Hinata’s Double Surprise

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Moving through the V.I.P. room made up to be exactly like the Hokage’s office, Hinata and Tsunade diligently cleaned it in preparation for their next client.


“So,” Tsunade said, “Three hours of oral, anal, and damned near every position you could manage in water and Naruto still couldn’t decide???”


Hinata nodded, “Yep, Sakura-san and I agreed to a tie, and now we both get Naruto-kun alone for a week.” she said as she spread a fresh sheet over the large couch on one side of the room. “We flipped a coin to see who went first, and I won.”


“Lucky girl.” Tsunade said jealously as she opened a box, pulling out a large strap-on dildo. It had been very difficult to make this particular one since it was cast from a mold of Naruto’s cock. Anko, Tenten, and Temari had to do a full lesbian threesome in front of him to help him stay hard long enough for the mold to set.


“So Tsunade-sama, after tonight, I heard you’re headed for the beach house with Sakura-san and the new girls for a weekend with Choji-kun???” Hinata asked as she began stripping out of her clothes, her fat tits bouncing enticingly.


Tsunade shook her head, “That WAS the plan, but I got out of it, I’m sending Shizune in my place. Let her break in Chubby’s pencil dick.”


Hinata stifled a laugh as Tsunade stripped naked as well. Both women took a long moment to admire one another’s sexy bodies, with their huge tits and well-rounded asses. The dark haired Hyuga then assisted Tsunade in putting on the artificial phallus while the blonde let her hair out of the usual twin ponytails she normally wears.


“So, what’s the plan supposed to be again?” Hinata asked as she began lubing up Tsunade black latex cock with some special gel kept in the desk nearby.


“Fantasy piece, I’m still Hokage, and our guest walks in on us fucking and joins us. The order said the client wanted me specifically and any other girl, so thanks for joining me on this one.” Tsunade told her as she eyed Hinata’s figure lewdly. The dark haired girl nodded and blushed, she’d had sex with Tsunade, Sakura, and a couple of other girls several times now, but it still made her bashful when someone looked at her like that, especially when she was already naked.


Hinata moved to adjust the sheet covering the couch again, “It’s no problem, so when do we– STAAAARRRT?!?!!” Hinata squealed as Tsunade grabbed her plump ass and jammed the dildo straight up her unsuspecting asshole.


“AAHHHH!! TSUNADE-SAMAAA, MY ASS!!!! MMYYY AAASSSSS!!!!!” Hinata screamed in pleasure, her opal eyes crossing as her pussy burst like a balloon. Her heavy tits wobbled back and forth as Tsunade thrusted into her again and again, her hips making a loud smacking noise every time she thrusted the full length of the “Naruto-Dildo” up Hinata’s subservient ass.


“Hmmhmmmhmm, you always pretend to hate it, but your body doesn’t lie Hinata, you just love taking it in your ass!” said Tsunade as she squeezed the creamy skin of her butt, loving how her fingers sank into the pliant flesh. She also noticed that the dildo sank in a little TOO easily, and not because of the special lube they were using. Hinata wasn’t kidding when she told the staff about having done many hours of anal everyday with her boyfriend. It had to haven taken a lot of practice to be able to accommodate his meatpole with such ease!


“Haahh… Ahhhaa… Haaahhh…” Hinata panted, her tongue hanging from her lips as she rocked back into Tsunade’s thrusts. “Naruto-kuuuuun…” she moaned. Tsunade giggled, giving the girl another hard spank just as the door slowly opened to admit the night’s client.


A head of long dark hair that came down passed her shoulders. Tsunade was surprised as she didn’t expect it to be a woman, though she didn’t mind. But as the figure came closer, Tsunade’s eyes widened as Hanabi Hyuga walked inside. She stopped the motions of her hips and Hinata whimpered, “Tsunade-sama, don’t stoooop… I beg of yooou…” the last word dragging as she saw the identity of their client.


“HANABI?!?!?!” Hinata said with a gasp.


“Onee-chan…?” replied Hanabi, who was a lot less shocked than her older sibling.


Hinata’s entire body turned tomato red as she pulled herself off Tsunade’s dildo with a loud and wet sucking ‘pop’. She then quickly ripped the sheet off of the couch and draped it around her naked body, “AHH HAAHHAHH!!” she cried as she bolted passed her little sister and into the hall outside.


Tsunade sighed and walked over to Hanabi, “I’m so sorry Hanabi, the work order didn’t say it was you. Had I known, I wouldn’t have asked your sister to join me.”


Hanabi sighed, “Jeez, what’s the big deal? It’s not like I haven’t seen her naked like a thousand times since she started dating Naruto and working here!” she said as she leaned back out into the hall, “Seriously big sis, grow up!” she called out to her.

Story by Sailor Io

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2 years ago

Hehe story needed to be longer I think~
Is there one where Tsunade teaches the new daughters in Baruto what it means to play lesbian?