Floor 69 for Sex Time

“You aren’t at all embarrassed by this?” Yoruichi asked Rangiku, twisting slightly on her stomach to look up at her orange haired friend.


Rangiku tilted her head, looking confused. “What are you talking about?”


“Oh, I don’t know,” Yoruichi replied, voice dry, well aware of the blush on her own face. “Maybe that your tits, which I can’t believe you had made bigger, are only covered by a pair of heart shaped pasties? Or that your thong is slipping off your butt, which you also made bigger? Or that we’re both waiting here for our client, who has paid a lot of money to fuck us both?”


The blood rose in Rangiku’s face. “Okay, put like that, it is a little embarrassing.” She gave Yoruichi a sly look. “But you’re a fine one to talk about me getting my ass and tits enlarged.” She gave the former Shinigami captain a slight spank for emphasis, the massive chocolate colored fleshy mounds wobbling wildly.


Jumping and squealing slightly at the unexpected impact, Yoruichi’s blush deepened as her huge tits rubbed against the floor, her nipples hardening under her own butterfly shaped pasties. Before she could say anything, the elevator dinged, and both of them scrambled to get into position.


The man stepped out of the elevator and promptly froze at the sight of the two voluptuous beauties, wearing next to nothing, posing against the backdrop of the window, with its spectacular view of the city and the water.


“Do you think we broke him?” Yoruichi stage whispered, smirking at the man’s dropped jaw and wide eyes.


“Maybe, but I can tell that one part of him is working just fine.” Rangiku licked her lips, her eyes fixed hungrily on the bulge in his pants.


That snapped him out of it, and he broke into a huge grin. “Worth every penny…” he whispered.


“You haven’t seen anything yet,” the two hotties said in unison.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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