Harribel Ready and Rearing to Hump


Harribel grinded her thong covered pussy against the man’s cock, biting her lip to keep from moaning as the motion pushed her arousal even higher.


She was almost finished with the striptease, and it was tempting to simply rip her tiny panties and wispy bra off her body, tackle her client, and demand he fuck her senseless.


But that wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying in the long run, so she got off his lap and slowly peeled off her thong, shaking her tits in his face.  Her bra was next, and she turned around, twerking her huge butt cheeks as she let the fabric drop to the floor.


Now she stood naked in the middle of the room, with only a couple of arrow pasties covering her nipples, giving the man a challenging look.


He grinned back at her, his cock sticking out from his body like a spike.  Satisfied, she smiled back and climbed onto the bed, sitting so that her enormous ass was proudly displayed.  Looking over her shoulder, she gave him her best ‘come fuck me’ smirk.


He couldn’t get over to the bed fast enough.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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9 months ago

Harribel, still the best

2 years ago

Harribel in the bed…Maximum pleasure <3 big thanks for this pic and story