Hard Day’s Work, Harder Night’s Fucking

Ugh, what a day,” Tatsuki groaned as Marcus opened the door, walking past him without hesitation to slump facedown on the sofa.


Marcus chuckled as he closed and locked the door. “That bad?” he asked, amused at Tatsuki’s dramatics.


She waved a hand vaguely in his direction. “Not really, it was just busy. The really annoying part was I got picked to get the new temporary tattoo.” Twisting her head around, Tatsuki scowled at her left ass cheek, still exposed thanks to her skimpy Busteez uniform.


Marcus outright laughed this time. “I dunno, I like it. Maybe you should make it permanent?” He held up his hands defensively at her glare, though he was still smiling. “Okay, maybe not. But you do have to admit, it’s really accurate.”


“Oh really?” Tatsuki narrowed her eyes at him, a silent warning to choose his words carefully.


“Well, yeah. I love the size of your ass and thighs; gets me going every time.” Marcus’ grin turned lustful as he walked closer to her. “As for the slutty part, weren’t you the one who wanted to ‘break in’ every room and flat surface in this apartment?” He smirked when a blush started to appear on Tatsuki’s face.


“Fine, fine, you’ve made your point,” she grumbled, before giving him a predatory sidelong look. “And since I’m a slut and you love my body… what do you say to helping me relax?”


Grabbing one of her hands, Marcus yanked her up to her feet, kissing her full tongue before she could say anything. She practically melted against his body, her tongue twining around his. “Thought you’d never ask,” he told her when they broke apart for air.


Growling with desire, Tatsuki grabbed his head and pulled him in for another searing kiss, before letting him go to start tearing at his clothes.


Feeling that it was only fair, Marcus started doing the same; it didn’t take him nearly as long, as there wasn’t much to the Busteez uniform. Once they were both naked, he picked her up, grunting as her long legs wrapped around his waist and squeezed. Still making out heatedly, he carried Tatsuki to the bedroom, his already hard cock rubbing against her wet pussy.


Getting even hornier as he accidentally/on purpose teased her, Tatsuki clawed lightly at his back, smirking around their kiss when he hissed lightly. Then he was falling back onto the bed, with her on top. “Eager to get started?” he asked her, grabbing onto her ass and giving it a hard squeeze, making her squeak a little.


“You know I am,” she replied, almost growling as she lifted her hips just enough. “Now FUCK MY DIRTY PUSSY!” she yelled, impaling herself on his dick and beginning to bounce right away.


“Oh, I’ll fuck you all right, slut,” Marcus told her with a sneer, playing along with her dirty talk, as it was turning him on just as much. He grabbed her wrists, using her arms to pull her down even as he moved his hips with her thrusting, pushing his cock deep into her twat. “You’ll be walking around bow-legged tomorrow, especially once I ream out that fat ass of yours.”


“Big talk,” Tatsuki told him, her pussy tightening around his erection. “You better be able to back it up, or you’ll be the one who won’t be able to get around; I’ll make you fuck me until you can’t get it up anymore.”


Marcus had to laugh at that; letting go of her wrists, he grabbed hold of her big tits with both hands, her stiff nipples pressing against his hands. “Never gonna happen,” he assured her, tweaking her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. “You’re just too damn sexy for that.”


Ah, there was the blush he was looking for. She had been flushed before, but this was the redness of her face that made her look so cute as well as so damn hot. “Flattering asshole,” Tatsuki muttered, biting her lower lip when he fondled her tits harder.


“And you love it,” he teased, loving how hot and wet her twat was; it was squeezing the hell out of his cock, like a fist in a velvet glove. The sound of her thick ass slamming against his hips was music to his ears.


Tatsuki moaned when Marcus let go of one her tits to grab at her ass. It felt almost as sensitive as her boobs, probably because of her tattooing earlier today. When he began lightly spanking her, she almost lost it. “OH SHIT! That’s cheating, you fucker!”


“If you ain’t cheating, you aren’t trying!” Marcus laughed back, not stopping for an instant. “And I’m definitely a fucker, and proud of it, especially when you’re the one taking my dick and bouncing her big tits around!”


With that, he moved his hips even faster, really giving it to her. “FUUUCK!” Tatsuki half squealed, half shouted. Falling forward, her breasts smashed against his chest, she kissed him hungrily, moaning into his mouth her body got hotter and sweatier. Her pussy was the worst; just a little more-!


Marcus grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her as close to his body as possible as he unloaded into her. From her muffled screams and thrashing, she was cumming too. The bed frame creaked and groaned, but managed to hold up for another night, at least for now.


Tatsuki pulled back, looking into his eyes with half-lidded ones of her own. “Not bad,” she admitted, voice a tad higher-pitched and breathier than usual. “But you better not be done yet; I remember someone promising to ream out my ass, and I’m holding you to that.”


“No worries, babe,” Marcus promised her, his dick already stirring, ready for round two. “I’m ready to rock your world all night long.”


“Mmm, that’s what I like to hear,” Tatsuki moaned, going in for another kiss as she wiggled against him.

(Story by User: S22132)

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