Hard Fit for Shinobi Sarada

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Walking home from the market, Sarada Uchiha sighed from the heat and humidity. It was getting worse; the village was in a massive heat wave, not a drop of rain in over a week. Just walking outdoors was like being in an oven, a giant sticky oven.


All the dark haired girl wanted was to go home and take a cool bath before making dinner. She glanced at a store window that flashed the current time and temperature. She’d be home extra early today. The mission she’d agreed to take was canceled at the last minute, giving the rest of the day to herself. She decided to surprise her mother with one of her home cooked meals.


The walk home from the market was thankfully brief, and as she unlocked the door, the blissfully cool air of her home welcomed her inside. “I’m home!” she called out, but there was no reply. Shrugging, she took off her shoes and went inside, heading straight to the kitchen to drop the bags she carried on the counter. There was a faint sound in the air, a light creaking just at the edge of her hearing. She cupped her hands against her ears, listening closer…


“Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhhaaaa…” she could hear a woman moaning, “…arder… Haaarderrr… Ahhhaaaa… Yessss… make me your biiitch…!” the woman she recognized as her mother panted. Sarada blushed, guessing her father was home, which made her excited, but also embarrassed as those sounds could only mean one thing. She felt her face turning red as she listened to her mother panting and moaning, her moans muted only occasionally by the sound of a bed creaking from the rapid motions on it.


Knowing she shouldn’t but her curiosity getting the better of her, Sarada headed upstairs to the bedrooms. The creaking and moaning was louder there, as was the SMACK SMACK SMACK of bodies slapping together.


“OOOOH FUUUUCK YES, MORE, MORE, FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Sakura screamed, her voice clear even through the closed door to her bedroom. Sarada silently walked up to the door, it wasn’t locked and the handle turned silently, not that anyone could have heard much over the pink haired womans cries. She began to open the door, but stopped… This was wrong, she shouldn’t peek in on her parents having sex, and it was gross. But, she had been curious about it for a while now. Especially since that Kaguya lady stopped in with her mother after one night of work at the club. The ivory skinned woman made Sarada nervous for some reason, maybe it was that third Sharingan eye of hers, and how it seemed to look into her very soul.


Kaguya called Sarada cute, and told her she’d be a true heart breaker at the club one day. Her mother vehemently denied that Sarada would ever work there, to which Kaguya just laughed. ‘She can’t stay a virgin forever, unless you want her to be a nun.’ she had told her.


Sarada was fully aware of what work her mother did at Busteez, it was one of the reasons she had stupidly thought she might be Karin’s daughter a few years ago. Ever since that night, she had been more than a little curious about sex, but was too embarrassed to ask her mother or father anything about it. Her curiosity finally winning out, Sarada turned the knob again, thankful that the doors hinges were well lubricated as it slid open silently. Sarada’s dark eyes went wide at the image that greeted her.


Her mother lay on the bed, her face against the mattress with a lewd expression, her ass high in the air. But the one standing above her, pounding his ridiculously huge dick into her pussy wasn’t her father…


“B… Boruto…?!” she said, her voice barely a whisper.


“Haaahhh… Boruto, so good, my pussy… ahhhaaaaa, my pussy is so fuuulllll…” Sakura panted and moaned as she drooled onto the bed sheets.


Sarada gulped, unable to look away as she watched her friends huge cock slamming into her mother over and over, stretching her pussy wide and making her belly tent visibly every time he thrusted in all the way. The dark haired girl felt a twinge between her legs as she watched Boruto and her mother. The look of crazed pleasure on her mother’s face every time Boruto’s cock went all the way inside.


It’s so big…‘ she thought, ‘I never… Does it really feel that good?


She watched them through the door for several minutes, her hand snaking down under her skirt. Her panties were completely soaked as she stroked her pussy through the damp fabric. Chewing her lower lip, she tried to imagine what it might feel like to have that huge thing inside her, making her pant and moan. She heard Boruto say something, but didn’t catch it over her mother’s moans.


“YES… AHAHAHHH… DO IT…. CUM INSIDE MEEEEEEE…!!” Sakura moaned, her entire body going rigid as she screamed in ecstasy. Sarada watched as thick white cum poured back out around Boruto’s cock as he came inside her mother. The dark haired girl gripped the doorframe tight as her pussy gushed in her panties, juices running down her thighs as she made herself cum as well.


Boruto fell back on the bed, his huge dick pulling out of Sakura with a wet pop. Sarada held back a gasp at the way her mother’s pussy gaped wide for a long moment before she lost view of it as she turned around to begin licking the boys cock clean.


She finally managed to turn away from the scene, silently moving to her bedroom to change clothes. She used her window to go back outside, wanting to avoid the chance of the two of them seeing her as she went back downstairs. She waited a full five minutes before she reentered the house, making more noise this time. She smiled to herself as she heard just the slightest scramble upstairs. Moving back to the kitchen, she began unpacking the grocery bags as her mother came down. Sarada hid her surprise at how non-disheveled her mother looked. Though her skin was slightly flushed.


“Sarada, you’re home early.” she said.


Sarada smiled, “Yeah, the mission was canceled at the last minute” she said honestly. Out of the corner of her vision, she spotted Boruto dropping down from the second floor through the window. She kept her expression even as she began chopping a carrot on the cutting board. “I thought I might make a stew tonight.”


“Oh, that sounds great!” Sakura said with a smile.



Several days later, Sarada smiled as she finished making her report on her team’s mission. It was a dull escort mission, barely a C-rank and completely uneventful. After bidding farewell to Mitsuki, Sarada turned to Boruto, “Hey Boruto, can I talk to you for a bit?”


The blonde blinked, “Hmm, sure, what’s up Sarada-san?”


“Not here, let’s go to my house. It’s important.” she told him.


Boruto looked confused, but agreed. They took the train to her neighborhood, she knew her mother was away for at least a day and wanted to take advantage of her absence. Once they were inside, she locked the door behind her as Boruto took off his shoes just inside the door.


“So Sarada, what did youuuu…!!” Boruto yelled as Sarada pinned him to the wall, “Hey, Sarada, what gives dattebasa!?”


“I saw you.” she said evenly, “I wanna know why you were having sex with my mother?!” she asked starring him in the eyes as she pressed him against the wall hard enough to make the drywall behind him crack.


Boruto paled, and Sarada squeezed his shoulders, making him wince.


