Fulfilled Fantasies and Fateful Decisions

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Walking along the path in front of them, Izuku Midoriya still marveled at how so very real everything looked. He understood a bit of how this simulation room worked, something to do with cold plasma force fields and images projected over them not unlike a movie screen, but in full 3D. Hatsume managed to explain how larger environments were done as well. The fields covering the floor worked like a treadmill, and tricked users into thinking they were moving while they were actually walking in place while the projections were moved around them.


“So, how did you get Midnight Sensei to let us use this room without anyone else?” he asked his companion.


“Oh, that was easy, I just explained how we needed a private space to use so I could refuel my quirk so we could continue studying it. The dorms don’t exactly give us the most privacy, and this room here seals tight when in use.” explained Momo Yaoyorozu, “Also I just paid for the time myself.”


She and Izuku laughed. He often forgot how rich Momo was. Last year, when Kacchan was kidnapped by the League of Villains, she, Iida, Kirishima, Todoroki, and himself went on an ill-advised rescue mission. To keep from being recognized due to their exploits during the sports festival, their group stopped in a small shopping center for a change of clothes. Momo paid for everything using some black card he wasn’t familiar with, but it went through and paid for everything in an instant, almost like the register couldn’t clear the card fast enough!


“Alright, that makes sense, but um, why Tokyo Central Park, and um, why are you naked?” he asked, a blush spreading over his face as he tried again not to look TOO much at how Momo’s massively huge tits and shapely ass bounced with her every step.


Momo smiled at him and did a little turn around for him, “Well, Recovery Girl just gave me these new tits and ass, and it always takes a little while to get used to them, also, I…” she trailed off and blushed from head to toe, “I ALWAYS WANTED TO WALK NAKED IN THE PARK IS THAT SO WRONG!?” she yelled all at once.


Izuku shook his head from side to side while waving his arms back and forth in front of himself, “No no, there’s nothing wrong with that, we all have our fantasies!”


“Good, and it’s okay to look Izuku, there’s nothing you haven’t seen before!” Momo told him, “Besides, I kinda need you to enjoy this to get what I need out of it after all.” she said with a smile.


Izuku gulped lightly and turned to look at her more directly. Taking in her flawless skin, and how beautiful it looked over those giant tits with their perky pink nipples. Her perfectly shaven pussy and the puffy lips of her labia already glistening lightly in the simulated setting sun. He only had to look for a couple of seconds before he felt a familiar tightness in his pants.


Momo licked her lips as she got down on her knees in front of him and reached up to begin undoing his belt and opening his pants with her nimble fingers. “Uh… Um, you got your nipples pierced…?”


The dark haired girl blinked, “Hmm? Oh, no, not really. I just used my regular quirk to make these, thought they might look good for a new dance routine Mt. Lady’s been helping me with.” she explained, taking one ring off her thick nipple. “They come off easy, though I feel bad making them out of gold, but it’s the only metal that won’t wear out as fast when I bend them to hold on repeatedly.” she said as she placed it back onto her nipple and pinched it in place. She then finished opening his pants and pulled his half hard cock out. Her dark colored eyes went wide for a moment as his huge penis throbbed in her hand, still swelling slowly.


“I…see…” Izuku said, groaning softly at the feel of her soft hand now moving up and down his length, teasing his cock to full mast slowly.


“So,” Momo said in a casual tone, “You were telling me about this dream you had?


“It, ahh… Wasn’t exactly a dream…” Izuku said. He then groaned softly as Momo leaned in close, brushing her tongue over his balls gently, taking the right one into her mouth and slowly caressing it with her tongue.


“Mmmhmmmh…” she murmured around his nut.


Well, I told you about how One for All was passed from one user to the next right?” he asked. It was one of the things he enjoyed about his new relationship with Momo, she knew about One for All now, and he could talk about it with her more easily than with Kacchan since any time he even tried to talk about it with him it seemed to piss him off.


“Yesh…” she slurred as she moved from his right to his left nut, making sure to roll them both around with her tongue slowly.


“Well, a few nights ago, I fell into a really deep sleep after a… Oh that feels good… A rough workout…” Izuku half-lied.


“Hmmhmmhmm, I’ll bhet…” Momo slurred, “Tsu and Oshaco are real screamersh…” she giggled as she released his balls and began brushing her tongue along the underside of his cock as he tensed. “Relax, it’s not a big deal.” she assured him before moving to place his cock between her heavy tits. Izuku let out another groan at the feel of her soft tits pressing around his rock hard shaft.


