Gathering Supplies and Sex

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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(A few days ago…)


“So…” Usopp asked whilst wiping sweat from his forehead. The beach was completely empty after Luffy used a new technique on Camie and Vivi. Every last one of their onlookers seemed to have run away when the black haired captain started pounding the holes of the two girls with enough force to rival the punches of the late Whitebeard “What brings you to Fesat?”


Camie rubbed her now pleasantly sore pussy before putting a starfish-patterned bikini back over her tits “Madam Shyarly got an offer from an old friend of hers, which would allow her to expand the Mermaid Cafe well beyond the borders of Fish-Man Island. It gives me, Ishilly, Mero and the other employees the opportunity to see more of the world without living in fear of slave traders!” her eyes sparkled with excitement when she told it.


The dark haired sniper put his swimming trunks back on, trying his best that the tip of his now flaccid cock wouldn’t hang out of it. Finding trunks or shorts that were still large enough to cover his enormous length was a chore! He turned towards the beautiful mermaid again “And what kind of building or opportunity would that be then? I would think that a cafe on some random island wouldn’t exactly be the optimal location to see more of the world.”


She began bouncing happily up and down, the bikini top already straining to keep her tits covered “That’s the best part: It’s a ship! The cafe will be on a giant ship and we will get to sail all over the world while being protected by the captain of it!”


“The captain? Is he that strong?” Usopp asked skeptically, crossing his hands in front of his chest. At the corner of his well-trained eyes he could see Luffy returning back to them after bringing a thoroughly plowed Vivi back to the hotel where the rest of the crew was staying at “Who is he?”



LET’S PARTY!!!!!” Luffy shouted enthusiastically as Sanji came with several plates out of the kitchen; one in each hand and one perfectly balanced on top of his head. The plates in his hands were filled to the brim with a wide range of different food, most notably meat for their captain of course, while the plate on his head harbored several different beverages.


Following right after him was the temporary and newest addition to their crew, Marguerite. The involuntary guest carried a tray with several platters, forks and other silverware on it.


Franky and Chopper stopped their dancing to pull Robin and Zoro back on board, while a tinier and tinier person on the rocky shore continued screaming after them. Both of them already wore their clothes again by now.


“Ah, feels good to finally be back on the Sunny.” the green haired swordsman remarked after patting Chopper on the back as thanks for helping him back on the colorful ship.


“Thank you, Sanji-kun.” Robin said politely after taking the cup of coffee that he offered her “It’s been far too long indeed!”


If only a certain someone wouldn’t have lost sight of it in the first place…!” Nami said as she made her way down the stairs and away from Jinbe who was still holding the helm firmly in both hands. Her brown eyes were fixated on the one-eyed combatant while she took a glass filled with an orange drink from Sanji.


“Hey! Is it really my fault that the stre-”


YES!!!” the rest of the crew interrupted him; some louder than others.


Sanji put his plates on a nearby table, then turned towards the green haired pirate “What were you doing on the shore anyways?! I can still hear the cries of a maiden in need from there!”


A vein popped on Zoro’s head “We distracted the enemies like planned. The only ones left on the shore are a group of marines. If you want to see them so badly, then I’ll gladly throw you overboard, perverted cook!” he put a thumb under the Sandai Kitetsu’s cross guard and lifted the sword slightly for greater emphasis.


“What did you just say, stupid moss head?!” Sanji asked rhetorically, flames erupted from behind him and his hair began standing up in all directions.


While both men continued firing insults at each other, Robin stepped closer to Nami, who observed the scene from a distance with a disbelieving look on her face “I should probably tell you that those marines didn’t come by happenstance. Inside Smoker’s pocket I found a Transponder Snail with Hancock’s number on a paper next to it.” the dark haired beauty said loud enough for only Nami to hear.


“Smoker?” a single drop of sweat ran down the Cat Burglar’s face “What is that bitch thinking?!”


Robin took a sip from her coffee before answering “I’m not sure but you should be cautious when you execute your revenge. Just remember: I will help but the whole thing is something between you and Hancock and I won’t get involved in it directly!”


“I know, I know! You helped me more than enough already, thank you for that!” Nami said in return and pressed the other girl’s hand gently before drinking from her glass.


Both women returned to the center of the ship. By now Zoro and Sanji stopped their fighting to at least catch a few scraps of meat that Luffy didn’t get his hands on. The feast was short-lived however and soon enough Zoro finished drinking the last bit of sake and Luffy bit down on the last steak. “Moah meaht, Shanji!” Luffy ordered with a full mouth and held his empty plate towards the blonde cook.


Sanji in return lit up a cigarette of his “Sorry, but those idiots who wanted to sell our ship looted almost all of our reserves. This was all I could find in the fridge and in the secret hiding spot under th-” much to the chagrin of Luffy and Usopp, Sanji stopped himself before revealing his secret hiding spot “The point is that we’re out of food and alcohol!”