“If you’re gonna have sex, it should be with someone your own age! My mom and your mom are the same age, it’s weird!” she told him.


Some color returned to his face, “Huh, that’s your problem?”


She let go and adjusted her glasses. “What else would it be?” she asked, “You’re the son of the Seventh Hokage. Don’t you realize that means you can have any girl you want, why go after an older woman like my mom?”


“Um, it wasn’t like that…” Boruto began, “You see…”


Sarada felt herself blushing as she spoke, “I mean, I’m right here, not that I like-like you like that, but still…”


“Wait, Sarada… What…?”


“Is it because you think I’m flat? I know most guys like big tits and all…” she muttered, shrugging out of the top of her dress, revealing the tight wrappings beneath, “Because if it’s that…” she told him as she used a kunai from her hip pouch to slice open the top binding. The wrappings ripped open one by one as her tits spilled out of them, ballooning to nearly the size of her head as she let out a sigh of relief.


“I nearly have my mother beat.” she said with a grin.


Boruto paled again as his jaw dropped, though not from fear this time as Sarada saw a swell in his pants. She smirked proudly, “They started growing before I enrolled in the academy, and mom had me use a special seal to hide them because she didn’t want all the boys chasing me.”


She then dropped to her knees, “You’re an idiot, but you’re also a good person,” she told him as she undid his pants, “There’re worse choices since I fully plan to work at Busteez in a few years.” she told him.


“Eh?” Boruto asked as he looked down at her, “Choices, for what?”


“Who to give my virginity to dumbass!” Sarada told him with an annoyed expression that was quickly replaced with one of shock and awe as his cock flopped out of his pants as she pulled them down, “Holy…” she whispered. She’d seen him before the other day, but now, up close, how had her mother taken this thing!? She gulped as she lifted her arm up, touching her elbow to the base of his cock, her fingers couldn’t even reach the mushroomed tip of his length. And talk about THICK, he was easily thicker than twice the size of her forearm. ‘This,‘ she thought, ‘This would make a horse jealous!


“Holy…” she managed to say as she began slowly stroking his length with one hand and moving the other to cup one massive nut.


“Um, yeah…” Boruto said with a blush as he looked to his left. “It’s why I’ve been with older women.” He then winced, “Ahaa, Sarada-san, you’re squeezing a bit too tight there…”


“WoMEN?” Sarada echoed, emphasizing the last part, and giving his ball another less than gentle squeeze. “As in plural?!” she asked as she stood up, arms crossed under her heavy tits, pushing them up as her nipples stiffened in the cool air of the room.


He nodded and Sarada felt her eyebrow twitching, “Just, how many women have you been with?!” she asked. Boruto lifted his right hand and began muttering quietly as he counted.


You know, your mom asked me the same thing…” he told her.


“Forget it, I don’t want to know!” she yelled, grabbing his wrist and pulling him deeper into the house, “Come on!”


Boruto stumbled over his pants as they fell around his ankles, eventually kicking them off as she took him back to her bedroom. She shoved him back onto her bed as she finished stripping down, smiling proudly at the way he eyed her body. She didn’t like admitting it, but it turned her on to have him looking at her naked body with a throbbing erection. Her heart pounded with a mix of excitement and trepidation as she climbed onto the bed with him. Sarada recalled the few times she’d gotten her mother to talk about her club work, and remembered one thing in particular as she smiled at Boruto as she crawled up to him, nestling his huge dick between her heavy tits. It was hot, and softer to the touch that she had imagined, but somehow still hard. He groaned as she pressed her tits around the top half of his length.


You know, Sarada-san, your mom told me I shouldn’t…” Boruto began to say.


“Shut up Boruto.” Sarada told him as she took her first lick, brushing her tongue along the underside of his cock. It wasn’t like anything she had imagined; his skin tasted like that, just skin, a little salty and not much else. She rocked her upper body up and down, rubbing his length between her tits. Sarada rather liked the feel of it against her body, but Boruto looked almost bored as she looked down at the nearly apple sized tip.


She opened her mouth wide, her jaw aching as she tried to get it all in her mouth. She’d barely managed to get the head inside when she felt it brush against the back of her throat. Instantly she pulled back, coughing hard as she tried to keep herself from choking when her gag reflex hit hard.


“Sarada-san, you okay?” Boruto asked, genuine concern in his voice.


“I’m fine,” she said, still coughing, “Jeez, how does anyone do that?”


He shrugged, “I don’t know, no one I’ve been with ever had a problem before….”


“Not helping…” Sarada groaned.




Sarada stood up on her knees, “Fine, backburner that for now, lay back down.” she told him. He did as told and she clumsily moved to straddle his waist, gulping softly as she felt his length rubbing against the folds of her pussy.


“Sarada-san, are you sure about this?” Boruto asked.


“Completely.” she said sternly as she lined his cock up with her pussy as lowered herself down. Her eyes went wide as she felt his length spreading her pussy lips wide. There was some pain as her hymen was completely obliterated, but it was fleeting as for a split second everything became sharper in her vision. It took her a second to realize she’d triggered her Sharingan, but it only lasted that single second before everything went blurry, then black.



Sarada woke to the worst smelling thing she’d ever inhaled. She was instantly awake and alert, sitting up in her bed as she looked around. “Gehh…” she gulped when she discovered her mother regarding her with a mix of amusement and annoyance on her face as she sat on the chair in front of her desk, a tiny vial in her hand, a nasal stimulant.


“I sent Boruto home.” she said without preamble. “He called me when he couldn’t revive you on his own. He was a little freaked out.” she said with a laugh. “He told me what happened, so I let him off with a bump on the noggin’ and a black eye.” she told her, knocking herself on her head and winking.


“Mom…” Sarada began.


“Well, I did tell him not to touch you.” she said with an impish smile.


“That’s not what I meant.” Sarada said, looking down at her pillow.


Sakura’s expression turned slightly more serious, “I know.” she said, then sighed, “Haaaa, I suppose Kaguya was right, I can’t expect you to stay a virgin forever. Still you aim high, but I guess you get that from both your father and I.”


“Speaking of dad…” Sarada began and her mother held up a hand.


“I know what you’re gonna say and don’t, it’s just sex with Boruto and I. A woman has needs, which I see you’re beginning to develop.” she said before standing up, hands on her hips, “So in a few days, or as soon as his eye heals, invite Boruto back, I’ll teach you how it’s done.”