“So go on…” she said as she began rubbing her breasts up and down slowly. They felt like warm silky pillowed around his cock as she moved them up and down. Even at their new size, they couldn’t begin to cover his entire length!


“Well, I, I spoke with one of the previous holders… I spoke to her like you and I are talking now.”


“Oh, she was giving you a boobjob too, kinky dream!” Momo said teasingly.


“N, no!!! I mean… ahhh…” Izuku groaned as Momo smirked before opening her mouth wide and taking the top five inches of his cock into her mouth!


“Mmmmph…” Momo moaned softly. “Dish tashtesh sho guud…” she said as she began bobbing her head up and down slowly. The green haired youth groaned in pleasure at the feel of her tongue swirling around the tip of his cock as she moved her head up and down faster.


“Mmmmmh…” Izuku continued, “She… She told me… There’s a way to gain deeper control over One for All…”


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph… Du tell…” she said around his cock.


Izuku told Momo about his conversation with Nana, though he omitted the part about standing naked with her. The dark haired girl listen intently as her head rose and fell steadily, her lips making wet slurping noises every time she lifted it up.


“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph… Datsh ahmashing…” she slurred erotically around his cock before moaning as she let her breasts fall away before sliding her mouth down deep. Her throat bulging as his dick pushed down towards her stomach. “Mmmmmmmmph, sho phiiiick an ‘aaard…” she moaned, making her throat vibrate around his cock as she looked up at him, her eyes shimmering with arousal.


“Lesh dry id…!” she slurred badly, Izuku couldn’t understand her.


“Huh?” he asked.


“Dew id, phuck muh mouph ‘ard, goh crawzy…!” she said as she moved to a squatting position. “Mmmmmmph, we’ve been dewing dish phour ahwhile naow, I cun ‘andle id…!” She pulled her head back somewhat, allowing her to speak a little more clearly, “Beshidesh, I want ‘ou to gwrow from dish too…”


“Huh?” he repeated, feeling his entire face turning red.


“Mmmmmaah…” Momo gasped, pulling her mouth free and stroking his cock, “I want you to grow from this too! I know we’re only doing this to keep my quirk enhanced, but I’m technically getting more out of it than you. If you use that technique, then you can get better control of One for All in the process as well as help me maintain my quirk.”


“You know, it’s scary how practical you can be sometimes Momo.”


Momo blinked and tilted her head like a cat, “Huh, really? I don’t see how honestly.” she said before taking his cock back into her mouth casually, “Mmmmmmmmmph, I rilly wuv dish pheelinggg…” she moaned as she began bobbing her head up and down again. “Go ahead Ishuku, phuck muh mouph and phroat…” she told him.


“Ahhaaa… You… You’re sure Momo…?” he asked.


She nodded her head and Izuku closed his eyes. It was difficult to concentrate with her mouth wrapped around his cock, feeling the warm wetness of her tongue slurping against the underside of it as her pillowy lips gliding up and down his length slowly.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Momo moaned around his cock, “Hurry Geku, phuck muh mouph…” she moaned softly.


“Ahhhhaa…” Izuku groaned as he focused his thoughts. Lines of red energy spread over the length of his cock as Momo braced herself against the ground. He then reached out with both hands, grabbing her by the head before shoving his entire length into her mouth!


“MMMMMMMPH!!!!!” Momo howled around his cock, her throat visibly stretching around his girth as her dark eyes roll back in their sockets!


“Ahhhh, Momo-saaaan….!” Izuku groaned in pleasure as he began pumping his hips, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth harder. Ropes of saliva hung from her lips as she moaned around his cock.


“Augh gugh gugh, gugh… ‘Arrrrderr… ‘Arder ISHUKU!!!!!” Momo moaned, “YEEESSSH!!! PHUCK MUH MOUPH PUUSSHY!!!! GUGH GUGH GUGH GUGH GUGH!!!!!” she choked around his cock!


“Ohhh fuuuck… your mouth… Momo, your mouth feels so good… Ahhhh I, I can’t stop…” he groaned as he began pumping his hips faster, his balls smacking against her chin.


