Finale of Revenge

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Hinata hummed to herself as she merrily went about washing the dishes. It was a breezy day with the sun shining vibrantly. Boruto was out working on his movie and Kushina had taken Himawari out shopping, leaving the beautiful matriarch all to herself in the house. “I haven’t visited Father and Hanabi in a while. Maybe I’ll see what they’re up to after I’m done here.” She pondered openly. Hinata halted for a moment when she heard three knocks on the front door. “Coming!” She took her time walking up to answer whoever it was; idly thinking about how easy her day had been so far. “Hello, how may I… help you?”


There stood A, the man who came close to completely owning her mind and body awhile ago. She shivered at the look in his eye. Calm, cool, and ambitious. He hadn’t changed one bit. Even without him saying a word, it was clear that he still intended to make sure Hinata kept her end of the deal. “It’s time.” Was the only thing the muscular black man said, as though he were the grim reaper arriving at someone’s death bed. A held out the last gold VIP ticket he won in their contest. It had withered over the months with a few bent edges and wrinkles. But it was valid nonetheless. Hinata almost wanted to postpone the last session, but she knew running from the inevitable wasn’t her ninja way.


“Understood…” She complied with a bow.


“Put on something slutty, and without any panties.” A commanded her as he turned to wait.



Hinata was ready in about ten minutes. Just as A was about to lose his patience and knock on the door again, it opened to reveal the whore housewife dressed in a skimpy little red dress that was nothing more than a tube of spandex. The top half barely contained her big tits, leaving the edges of her areolas exposed while the bottom half stopped just above the folds of her pussy. She had painted her lips a ruby red with matching eye shadow. A grinned at the sight, “Very nice, now come with me.” he told her.


After a long silent walk together, the pair arrived at the Konoha Mountain Villa, where A was staying for his time in Konoha. He had considered using the Busteez Love Hotel, but this place was far more luxurious. The two of them entered the lobby through the main entrance. A allowed himself a grin at the way the woman at the main desk looked at Hinata. She looked like a common prostitute as he reached down to grab her fat sexy ass while they walked into the hall where the elevators were located. Hinata jumped slightly, making those big tits bounce, exposing more of her nipples. Still grinning, A pressed the call button for one of the elevators. A set of doors opened immediately and he ushered the dark haired woman inside. The ride to the top floor was silent, and A didn’t feel like conversing any, though he relished the thought of the look on the Kono-bitch’s face when she saw what he had waiting for her.


The elevator pinged when they reached his floor and A walked out in front of Hinata. His room was just across from the elevators, but something was off… A knew he had closed the door fully when he left earlier, but now it was standing slightly open.


“Wait here.” he ordered her.


“What’s wrong?” Hinata asked.


“Silence, whore!” A said as he pushed his room door open and walked inside. The room was the Honey Mooner’s Suite. A asked for the best room available, and this was what he’d been given. Much of the room was in tones of red, a fun coincidence that Hinata had dressed to match.


“I… I still think we should have just left everything at the front desk…” said a young girl’s nervous voice.


“Maybe, but some of the equipment is rather delicate and written instructions just aren’t as good as having someone there to explain things.” said a familiar voice.


“That’s true Mitsuki, but still… Breaking into the room is still…” said another young voice.


“Rather rude.” A finished as he came into the main area of the suite to find three genin sitting at the coffee table. One he recognized as the albino youth he’d met a year ago at the lake just outside the village limits. The girl with them had long lavender colored hair and looked more than a little nervous as she sat drinking from a juice box. A recognized the brand as one of those that could be found on the first floor vending machines.


The last of the group was a rather plain looking youth he also didn’t recognize. He had short cut brown hair and glasses. Looking at him reminded A of the tech workers in the Hidden Cloud’s R&D division.


The albino rose to his feet and offered a bow, “Lord Raikage-sama. We’ve brought you the scripts for the movie as you requested the other day.”


“Ahh, I see. If that’s the case then you should have left them for me at the front desk like juice box suggested.” A told him, feeling slightly miffed at how these kids broke into his room.


“Juice box!?” the lavender haired girl said, her tone slightly offended, A ignored her.


The albino, Mitsuki the other boy said, only gave him an emotionless smile, “We had something else for you as well, and a bit of a request.” he explained.


“Request?” A echoed.