Sarada felt her face turning red, “Mom, wait, what, you… You mean, you want me to watch…?”


That earned a less than gentle chop to the top of her head, “No, well, maybe a little, but I’ll show you how to take someone Boruto’s size without fainting. Consider it some special training if you wanna work at Busteez later.” she told her with a wink. She then reached into her medical bag and produced a jar of some salve. Sarada recognized the Hyuga clan sigil on the lid. “For now, apply this to your pussy, and use it when you masturbate, and don’t try and deny you do it.” she said, laughing hard when Sarada blushed again, “Oh please honey, if you wanna work at the club… You can’t be so bashful…” she said between peals of laughter. “The look on your face right now… Haaa, I saw Hinata like that once, when her sister accidentally booked a Yuri three-way with her, Shaaa, classic…”



It was more than a week before Sarada worked up the courage to invite Boruto back to her house. Though it wasn’t that she was afraid, more, embarrassed. Passing out from losing her virginity, she didn’t think there could be anything more humiliating.


“Don’t worry about it.” Boruto told her, “Not really the first time that’s happened.”


“What, when, with who?” Sarada asked, then she held up a hand, “Forget it, I don’t think I want to know.”


He grinned, “So, Sakura’ll be joining us this time?” he asked as they reached her house and she unlocked the door.


She nodded and ushered the blonde inside, closing and locking the door behind them. The first thing she noticed when they took off their shoes and walked inside was the smell. The entire house smelled like scented candles, a rich, flowery scent she couldn’t identify but not at all unpleasant. Under that she could smell cooking food. ‘Oh god, is she making this a date!?‘ Sarada thought as she felt her face turning red.


“Hey, that smells pretty good,” Boruto said, taking a couple whiffs of the air, “I think it’s curry.”


“It is,” came Sakura’s voice. Sarada felt her jaw drop when her mother came out from around one corner, dressed only in a soft pink nightie that was so sheer NOTHING was left to the imagination. Her nipples were already erect, straining the silk covering them, and her pussy was completely bald as if freshly shaven, the same went for her legs. “Welcome home Sarada, Boruto.” she said with a smile.


“MOM!? What are you…? That outfit… What’s going on!?” Sarada stammered.


Sakura giggled, “You’re cute when you get flustered,” she said as she waved for the two of them to follow her into the dining room where three places had already been set. “My baby girl is becoming a proper woman tonight; I figured that merited a little celebration.”


Sarada couldn’t think of an argument that wouldn’t make all this more embarrassing than it already was. So she just followed her mother and Boruto into the dining room and took her seat next to him. The curry did smell great, and looking down at her plate she was beginning to feel a bit hungry. Her mother went about filling the plates with rice and the curry. She set one plate in front of Sarada, and one for Boruto. She didn’t fill the third plate though, and Sarada quickly discovered why as she took a seat on Boruto’s lap, her big tits right in his face and naked ass on his thigh as she took a spoon from the table and took a scoop of food. Sarada watched, her dark eyes wide as Sakura held the spoon up for the blonde.


“Say ‘Ahhhh…'” Sakura said with a smile, opening her mouth wide. Boruto did as told, and Sakura gave her a serious expression that said ‘Watch and learn.’


Boruto chewed on his bit of food, his cheeks flushing slightly, though Sarada doubted it was the spices in the curry as her mother grinded her ass on his lap. “Mmmmh, it’s good…” said Boruto after swallowing.


“Why thank you!” Sakura said sweetly as she got another spoonful for him, her free hand moving to rub against his other leg, which now had a distinct lump running down his thigh.


Sarada felt herself blushing as she took a bite off her own plate and watched while her mother both spoon fed her friend and at the same time undid the front of his pants. Her blush deepened when the pink haired woman pulled his cock out with ease, stroking it casually until he was fully erect. Sarada again marveled at the sheer size of him as her mother began slowly stroking Boruto’s cock, her fingers unable to close fully around his thickness.


“Sarada, be a dear and help me with this.” Sakura said.


“Gheep!” Sarada gulped, “Um… What… What should I do…?” she asked.


Sakura smiled brightly, “Here, take his other leg,” she said, patting Boruto’s other thigh. Still nervous and more than a little embarrassed, Sarada did as told. Boruto’s leg was narrow, and it took her a moment to find her balance. She shot him a dark look while thinking hard, ‘Complain about my weight and you’re so dead.’


Sakura smiled again, “Good, now here,” she told her, grabbing Sarada’s left hand and placing it on the underside of Boruto’s cock. She could feel his heart beating a mile a minute as her mother made her grip his thick length. “I’m guessing before Boruto, you’ve never seen one outside of a book?”


Sarada nodded, and Sakura spoon-fed Boruto another bite of curry, likely to keep him quiet as she instructed her in how to stroke a man’s dick, “You need to start off slow,” she told her, “Let him get used to the feel of your hand.” She and her mother then began moving their hands together, sliding up and down Boruto’s cock. The young blonde made a soft groaning sound as he swallowed.


“See, that’s the sound you wanna hear.” Sakura said, pulling her hand away, but letting Sarada continue. Part of her liked the way his cock felt in her hand, soft on the surface, but so hard at the same time. She began slowly speeding up her motions, moving to grasp his length with her other hand.


“Ahhhaaaa, that feels great, dattebasa…” Boruto groaned. Sarada tried and failed to suppress a smile before gasping as her mother made several hand seals too fast for her eyes to follow.


“Got this idea from a comic I read when I was a kid,” she said before touching a hand to Sarada’s dress, “Dress Break No Jutsu!”


Sarada gasped as she felt a sensation like a thousand ants rapidly crawling all over her body from front to back. She heard a sound like fabric being shredded as her clothes were blasted to bits by an unseen force. Her breasts suddenly ballooned to their actual size, easily as big as her head and capped with bright pink nipples already stiff from her own arousal. All that was left of her clothes were the thong panties she had on underneath everything.


“Wow, nice trick!” Boruto said, blinking his eyes in surprise.


“Actually a pretty useful one in the E.R. for getting a patient’s clothes off fast.” Sakura said as she reached out to grope Sarada’s right tit, hefting and squeezing it softly. The dark haired girl couldn’t help but moan softly, her tits were always so sensitive after coming out of their sealed state.


