Hero ASSociation ASSistance

You’re the best one for the job!’’ Tatsumaki thought sarcastically, replaying what the Hero Association told her as she bounced up and down. ‘X-City needs you, and we have complete faith that you’ll be able to handle this monster by yourself.’ When I get back, I’m going to–!


Yet another orgasm slammed into her powerfully hard, derailing her train of thought as she gasped and moaned, biting her lower lip. A second later, Saitama’s shot his load into her fat ass, almost making her cum again.


And of course…


“You’re still horny?!” she demanded incredulously. His enormous dick hadn’t softened in the least; if anything, it was even harder! “How much longer are you going to fuck me?!”


Saitama just shrugged, a comical deadpan expression on his face. “What can I say? I guess you just really turn me on; and it’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, so that’s probably a part of it.”


Blushing in anger (and a little bit of pleasure at knowing he found her sexy), Tatsumaki glared down at him. “Don’t look down on me, baldy! I’m not just any ordinary woman!”


Saitama scowled briefly back at her before smiling. The green haired beauty gasped as he suddenly grabbed her ass, squeezing and rubbing it. “I guess you’re right. Especially not with this big ass. Since when have you had such a nice butt?”


“I’ve always had this!” she told him, feeling her own arousal surge as he kept playing with her ass. It was so sensitive, and all of their fucking had already gotten her worked up.


Shrugging again, Saitama began pumping his dick again, chuckling at the deepening blush on Tatsumaki’s face. “Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Ready for another round? I bet I can make you cum again before I do.”


“Ha! In your dreams!” she sneered, tightening her pussy and bouncing as fast as she could. “This time, I’ll win for sure!”

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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