The other boy stood up nervously, offering him a stiff bow, “He… Hello sir… I’m Denki… Denki Kaminarimon… I’m in charge… Of the filming. For the movie I mean, I’m doing the camera work…”


“CALM DOWN!” A shot at him, making Denki squeal like a mouse caught in a trap. “Remember your training. Take a deep breath, then speak when you can form complete sentences!” he instructed.


Denki nodded, taking several deep breaths before speaking again, “We were hoping we could get some footage of you and Lady Hinata to test out several of the new camera’s we’ve obtained for the movie.” he explained, then pointed to several locations around the room. A followed his fingers and saw several small, but expensive looking camera’s already set up by the bed, coffee table, and the couch in front of the large screen television.


“Mmmm, I hope you realize setting these up in my room could be considered an act of war.” he said in an even tone.


“HEEEEEEK!!!” Denki and Sumire cried.


“HAHAHAHA!!! I’m only kidding! Mostly. Still, this is a rather bold move on your part.”


“From what I know about you Raikage-sama, you respect actions over words.” Mitsuki said with an emotionless expression on his face.


“Hmm!” A grunted with a nod, “Too true. Alright, I will do this for you, provided I receive a copy of the footage myself.”


“Done.” Mitsuki agreed.


“Um, one other thing if you don’t mind sir?” Denki said.


“Speak.” A said.


The youth reached into his pocket and pulled out a standard head protector with the Hidden Cloud’s symbol on the metal plate. “I hope I got the symbol right,” Denki said as he handed it to A. The symbol was correct, if slightly smaller than it should have been. When the dark skinned man looked closer he saw the tiniest of blemishes in the center of the metal plate.


“It’s a next-gen hidden camera.” Denki explained before A could speak, “I managed to fit it into the head protector and I was hoping you could test it as well.” He then explained how to turn the camera on and off; A noticed he sounded surer of himself when he was talking about tech. ‘Just like the R&D workers back home,’ he thought quietly.


“I see.” A said, “And you expect me to wear this?”


Mitsuki nodded, “It’s important we perfect this tech to get the best camera angles for the movie, having POV scenes will be a major breakthrough, since no one has been able to do it with anything currently available.”


“Most head mounted camera rigs are bulky and you can tell it’s a head mount from the footage.” Denki added.


A looked at the head protector again. The black fabric it was bolted to wasn’t really his style, but it would add a layer of humiliation to that Kono-bitch to know this last ticket would be recorded for posterity, “Alright, is that all?” he asked.


“It is Lord Raikage.” Mitsuki said, still smiling at him with his eyes closed. If not for the youth’s knowledge of nearly lost arts, A would have hit the entire lot of them with a thunder technique, but he did respect their boldness, so he decided to let it slide this time.


“Very well, I will do this, NOW BEAT IT!!!” he told them, not bothering to hide the irritation in his voice.



Hinata stood outside the hotel room feeling annoyingly exposed. The only thing that made it bearable was that after this, it would finally be over. The final ticket would be used and if she was lucky, she’d never have to deal with A again. When she heard voices from inside the room Hinata triggered her Byakugan and was surprised by what she saw…


Mitsuki, Denki, and Sumire were all talking with the Raikage. She missed most of the conversation until she focused and began reading their lips. It seemed A was in Boruto’s movie, and they wanted his help testing some new equipment! Hinata was torn at the prospect of having her final humiliation caught on camera, but then again, she could help Boruto with his movie! After the disaster that was her audition, she still felt bad that she wouldn’t be able to contribute any more than a mother’s encouragement to his project.


She watched as A was given a head protector with a camera in it; with a bit more focus she saw all the intricate working inside the metal plate. How the designers made everything that small was beyond her as she watched the conversation wrap up. Shutting off her Byakugan, Hinata leaned back against the wall by the elevator doors as the three genin ran out of the room.


“Lady Hinata.” Mitsuki said with a polite bow.


“Lady Hokage, i… it’s nice to see you!” said Denki nervously as he pressed the call button for the elevator. Hinata grinned at the way he eyed her curvy figure. She moved to push her breasts up a bit, exposing more of her nipples. A small grin spread over her lips as Denki blushed then moved his hand to hold his nose as it began bleeding heavily.


“Ahhwawa… La… Lady Hinata… We’re s… Sorry to have bothered you!” Sumire said nervously.


“It’s fine,” she assured the young woman, “Say hello to my sister when you see her tomorrow. She’s your team captain right?”


