Gift Wrapped Slightly

Urahara blinked and then slowly started to smile. “Either Santa thought I was very good,” he drawled, taking in the very sexy sight of two beautiful and near topless ladies posing in front of his tree with smiles and blushes. “Or he thought you two were very naughty.”


Yoruichi snorted, still flushed from Haineko’s breast pressing against her own, and from the catgirl squeezing her ass with her right hand. “It wasn’t Santa, but you can consider this your gift from all the ladies at the club.”


“We’ve all made a ton of money working there,” Haineko explained, tail twitching eagerly. “Plus all the sex we could ever want.” That was almost better than the money, though she definitely wasn’t going to turn that down either. There was so many things she could do and buy in the human world; the more money she had, the better.


“So we all got together and decided to give you a gift. I think Rangiku was the first one to suggest sexy catgirls, and it kind of spiraled from there before Haineko and I could stop it.” Yoruichi shrugged, not really bothered by it. Urahara was a great lover, and Haineko was incredibly sexy and kinky; they were going to have a great time.


“I see.” Urahara’s grin was wider than ever. “Love the mistletoe pasties; I suppose I had better to get to kissing, and then I can unwrap my presents… not that there’s much left unwrap,” he finished with a leer.


That got both ‘presents’ blushing harder even as they smirked back at him. “Or,” Haineko started, eyes glittering with mischief, “you can watch us kiss each other all over while you unwrap us.”


“…an even better idea!” Urahara declared, already removing his robe and letting it drop to the ground.

(Short Story by User: S22132)