“Heh, that’s a cute moan Sarada…” Sakura said, moving to grope both her tits now, “Mmmmh, they’ve gotten bigger again, I’ll have to tweak the seal wraps a bit.”


“Ahhaaa, mom…” Sarada panted, squirming on Boruto’s leg as her pussy got even wetter, “Do… Don’t squeeze… So haahaaard…” she moaned, her hands pumping up and down Boruto’s cock faster now as she spread her legs slightly. Moving to straddle his thigh and grind her pussy against his pant leg, the fabric turning dark with her juices.


The pink haired woman giggled again, squeezing Sarada’s tits once more as she slipped off Boruto’s lap and knelt in front of him. She moved to slow Sarada’s hands as Boruto began to shudder softly. “Easy, you don’t want him to cum yet, watch…” she told her.


Sarada then watched as her mother cupped his heavy balls in her hands, leaning in to press her ruby painted lips against the base of his cock. She looked up at both of them with a smile as she planted soft kisses up the underside of his dick. Sarada pulled her hands away, watching in awe as her mother made her way to the tip of his cock then opened her mouth wide.


“Ooooohhh…” Boruto shuddered as Sakura took his cock down her throat slowly. She watched her mother’s throat stretch around the girth of his cock as it all slipped between her lips.


“Mmmmmmph…mmmph…mmmph…” Sakura moaned, moving her head back and forth, taking all of Boruto’s length with every in stroke! Sarada watched, her eyes wide, her mother made it look so easy, she could hardly believe what she saw. Sakura looked up at her with a twinkle in her peridot colored eyes and made a come hither gesture with her hand. The dark haired girl slipped off of Boruto’s leg and knelt close to her mother, keenly aware of their naked bodies touching as she slowly lifted her head up and off Boruto’s cock with a sucking noise.


“Mmmmmmmmmmh…” Sakura moaned, leaning her head down to lick his cock from back to tip again, the length rubbing against her face the entire way. “It’s easier than it looks.” she told her daughter, “Don’t let the size scare you.” she told her before getting up and having Sarada climb off him as well. “Come,” she told the two of them and led them back to the master bedroom. She shed her nightie and had Boruto strip down naked before all of them climbed onto the king sized bed with its pink sheets that matched her mother’s hair.


Boruto sat on the edge of the bed, his cock still throbbing as Sakura squatted behind him. Sarada crawled up next to him after losing her thong panties. She was glad her mother hadn’t shredded those, she liked that pair. Sakura leaned Boruto against her thigh before shoving one heavy tit in his face. His mouth instantly wrapped around her nipple and she grinned as she guided Sarada closer to his cock.


“Now, just go little by little, if you choke a little, that just means you’re doing it right.” she told her as she grabbed his thickness and held his length upright. “First, do as I did,” she said.


Sarada nodded, moving to kiss and lick the blonde’s right nut. Then, she slowly ran her tongue up from his balls to the side of his shaft, and then going up the length again. Sarada began feeling more than a little aroused now, the taste and smell of Boruto’s cock was turning her on! Her pussy felt hot and tingly, she fought the urge to touch herself, as the salve her mother gave her to help soothe her torn hymen and masturbate with had made her all the more sensitive there. More than once this week she’d gone without panties as the feel of them against her soft pink pussy was driving her insane!


When she reached the tip of his cock, Sarada made a show of taking the fat head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the pink head of his dick then pulling it out of her mouth with a soft ‘pop’. Sarada then leaned in closer, licking the tip of his penis with her soft tongue.


“Ooooohhhoooo…” Boruto shudder, Sarada could feel his eyes watching her, but she only looked up at her mother as she felt the older woman’s hand on her ass. Sarada let out a soft whimper, pressing her butt back against her mother’s hand as she felt more of Boruto’s cock in her mouth. Her jaw ached at the thickness of his cock, but not in a bad way. Her whimpers turned to a moan as Sakura gave her ass a squeeze, and then moved her hand between her legs. She moaned again as she felt her mother’s fingers along the moist folds of her pussy! Her touch was gentle and firm at the same time as she closed her eyes and felt her mothers fingers gently slip into her pussy deeply before pulling out slowly. The pink haired woman then traced her digits up Sarada’s spine, sending tingles throughout her body before her hand came to rest at the back of her head, gently urging her forward.


“Mmmmmmmph…” Sarada moaned, feeling his cock sliding into her throat little by little. She felt herself choke a little, but nowhere near as intensely as before as she took him deeper. Sakura’s hand moved to her throat, gently massaging her neck as she felt it begin to swell as she took him deeper still.


“Ahhhaaa, Sarada-san… That feels… So great…” Boruto groaned, and the dark haired girl felt a flush of pride as she opened her eyes to see more than half his length was in her mouth!


“Mmmmmh, keep going honey, you’re doing great…” Sakura whispered encouragingly as she began slipping her fingers in and out of her pussy slowly, making the dark haired girl moan again as she rocked her hips against them.


Above her, Boruto shuddered in pleasure, leaning his head back as Sarada continued inching down his length. Her jaw muscles ached, but in a good way as she felt her lips press against the base of his dick. His tuft of public hair tickled her nose as she let out a low moan again.


“Ahhhhaa, Aye gut ut!!! Ish all im!!!” she gag-spoke around his length as she began slowly pulling back, the sensation of his thick pole moving through her throat, coupled with what she just accomplished turned the dark haired girl on more than she’d ever been in her entire life!


“Mmmmmh, I’m impressed Sarada! To get all the way with only a little coaching, I’m so proud of you!” Sakura said as she moved her hand back between Sarada’s legs to push her fingers in and out of Sarada faster now. “Mmmmmmh, and you’re positively soaking now! Try moving your head back and forth slowly, leaving maybe half in, if you can make him cum, we’ll go in for the main dish next!”


“Mmmmhmmmmph…” Sarada agreed, moaning as she rolled her hips against her mother’s fingers, her embarrassment gone in a haze of lust as she began rocking her upper body back and forth. “Guud… Pheelsh guud… In muh mouph…”


“Mmmmmh, I know it does…” Sakura purred, leaning in to lick the exposed area of Boruto’s cock every time Sarada pulled back, “Savor it honey, with time, you’ll be able to do this easily, and cum from taking it in your mouth alone!” Sakura told her, a dreamy look on her face as she stared at Boruto’s length as it went back down her throat, “Shaaaa…”


“Mmmmph…mmmph…mmmph…” Sarada moaned, finding her rhythm and bobbing her head back and forth faster. She loved the way her motions made Boruto groan as he began thrusting gently against her. She felt herself choking again, but didn’t try to fight it, instead she pushed through the sensation and began moving faster, her lips making lewd slurping noises along his cock as she began drooling all over him.


