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Boruto Uzumaki yawned as he, Sarada, and Mitsuki made their report to his father about their latest C-Rank mission. Protecting a small caravan transporting goods to a small town that was off the railway grid. The mission was beyond boring, though he did get a temporary ego boost when the bandits that DID try to attack ran at the sight of him. Temporary being the key word, since they didn’t run because of his talents, but because one of them recognized him as the current Hokage’s son.


“…and that’s when we abandoned the chase once the men were a safe distance from the caravan. Once at our destination we gave their descriptions to the local authorities and began our return trip.” said Sarada, completing their report.


“I see, good work you three…” said Naruto as he looked through another report, barely listening to Sarada at all.


“Tch, stupid old man,” Boruto said under his breath as they were dismissed.


“He’s just busy, I saw at least three documents marked Top Secret on his desk.” said Sarada as she walked beside him, “Anyway,” she said, turning to face him as she walked backwards, “Mission’s done, are you both free this afternoon?” she asked.


“Hmmm, I got nothing planned, what’s up?” Boruto asked.


“Sadly, I have something that calls for my attention this evening, I’m free all day tomorrow though.” said Mitsuki.


Sarada pursed her lips in thought, “Mmmmh, tomorrow might not work, but you’ll have to do alone Boruto, come on!” said Sarada, grabbing his wrist and taking off at a run.


“Waaaaahhh!!!” Boruto yelled as Sarada pulled him along as she kicked a cloud of dust up behind her.


“See you later Mitsuki!!!” she called back with a wave of her free hand as Boruto fluttered like a flag behind her.


“Jeez, slow down already Sarada, my arm is about to come off!!!” Boruto yelled after they exited the main building and went past several blocks of the town.


Sarada slowed to a halt and released her vice-like grip on his wrist. Boruto rubbed at the appendage as he rotated his shoulder several times to make sure it was still in place. “What was all that about dattebasa?” he asked.


“To be honest, I didn’t want Mitsuki along, but it would have felt rude not to at least invite him. I’m not ready for two guys at once yet.” Sarada said as she tapped her chin in thought.


“Right, okay, I under… Huh, what’s that about two guys at once supposed to mean?” Boruto asked, though he already had a pretty solid idea about what she meant.


She flicked his forehead, “I’m not ready to do a threesome with two guys, duh!” she said, “But I am ready to try anal, which is why I wanted you.” she spoke plainly.


“Sarada, shhh, people can hear you!” Boruto shushed her when he noticed a couple passerby’s’ turning in their direction.


“Fine, then let’s go somewhere more private and get started.” Sarada told him and turned to walk out of the area.


“You’re serious?!” Boruto asked as he followed. “I mean, I’m not unwilling, but after that first time… You needed your mom there to get it right after that.”


“I admit, I bit off a little more than I could chew that time, but I’m a lot surer of my abilities now. Plus I have a plan to make it easier on my body.” Sarada explained matter-o-factly.


Boruto blinked, “Huh, what’s that?”


Sarada turned and grinned at him with a smile that seemed completely out of place on her face, “That’s a secret…”


That didn’t make Boruto feel any better about this as he followed her.



“Um, Sarada, what is this place?” Boruto asked as he looked around the room. They were at Busteez, down in the basement, only it didn’t look like a garden variety basement anymore. The entire place looked like some seedy back alley, graffiti everywhere, poor lighting, and trash strewn about. The only thing that gave away that they weren’t actually in some back alley was the smell. The entire place smelled like plaster and fresh paint.


Sarada led him to a section along the back wall where a handful of dirty looking toilets were set up in open stalls. They were the old style toilets, where one had to squat down over it instead of the modern style seat ones. The walls of the stall had some crude graffiti scribbled everywhere. Boruto chuckled at one bit written in black permanent marker.




“New VIP section according to mom.” Sarada said as she began stripping down. “Meant to build the whole dirty sex vibe without risking all the germs.” she explained casually as she took off her spandex shorts, “Hey, hurry up and get undressed. I don’t want us to get caught down here. It’s not exactly ready yet.”


“SERIOUSLY!?” Boruto whispered harshly, “Then why are we down here?”


