Getting the Goddess Goods

“Getting hard already?” Kaguya said while teasing Boruto. “Uh… well….” he said, blushing while his pants were getting tighter and his bulge was sticking out for her to see. Kaguya licked her lips and started to rubbing his bulge until his cock popped out from his unzipped pants. “My… such a hard dick from you. Don’t worry, I know how to treat this cock just right~” she said to him seductively. Boruto couldn’t believe how lucky he is; fucking a sexy goddess was every guy’s dream.


Hours before…


Boruto usually spent his night at home and doing work. However, that all changed when he heard about a sexy, busty, and gorgeous girl performing tonight at a strip club. He knew that he couldn’t go because of his age, but that didn’t stop him; he used a jutsu to turn himself into his father since he was well known. As he left for the club, he made sure his parents didn’t know he had snuck out by using a clone to let him stay behind.


Moments later….


“Alright men! It’s time to bring out our special ladies for today,” the MC said while the music was playing loudly and everyone was dancing and drinking. “Made it on time… hopefully nobody notices,” Boruto said, walking around and trying to get through. He couldn’t believe that the security guards let him through and didn’t know he was in disguise.


As he walked through the crowd, he was just in time for the show to start. “Alright, let’s bring out our first girl…. give it up for the sexy and beautiful, Kaguya!!!!” the MC said, as she stepped out and started dancing with the crowd hyped. “Shake that ass!” “Show us those tits!” a bunch of random drunk men said to her. Boruto couldn’t believe how stunning she was, he was getting hard a bit.


As Kaguya took her top off, she saw him in the stands, looking at her. Does she know it’s him or his father since he was still disgusted as him? Either way, she wanted to have a private session with him and he knew she wanted to see him. As the dance was over, Boruto head back and waited in the VIP section. As he was waiting… “Release!”


Boruto’s jutsu wore off and Kaguya wrapped her arms around him from behind. “You are in so much trouble for coming in like your father,” she said to him. He knew he was gonna get grounded and possibly killed by his mom for doing this. “But… I’m willing to let this slide, if you can offer something to me~” she said. Boruto replied, “L-like what exactly?”


Hours up to now, Kaguya was blowing his cock like crazy and making him feel amazing. “Oh fuck… you know how to suck it good,” he said, moaning while grabbing her head. “Anything to please you well, master,” she replied back to him. Boruto was definitely lucky, but he needed to make sure she came like crazy, or else she was gonna tell Hinata and Naruto. He started to move faster and deeper; Kaguya was gagging on him like a slut.


“Fuck! Here it comes!!!” he said while holding her head and cumming in her mouth. She couldn’t resist his spunk, going down and making her crazy. His cock grew by 3 inches and was up to a size 8.5; she knew he was gonna go for her pussy. She was already soaked and her underwear slipped off so it made it easier. Once his cock slid in her, it was game on and they fucked each other’s brains out.


“FUCK! YES THATS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!” Fuck my pussy with your horse size cock!” she said to him as he went deeper into her pussy. “It’s so tight! My cock is fucking it like crazy!” Boruto said while grabbing her ass and moving faster. They knew this was gonna end in Kaguya passed out and that’s what’s gonna happen when his dick slammed her harder.


“Please make me cum! I want that hard dick to make me cum!” she said and he went faster and faster until Boruto couldn’t hold it and came while pounding her brains out. Kaguya moaned and screamed like crazy while her pussy was still getting pounded with cum filling her up. Hopefully the club stayed open longer, because it was gonna be either 1 or 2 before this was over.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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