WHAT???” the men asked simultaneously in shock.


“We can always go to the nearest harbor and refill our supplies there…!” Sanji added further, whilst puffing on the cigarette in his mouth.


“Probably not the smartest choice.” said Jinbe as he made his way down the stairs, leaving the helm unattended. The giant blue fish-man walked until he was with the others. “If what Zoro-kun told us is right and there are indeed marines looking on this island for us, then they probably have men on each port as well. It’s probably best if only one or a small group of us gets the supplies in the nearest town to avoid further attention.”


“Not a bad idea.” Robin said after thinking about it “But who will go?”


Chopper, Usopp and Luffy already looked into each other’s sparkling eyes, probably thinking about going there with the Shark Submerge III but before they had the chance to say a word, Jinbe already answered “I’ll go! I’ll be back in a few minutes!”


Luffy’s shoulders hung only for a moment before he jumped up with his usual enthusiasm “Then hurry up, Jinbe! We will wait for you here.”


“Hahahaha, okay!” he gave a thumbs-up as he jumped on the railing before jumping once more down into the dark ocean water beneath. The sounds of his new crew disappeared as he quickly made his way away from the ship and towards the miles away shores of Fesat.


Various kinds of fish continued in their activities as Jinbe swam past them. A shark bit down on the shell of a turtle but swiftly turned away as it felt the presence of the fish-man. A single small boat gently drifted above him; because of its small size Jinbe didn’t pay it any further attention. Probably just a fisher.


After some time he slowed down, feeling the presence of two very familiar people with his Observation Haki. In the distance, barely noticeable through the dark water if it weren’t for the moon shining down on the waves, he saw the silhouettes of two women steadily floating in the water not far away from him. Both their shapes made it pretty clear that the two of them were mermaids. And busty ones at that!


The closer he got to them, the more he recognized them. The taller one’s hair stood out to both sides of her face with a single bun at the back of her head. The smaller one next to her, who still was bigger than most regular humans, put her plump lips around a pipe in her hand and waited for the other woman to finish whatever she was saying, while also observing Jinbe as he got closer.


“…do you say? Will the Mermaid Cafe work together with us?” Charlotte Praline finished her sentence, her usual smile on her face.


Madam Shyarly released the pipe from her lips and thought about it for a second “Maybe. It’s reassuring to know that this isn’t dictated by your mother but from Katakuri instead. Still, many of my girls had it quite rough living in a territory that was governed by Big Mom.” she answered the question before turning towards the newcomer “Greetings Jinbe!”


“Madam Shyarly! Praline!” Jinbe greeted them, bowing his head slightly towards each girl and trying not to blush at their almost non-existent clothing. Both girls ditched their usual clothes for a pair of pasties that were far too small to even cover their colossal nipples and areolas “What brings you here and what is this I heard about you working with your family again?” he asked Praline in particular, concerned that the Big Mom Pirates might have caught his former crew.


“Shashashashasha!” the 21st daughter of Big Mom laughed heartily “Oh? Didn’t your friend, Sanji, tell you that big bro indeed caught up with us but instead of handing us over to mama he gave us the offer of working for him on his very own ship? I thought he overheard it during his five days stay with us.”


“And you? What are you doing here, Jinbe?” Shyarly asked without giving Jinbe time to respond to the other mermaid. Her eyes went up and down the martial arts master’s body, lingering only for the fraction of a moment on the fish-man’s slowly growing crotch, which was enough to make her lust spark again, even after fucking Charlotte Katakuri not even two hours ago.


Rubbing the back of his head, Jinbe tried to ignore the hungry look in the shark mermaid’s eyes “Well, I was just about to get so-”


“Shashashashasha!” Praline laughed again, which made the other two look at her with questioning looks on their faces. The blonde mermaid decided that it was time to cut things short and swam behind her smaller friend “This simply won’t do! Boss, why don’t you just fuck our Shya-chan here and now?! Maybe a deep pounding from another well hung man will completely win her over to big bro’s cause.”


Letting go of her pipe, Shyarly only sighed as the other mermaid began kneading her heavy tits. Her fingers sunk deep in the soft and malleable flesh of her breasts. “I already told you, Praline: Just because we have the same grandfather doesn’t mean that you should address me with such a childish name.”


“You heard the girl, boss!” the tall mermaid said with a smile on her face “She didn’t say ‘no’.”


The blue skinned helmsman tried to avert his gaze from the perverted sight in front of him as Praline’s fingers gently brushed over the stiff and covered nipples of the slightly smaller mermaid before her “As much as I would like the offer, I think I have to pass!”


