Finishing a Bonerquest

With a final shout of effort, Ichigo cleaved through the last Hollow. Watching them fade to dust never got old, and he welcome the familiar burn of his muscles as he finally relaxed. A glance at his partner showed he was finished fighting as well.


“Damn,” Renji grunted, rolling his shoulders with a wince before letting his unreleased Zanpakuto rest on his shoulder. “Been a long damn time since I fought without any kind of spiritual powers, and in a normal human body Gigai too. Forgot how it feels.” He wiped the sweat from his brow, a tired grin on his face. “Wonder where Urahara came up with this idea?”


Ichigo snorted as he did some quick stretches, not wanting his muscles to cramp up on him. “Hat and Clogs is a seriously crazy and cryptic bastard, but he knows his training. As long you don’t mind coming this close,” he held up a thumb and forefinger, almost touching, “….to dying on a regular basis.”


Renji winced; Ichigo had told him some of the stories about how he got so damn strong so damn fast. Good thing the orange-haired substitute Shinigami was such a stubborn bastard, otherwise he would have been dead, for real, about a dozen times over. Or worse.




“Hard to argue with the results though,” the redhead noted, walking to the far wall and examining the door set in it.


“I’ll argue all I want,” Ichigo grumbled even as he joined his friend. “So, this was supposedly the last room of this dungeon.” How Urahara had created something like this, neither of them had any idea, nor any intent of asking. “And our reward is waiting on the other side of this door.”


“So…trap?” Renji asked warily, shifting his grip on his sword in preparation for more fighting.


Ichigo rocked his right hand back and forth like a see-saw. “Eh, I give it about a fifty-fifty shot. He’s a tricky son of a bitch, so sometimes he likes to play things straight, really mess with people.”


“Great.” Renji rolled his eyes. “Well, just standing here isn’t going to get us anywhere. On three?”


Ichigo nodded. “One…”




“THREE!” they shouted together, throwing open the door and rushing inside…only to halt almost immediately, practically running into each other. And while this normally would have started an argument, right now they were both too busy goggling to pay attention.


“Hello, adventurers,” a very much naked and proud of it Rangiku purred. Kneeling on the floor, legs spread wide and huge tits on full display, she was the epitome of sex appeal. “I see you’ve fought your way through the dungeon to claim your reward.” Her lips curved upwards into a sultry smile. “You can put down the swords in your hands; the only ones I’m interested in are the swords in your pants~”


That broke the two men out of their daze, Ichigo laughing outright while Renji smirked. “Nice speech, Rangiku. Did you come up with all of that?”


Relaxing slightly as she got out of character, Rangiku chuckled and nodded. “Not all of it; Urahara and Yoruichi helped out some. Still, most of it was mine. A little too over the top?”


“Mostly just that last bit,” Ichigo replied as he started stripping off his clothes. “Still, if you want to see how well we handle our ‘swords,’ I for one would be more than happy to show you.”


Renji snorted, also removing his clothes. “If you think I’m going miss a chance like this, you’re even dumber than you look, strawberry.”


Ichigo simply flipped him off in response, most of his attention on Rangiku. “Whatever, asshole. Mind if we start with your tits, Rangiku? Biggest pair I’ve ever seen. Or they were, at least.”


Rangiku immediately began pouting, even sticking out her lower lip. “Don’t remind me! I used to be so proud of these beauties,” she hefted her boobs with both hands and jiggled them, stiffening the men’s erections. “But nowadays, I’m only average in size! And compared to Isane? I’m small.”


Ichigo’s lips twisted as he struggled not to laugh, while Renji didn’t even bother, earning a pouting glare. “Dunno why you’re mad at me,” the redhead protested. “It’s not my fault, and you have to admit, it’s pretty funny.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Rangiku muttered, blushing. “Let’s get it on; maybe this will help distract me.”


Neither of them needed any more encouragement; stepping forward, they rubbed their dicks against her breasts. Rangiku gasped and moaned as Renji’s cock pushed hard against her nipple, pushing it into her chest, while Ichigo put pressure on her other boob from the opposite side, squishing her tits together.


“Fuck! I don’t know if that hurts or feels good, but don’t stop!” she told them, writhing in place as her breasts were fucked. Rangiku loved having her tits played with, and cocks this size gave them a real working over. She could feel her pussy heating up and dripping as she got more and more turned on.


And she could tell that Ichigo and Renji were feeling the same way. Judging her moment, Rangiku waited right until they were about to crack before leaning and turning, getting on her hands and knees. “All right, boys: I want be spitroasted, and it better be amazing. Otherwise, I’ll have to tell everyone how disappointed I was in your…performances.”


A single glance was all Renji and Ichigo needed. Less than a second later, Rangiku squealed happily as Renji’s cock pushed into her pussy, a squeal that was soon muffled when Ichigo pushed his penis into her warm, wet mouth.


And sure enough, getting double fucked by two hot men was more than enough to put the thought of how she no longer reigned supreme as the Queen of Boobs out of Rangiku’s head, at least for now.

(Story by User: S22132)

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