“It turns me on.” she told him bluntly.


“But everything just looks so, dirty…” Boruto said as he looked around again.


Sarada turned to face him and gave him an impish grin, “That’s the point.” she told him as she continued stripping. Boruto gulped as she pulled open her top, exposing the tit sealing bandages she used to keep her actual breast size contained. Her reasoning only made partial sense to Boruto as he looked around once again before beginning to take off his clothes as well. Apparently, her mother Sakura didn’t want boys fawning over her simply because of her breast size. And while he sort of understood, it still seemed a waste to him as he watched her release the bandages.


Instantly Sarada’s tits ballooned outward, going from next to flat to bigger than her head! They looked soft and heavy, capped with bright nipples that began to stiffen in the overly cool air.


“Ack, d… Don’t stare you idiot!” she said blushing as she turned to her side and continued stripping.


“S… Sorry!” he apologized, then blinked, “Hey, you called ME here! Why shouldn’t I look?”


She smirked, “Better.” she told him as she tossed the rest of her clothes onto a pile on the floor, and Boruto felt his cock stiffening slowly at the sight of her naked body. He then saw her weave a quick set of hand seals, “Partial Expansion Jutsu!” she called out before her ass swelled up several times bigger!


“WOAH!” Boruto gasped at the sudden change in her body. Her ass and hips were HUGE now. He wondered why only for a moment, remembering how she mentioned she had an idea to make things easier on her body. Now that made sense to him.


“Come on,” she told him, kicking her clothes and his into one of the stalls once he’d finished taking them off, all save his sandals that is. Her new ass barely fit inside the stall as he followed her inside, pressing his giant cock against her huge ass and back as he reached around her waist and grabbed her tits.


“Ah, Boruto! What are you doing!?” she snapped at him, though he felt her shudder a bit against him as he began squeezing her soft heavy tits.


“Getting myself in the mood.” he told her, “This might surprise you, but we guys like a little mood setting ourselves too you know.”


“Fine,” she said with a hint of annoyance in her tone, “Just, warn me next time…” she said, her voice barely a whisper, and he could see her body blushing a bit.


“Hmm…?” Boruto muttered as his hands kneaded and squeezed her tits, enjoying the feel of them as he traced his fingers around the stiff cherry sized nipples.


“What?” she asked softly, turning her head to face him slightly, her breathing just a little labored now.


“They’ve gotten bigger.” he told her.


Her blush deepened, “Um… Yeah… Mom’s been training me a lot lately, and she really likes to massage them… Because… You know…”


Boruto remembered, Sakura had confessed she loved mother/daughter forbidden love stories, that it was her secret kink. It made sense if she and Sarada were training for her to work at Busteez someday that she’d get more than a little handsy.


“Still, um, thanks…” she said a moment later, pressing her tits into his hands as he squeezed them more.


Boruto smiled and leaned his head over her shoulder. He’d been spending a lot of time with several women lately, and they’d all taught him a few things as he gently bit the edge of her ear.


“Ahhhh…!” Sarada moaned, pressing her fat ass back against his cock, the warm soft cheeks wrapping around his throbbing length as he nibbled on her ear gently while slowly dry humping her ass. “Mmmmmh, yeah… That’s good…” she panted.


Boruto smiled to himself, nibbling her ear more as he moved one hand from her breast to her smooth flat stomach. He liked how she shivered as he teased her belly button. He then began kissing down her neck gently like Hanabi had taught him while he pinched one nipple in between his fingers.


“Mmmmmh, someone’s been getting lessons.” Sarada cooed as she grabbed his hand and guided it down between her legs. Her pussy was completely soaked! His fingers made wet slippery noises as he slid his middle and ring fingers inside her. “You weren’t anywhere near this sensual last time.” she mocked.


“Hey!” he snapped back at her.


She only grinned and rocked herself back against his cock. “Mmmmmh, I can see why my mom enjoys this… Your dick feels so hot and hard against my ass, and the smell is making me dizzy and horny at the same time.” she moaned as she reached her arms up and over, reaching them back to wrap around his head gently.


“Sorry, I didn’t have time to take a bath before…” he apologized, “OW! What was that for!?” he asked when she pounded her fist against the back of his head.