“What a disappointment…!” Praline purred while she tugged on the other woman’s hard nipples as she swam over her head until her back blocked Shyarly’s entire body from Jinbe’s view “Well, more for me in that case… AAAUUUMMMPH!!!” The sound of the blonde haired mermaid swallowing one of her friend’s tits fully was clearly audible to Jinbe.


Her tongue swirled and traced over the pasties that covered the painfully stiff nipples of the sophisticated mermaid, while her sharp teeth gently chewed on the soft and sensitive skin of her beach ball sized breasts “Mmmhhh~ Praline…!” Shyarly moaned hoarsely as the other woman moved her hands downwards to play with the moist clit of the dark haired mermaid.


MMMMMMMHHHH… SHO DASHDY…!” Praline moaned in response, her tongue moving all over the sensitive mound of flesh in her mouth. Both started to slowly gyrate around each other, giving Jinbe several good views of their perverted display.


Saliva began running out of her mouth and mixed with the salty ocean water around them while the two mermaids continued their lewd dance. Jinbe tried his best to avert his gaze but wherever he turned, Praline made sure to move in that direction as well.


The older mermaid let go of her partner’s right breast and moved towards the left, revealing to Jinbe that she somehow was able to pull off the pastie that covered Shyarly’s pink nipples!


The SLURP SLURP SLURP of Praline licking the other mound of flesh was all that filled the otherwise completely silent sea around them. Jinbe couldn’t see it but the noises made it clear enough for him to know what she was doing “Mmmh… mmmh… mmmh… I gould shug and ligg on deesh breashdsh for evah…!” she moaned through her full mouth.


“Nnnnngh…!” Shyarly moaned as her friend shoved more and more of her fingers into her now soaking pussy until almost all five digits vanished in the deep folds.


Minutes passed by during which Jinbe silently observed the perverted play of the two women in front of him. By now he had completely given up on turning away, knowing full well that even he wouldn’t be able to outswim two mermaids. With one last gasp Praline released Shyarly’s right tit for Jinbe to marvel at. Red bite marks covered the outer rim of the soft flesh and just like last time the pastie that covered Shyarly’s nipple was missing


“One last chance, boss!” Praline said, slowly pulling her fingers back out of the dark haired girl’s pussy, which resulted in a wonderful wet PLOP “Do you really wanna miss out on such an opportunity?!” she asked before suggestively licking on her fingers.


Sighing one last time, Jinbe dropped out of his kimono and swam towards the two naked beauties “Which one of you wants to be first?”


“Start with her!” Praline laid her hands on the other woman’s shoulders and pushed her closer towards the blue skinned fish-man until her pale breasts were pressed around his now fully erect cock “I promised Aladine that I will try to hold back from now on and that we will have a quiet dinner tomorrow, just the two of us.”


Jinbe looked down at the unreadable face of Shyarly “Are you okay with this?”


“Don’t hold back! It’s not the first time that I sucked the cock of one of the Straw Hat pirates!” the pale beauty simply replied before using her hands to press her tits tighter around the rock hard erection between them. She lowered her head and with one impressive display of her shark-like physicality, swallowed almost the entire girthy manmeat in one go!


The veins, which were almost as thick as her entire wrist, brushed against her tongue and lips every time she bobbed her head up and down his length “GUH… GUGH… MMPH… GUGHHH…!” she moved her tits in accordance with her head movements; whenever she pulled her head back, her tits would move with her and massage the currently not swallowed part of his leviathan cock!


For a moment all Jinbe could do was to quietly enjoy the sensation of her luscious tits and her hot and tight mouth. Next to him, Praline began furiously masturbating to the sight in front of her with one hand while roughly fondling her own tits with the other.


She roughly tore away the pasties that barely covered her own nipples in the first place before pulling on them roughly “What are you waiting for, boss?!” she panted breathless, a deep blush beginning to spread across her freckled face “Don’t let Shya-chan do all the work herself!”


And sure enough, Shyarly’s formerly unreadable expression turned into a more resigned one as time passed by during which Jinbe did nothing ‘What have I gotten myself into…?‘ Jinbe thought to himself as he put both his hands around her softer turned nipples “Are you sure that I can go rough on you?”


The younger woman let go of the pirate’s cock, giving him a surprised look “Why not?! But I don’t see what this will bring youUUUMMMIIIIINNNGGG!!!


She suddenly arched her back and began screaming towards the far away moon. A continuous stream of her juices mixed with the salty ocean water as she experienced an orgasm seemingly out of the blue!


Shark Grip!” Jinbe simply said as he pressed down on the pink nubs of flesh who instantly turned even stiffer in response.


