Fubuki’s Chance at Victory

(Note: This story is part of a short series of One-Punch Man stories)
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Fubuki fumed as she flew, chasing after her sister with her best speed, but falling further behind with each second. Tatsumaki, you selfish bitch! There was plenty of that lotion for both of us, but noooo, you just had to use it all on yourself! Grr…


As she flew on, she finally caught sight of her sister, also flying via her powers; Fubuki ground her teeth together at the sight of her massive boobs. That could have been her too! Why couldn’t she get a chance to finally get a win over Saitama?!


Speaking of the caped baldy, Fubuki spotted him on the ground, apparently asleep…with his dick still hanging out and semen all around him?! She blushed hard, almost losing control of her powers in her embarrassment. Then she spotted an insect looking monster rushing towards Saitama, mandibles wide open. Her sister and her embarrassment both forgotten, she dived towards him. But she could already tell she was going to be too late-




With a startled yelp, she hastily dodged to the side, just missing the monster as it went rocketing past her, headed towards the sun. A sweatdrop forming on her head, Fubuki looked back down at Saitama; somehow, she wasn’t even surprised to see he was still asleep, his arm falling back down to his side.


He defeated a monster without even being awake for it?! Just how powerful…wait a minute.‘ Fubuki frowned in thought. ‘The monster went flying, but I’ve seen Saitama when he’s fighting. He turns monsters into bloody mist; there’s usually just body parts or less left after one of his punches.


She turned a thoughtful eye onto him. Did Tatsumaki wear him out that much? If that’s the case…


A smile coming to her lips, Fubuki gingerly applied her powers to Saitama’s sleeping body, sighing in relief when she didn’t trigger an attack. Then they were both off, back towards her apartment.




“Huh…this isn’t my place,” Saitama observed, blinking at the ceiling. “Definitely a lot nicer, and this bed is a lot softer.”


A soft snort came from his right side. “Glad to hear that you approve,” Fubuki said sarcastically. She squirmed slightly under his gaze; being naked in front of Saitama still wasn’t something she was used to. “You’re welcome, by the way, for bringing you here and out of that field.”


“Eh, I’m sure I would have been fine,” he replied nonchalantly. “But yeah, thanks.”


About to start yelling at him, Fubuki smirked instead. “Good, and that means you owe me!”


“…okay, sure. And since you’re already naked, I have a pretty good guess what you want,” Saitama replied with a small smile, his cock stiffening as he spoke.


“That’s right! I know you and my sister just did it, and I want my turn!”


And if I’m right about her wearing you down, I’ll be able to enjoy all the sex and not get overwhelmed by him. This is my chance!


Pumped up by her internal monologue, Fubuki jumped into his arms, kissing him hard and feeling his erection rub against her pussy, quickly getting her wet. She gasped and moaned when he grabbed her ass, his powerful fingers sinking into the soft flesh.


Saitama kissed her back, groping and fondling her ass. When his cock was as hard as it was going to get, he effortlessly lifted her up and then slammed her back down, burying his dick in her pussy.


Fubuki broke off the kiss to throw her head back with a squeal, which got even louder when Saitama immediately began kissing and sucking on her tits. “AHH! OHH! FUCK, I always forget how big you are, and how hard you fuck me! MMM!” Despite her complaints, she bounced up and down eagerly, aided by a minor use of her powers.


Smirking around a mouthful of tit, Saitaima found one of her nipples and gently bit down it, eliciting a shriek from Fubuki; from the sound of it, she wasn’t sure if she loved it or hated it. Or maybe it was both. The Psychic Sisters were both confusing to him. Instead, he focused on giving her what she wanted, pounding her harder and faster.


Fubuki screamed as she came, wrapping her arms and legs around Saitama, pushing his cock even deeper into her pussy as his semen poured into her. It was very intense, but she stayed conscious. Her theory was right!


But there was one last test she had to make.


Leaning back, Fubuki looked Saitama right in the eyes. “Do me in the ass,” she ordered, before her courage ran out. “And don’t hold back! You hear me? You fuck me with everything you have!”


I really, really hope I don’t regret this…


Surprise flickered in his eyes, though his expression didn’t change much. “You sure? You and your sister have gotten pretty mad about that in the past…”


“That was then, this is now,” Fubuki insisted, pulling away from him. Lying on her stomach, her breasts squashed underneath her, she looked back over her shoulder, a blush staining her cheeks. “N-now hurry up!”


Saitama looked at her a moment longer before shrugging and lining up his erection. Feeling it press against her ass gave Fubuki just enough time to tense before…




“FUCK!” Her shriek echoed around the room; she didn’t have any time for more, as Saitama immediately went to full speed, pounding her ass faster than she could see. She could barely even feel it, beyond the insane pleasure that roared through her like a tidal wave.


Yet somehow, Fubuki was able to stay alert and aware of what was happening. Oh, she was moaning, panting, and occasionally shrieking, but it wasn’t as bad as the other times Saitama had fucked.


They continued for nearly 10 minutes. Even when he orgasmed in her ass and she almost broke everything in her home through her voice and her powers, Fubuki was able to ride the experience instead of being drowned in it. She lay there, pussy and ass both sore, her body exhausted, but there was a smile on her face. She had done it!


“You and your sister really are getting better at this,” Saitama admitted, giving her ass a playful spank as he pulled out.




YEOOOOOOW!!! GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD SON OF A BITCH!” Fubuki raged as she turned on him, a crimson handprint on one ass cheek. “THAT HURT LIKE HELL, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”




Fubuki’s reply was an incoherent roar of rage.

(Story by User: S22132)

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1 year ago

So Fubuki finally get her shot at beating Saitama or last longer in a way. Though I didn’t think that Fubuki couldn’t take a smack to the ass lightly, unless Saitama’s playful one was too hard. But man she was extremely livid at him.

Either way, the image of Fubuki is incredible Rtenzo, especially the prone posture that she’s doing I like it. Would you make another one with the same posture for Tatsumaki or any other female characters? Because it that would be great to see. Also the story was very great I hope there a little more chapters in the future.

Overall, keep up the amazing job Rtenzo and S22132! 👍👍👍

1 year ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Fubuki has been under a lot of stress recently, and yeah, Saitama smacked her harder than he intended. 😉

Thanks very much for the kind words; I’m glad you liked the story.

1 year ago

Note to self: Unless she wants you to, NEVER smack Fubuki’s ass. Though Saitama’s slaps are anything but playful. XD Damn, girl! Bite his head off, why don’t you?

Anyway, this was quite the short but sweet story. I’m surprised she even lasted as long as she did, even with what happened im the chapter before this one.

More importantly, the picture itself was wonderful. Especially the attention to detail and the background.

Overall, nice work. I really enjoyed it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, that smack was a bit harder than Saitama intended, plus Fubuki is/was already dealing with a lot of stress, so it boiled over, just a bit. 😉

I’m glad you liked the story.