“Ahhaa… Sarada-san… I… Ahh, dattebasssaaaaaa!!!!” Boruto groaned, and Sarada felt something hot, thick, and a little sticky pumping straight into her stomach. She could feel his cum surging through his cock, the underside of it pulsing against her tongue. The dark haired girl waited until the throbbing had most slowed before pulling her head back. When she had just the tip in her mouth she brushed her tongue on the underside, making the blonde grunt again and another mouthful of his hot cum filled her mouth. It wasn’t as salty as she imagined it would taste, but it was seriously THICK, just how much cum did he make in those huge balls?


“Ahhhhggaaaahhh…” Sarada gasped, pulling her mouth free. Her jaw didn’t want to close at first, and for a second she was fearful that she might have dislocated it, but she discovered quickly her mother was only holding her by the chin, keeping her mouth open as she leaned in and kissed her full on! Sarada stiffened at first, kissing her mother so lewdly, but she quickly relaxed, letting her tongue slip and slide against her mother’s as it began exploring inside her mouth, lapping at the wad of cum there. The shock faded when she realized that’s what she was after!


“Dun shwallow…” Sakura slurred when she finally broke the kiss and lookup at Boruto, “Shank ‘ou sho mush mashter…” she said, rolling his cum around in her mouth. She pulled her fingers from Sarada’s cunt and gave her a quick spank.


The dark haired girl took the hint.


“Yesh, shaaaank ‘ooouuuu…” she repeated, rolling the cum around like her mother was. Sakura then made a show of closing her mouth and swallowing with a loud, lewd, gulp. Sarada repeated the action, though her stomach felt suddenly VERY full, like she’d drank two of those Mega-gulps Chocho liked from her favorite convenience store.


The three of them moved farther up onto the bed, and Sakura handed Sarada a pink cotton towel to clean herself with. Sarada’s jaw still ached, but she could already feel the sensation fading as her mother straightened her hair and retrieved a small bag from the nightstand.


“What’s that?” she asked.


“Something Hinata turned me on to a while back. It’s called Honey Dust, it’ll help when I teach you have to give a proper titty job.” her mother told her and retrieved a small feather poof from the cabinet and opened the bag. A small cloud of fine white dust wafted into the air, carrying the scent of honey and roses. Sakura dabbed the puff in the bag a couple of times before dusting it over her naked body, focusing mainly on her tits and cleavage. When she finished she turned to her daughter and pushed her tits in her face.


“Feel.” she said with a proud smile.


Having already abandoned all sense of modesty and shame, Sarada reached up and cupped her hand over her mother’s huge tits. She blinked her dark eyes in surprise! Her skin was like silk, her fingers encountering almost no friction as she traced them over the soft curves of her tits.


“Wow!” was all the dark haired girl could say. Sakura grinned and began dabbing the applicator in the bag again.


“Your turn now.” she said as she quickly dusted Sarada’s heavy breasts, shoulders, and stomach. Sarada giggled as the feathers tickled her skin, but she managed to keep her fidgeting to a minimum until her mother was done. The pink haired woman then put the bag away and rested a hand on her daughter’s shoulder, “You ready?” she asked.


Sarada looked up at her naked mother and nodded confidently, “Yeah!”


Boruto moved to lay in the middle of the bed while she and her mother moved up to either side of him. Sarada had to admit, she was impressed that Boruto was still hard. Not that school covered the subject in extreme details, but she always heard that guys went soft after getting off. Obviously that wasn’t entirely true.


“Now for the really fun part,” Sakura purred, moving to kiss his balls again then leaving a trail of kisses up the underside of his dick as Sarada moved to match her on the opposite side. Sakura then moved to lay on Boruto’s right as Sarada crawled on top of him, the dark haired girl moved to straddle his legs, then gasped as her mother quickly moved behind her.


“Mom!?” she gasped as Sakura reached around and grabbed both her tits, kneading them like dough and making her moan again, “What…?” she began to ask, then let out another moan as Sakura leaned the both of them forward and pressed her tits around Boruto’s throbbing dick.


“What you did wrong last time, was you were trying too hard.” Sakura explained as she began rubbing Sarada’s tits together around his cock, the dark haired girl moaned softly as she felt him throbbing between her tits. Her mother then rocked her body slowly, moving Sarada with her. Boruto’s cock moved easily between her breasts, sliding up and down with her body’s motions.


“Ahhaaahh…” Boruto moaned, and Sarada smiled, moving her hands to grip her own tits. Sakura pulled hers away, moving them to encircle the younger girl’s waist.


“Mmmmmh, you’re doing great honey,” she whispered, “Now just, slowly pick up speed, that honey dust I used works better than any lube, and a lot less sticky.” she told her. Sarada nodded, liking the way Boruto groaned and muttered incoherently as she began rocking her body faster. “Make sure to rub the head on every upstroke, if you get tired, you can also suck it as well.” Sakura told her, then began nibbling on the edge of her ear, making Sarada coo softly as she felt her mother’s big tits mashing against her naked back.


Sarada managed a weak nod as she rubbed her ass back against her mother while she continued to slide her tits up and down Boruto’s length. She pinched and tugged on her own nipples as she began moving her body faster, loving the way she was making Boruto groan. This wasn’t like before, she knew he was enjoying it this time, and it turned her on! Smiling, she lowered herself so that more than half his length was poking up from the top of her cleavage then licked the underside of his cock as she moved back upward.


“How’s that feel, Boruto-kun?” she asked.


“Ahhaaa, that feels great, dattebasa..!” Boruto groaned, he then grunted as her tongue brushed over the underside of cockhead. She felt his dick pulsing between her tits as something hot, white, and THICK, shot out of the tip. Some of it went in her mouth, but most splashed all over her face and in her hair! The smell is what she noticed first, a thick musky odor that clung in her nostrils, if she wasn’t already so turned on, she thought it might disgust her, but as she was now, she only let out a moan and continued rubbing his cock with her tits until he stopped cumming all over her.


