Final Challenge: Overcoming a Goddess

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Really, all this for a simple game?” Kaguya Otsutsuki said to Hinata Uzumaki as she looked out at the main floor. Heart-pounding music pulsed from the speakers, dulling even the roar of the fully packed house at Busteez. Every table had its seats filled with patrons eagerly anticipating the long awaited finale of Hinata and A’s bet. Kaguya even heard some of the waitresses talking about how the bouncers at the front had been replaced with Anbu Black Op shinobis in order to keep the numbers under control.


“Well, the Raikage is undefeated.” Hinata reasoned, standing next to the surreal goddess. “When he learned that he won by default, his pride just couldn’t stomach it. The word got out that I asked you to be the final challenge and well, here we are.”


“Well now, that makes more sense. A full house to see my divinity finally take down that oafish man is…fitting.” Kaguya rationalized as a subtle grin manifested on her gorgeous and clear face. The ivory-skinned woman was dressed in a long, silver robe that she purposefully left open to reveal her stunning naked body beneath, the only other article of clothing being silver high heels. Her gargantuan tits bounced with every dignified and royal step as did her equally mammoth fat ass. As a result of her body no longer being capable of producing chakra anymore, she required the assistance of another dancer to get her breasts expanded larger than her head.


“Um, right haha…” Hinata added with a weak smile. She was clad in black stiletto heels and a strapless, black tube dress that stopped right above the cuffs of her beefy, mouth-watering bubble buttcheeks. The sultry garment did exceptionally well to define her curvy hips and thighs. No straight man in the world would be able to stand face to face with Hinata and not want to glide their phallus through the endless valley of cleavage the dress exposed.


“Fret not Lady Hinata, tonight you will be free of him.” Kaguya told her with a reassuring face.


“I’m not worried. Win or lose, I’ll honor the bet.” Hinata replied earnestly. “Though I honestly didn’t think he’d get this far. If nothing else, I’m impressed.”


“Respect for your enemy can be a good thing. I learned that the hard way.” Kaguya admitted.


Hinata smiled at her and laid a hand on her shoulder. “You’re nothing like the woman my husband faced. I’m happy to call you a friend.”


Kaguya smiled. “Thank you. I’ve grown rather fond of you as well, which is why I’ll defeat the Lord Raikage with this…” She told Hinata, turning to show off her milk-colored jumbo ass. Grinning deviously, she began tensing her muscles, making her succulent ass-meat ripple without anyone touching it.


“Huh, how are you doing that?!” Hinata asked with fascination. It seemed to be no different from a bodybuilder flexing their bicep.


“The divine have better muscle control.” said smugly before releasing her tension, then applying it quickly again, making the buns of her ass clap loudly.


“Neat trick.” Hinata said with a smile.


Kaguya grinned and turned again when the door leading into the changing room opened and Tenten walked out. The brunette said nothing and looked out to the main floor, “Wow, I don’t think it’s ever been this full out there.” she said with her eyes wide.


Hinata nodded in agreement. “Is it true someone was trying to sell tickets outside?”


“Yep, but the Anbu guys caught him and returned money to the people he scammed.” Tenten informed them.


“Is it true that Lord Naruto attempted to move tonight’s festivities to a stadium?” Kaguya asked.


Hinata snickered. “Yeah, but the elders stopped him. Something about how they wouldn’t have Konoha known for things like that.”


“Pffft.” Tenten blew a derisive breath through her lips. “Bunch of old prudes.”


“What is a prude?” Kaguya asked, blinking her opal colored eyes.


“Someone who thinks of sex as only for reproduction and should only be done missionary position.” Tenten explained.


“Well, that’s sounds boring.” Kaguya said dismissively.


“That’s the truth.” Tenten agreed. “I hate that position myself, I like being on top!”


All three women giggled as the crowd outside cheered. The trio peered beyond the curtain to see A arriving and walking down towards the stage. He was dressed only in a pair of baggy silver shorts, a matching robe, and a gaudy belt with a vastly oversized buckle with a hotdog embossed on its gold surface. Though when she looked closer, the hotdog wasn’t exactly the food item, but a crudely done penis between the cheeks of what Kaguya assumed was a womans ass.


“Lady Hinata, my vocabulary still isn’t fully up to date, but I believe tacky is the correct term for that belt, is it not?” Kaguya asked the dark haired woman.


Hinata peered past her and nodded. “Yeah, that’s right. Did he have that made?”


“I thought it was cool when I drew it…” Tenten said sadly as she twisted a small bit of her bangs around her finger. “Naruto thought the former Raikage should have some kind of official trophy and he asked me to make something since I’m familiar with metal work.”


