First Ever Fuckfest!

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Sitting in the DJ booth, Hanabi Hyuga smiled as she grabbed the mic and spoke to the massive crowd. “Ladies, gentlemen, pervs of all ilk! Welcome to Busteez’s first ever FuckFest, where our girls compete to see who’s the biggest and best slut in the ninja world! We have a full ticket of participants tonight. The rules are simple, Guys, you must fuck one girl after the next until she gives up or passes out. If you cum at any point, you lose. Tonight’s winner gets a full year V.I.P. membership free of charge!”


Cheers erupted throughout the club, as the girls emerged from backstage and lined up on the dance floor. Among them was her own sister. Hinata looked so pretty, with her huge tits hanging free and freshly shaven pussy already dripping with desire. Hanabi chewed her lower lip as she switched on some loud pulsing music. The assembled women moved off the stage, headed towards the tables where they drew lots for their first contestants. Hinata was bummed not getting Naruto first, that honor went to Lady Tsunade.


The cheers became more intense as the girls all began mounting their selected cocks. Their moans were drowned out by the crowd and music, but Hanabi could see the looks on their faces. The brown haired girl grabbed her mic again and spoke,


“And we’re off! What an amazing start, all the girls look ready to win, but who will come out on top!?” she asked rhetorically.


“Wow, Tsunade-sama’s already taking two cocks at once! What a seasoned whore!” she said, looking to the blonde womans table, “That’s the Fifth Hokage for you, not even the two biggest dicks in the land can make her back down!”


“AHHAAAN!! SO BIIIIIGGG!!!! SO GOOOOD!!!! AHHH!!!! I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna diiieee!!!” Tsunade screamed, her hips bucking up and down between the cocks of Naruto and the Raikage. Her big brown eyes rolling back in their sockets as her pussy sprayed hot juices.


“Uh-oh folks, looks like Tsunade’s in trouble already, how much longer will the Fifth hold out under such a pounding?” Hanabi asked as she watched, moving a hand to stroke her pussy through the thong she wore. Watching all this was turning her on to no end! She’d be out there herself, but her full work at the club didn’t start until tomorrow. She tugged the crotch of her thong aside and began rubbing herself directly as she looked from one table to another.


“Oh, oh, looks like we have our first loser of the night!” she said, managing to keep herself from moaning as she watched Anko climb off of a nearly unconscious Rock Lee, his cum dripping out of her as she stood triumphant, waving her arms and making her heavy tits bounce and jiggle for the crowd.


“Wow, that was unexpected, looks like Konoha’s Taijutsu expert should have done a different kind of training before coming here tonight!” Hanabi said as Anko stepped away from the barely conscious young man and moved towards Tsunade’s table, a wide grin on her face. Money began to flutter through the air like snow as the crowd began showing their love.


“OOOOOOHHH GOOOOOOOD!!!!!” Tsunade screamed as her entire body spasmed, her eyes rolling back in her head as she went completely limp between the two men.


“Oh, oh, and Tsunade is down everyone!!!” Hanabi announced as she dipped her fingers deep inside herself, her own pussy gushing around her digits. “It looks like Anko is ready to take on our competitors next, how long will she last!?”

Story by Sailor Io

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3 years ago

Anko looks so good in this picture. Hope you have more material with her.