“NHOOOOO, DUN’T SHTOOOOOP, PHUCK MUH MOOOOUPH!!! PLUUUUSH ULLLLTWAAAAHH!!!!!!” Momo screamed around his cock as her pussy began gushing like a fountain! Izuku nodded and continued slamming his cock into her mouth, long ropes of drool flinging away from her lips as her throat swelled again and again as his cock moved through it.


Groaning louder, Izuku pushed his entire cock down the dark haired girls throat just as he began cumming. He could almost hear his cum flooding her stomach as it poured directly into it.


“MMMMMMMMMMMPH I’M CUUUUUUUMMMINGGGGGGG!!!!” Momo moaned around his cock as her entire body shuddered in pleasure.


Izuku held his cock deep inside Momo’s mouth for several long moments before he finally let go. Momo slowly pulled her head back, “Agguuuuugh…” she coughed lightly as his cock exited her throat.


“Ahhhh…” she gasped before sitting back on the grassy ground. She coughed again and wiped the drool off of her chin before looking up at him with a smile, “Like that?” she asked.


Izuku nodded, “Yeah, sorry if I got too rough…” he said as he continued panting for breath.


“Oh it’s fine!” Momo said with a smile, “End simulation!” she called out.


The late afternoon park suddenly faded from view, giving way to a black room with a yellow grid pattern on the walls.


“YEEP!!!” Momo suddenly shrieked.


“Momo, what’s wrong!?” Izuku asked.


“This floor is COLD!!!!” she yelled as she picked her bare ass up off the floor. Izuku moved closer and offered a hand to help her up. She took it and he helped her to her feet where she began hopping up and down, “I forgot that the holograms are heated.”


Izuku chuckled, “Come on, we should get some rest before class tomorrow.”



(The Next Day)


Sitting in his English class, Izuku listened as Present Mic explained how some words in English could be used as both singular and plural terms. Sitting across from him, Momo yawned quietly, the bags under her eyes showing another night lacking decent sleep. Her studies with her Enhanced Quirk had been getting more and more demanding as of late. And while Izuku didn’t mind providing her with the ‘fuel’ she needed, he did worry her grades might begin to suffer for it.


“Now, comin’ at cha live, who can read this sentence aloud for me?” Present Mic asked the class as he pointed to something he had written on the blackboard. Izuku and several others raised their hands.


“Yaoyorozu, delight our ears with your read if you please!” he said as he selected Momo.


The dark haired young woman stood up slightly and read the sentence, “The herd of deer took off at a run when the hunter snapped a twig underfoot.” she said in perfect unaccented English.


“Rockin’ that was perfect…!” Present Mic began, but stopped when the intercom pinged quietly.


“Students Izuku Midoriya and Momo Yaoyorozu, please report to the principal’s office.” came the voice of Principal Nezu.


“Heh, should keep that harem of your’s in check Deku! One too many public blowjobs?!” mocked Kachan. He then lurched forward in his seat as something struck the back of his head sharply, “OW!!! Hey, who did that!?” he asked as he looked over at Tsuyu on the other side of the room.


“Wasn’t me, kero!” she said.


Behind Bakugo, Kyoka’s earphone jack slowly retracted back to its regular length as she whistled innocently. Izuku tried not to laugh as he got up along with Momo. The two of them then exited the class into the hallway.


“What do you think is going on?” Izuku asked her.


Not sure, but you don’t think it could have been because of that time I…?” the dark haired girl trailed off as she blushed a deep red.


Izuku shook his head, “I doubt that, a life was saved then, and we were both commended by the principal after.”


“That’s true.” Momo agreed. “Oh, I forgot to ask the other day, how was your date with Tsu?” she asked. Izuku gulped and Momo smiled, “Ochaco explained your set-up to me and I saw the two of you leaving for the Bus Station together.”


“It was fun, there is a lot more to that Hot Springs Inn than any of us saw when we were there last time.” he told her.


“Hmm, maybe Kyoka and I should go next weekend…” Momo mused to herself.


The two of them walked together through to the principal’s office in an adjacent building. Izuku was always amazed whenever he met with Principal Nezu, quirks were nothing new, but in Nezu’s case it was something particularly special. He wasn’t human, but some kind of animal enhanced by a quirk! A unique case so far as the world knew. No one knew if his quirk was natural or a result of the experiments done on him, and the rat, dog, whatever he was originally wasn’t talking about it.


Nezu sat behind his desk in his office, a steaming cup of tea to one side. Also in the office were two men wearing dark colored suits. Izuku recognized one of them as the Administrator of the Hospital where Momo was studying her enhanced quirk abilities. He didn’t know the other man, he looked to be in his early forties, with thinning dark hair and lines of gray beginning to appear.