“Learn to take a woman’s sexual compliment you dumbass!” she snapped at him. “And I thought I still had a lot to learn!”


“Sorry…” he apologized again.


“Whatever…” Sarada said, and Boruto could almost feel her rolling her eyes as she turned around to face him. He felt his cheeks turning red as she looked him straight in the eyes. “Let me get you ready.” she said as she looked down at his cock, the tip now currently jutting up from between her huge tits. “God you’re huge.” she said as she leaned her head down and planted a soft kiss on the tip. Boruto then shuddered at the feel of her hot little tongue licking the slit at the end of his cock before she opened wide and took the entire wide head into her mouth!


“Mmmmmmmph…” she moaned, saliva bubbling around her mouth as she began lowering her body down slowly, taking his cock farther and farther down her throat. Groaning softly, the young blonde watched as Sarada’s throat swelled as his cock moved deeper and deeper.


“Ahhaa, S… Sarada… Your mouth feels, so good…” he groaned, loving the wet slippery feel of her mouth and throat as her lips gliding ever farther down his dick.


“Mmmmmmmmph, muh droat pheelsh sho guud…” she slurred, dropping down onto her knees as she pressed her lips to the base of his cock, “I wuv dish pheelingh… Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmmmmph…” she slurred and slurped noisily. Boruto moved one hand to rest on the back of her head, gripping her headband and tugging it off. Sarada only moaned louder as she worked her head back and forth faster.


“Mmmmmmmmph… Sho guud… Shmellsh sho guuuud, gunna cummmmmh…” she moaned, moving her head faster now, the sound of her lips sucking and smacking against his cock echoing in the silent room.


“Mmmmmmmh… Yeah, don’t stop…” Boruto groaned, loving the way her mouth and throat felt.


“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Sarada continued, ropes of drool hanging off her chin now as she moved her head even faster! Boruto couldn’t help but groan softly as he leaned back against the wall of the stall. He chewed on his lower lips gently, resting his head against the wall now as he listened to the lewd wet slurping noises of Sarada’s mouth gliding back and forth over his dick.


“Mmmm, ahhh…” she gasped, pulling her head away just as he was about to cum!


“Hey, what’s the big idea!?” he asked.


“We’re not here for you dummy, we’re here for me!” she chided him as she stood up for a moment before kneeling back down on her hands and knees again, thrusting her huge ass into the air. That trick still amazed him. Most of the women working at Busteez were taught a basic version of the Akimichi technique. Though the version everyone used was a simplified version, not suited for combat at all. Sarada likely learned her version from her mother Boruto surmised as he looked down at the huge curves of the dark haired girl’s creamy ass.


“Now, go slowly, I made my ass bigger so it’d be less intense on me, but it’s still my first time doing anal.” she told him as she rested on her elbows.


“Okay, okay…” he complained, “You could have at least let me finish, I can go longer than just one shot…” he muttered to himself.


“What was that!?” she asked with an edge to her tone that could have cut stone.


“Nothing.” he said innocently as he rested his cock against her massive ass. A loud creak cut through the silence in the room, followed by a large number of footsteps.


“Shit, someone’s here!” Boruto cursed.


“Quiet!” Sarada hissed back at him as she reached out to grab their clothes sitting just outside the stall.


“So, as you can see, we got most of the work done already.” came a woman’s voice, one he quickly recognized as his mother Hinata!


“Yeah, it was actually a lot easier than we thought it’d be,” came Sakura’s voice, “We used mostly stuff from a junkyard, cleaned it up, then repainted where we needed to. Captain Yamato helped with the rest of the basic layout for the wooden areas. For the brick we hired a mason from the village.”


“I see,” came a voice that made Boruto’s blood boil. He recognized his father’s voice anywhere. “It’s a really impressive set-up, honestly, if I didn’t know better I’d swear this was some dingy back alley at night.”


“But why go to all the trouble?” asked a forth voice.


“Crap, why is dad here!?” Sarada whispered as quietly as she could.


“I heard Shizune mention he was back in the village when we were waiting to give our report.” Boruto said.


“Not what I asked!” she whispered back.


“Well, I don’t know…” he retorted.


