in pleasure. Money began flitting through the air like snow, raining down on the trio as Hinata panted and moaned louder than the blaring music! “I CAN’T STOP MYSELF!!! FUCK ME MORE AND MORE!!!! I WANT IT!!!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT FROM LIFE!!!! GRIND YOUR DICK AGAINST MY WOMB!!!” she screamed, looking down at Omoi before locking her mouth to his in a lewd sloppy kiss. Their tongue swirled around one another’s, the audience cheering even louder now.


Choji groaned, loving the feel of her body convulsing in one orgasm after another. He spanked her ass again before he started pounding into her even faster. Hinata let out a joyous moan, breaking her kiss and screaming, “YESSSS, MIX AND MESS MY INSIDES!!! I LOVE THESE COCKS!!! GIVE THEM TO ME MOOORE!!!!”


“MY ASS IS BEING DESTORYED, IT’S INCREDIBLE!!!” Hinata screamed as Choji yanked on her hair, pulling her up and grabbing both her tits before leaning over her shoulder to kiss her hard. “MMMMMMMH, I’M GONNA CUM FROM MY ASSSS!!!” she moaned into his mouth.




“You whore!!!” Omoi groaned.




“Fuuuck…” Choji groaned as Hinata’s ass gripped him like a vice, he couldn’t hold back any longer, listening to her go on and on like this was too much as he began cumming inside her. Beneath her, Omoi grunted as he began cumming as well.


“YESSSSS, CUM, THERE’S SO MUCH CUM FLOWING INTO MEEEEE!!!” Hinata howled in utter orgasmic madness. Her entire body then suddenly went limp as she lost all strength. She panted hard, her body still convulsing slightly as she whispered, “More, more… Fuck me a lot!”


Choji just grinned, looking forward to the rest of the night. Idly he wondered if they’d be allowed to keep a share of all the money falling around them?

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Jajaja ahora es hinata la ninfomana :v
Lo digo porque acabo de leer la parte 8 de la.historia centrada en sakura