“Thank you for coming you two.” said Principal Nezu as he gestured to the two seats in front of his desk. Izuku and Momo both took a seat and Nezu turned to look at the two men in the room, “Allow me to begin introductions. I’m sure both of you are familiar with Dr. Matsumura, head administrator at Shigusa General Hospital. The man next to him…”


The other man stepped forward, “Hello, my name is Shinsui Kuroko, I’m the current CEO of Kuroko Pharmaceuticals. It’s a pleasure to meet you in person Ms. Yaoyorozu, I can finally thank you properly for saving my daughter’s life.” he said before bowing deeply to Momo, “Thank you so very much, I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost my little girl that day.”


Momo began to blush, “Oh, you mean, well I… please, raise your head sir, I was only doing what any heroine would do!”


Izuku understood, he remembered all too well the incident where Momo barged into class and told him to, ‘cum quick’! By cum she meant in a sexual way. She needed to refuel her quirk in order to make a new human heart for a young girl in dire need of a transplant.


“H… How is your daughter, by the way?” Momo asked.


Mr. Kuroko stood up again and smiled, “Doing very well thanks in no small part to the two of you. Pardon my rudeness sir, I owe you my thanks as well.” he said before bowing to Izuku.


“Really, it’s okay sir, it was nothing really!” he said nervously.


“Well, the young Miss Kuroko is the reason we’ve summoned you both here today, and before you panic, it has nothing to do with the incident in class, not directly anyway.” explained Nezu.


“Then, what’s wrong?” asked Momo.


“Nothing is wrong, in fact, things can’t be more right!” said Dr. Matsumura. “Let me explain by asking you this, what do the two of you know about organ transplants?”


Izuku and Momo looked at one another, “Well,” Momo began, “First you need matching blood types and things like that.”


Izuku nodded, “And the donor organ needs to be as fresh as possible, there’s only so much time to get it to the person receiving it.”


“Both correct, but what do you know about post operational procedures?” asked the doctor.


“Oh, I know this, even with a perfect match, the patient must take an immune suppressing medication,” said Momo.


“Correct!” Dr. Matsumura said with a smile, “And that is the reason we are here today.”


Mr. Kuroko spoke up next, “We’d like to ask if the two of you would consider dropping out of UA High.”


“WHAT!?” Momo and Izuku exclaimed.


“Now now Mr. Kuroko, you are getting ahead of yourself.” said Nezu.


The older man took a step back and bowed slightly, “My apologies.”


“He’s not wrong, we did plan to ask you that, but here is why.” said Dr. Matsumura, “Mr. Kuroko’s daughter hasn’t taken any Immunosuppressant drugs since the procedure.”


“What, why? Isn’t that really dangerous?” Momo asked.


“Under normal transplant circumstances, yes, but as you both know, this is not a normal set of circumstances.” the doctor explained. “Ms. Yaoyorozu, the heart you created with your quirk was completely assimilated by young Ms. Kuroko, her body has shown not one sign of rejection, not one. A biopsy showed that the heart is indistinguishable from her own original tissue. In the time since then, you have used your quirk to replicate other organs for transplant, correct?”


Momo nodded, “Yes, a kidney and a liver.”


“Both have since been transplanted, and both patients have not needed immunosuppressants at all.” the doctor told them.


“Which is why we wanted to ask if you’d consider dropping out of UA,” Mr. Kuroko said, “And apply to a program at my company to further study this ability the two of you have together.”


“Also, to avoid any moral objections from the public at large, we’d also like the two of you to consider getting married.” added Dr. Matsumura.


“WHAT!!??” Momo and Izuku shouted in perfect unison.



“SAY WHAT!?!?” nearly everyone in Class 1-A shouted together.


Izuku winced slightly at the sheer volume of their voices all talking at once like that. “Yeah, that’s what we said.” Izuku said as he rubbed the back of his head and looked down at the floor. They had just finished explaining to everyone why they had been called away to the principals office earlier in the day. Most of the day past that meeting was a blur to him now as he and Momo sat on a couch together in the common room of the Alliance Heights dorm.


“MARRIED!?” Mina shouted, “Like, seriously, why!?”


“That’s what I wanna know!” shouted Kyoka.


“Me too!” said Ochaco.