“Yes ma’am!” Sumire said with a bow.


The trio left when the elevator pinged open again and Hinata went inside without waiting for A to call for her.


Hinata looked around, thinking to herself that A must’ve paid a hefty amount of money for such a spacious, decorative room. Majority of the walls and carpet was red minus the curtains and blinds. Far off to the left was a red chair with a heart-shaped pillow placed on the right arm rest. The large, king sized bed at the end of the room was draped in ruby satin sheets and pillows. Overall, this would make a perfect retreat for couples on Valentine’s Day. Which confused Hinata, given that A wasn’t the romantic type.


“Is this the Honey Moon suite?” she asked after taking in the entire room.


“It’s the best they have, so I figured why not.” A explained nonchalantly.


“I’m surprised you didn’t use this last session to humiliate me worse than you did all the other times.” Hinata expressed with an astonished chuckle.


“I have no interest in breaking your spirit anymore. Your mind will suffice.” He responded bluntly. The resolved manner in which he said this startled Hinata. It didn’t sound like he was boasting, but rather he was confidently stating a fact that he can and will destroy her sanity this go around.


“More of those Suzuka techniques?” she asked with a frown.


“No, I won’t be using those tricks from before.” he told her as he began taking off his clothes, “I spoke with the Hokage and agreed not to use them on you anymore.” he told her, though from his tone, Hinata guessed he didn’t agree just because Naruto asked him. “Besides, this is the grand finale of my payback. Wouldn’t you say it’s fitting for all of this to end without any tricks?”


“Fair enough.” Hinata agreed and closed the distance between the two of them, dropping down to her knees in front of him. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his baggy pants and slowly started to pull them down. “I believe it’s only fair if I start things off this time, just to show my gratitude for such a well thought out arrangement…” A only responded with a condescending laugh as Hinata’s expression went from burning with confidence to bewilderment when his pants dropped to the floor.


Hinata felt her jaw drop at the… thing, that sprung up from beneath his pants. ‘What the fuck…?!‘ she mouthed silently. A’s cock was GIGANTIC! Bigger than even Boruto’s who until now had the biggest dick she’d ever encountered. In fact, before Boruto, Naruto had the biggest natural dick she’d ever been fucked by, with A being the second biggest at the time. But seeing it now, based on the last time they had sex, the veiny black python of a cock seemingly grew to be as long as Naruto’s erect length of two feet in ONLY its flaccid state! “W-WHAT?!?!” Hinata cried out as her eyes blinked in disbelief at least six times in under two seconds.


“Hahahaha! The little Uchiha poptart had the same look on her face too. I guess all you Kono-bitches are the same.” A mocked while reaching into the inner pocket of his coat for something. “In case you were curious, this was how I got so big.” He held a medium sized bottle of green, large pills in front of Hinata’s amazed face. “It was a project I started to help with the Hidden Cloud’s funds by dominating the market on enhancement drugs. As you can see, they’re quite effective.” A threw the bottle onto the bed and turned his attention back to Hinata.


“It’s…amazing.” Hinata thought in awe as her hand squeezed the middle of his girthy member; her fingers failing to even wrap around half of the meat. ‘He’s not even hard yet and it’s already as thick as Boruto!‘ she thought, her mind starting to go hazy from the concentrated musk coming from A’s tool. The smell was stronger than it had ever been, but not in a way that turned Hinata on. Taking a quick whiff of it made her so dizzy she would bet money that she’d lose her balance and fall to the floor if she stood up.


Setting the disorienting aroma aside, Hinata pressed his large cockhead against her plush lips, struggling to take even an inch inside her mouth. “Why does it taste so weird? This stench and flavor…I can’t think straight.” The more her tongue slurped around the gigantic crown, the more jagged her mental stability became. Her free hand went to caress his big black nuts, each one the size of cantaloupes. Hinata’s heart skipped a beat as she felt just how humid A’s testicles were. It was as though they were boiling with hot, impregnating cum that could melt snow! “I…want to feel it all over me. I want this big cock to paint me white with all this cum!” Hinata’s dazed desire pushed her to swallow three more inches of the still-soft shaft.