“Quiet!” she whispered again.


“So, we already coated everything with a layer of eye-jutsu blocking paint for privacy reasons. My Byakugan on my best day couldn’t see through these walls.” Hinata explained.


“What’s all this for though?” Naruto asked. “I mean, it’d be easy just to rework a room upstairs for something similar.”


“Well, this is more for us.” Sakura explained, and Boruto heard his father gasp suddenly as the sound of fabric pressing together echoed. “Hinata and I thought of something for a ‘Ladies Night’ theme. Where we girls can live out some of our naughtier fantasies.”


“Mmmhmmm, sometimes we like being dirty and nasty too you know?” Hinata continued, “I’ll admit fucking in some back alley is a bit of a turn-on for me. I’d press a man up against the wall like this!” she said, and Boruto heard Sasuke grunt followed by a thump against the wall. “Then I’d pull out his cock like this…”


“Holy crap…!” Sarada gasped as quietly as she could as she heard her father gasp.


“While I’d want to push a man to the floor like this!” said Sakura, “And use this little trick, DRESS BREAK NO JUTSU!!!” The sound of fabric being torn echoed loudly followed by Naruto crying out in surprise.


“You ladies can be quite the pair sometimes.” Sasuke said, and Boruto could almost hear the one armed man smiling.


“You know you love it!” Hinata said teasingly, “AHHHMMMMPH!!!!”


“Is she…?” Sarada whispered.


Boruto nodded, “Uh huh.” he confirmed as the distinctive sound of a woman sucking a rather large cock began reverberating from the other end of the room. He tried looking through the holes in the side of the stall where they were hiding, but they only went through to the very last divider. The one at the end didn’t have a hole cut in the side and also went all the way down to the floor instead of standing on small metal posts.


“Uh-uh, eyes here Naruto!” Sakura said, there was a wet squishing sound and the pink haired woman let out a long moan, “Mmmmmmmmh, so full…” she said, “Hinata, how’s my husband’s cock taste!?” she called out.


“Mmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph, sho guuuud…” Hinata slurred back.


“Heh heh, make sure to take it allll in, that’a girl!” Sakura commented, “For now I think I’ll enjoy this idiot husband of yours. Mmmmmmmmmmhhh…” she moaned, wet squishing, slurping, and sucking noises echoed back to the pair in the stall. Accompanying them were the muffled grunts and moans of the couples as they moved about.


“Boruto!!! What are you doing!?” Sarada hissed at him, “Stop rubbing your cock between my ass like that, this isn’t hotdog night!”


Boruto blinked, he hadn’t even realized it, but he began rubbing his cock back and forth between the cheeks of Sarada’s ass. Her drool made it easy, and her butt felt so soft and warm. That combined with the sounds of the small orgy just a few meters away from them… He couldn’t help it!


“Hotdog night?” he asked, louder than he meant, but Sakura choose that moment to moan rather loudly, covering for him.


“Never mind!” she hissed, “Just, don’t get anything in my hair. It took forever to wash it all out last time!”


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Hinata slurped and sucked faster and faster, “Mmmmmmh, shooo guuuud… Gunna cum…”


“Oooh… Ahh…” they heard Sasuke groan.


“Yeah… Sooo fucking thiiick…” Sakura moaned, “THAT’S IT NARUTO, POUND INTO MY CUNT, FUCK ME!!!!!” she screamed, her voice echoing even louder in the enclosed space. Boruto and Sarada could only kneel there and listen to the wet squishing sound of body against body. The young blonde gulped as he continued rubbing his cock back and forth slowly between the huge cheeks of Sarada’s smooth soft ass!


“Ahhh, slow down stupid!” Sarada panted, her cheeks flushed red now, “That overgrown dick is rubbing my pussy, and if you keep moving so much… Mmmmmh…” she moaned, moving both hands to cover her mouth. Though she complained, Boruto could both see and feel her rocking herself back against him, her giant ass wobbling like jello as he reached down to grip it tight. His fingers sank deep into the soft squishy flesh and he began thrusting even harder, the wet SMACK SMACK SMACK masked by the pants and moans coming from the other end of the room. Boruto almost wished he could see what they were doing, but he didn’t want to be caught at the same time.