“And me, kero!” added Tsuyu.


“They said it was to avoid scandal for the Pharmaceutical company.” Momo said, “The way my organic creation works is awkward enough as is, if we were married, then a lot of people would have fewer reservations about the source of these organs.”


“I see, that makes sense.” said Iida.


“Hey, what do you mean Iida!?” Ochaco asked with a dour expression.


“Well, just think about it for a moment.” Iida said, “Yaoyorozu’s enhanced quirk requires Midoriya’s seminal fluids to function, if that detail got out, then you would have some who would object to the use of her quirk to produce organs to save lives. As progressive as the world is now, there are still some who have a great many sexual hang-ups as it were.”


“Like Bakugo and how his mom works at the Agency!” quipped Mineta.


“SHUT UP PIPSQUEAK!!!” Kacchan shot back.


Several students laughed as Tsuyu spoke up, “But are you both really gonna drop out of UA?” she asked sadly.


“No! Well, not right away…” Izuku said.


“Principal Nezu told us we didn’t have to decide right now since this will affect the rest of our lives so dramatically.” Momo said, “Also they want to do a few more experiments to make sure that the organs I make really are universally compatible for anyone. And all that will take several weeks, if not months to confirm.”


Izuku nodded, “Yeah, so nothing’s really gonna happen right now.”


“I don’t see why you’re even thinking about this!” Kyoka objected, “Just say no and move on.”


“It’s not that simple, Jiro.” Iida said, “Consider the sheer number of lives the two of them could save this way. Dozens if not hundreds of people die every year waiting on a compatible donor for an organ transplant. Together, Yaoyorozu and Midoriya could by themselves reduce that number to zero.”


“But… They’d have to give up on being Heroes!” Kyoka said.


“Yeah!” Agreed Ochaco and Tsuyu.


“Not precisely,” Iida countered, “Granted they wouldn’t be out in the public spotlight, but as heroes, our goal is to save as many lives as possible, if they do this, they will be doing just that, only in a different way.”


“That’s what Dr. Matsumura told us.” said Momo.


“Well then what are you waiting for Deku? Just go for it!” said Bakugo, “It’ll get you out of my way if nothing else.”


“Well, I’m against this.” said Todoroki from where he stood in the corner of the room, his arms crossed and a fuming expression on his face.


“Huh?” Mina said with a blink, “Tsu, Ochaco, and Kyoka I get, but what do YOU have against this?” she asked as the three girls she named all blushed.


“There’s another reason they want them to get married that they didn’t mention.” he said, “This is obviously a Quirk Marriage. They’re quietly hoping a child born between Midoriya and Yaoyorozu would be born with the organic creation ability without the need for a fuel source.” he explained, “This stinks of my father…” he muttered as he pulled away from the wall and walked out of the common room.


“Anyway,” Iida continued, “I don’t think this offer can just be dismissed out of hand, you both should take the time you’ve been allotted to consider it very carefully.” he told them.


Izuku looked over to Momo, she’d been mostly quiet this entire time as they explained everything. He already wanted to say no to this entire thing, but he couldn’t argue with the points the Doctor and Mr. Kuroko had made.


“Please, excuse me.” Momo said as she finally got up and began walking towards the stairs.


“Yaomomo! You can’t actually be considering this!?” Kyoka yelled as she went after her. The two of them both then vanished from sight up the stairs leading to the upper levels.


“What about you Midoriya?” asked Mineta, “Doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me.”


“Yeah, life as a sperm donor, seems like the perfect role for a loser like you!” said Bakugo.


“I know what I want to do, but I don’t want to be selfish, I need to wait for Yaoyorozu to make her own choice first.” Izuku said. He then stood up, “Excuse me, I think I need some air.” he said as he walked out of the dorms.


Once outside, Izuku looked up at the evening sky. Stars were beginning to come out slowly as his mind raced with a thousand thoughts. He then sighed as he closed his eyes, “Nana, you there?” he asked out loud.


There was no reply. No surprise, she had told him they could only talk because his mind was quiet enough to hear her. His mind was anything BUT quiet now. Sighing again, Izuku began walking down the street, his mind still a chaotic mess.



“I see, that’s quite the quandary.” said All Might as he sat across from Izuku. He’d walked around the campus for over an hour before running into his hero outside the main offices.


When All Might asked him what was wrong, Izuku replied, “You got a couple hours?” It was then that the retired pro took him to the teachers lounge and prepared tea for the both of them as Izuku explained everything.