“Heh, nicely done. You’re taking this a lot better than the brat did.” A complimented her efforts right before placing his hand on top of her head. “So let’s kick it up a notch!” Suddenly half of the fat monstercock burrowed inside Hinata’s throat when the savage Raikage slammed his hips forward. Hinata’s eyes widened and wads of drool blasted out of her mouth and spilled to the floor. A remembered what he said about watching Hinata gag on his cock a year ago when she first defeated him. That day had finally come.




“Yes, that’s it, choke on it bitch!” A groaned as he felt his balls pressing against the dark haired womans chin. Hinata’s opal colored eyes rolled back in their sockets as she gagged and groaned around his cock!


“HUUGGGUUHH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUUUGH…!” Hinata gagged and moaned as thick ropes of drool ran from her lips. She could barely breathe, and the stink of his cock was making her dizzier with every passing second! She could feel her throat stretching around the sheer girth of A’s dick as she let out a long gagging moan.


“HMMMMMMPH!!!!” Hinata gagged as A pulled his cock out of her mouth slowly, only to slam it back inside! He reached a hand down and grabbed her dress with one hand, pulling hard and tearing it away from her naked body underneath!


“HAY, I WIKED DAT DRESSH!!!!” Hinata gagged as she lamented the destruction of her very expensive dress.


“Less talking, MORE COCK-SUCKING KONO-SLUT!!!!!” A ordered her. “And make those tits bigger!!! I want you to use them to make me cum all over that slut face!”


Hinata weaved a quick series of signs, “Voov hexpansion nu jushu!” she slurred around A’s cock as her tits swelled like balloons. She felt them pressing against the carpeted floor as she gagged and moaned around A’s heady smelling cock! The sudden shift in weight threw her balance off and she fell forward, taking his cock all the way down her throat again.


“Agguuuuuggk!!!!” she choked, her eyes rolling back in her head again as she struggled to breathe again.


“Mmmmmh, I like that look on your face…” A groaned before pulling away. Hinata coughed hard as his cock withdrew from her throat. Her jaw ached painfully as she moved to sit up on her knees again while the dark skinned man moved to sit on the couch across from the coffee table.


“I must admit, you’re being far more enthused than I would have thought.” he said to her as she crawled over to him, wrapping her tits around his dick while he grabbed the head protector Mitsuki and Denki had given him.


“Because this will be helping my son with his project!” Hinata said, “Ashamed as I am to admit it, I botched my audition for a part in his movie. At least this way, I can help him with something other than encouraging words.”


A chuckled, “Fair enough, now, put those tits to good use!” he told her as he turned on the camera and pressed his dick against the side of her blushing face.


Hinata looked at A’s cock still with a look of shock on her face as she mashed those massive cow tits around its girth. The blonde man enjoyed that look on her face even more than the feel of her huge, warm, and oh-so-soft tits against his throbbing erection. “So big…” she whispered as she began rubbing her milk tanks up and down slowly.


“Bigger than that husband of yours?!” he asked.


“SO much bigger…!” Hinata admitted, “It smells so strong, it’s making it hard to think, ahhh, I’m getting dizzy again…” she moaned as she licked the side of his cock while looking up at his head protector. He didn’t care if she was playing for the camera now, soon enough she’d be begging for mercy.


“Hmmmmmmm…” he groaned as she continued pumping her tits up and down his length, such a delicious feeling, those soft pillowy tits rubbing against his hot, hard dick! He reached out to grab her nearly fist-sized nipples, loving the way it made her moan as he twisted them in his hands.


“Yes…. keep it up ‘princess.'” he said, putting a mocking tone on the final word.


“Ahhh, so big, I love big dicks so much! I only want the biggest dicks!!!” Hinata moaned, her face redder now, as she moved her body faster, “Ahhh, my tits feel so good!!!” she moaned even louder as she began licking the underside of his cock, “Please, cover my face in kumo-cum!” she begged.


“That’s the slut I want to see!” A laughed, thrusting his cock between her tits harder, loving the way they jiggled and bounced against his thighs.


Hinata only moaned, taking the top of his cock between her lips again and swirling her nimble tongue around the wide head. A groaned at the sensation, leaning back but being sure to keep his eyes on her. “Yes, just like that princess… Urrhh… Haaaahhhh!!!” he groaned as his cock throbbed between her tits just before a thick spray of white completely obscured her face from view.


“Ahhhhnnnn, so thiiiiick!!!” Hinata moaned, her words making bubbles in his cum as it painted her face, tits, and hair. A’s thick hot cum clung to Hinata like a warm yogurt as she got up and made a show of licking it off her tits.