Behind her, Sakura giggled, “Mmmmmh, where my daughters tits that good?” she asked as she crawled around to lay next to the panting blonde. Sarada pulled back as well, one eye closing as his cum ran down from her hair over it. Sakura moved her hand to stroke his length which was STILL hard as she pressed her tits in his face.


“Here, you can suck on that again for a bit, then it’ll be my turn…” she purred.


Sarada watched as Boruto wrapped his lips around her mother’s nipple again while Sakura continued to gently stroke his cock. The cum all over her face and hair quickly began cooling and felt kind of gross. Thankfully her mother had thought ahead and the towel from earlier to clean the worst of it off. It took more than a few passes to get the stuff out of her hair, but once she had herself reasonably cleaned off she tossed the towel to the floor and watched as her mother moved to straddle his waist. Sakura looked back at her and smiled as she guided Boruto’s cock inside herself. Sarada’s dark eyes went wide as she saw her mother’s pussy stretch wide around his thick cock as it sank inside her with a wet squishing sound.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmhhh, yesssssss…” Sakura moaned, lowering herself onto his length entirely. Boruto groaned with her as she straddled him like that for a long moment. Her mother then gestured for Sarada to come closer. She crawled up and lay next to Boruto, looking down at the distinctive swell his cock made in her abdomen.


“God this feels soooo good!” Sakura moaned as she used her hips to lift herself up slightly, before lowering herself back down again. The bulge in her stomach moving up and down with her as she rocked herself on top on him. “Mmmmmh, are you watching honey? Look at how far inside me he is, uhhnnnnn, I can feel him in my womb, it’s so good… Ahhhh, when… You do thisssss… You have to reeeeelax…” Sakura moaned, moving herself up and down faster now, “Haaahh, ahhhhaaa… Ahhhhh… If… Iiiiiif…. You’re too… Teeeense… Fuuuuuuuck… Some…thing… Like this… Will be tooooo… Muuuuch…” she explained between panting moans.


Sarada nodded, but she was more focused on the sight of her mother’s pussy swallowing Boruto’s cock over and over, her belly tenting slightly every time it went in all the way. The pink haired woman panted harder, her tongue hanging from her lips, her peridot eyes crossing every few moments in a full ahegao face. She moved her hand down to touch her own pussy as she watched, dipping her middle and ring fingers inside herself as she watched.


“Ooooh fuuuuuck… No more lessons, fuck me Boruto!!!! Fuck my MILF pussy hard!!!!!” Sakura moaned, bouncing herself up and down faster now, her pussy gushing like a burst water pipe. Sarada dug her fingers into herself deeper as she watched her mother put her hands behind her head and buck up and down almost like she was doing squats. Boruto reached his hands up to grab her bouncing tits, his fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh as he kneaded them roughly. Her mother’s face was so lewd and erotic; Sarada couldn’t help but moan with her as she rolled her hips against her fingers. Her pussy was completely soaked now, her juices running down her thigh as she looked down at her mother’s hairless cunt, watching as Boruto’s cock plunged into her over and over!


“Fuuuuuuck… Yes, make me cum Boruto, please, make me cum in front of my daughterrrrrrr!!!!” Sakura moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as her entire body shook with pleasure. Sarada pushed her fingers as deep as they could go inside herself, making herself cum when she realized her mother was truly getting off on all this! Her moans were drowned out by her mother’s screams as the pink haired woman howled in ecstasy before falling forward onto Boruto, the only thing remotely keeping her upright were his hands; now almost lost in the flesh of her tits!


“Haahh, ahhaa, hah…” Sakura panted, her whole body still shaking as she moved to brace herself with her arms, “Wow, kinda lost it there, sorry…”


“Kinda?” Sarada echoed dryly.


Sakura blushed slightly as she slowly got off of Boruto, her pussy making more lewd noises as his cock slipped out of her. Her mother nervously scratched the back of her head, “Ummmm, yeah… There was this novel I had to read, and in it there was a scene not unlike this whole setting, and…” she trailed off and looked to her left for a long moment.


“And…?” Boruto and Sarada said together.


Sakura clenched her fists in front of her as she looked back at them, “Fine, I like kinky mother/daughter threesome stories, is that so wrong!?!?” she yelled, and then covered her mouth, blushing from head to toe. Sarada only blinked, then laughed, remembering this almost exact scene in that trashy sex novel she was always reading. She couldn’t remember it exactly, having only skimmed a few chapters. Something about this town where the women were always naked, and a mom and daughter seducing a traveler together.


“Sorry my mom’s a bit of a perv, Boruto-kun.” Sarada said as she got herself under control again.


“I already knew, dattebasa.” Boruto said.


“Hey!” Sakura said defensively, “I am not…”


I still have the panties from that time you came by my house.” Boruto said, and Sakura stopped in mid-sentence.


“Mom?” Sarada asked in a dry tone again.


Sakura’s eyebrow twitched as she waved her hands, “Well now, that’s neither here nor there, now, where were we?” she said as she grabbed Sarada’s wrist, “It’s your turn now Sarada!”


The dark haired girl decided to let it drop for the time being as her mother helped her move on top of Boruto. She had Sarada move to straddle Boruto much like she had earlier, only this time her back was to the blonde. “This position feels weird mom…” she said as she propped herself up in a crab walking position.


Sakura giggled, “Just bear with it for the moment, this’ll make it easier for me to help you take this beast in.” she said as she grasped Boruto’s huge dick, still slick with her own juices, and guided the tip to press against Sarada’s pussy. The dark haired girl let out a soft sound as her mother pulled the folds of her labia open and smiled, “Sarada, you have such a cute pussy, all pink and pretty.”


Sarada felt her cheeks flush, “Mom, jeez, don’t say weird things like that!” she said, looking to her right.


Her mother giggled and gently pushed Boruto’s cock inside. “Remember what I said, you need to relax your body…” she whispered as she placed a hand on Sarada’s abdomen, pushing her down slowly as Boruto’s cock sank inside her! Sarada gritted her teeth, the sheer thickness of it was intense as her vision suddenly went sharper as her Sharingan triggered.


“So big…” she whimpered as Sakura pushed his length into her more.


“Relax… Reeelaaax…” her mother told her, and Sarada tried, but it was hard, her pussy clenched around his thickness as if trying to push it back out. He was less than a third in and she could feel her insides being stretched around him. It hurt slightly, but it also felt… Good…


Sarada let out a moan as her body descended, her belly distending slightly as Boruto’s cock went in deeper, and deeper, and STILL deeper.