Beneath him, Sarada moaned again, rocking her hips against him faster. Boruto could feel the heat of her pussy rubbing against the underside of his cock. She probably didn’t want to admit it, but this was likely turning her on as well. He squeezed her ass around his cock tighter, moving his hips faster as they listened to the group just a short distance away.


“MMMMH, YESSS, YESYESYES… I’M CUMMINGGGGG…!!!” Sakura screamed. Boruto groaned, closing his eyes as he listened to Sarada’s mother moaning like a whore. He then felt a strange sensation in his right eye, not unlike the way it felt during the Ghost Incidents with Sumire. When he opened his eye again, he could see their parents through the walls of the stall. The image was very hazy, but he could see enough detail.


Sakura had Naruto pinned to the floor, straddling his hips as she bounced herself up and down. His idiot father had a stupid grin on his face as he watched a distinctive lump moving up and down the pink haired womans stomach. His mother was pushed up against the wall by the stairs, her breasts mashing against the surface as Sasuke took her from behind. Boruto gulped at the look of wild pleasure on her face and began matching his thrusts to Sasuke’s.


“Mmmmmmmh, Boruto, slow dooown…” Sarada moaned, “You’re gonna make me…” she said before covering her mouth again.


“AHHH, AHHH, AHHHHHHH!!!” Sakura screamed, arching herself back as she gripped her own tits. Beneath her, Naruto let out a loud grunt before he vanished in a puff of smoke with a loud distinctive ‘pop’! In the same instant, Boruto bit his lower lip to keep himself from groaning as he came hard! Thick white cum shot out from the tip of his cock, splattering against the back of Sarada’s head with enough force to push her face down. The second spurt splattered wetly against the opposing wall as Sakura screamed in frustration.


“THAT IDIOT!!!!!” Sakura screamed. The strange sensation in Boruto’s right eye faded and he couldn’t see through the walls anymore. But he knew Sakura well enough to know she was already on her feet. He heard the sound of concrete cracking as she stomped her foot on the floor. “A SHADOW CLONE, HONESTLY!?”


“I thought you knew.” said Sasuke.


“Oh please darling, I don’t have your visual gifts.” Sakura snapped, then took a deep breath, “Sorry, that was uncalled for. But I am gonna smack that idiot silly for this. I hate it when a shadow clone cums inside me without warning. God that sounds so disgusting!”


Hinata giggled, “Yep, been there many times, but you get used to it. It’s the big burp that comes after that I don’t like.”


“Huh?” Boruto whispered to Sarada.


“Oh, and we didn’t get the chance to tell him about the false wall.” Hinata said.


“False wall?” Sasuke echoed.


“See those holes along the wall across from the toilet stalls?” they heard Hinata asked. Sasuke must have just nodded as Hinata continued, “Well, they’re a fake wall; there’s a big space behind them for guys to go in.”


“Yep, on ladies night, the women will come down here and guys will put their dicks out for us to… Ahem, bid on. Winner gets to do whatever she likes.” Sakura explained. “It still needs a little more work, but we hope to start the events soon.”


“I see, interesting.” Sasuke said.


“Oh don’t get jealous darling, it’s all in good fun.” Sakura teased.


“Well, come on, let’s find you some new clothes Sakura, we can show Naruto again later after we’ve given him a stern talking to.” Hinata said.


“Yeah, preferably with my fist!” Sakura said followed by a smacking sound that was likely her fist connecting with the open palm of her opposing hand.


Hinata and Sasuke both chuckled as their footsteps began to depart. Sarada and Boruto remained quiet for a long while until they were sure everyone was gone.


“Whew, that was close.” Boruto said. When Sarada remained silent he looked down at her. “Sarada? Everything okay?”


“What did I say?” she asked, “About getting it IN MY HAIR?!”


Boruto gulped, looking at the mass of his cum now soaking Sarada’s dark hair. “Oh, um, oops…” he said as Sarada began to get up, her face a frighteningly blank expression, “No, Sarada, wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…” was as far as he got before her fist collided with his face.


“YOU DUMMY!!!!!!” she shouted at him.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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