“Taste good Kono-slut?” A asked as he stood as well.


“Yes…” Hinata moaned, opening her mouth for him so he could watch as she swirled his cum around with her tongue.


Moving over to the bed, A sat down, his dick jutting up from between his legs as he beckoned Hinata over to him. The dark haired woman walked over to him, gasping as A pulled her onto his lap, pressing his massive dick against her torso.


“Holy…” Hinata gasped as she looked down at the man’s cock when it was pressed against her, the length easily reached up between her tits, the tip within inches of her pouty red lips.


“Hah! That’s it, that’s the look I wanted to see!” A said as Hinata stared nervously at the sheer size of his dick as it pressed hotly between her huge heavy knockers. A enjoyed the way his length stood out in contrast against Hinata’s pale soft skin as he reached down to grab her thighs lifting her up as if she weighed nothing and then whirling her around to lie on the bed. He then used a small remote that the Denki boy had given him to turn on the cameras.


“Be sure to smile for all of your viewers!” he told her.


“Wahh!!!” she gasped as A grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide, “Wa… Wait, let me…” she began, but A didn’t listen as he rammed his cock inside. “Oooooh FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK…!!!” she groaned, “Bhiiig, too bhiiiiiiig!!!!” Hinata screamed as her belly distended around A’s cock.


“Mmmmmmh, nice and tiiiight…” A groaned, “How do you like my Konoha Bitch Breaker!?” he asked.


“Ahhhhaaaaaaahhhh…” Hinata screamed, gripping the sheets, “It’s too biiiig… Ahhhh, it huuuurts…!!! You’re gonna ruin my pussy for my husband!!! Ahhh, My pussyyyyyy…” Hinata moaned as her stomach stretched around A’s massive dick, “SO BIIIG, TOO BIIIIIIIG, AHHHH, NOOOO… IT’S TOO MUUUUCH!!!!”


“HAHAHA, LIKE THAT BITCH!?!?! I’M GONNA PULVERIZE THIS SLUT CUNT!!!!” A roared as he began slamming into her faster and deeper, loving the way her eyes crossed as she panted her breath.


“OOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHHH…. SOOOO BIIIIIIG, AHHHH IT HURTSSSS…” Hinata screamed, her tongue lolling from her lips now as A slammed into her mercilessly, her heavy tits wobbling back and forth in opposing circles as her belly stretched around his cock.


The dark haired woman clawed at the sheets as she let out a pained groan, she felt as if his cock was reaching into her body cavity! She panted for breath as she bucked against him, “AHHHNNNNN… MY PUSSSYYYYY, MY PUSSSSYYYYY… IT HURTS, BUT IT ALSO FEELS GOOOD!!!!!


“HAHAHA!!! Getting off on having your cunt stretched out and ruined, you really are a whore!!!” A roared as he pounded into her again and again.


“YES… I’M A WHOOOOOORE…. AHHHHNNNNN, IT’S TOOO MUUUCH, I CAN’T THIIIINK…” Hinata moaned as her vision doubled every time her eyes crossed.


“That’s right; you don’t need to think anymore, you just need to take THIS!!!” A groaned, slamming his cock all the way inside her, his cantaloupe sized balls slapping against her ass. “Now say it, tell me whose cunt this is!?” he asked her.


“HEEEEEEEEEK… SO BIIIIIIIG!!! IT’S YOUR PUSSY, YOUR PUSSY, IT BELONGS TO YOUUUU!!!!” Hinata screamed, her head shaking from side to side, “PLEASE, NO MORE, I GONNA GO CRAZY!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME GO CRAZYYYYYYY….!!!” Hinata moaned, looking down at her distended stomach as she felt her pussy gushing like a broken faucet.


“HAHAHAHA!!!! TAKE IT YOU MILF WHORE!!! TAKE IIIIITTT!!!!” A roared, slamming his cock into Hinata mercilessly. The dark haired woman felt her mind going blank as her body went numb below the waist. Her legs felt like cooked noodles as her toes curled in seemingly unending orgasm!


“CUMMING!!!! CUMMING SO MUUUUUUCH!!!!! AHHHH TOOO MUCH, TOO MUUUUUCH…. PLEASE, NO MORE, DON’T MAKE ME CUM ANYMORE!!!!!!” Hinata moaned, her legs bouncing up and down as she felt wave after wave of orgasmic madness washing over her entire body. Her hands moved to claw at her own giant tits as she panting and drooled in ecstasy.