All Might already knew how Momo’s quirk allowed her break down the food she ate to be used as energy to create inorganic objects, such as clothes and weapons. But he was surprised to learn how One for All in Izuku’s semen acted like a kind of Super Fuel for Momo’s quirk, enhancing her powers and enabled her to create living tissue. He knew she could make functioning organs for transplant. But neither of them knew that they’d be so perfect, suitable for any recipient with no need for immunosuppressive medications afterwards.


“I gotta say, I never thought One for All could be used in this way. To be able to help Yaoyorozu make living tissue was amazing enough. But to replicate perfect universal organs… Even I know enough about medicine to know just how priceless that is.”


“So you think we should do it?” Izuku asked, “Drop out of UA and get married, go to the Hospital’s program and everything?”


“I’d be lying if I said no. This is a way to save lives, and a lot of them, that’s what being a Hero is all about. But this isn’t a choice anyone can make for you Young Mido… No, Izuku. This is a choice you’ll have to make for yourself. I passed One for All to you, yes, but what you do with it now is YOUR choice, not mine. Do I want to see you take up my mantle, become the next symbol of peace, certainly. But fate has offered you an alternative path, a way to save who knows how many lives without putting yourself in danger. I know your mother would love that.”


“Oh crap! I haven’t even told her about this yet! I already know what she’d say too, she’d tell me to take the offer if for no other reason than to see her grandchildren…” Izuku muttered.


“Bwahahaha!!!” All Might laughed, holding his stomach. Though it was a relief to see him laughing hard without spewing blood everywhere, his work with Eri has really helped him heal. “So she’s already at that point huh?” All Might asked. He then held his chin in one hand as he thought, “Hmm, come to think of it, Young Todoroki might be right about this being a quirk marriage, the bad, well, worse news is I don’t think it’d work the way the doctors hope it will. One for All is in your DNA now, yes, but I don’t know if any of it would pass to your children at all. None of the previous holders to my knowledge ever had children after taking it in. I believe my master already had a family by the time she became a hero.”


“Hang on! does that mean they never bothered to have children, or just couldn’t?!” Izuku asked, feeling a small bit of worry, “It might make sense though if they couldn’t, after all, One for All is powerful, and many of the more powerful quirks have some kind of drawback to them, take Endeavor for example, he can only go so hot before hurting himself, and Kaminari’s quirk can literally fry his brain if he uses it too much…”


“Easy, easy kid!” All Might derailed his train of thought before it could go too far, “No, as far as I know, none of them ever tried, too busy being heroes to focus on having a family. I think the fourth holder might have after he passed it onto the fifth, but I can’t be too certain.” he explained. He then took a sip of the tea he’d prepared, “What I’m ultimately saying is you should make this choice yourself. But, there’s no rush to make it now. They’re still doing tests to be certain about all of this right? Take that time to think very hard and very carefully about this. I’ll support you whichever choice you make, that’s a promise.”


“Thank you, All Might.” Izuku said. He then sipped his tea, then began choking on it when something else occurred to him! “Oh, I completely forgot!”




“Um, about the previous holders, I kinda, talked to one of them a couple of days ago… ” Izuku said.


All Might’s eyes widened before slowly getting up from his seat, “We’ll need more tea.”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

It seems that you like Bakugou as much as I do

1 year ago
Reply to  TheGreenThing


1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

It seems that you don’t like him, but it’s just an assumption.

1 year ago
Reply to  TheGreenThing

I don’t really care for him, no. I think he’s an arrogant ass that really needs to get over himself. He’s been humbled several times already but has taken little of it truly to heart.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

That’s exactly how I feel about him

1 year ago

I suppose my only complaint is that izuku didnt get tired after nutting with his quirk. But you can explain that by saying he has better control over his quirk from having sex earlier. So i suppose idmt didnt really matter

1 year ago
Reply to  Jose

Yeah, this time wasn’t as intense as before, also he’ll be getting more control, but also, he’ll need to push things farther every time.