“Ahhaaa… Sarada-san… Tight… So tiiight…” Boruto groaned.


Kneeling beside them, Sakura giggled, “That’s not surprising, this is virgin pussy you’re going into Boruto-kun, well, not technically anymore, but you get the idea…” she said, then looked back to Sarada’s pelvis. “Hmmmm, you’re doing great honey, just a little moooore… Ahhhaaa!!! You did it!!! You actually did it Sarada!”


Sarada only partially heard her mother as her entire body felt like a live electrical wire of pure pleasure! Everything in her field of vision went super sharp as she felt an ache in both her eyes. She could see sparks of energy flowing all over. When she looked down at her mother, she was surrounded by a pale pink aura that was almost the same shade as her hair. She caught her reflection in the mirror of the dresser that was positioned a few feet from the bed. Her stomach was distended by a nearly ridiculous amount, but what made her gasp was that there were now TWO tomoe in her Sharingan!


“Ok, let’s try moving a bit, Boruto?” Sakura said, and Sarada could only watch as his cock slowly withdrew from her stretched pussy. The sensation of him pulling out made her moan as her labia clung to his cock as if her cunt didn’t want him to leave!


“Ahhhannnn…” Sarada moaned, leaning her head back, “Ahhh, it feels like I’m being pulled inside ooout… but it’s so goood!!!!”


Sakura giggled, “If you like that, then you’ll love what comes next…” she told her, then looked to the blonde beneath her and nodded. Boruto then slammed his length back inside, bouncing her up and down on his length with a wet smack smack smack noise.


“SHHHHAAAANAAAAROOOYOOO!!!!!” Sarada moaned, her entire body shaking with pleasure as her hands gripped the sheets of the bed, her pussy gushing just like her mothers had. “OOOOOOHHH GO~~~D!!!!! It, it feels like it’s going into my insides, but… Ahhaaaaa… yes, more… MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! SHAAAAAANNNAAAAROOYOOO!!!” she screamed, her tongue lolling from her mouth as she panted for every breath.


“Ahhh, you’re making such a lewd face Sarada, it’s so sexy!!!” Sakura told her as she leaned in and kissed, then licked the rising and falling lump in her abdomen as Boruto thrusting in and out over and over.


“Ahhhaaa, mom, Borutoooo… So good, so good, sex feels sooo goooood!!!!” Sarada moaned as she began rolling her hips into Boruto’s thrusts, taking his cock to the hilt with every upstroke.


“Mmmmmmh, it gets sooo much better honey… Mmmmh, Boruto-kun, faster, make my little girl cum!” Sakura yelled.


“Right! Sarada, here I go dattebasa!!!!” Boruto said as he began slamming his length into her harder, making the dark haired girl bounce up and down on his dick. At the same time, her mother kissed her way down Sarada’s stomach then began brushing her tongue against her clit. The sensation was so intense Sarada couldn’t think as her eyes rolled back in her head and everything became pure pleasure as Boruto relentlessly pounded into her again and again. All the dark haired girl could do was hold on as she moaned at length.


“Mmmmmh, don’t fight it Sarada, let yourself go…” Sakura advised as she continued licking at her clit. The pink haired woman then began rubbing the swollen nub with her middle and index fingers. Sarada felt a pressure building up inside her, like a pot of boiling water with the lid sealed on top. She couldn’t think, couldn’t move, her legs and pelvis felt almost numb as Boruto drove his cock all the way inside again and she felt something warm and wet flowing into her.




“That’s it Sarada, that’s the way…!” she heard her mother saying, but everything sounded distant. Her throat suddenly felt sore, and it was only later that she realized she was screaming as her entire body was seized in orgasm! Her ears rang slightly as she went limp on top of Boruto, falling on him in a heap as her mother crawled over them both, her big tits sliding over Sarada’s naked body then rubbing against her own as her mother pressed her mouth to hers in a full tongue kiss.


Barely conscious, Sarada only did was felt natural as she kissed her mother back, her tongue slipping and sliding against the older womans as she felt that liquid warmth filling her more. Distantly, she realized that it was Boruto cumming inside her, and she was glad for the birth control medicine her mother had given her.


“Mmmmmh… Mom… Vorudo…” Sarada slurred against her mother’s tongue as the pink haired women held the kiss for a long while before finally breaking away.


“Mmmmmh, you did great Sarada, I’m so proud of you.” Sakura said before she pulled away and told Boruto to roll onto his side. He did as told and Sarada felt him pulling out of her slowly. An almost profound feeling of emptiness came over her as she felt his cock exit entirely.


“Oh my…” Sakura said as she helped Sarada lay on her back again after Boruto moved out of the way. Sarada saw the blonde move to kneel next to her mother, his blue eyes wide. She only saw it for a second, but Boruto’s right eye looked a different color, almost like it was glowing, but then he blinked and it was gone.


“Is she gonna be okay?” Boruto asked.


Sakura waved a hand dismissively, “She’ll be fine… I think she might need a couple days rest though.” her mother said. “This happened to me one weekend with Choji; I was back to normal after a day, just a little stiff.”


Still panting for breath, Sarada asked, “What… Is it..?” as she leaned up. She looked passed the two of them and got her answer before either of them could respond. Her pussy was gaping so wide, she could see her all the way inside herself! Her thighs and most of the bed sheets were soaked with thick white stuff, she realized it was Boruto’s cum, but that didn’t bother her as her jaw dropped in shock.


“It’s fine honey, you’re younger than I was then, you’ll recover a lot faster!” Sakura said with a slightly nervous chuckle.


“I’m ruined…” Sarada said with a sniffle. But her expression turned stern as she fixed Boruto with a glare, “You’d better take responsibility for this!”


“Huh?! Hey, you’re the one that wanted all this, how is it my fault!?”


Sakura laughed as she got off the bed and stretched, “It’ll be fine you two,” she said, then looked to Boruto, “You should grab a shower before you get dressed, I don’t need another after work chat with your mother…” she said with a shudder.


“Huh…?” Sarada said with a blink. Her vision returned to normal when she did, and her eyes ached from having her Sharingan active for longer than she was used to.