A grinned down at her and began slamming into her even faster, the bed creaked and groaned in protest as Hinata’s screams of pleasure filled the room. The dark skinned man licked his lips at the look of madness and ecstasy on the womans face every time his cock plunged balls deep inside her. He could feel her cumming around his cock as her body spasmed again and again, his crotch was already soaked with her juices and A loved the squishing sucking noises his Konoha Bitch Breaker made as it did its namesake!




Frowning, A pulled his cock from Hinata’s stretched and well used pussy, holding her up by her left ankle and looking down at her shaking panting body, “Oh no, you’re not done yet, you still haven’t learned your lesson!” he told her before slamming his cock into her asshole!


“NHOOOHHHHHH!!!! OHOHH!!! OHOHH!!! CUMMING! CUMMING! CUMMING! CUMMINGGGG! AAAHHHHHH!!!” Hinata screamed, her eyes rolling so far back they turned completely white as her tongue hung from her lips.


“HAHAHA, you look like a bitch in heat!!! It makes me just wanna destroy dat ass even harder!!!!” A groaned, renewing his thrusts into her, loving the way her body tented even more now that his cock had less resistance facing it.




“Hurr, hurr, hurr, huuuurrrraaaaagh!!!!” A roared as he slammed all the way inside again. Hinata screamed with him as she felt thick liquid heat filling the inside of her belly as a lewd, wet, squishing sound emanated from her ass as his cum backed up inside her and gushed back out!


“I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!” Hinata screamed as she felt her mind go completely blank as everything went white.



Pulling his half hard cock from Hinata, A smirked as he looked down on her naked twitching body. His cum poured out of her asshole and pooled on the sheets of the bed. A grinned at how Hinata’s ass and pussy gaped wide, so wide he could easily put both of his fists into either of them and not touch the walls! Her belly fared no better, he could still see a section of her stomach distended in the shape of his cock! The sight brought a smile to his face as he reveled in the sight of the panting broken woman.


“Ahhaaa… Ah… Ohh…” Hinata gasped and moaned, her eyes staring of into space.


“Hmmph, NOW I’m done with you!!!” he said as he moved over to his clothes lying on the floor. Searching through the pockets he quickly found the final golden ticket and unceremoniously tore it in half, tossing the pieces onto Hinata’s panting naked form.


He then collected the various cameras the genin had placed around his room. He knew enough about them to view the playback on each one. A raised an eyebrow at the clarity of the image on the tiny screens. The boy wasn’t kidding about the quality of these cameras. He collected them in a small duffel bag that the group had left, careful to fit each one into a foam slot inside the bag so as not to damage them. He then took off the head protector he had on and placed it in the bag on top of the cameras. A would have liked to see the footage from that as well, but he didn’t know how to access the playback.


Once everything was packed, he got dressed and took the bag and the copy of the script down to the main lobby. At the front desk he motioned to the clerk. “See that this is safely delivered to the Kaminarimon residence.” he told the clerk, a young man in his early twenties. He had dark colored hair and eyes with one of those plain, forgettable faces, “The contents are fragile, so any damage will come out of your hide!” he warned.


“Ye… Yes sir Lord Raikage!” the clerk said nervously.


“Good, also, my room is in need of cleaning, there’s some trash that needs to be taken out, see to that as well.” he told the dark haired youth.


“Yes sir, I’ll see to it right away.” said the clerk.


Nodding, A turned and walked into the hotel restaurant. He claimed a table near one of the windows and laid the script down in front of himself. Ordering some coffee from the waitress he began to read.


“Written and Directed by Mitsuki… Produced by Boruto Uzumaki and Denki Kaminarimon….”


The Raikage then flipped over to the pages highlighting the cast. None of them stood out to the man, most of them he has already fucked, except… “Kurotsuchi? the Tsuchikage is in the movie?! How did they get her on board…” A recalled the many times the Tsuchikage rebuffed his advances, he assumed she wasn’t the type that was interested in men.


The waitress returned with his fresh brewed coffee. Taking a big gulp, A continued to read through the script.


“Not bad, these kids got quite an imagination.” the Raikage then smirked. “Looks like this movie is going to be interesting.”

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4 months ago

So epic! Turning her into a broken bitch.

Beside that this story was well written.