Gigai Gone Wild


“Um, should we really be doing a photo shoot in the rain?” Isane fretted, shivering a little in the rain. Her gigai was modified to be tougher than a human, so she wasn’t as cold as they would be, but she still felt it.


Now if only that was the only modification her gigai had gotten…


Rangiku snorted, still proudly posing in her red bikini. “You just want an excuse to change clothes,” she teased, though she did feel some sympathy for her friend. Good grief, and she had thought her boobs were big! Poor Isane had some huge tits now; Rangiku was surprised that she could stand up.


“Well…” Isane blushed, looking down at the itty bitty black bikini that just barely kept her covered. She honestly didn’t know how it was staying in place without breaking.


“Just a little bit more, ladies,” the photographer promised. To his credit, he was getting just as soaked as Isane and Rangiku, paying it no mind as he snapped away with his waterproof camera.


Isane sighed; Rangiku and the photographer were both willing to keep going, and she didn’t want to be the one that wimped out. “All right.” She started to raise her hands, intending to put them behind her head.




Instead, she had to make a hasty grab for the straps of her top as they abruptly gave up the goods. Thankfully for what remained of her modesty, she was able to keep from flashing everyone, though it was a very close call. “AH!” Isane yelped, blushing even harder, particularly when the photographer made no move to stop. “Help me, please!”


Giggling, Rangiku finally dropped her pose and went to help her friend. She would have to have a talk with Urahara, or have Yoruichi do it. Experimenting with his gigais was all well and good, but he should probably give Isane a more normal one next time. The poor girl looked like she was about to faint from pure embarrassment.


Hmm… maybe she could get some modifications of her own? Rangiku didn’t mind the attention or having big breasts; even bigger ones might be even more fun.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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