1 year ago

First let me talk the artwork, I really love it with Momo sucking on Izuku’s meat log and the pose it looks exactly like the Virgo pic a long ago, except that it blowjob only instead of a spitroast. Also her nude body with massive assets never fails to impress me, good job on that Rtenzo! 👍

Now on to the story section, Sailor, your writing is super great man. To start things off with Momo and Izuku spending time in VR simulation room. Especially the part where Momo having a nudist fantasy and to admit that she always wanted walk naked in a public park, it was really unexpecting. But what really surprised me the most was fact that Izuku and Momo are given the difficult decision ever, after the latter’s organic creation quirk and the “fuel” provided from the former for the enhancement, become a miracle in the medical field. Now having to quit being heros and join the medical program, also to marry each other too. That was to much to take in, but in way that is an amazing impact in the story. Outstanding work Sailor! 👏👏👏

1 year ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Thank you! Like I said, I’ve been planning this for a while now. I want to do more plot based stories this season alongside the smut. I recently just started working on my plans with Melissa. I hope everyone enjoys the story overall this season.

1 year ago

Loved the very plot centered approach on this chapter, very welcome every once in a while, but at the same time love the fact that he went plus ultra in her mouth xD.
I’m very interested by this new drama regarding the organ creation, I think it’s a nice plot twist, from what we saw it seems Momo is quite undecided about the offer or at least she doesn’t dislike the idea enough to say no right away, which makes me wonder if her hesitation comes from knowing she could save a lot of people or maybe she feels something for Izuku (Izuku going for the harem route LOL), either way I have to say if I was Izuku I wouldn’t mind accepting the offer at all, Momo is hot af xD

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Thanks, yeah, Momo’s indecision is maybe a little of both, maybe not… You’ll need to stay tuned this season! And in true harem protagonist fashion, Izuku isn’t TRYING to have a harem, it’s just shaping out that way. I’ve got the next chapter mostly planned out, I’m hoping to get everyone to weigh in on this before coming to a conclusion.

Lew Hawks
Lew Hawks
1 year ago

How history changes, huh! 🤔
Keep getting better 👌
Great “Sailor Lo” 👍 My Respect ✌️

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Who’s Sailor Lo? 😛

Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the story, this was all planned late last year. The two of them are faced with a massively important life decision! One that affects not only them, but the people they care about. How it plays out affects the rest of this seasons story.

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This was a really solid chapter. I liked how this was written and edited. In addition to this, the tone is refreshingly different than most of the other chapters so far, which I really liked.

Looks like Izuku and Momo are in a hell of a position, not to mention how much of the others reacted to their newest problem, especially Kyoka, Todoroki and All Might.

Not only that, I really like how the organ method is explained here too. Very intriguing.

And of course, the facefucking and blowjob was amazing. Very well done there, though I can’t help but feel like that was put together at the last minute. XD Still, it really helps fit what the picture itself is showing.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Great job! Especially you Sailor. 🙂

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Thanks, this was fun to write!

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Well that was something. To be honest I’m pretty much neutral towards this new plot twist in this chapter and the inevitable drama that’s going to come with it. But oh well.

That said the pic of Momo is amazing, everything about it is on point from her huge tits to her fat ass and especially the nipple rings that was a nice touch. The story and the sex scenes in particular were nicely written as usual, great work gentlemen.👍

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Thank you!

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This was a great episode I love the humour at the end “we’ll need more tea” it’s was great and generally made me laugh and the way that you approached that not all hero’s are Out on the streets the real world equivalent would be like firefighters save lives but doctors save lives to arguably more depending on a few variables but the episode was amazing.

But I do have one problem with it you included a spoiler near the end that involves the later chapters of the manga that hasn’t yet been spoken about in the still being released my hero academia season 4 I being a manga reader and anime watcher already knew about the spoiler mentioned but an anime only reader wouldn’t so try in the future not to include spoilers even if only minor ones

But that little rant aside I loved the episode particularly the start with momo and izuku “refuelling” momo’s quirk and the mentioning of todoroki considering we haven’t seen much of him so far

Best of luck with future episodes

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Well, this IS all set during their second year at UA, some bits might get spoiled and some details altered, unavoidable I’m afraid, but I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter and the twists!

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Really well done chapter. Honestly it actually felt like the sex scene was just added on because of the fact that’s what everyone expects from these stories, but truthfully you have a really solid chapter here that you could have done without it completely.

It’s an interesting twist, but what I felt you did expertly well was more of looking at all sides of this. Incorporating some elements I’m sure people hadn’t thought about or remembered. The part with Todoroki being a key example of that. It shows a great deal of insight of how you’re writing these.

So yeah, really good chapter. An oddly refreshing break from the more slutty tone this series has had.

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Awwww, thanks!