“Long story, I’ll tell you another time.” Sakura told her as she ushered Boruto out of the room. She returned a few moments later and sat on the edge of the bed, looking her over like a doctor would. “Ahh, there see, you’re already looking better.” she told her. Sarada looked at herself in the mirror, her vision wasn’t as sharp as before, and the light was low, but she could see her pussy wasn’t gaping anywhere near as wide now, and the empty feeling had passed as well.


“Thanks, mom, you know, for all this…” Sarada said with a blush.


“You can thank me by helping with the less fun part of a night like this,” Sakura said, “Changing the sheets.”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

I don’t like Boruto as a character but I do enjoy these stories. Fun chapter. I love the picture especially. Sarada with all that ass and tit is very fun.

1 year ago

i cant..fail NO NUT NOVEMBER

1 year ago
Reply to  Frostfire0

Yeah, it’s hard, but I can go a month without snickers, and peanut butter. Don’t worry, you can do it!

1 year ago

It is very good that they also take into account the continuity and characteristics that they give to the series they write (be they jokes, changes in the personality of the characters, etc.) because not everyone gives to keep them in mind and not forget about those details … they surprise me

1 year ago
Reply to  Ravelez

Sometimes it’s tricky keeping a few details straight, but it’s worth it. I put a lot of work into the series as a whole. Thanks for noticing!

1 year ago

Damn, this was a hot story! The threesome itself was awesome, but I never realized how much I wanted or needed more Sakura/Sarada! That thick mother-daughter duo is absolutely made for fucking each other!

1 year ago

So glad you enjoyed the story! I’m hoping to do more mother-daughter shenanigans soon! There one story in particular that is set after the movie arc I’m particularly looking forward to writing! One where I hope Boruto is keeping hydrated!

1 year ago

Dress Break. Nice. (Weird not to High School DxD art and stories here. I would love them)

1 year ago
Reply to  TheDoc989

Yeah, I’m a big fan of that series, enzo doesn’t like it due to the main characters stupidity in the first couple episodes. I still believe once Issei loses his V-card, he’d get a lot better, at least that’s how I’d write him. I also believe DxD and Testament of Sister New devil are not only the same universe, but the same town! Just different schools.

Glad you liked the story!

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

That was pretty good the sex scenes were great and Sarada and Sakura make a great team. I wish the pairing was a bit different but learning that the story was written long ago I will look past that.good job

1 year ago

Naruto is on the way OUT, people are gonna need to make peace with that. Anything the end of the original series is likely gonna have Boruto, it’s HIS story now. There are a handful of Naruto pics left set in Boruto’s era, but I’m sorry man, Boruto is here to stay, and he’s got a bigger dick than his old man. 😛

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

It’s ok I am just old and need to let the kids take over

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I going to have to respectfully slightly disagree with some points because of
1. Is it right or wrong for fans of the series which has been loved for 20 years now in the making to just have to accept a character being taken away (granted slowly but surely) and accept a new character ? This same debate is currently being argued as we speak with other genres out there doing this.
2. I argue this because is it fair to say that these live long fans may have some validity or weight to who they accept or like more ?

Having that piece all being said would the same thing be applied to the ladies who are the real important focal point of the artworks and fics ? To be clear would characters such as Tsunade, Samui and etc (Naruto era generation) slowly being succeded by the Boruto era girls (Sarada, Sumire, Mirai)as it being Boruto story now ?

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

This is why I want to say that they should make 2 different timelines in where brouto just has his own Story and Naruto has his own that way people who enjoy one or the other and even both have a good link to see there favorite characters. I feel like they may never drawn Naruto again.

1 year ago

I’m not doing two separate timelines… No, not happening. I’m sorry, but after Naruto ended, it became Boruto’s story, they even said as much in the manga, “This is MY story.”~Boruto

Uzumaki dragonslayer
Uzumaki dragonslayer
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I understand it’s borutos era but with some few more naruto chapters will they be after he learned the technique to counter raikage? Or at least how he did to develop it. I also loved this chapter I really hope we get to see more Sarada/Sakura action it’s probably my favorite duo now.

1 year ago

HELL YEAH, I really enjoyed this threesome story. Good job sailorlo. Also please more sarada in the future 🙏🙏🙏 this picture was really nice

1 year ago
Reply to  DracielGT

So glad you enjoyed it, and I promise there will be more! There is more Sarada to come! And I got plans to do more with her! Just wait, I haven’t written it yet, but the aftermath of the movie arch has something HUGE!!!!

1 year ago

So we not only finally get the threesome picture of these three in action, we also get three distinct sex scenes in one chapter. That was creative and bold!

This was a surprisingly well written entry, and it also filled in a lot of the blanks some of the far earlier chapters we’ve seen left behind as well as followed right after the last two parts before it. Not only that, I also liked how each part had a different direction than each other. And the fact Sakura and Sarada are total size queens really helped here too. Haha. Boruto has quite a harem with him.

Moreover, the editing was also very high end. Really fluid work on that part. Not to mention that slight foreshadowing. And of course, the picture itself is amazing. XD

Overall, I really liked this entry. Nice work gentlemen, especially you Sailor. Can’t wait for what’s next. 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thank you, this was as said before written a long time ago, before a pic was done, that is part of why it’s so long and detailed. I had so much fun writing it, spent a lot of time doing little tweaks to make it as erotic as possible. I wanted Sarada’s first time to be a massive fail, then the follow up under Sakura to be as hot as possible, also reveal Sakura is a huge perv as well.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Too true. And it all showed. But hey, after this, it all makes a lot more sense in hindsight, looking at it all and connecting the dots from it.

The old saying really does hold true here, “Like mother, like daughter.” XD

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

That was the idea! 🙂

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
1 year ago

Honestly baffled that this pic and fanfic would be the next chapter after the two Sakura pics we’ve already gotten since i thought the boruto/sakura story ended there. (In other words I believed this fanfic took place in at another time unlike the other 2 which took place immediately the other) which as much as I hate to admit I’ll swallow my bais to saw it makes me hyped for any possible more Boruto/Sakura fics we may get so thanks

@SailorIO as for the story itself the best part how long it was since I’m a fan of detailed lengthy plot with hentai in it. Well done

1 year ago

Thanks, this was one of my favorites. I wrote it a long time ago, nearly two years. I had to make a few edits so it matched the pic, but the core is still there. I have sooo much more Sakura and Boruto left in me, so don’t worry. She and Sarada are size queen sluts! They love big D!