Shyarly’s entire body writhed in ecstasy as he began thrusting his hips forward, his balls slapped loudly against her warm breasts, causing it to jiggle like jell-o. Just the tip of his quickly moving cock blocked out the moonlight and covered the former fortune teller’s face in darkness.


He gripped the stiffer getting nipples again, once more eliciting banshee-like screams of approval from his partner as she climaxed again and again “YEEEEEESSSSS!!! JUST! LIKE! THAT!!!


Each sentence was further enhanced by a sheer endless spray of juices that gushed out of her pussy like a waterfall! Off to the side, Praline’s eyes went wide at the sudden change of pace. She stared open mouthed as Jinbe continued to pump his cock in and out in the pale mermaid’s cleavage, the rough skin and veins rubbing over her sensitive skin only further enhanced the sensation!


“My tits… I’m cumming from my TIIITS…!” Shyarly howled uncharacteristically, her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth as Jinbe’s cock throbbed more and more with each thrust “MORE!!! RAVAGE ME!!!!!” and as if someone pulled a cork, liter after liter of hot, white, and sticky cum shot into the dark water above them while Jinbe twisted her nipples one last time.


ROOOAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!” / “FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” they both roared and screamed at the same time.


Shyarly’s so far biggest orgasm rolled over her as thick globs of Jinbe’s gooey semen floated around them through the ocean. Through her blurred vision, she saw Praline swimming closer to them. With one hand over her tits, the blonde haired mermaid raised the other in a dramatic pose as she opened her mouth “Cum to meeeee~♪” she sang and somehow managed to create a small whirlpool-like effect that sucked in all the cum around them. Every last glob of Jinbe’s sperm disappeared behind Praline’s sharp teeth as she gulped it all down in an instant!


“Mwah~” she purred satisfiedly, licking her lips after her meal “That was tasty!”


The dark haired mermaid next to her simply nodded her head approvingly, too weak to respond properly. Minutes passed before any of them had the energy to speak again. “Well, as much as I… enjoyed our time, I think I have to go now!” Jinbe declared, picking up the kimono that was floating around them.


“Already?” Shyarly asked somewhat disappointed “I should probably warn you though… unimaginable horrors will play out when you return to your crew!” she said ominously.


“Horrors? Are they in danger?” the black haired man asked perplexed “I have to look for them! Send Aladine my regards and keep care of yourself!” he said before swimming back to where he came from.


“Bye, boss!” Praline waved after him before turning to Shyarly “So? Did you change your mind?”



Faster like a torpedo Jinbe shot through the dark water! From time to time moonlight illuminated the otherwise dark ocean around him and made it shimmer in a silver light. From under the waves he saw the bow of the Thousand Sunny getting closer towards him.


Hm? Everything seems to be just like I left it.‘ he mused to himself, sensing no other presences nearby, other than those of his crew members and that of Marguerite. He rose from the water and jumped on the railing of the ship. The Straw Hat Pirates stopped with their activities and turned towards him with hopeful looks in their eyes.


“Jinbe!” his captain greeted him happily by hugging him “Where is the meat? I’m starving!”


“M- Meat?” a small pearl of sweat ran down the helmsman’s forehead, realising that he forgot something important.


“Did you think about the sake, Jinbe?” Zoro asked as he got closer as well “I really need some booze right now!”


“S- Sake?” he began sweating profusely all over his body.


“The supplies you wanted to get?” Sanji reminded him “Where are they?”


In a cruel turn of fate, Madam Shyarly’s prophecy became true: He indeed witnessed unimaginable horror as chaos broke out all over the ship in response to his neglect!

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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16 days ago

Shorter chapter than usual but really sweat! I’m glad to see more of Big Mom’s daughters being introduced in the serie as I really love their designs, I hope we can see art in the future featuring the likes of Praline / Pudding / Smoothie, or new characters like Amande / Galette.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
16 days ago
Reply to  Anono

You can think of Big Mom what you want, but she churned out some helluva sexy daughters. Sadly, Rtenzo doesn’t seem willing to draw any other than Pudding and Praline, which is a shame, given that he nearly has every Bleach/MHA girl in his roster. I will definitely stick to mentioning them whenever possible though!

15 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Oh a Praline artwork has been made? That’s good to know! And yeah I’m kinda jealous of the other series getting tons of different characters, even those with little screentime, but hopefully we get to see more Charlotte girls, or even girl from the most recent arc Wano, seeing Ulti / Black Maria / Yamato would be amazing too!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
15 days ago
Reply to  Anono

Oh a Praline artwork has been made?” I didn’t say that, merely that he is willing to draw her, given her being among the list of One Piece girls. So far I can’t complain about the number of One Piece girls. I’m happy he even draws them.

15 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

True! We must enjoy the things we have, plus I think the majority of artwork comes from request and Bleach & MHA are the most popular here so it’s only natural