Part of Kaguya felt bad for injuring the woman’s feelings, but the rest of her got over it when she looked out at the blonde haired man again. New music then began playing over the speakers as Hanabi began making the usual announcements and explaining the rules.


“What is this?” Kaguya asked as a male voice began speaking in rhymes to a beat of drums and keyed instruments.


“Um, it’s that music Killer Bee is always trying to speak in, called Rap. I hear it’s very popular in the Hidden Cloud.” Hinata explained. “Bee-san gave Boruto a playback disc of some of his favorite songs for his birthday once.”


“I see.” Was all Kaguya said. If she were being honest, much of what this age called music was just plain noise to her, but she didn’t say as much. She watched as A worked up the crowd, raising his hands up high while some of the spectators moved to place bets by the bar. Looking out among the crowd, Kaguya spotted Lord Naruto sitting at one of the tables near the stage with Darui, the current Raikage, Mizukage Chojuro, Kazekage Gaara, and the former Tsuchikage Onoki. Quite the turn out. She was sure there was security everywhere for their protection, which might explain why the main area was so full.


“Tonight marks Former Raikage A’s final battle in his hotdog gauntlet after last night’s forfeit from Temari Nara due to scheduling difficulties.” Hanabi explained. “Unwilling to take an easy win, A has returned tonight to face his final battle against a new challenger, the Snow White Goddess, Kaguya!!!!”


“Good luck.” both Hinata and Tenten said to Kaguya as she took her cue and walked out onto the stage. Men and women alike cheered for her, and she smiled as she basked in their adoration. Gaudy and tacky as A’s belt was, the rest of his outfit at least matched Kaguya’s. She idly wondered if that was on purpose or just coincidence.


“Well met, Lord Raikage.” she said quietly to A as they came face to face.


“My oh my, I didn’t think there was anyone left who could provide a decent challenge.” A said with a sneering grin.


“I will choose to take that as a compliment, though your tone says otherwise.” Kaguya replied as she shrugged out of her robe, fully exposing her snow white naked body.


“Mmmh…” A grunted approvingly. “I will say this; you are the loveliest of the women I’ve beaten.” The two competitors were close enough to each other that A’s growing bulge poked Kaguya in her belly button. Glancing downwards, she remembered how full his beast made her pussy feel when he and Naruto DP’ed her some odd years ago.


“Thank you, but you haven’t won yet.” Kaguya said before wrapping her delicate fingers around his dick and squeezing it, coaxing a thick drop of precum out through his shorts.


“Hmm, we will see.” A told her while attempting to put up an unphased front.


“WOOOO, LOOKS LIKE OUR CHALLENGERS ARE READY TO GO!!!!” Hanabi shouted into her mic.


Walking out to the edge of the stage, Kaguya threw her arms out to her sides, making her tits bounce as she held her hands up in the ‘double V’ sign Ino had taught her. The crowd loved it, and she smiled at their cheers before turning to show off her ass, spanking both cheeks loudly and flexing her muscles again.


“Would you look at dat ass!!!” shouted one man.


“Raikage doesn’t have a chance, that ass is divine!” said another. The white haired woman smiled, licking her ruby colored lips as she swayed her butt from side to side slowly.


“Go Raikage-sama, win for the Hidden Cloud!!!” shouted a woman Kaguya recognized as Karui.


“You can do it Raikage…” said Karui’s husband, though he wasn’t as enthused as his wife. She spotted the married couple in one of the more distant rows just in time to see Karui reach her hand under their table.


“I know you miss having her as your Ona-hole but you can show Raikage-sama more support than that!” she chided him as her arm made a twisting motion. From the angle, Kaguya had guess she had grabbed her husband in a rather uncomfortable spot.


Choji tensed in pain before shouting, “RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!!”


“RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!!! HOTDOG!!!!” the crowd picked up the chant.


“YEEEAH!!!! YEEEAH!!!” A cheered the crowd on, pumping his fists into the air.


From his table near the stage with the other Kage, Naruto stood up and held up a hand. The roar of the crowd quickly died down, “Let the competition, BEGIN!”


Taking the cue from Lord Naruto, Kaguya dropped down into the splits position with a practiced ease. The spectators began to cheer again as the former Raikage shrugged out of his robe, and then dropped his belt and shorts. His cock was impressive, but Lord Naruto had him beaten easily. She let the muscles in her butt relax as A straddled her back. His skin felt hot against her own, and he smelled of a heady cologne.


“Mmmmh…” she purred, biting her lip lustfully when she felt his cock pushing between the immense buns of her dick-slaying ass. She had done a few Hotdog challenges herself since this little contest began, but none with the level of pageantry displayed tonight. Kaguya found she rather enjoyed the game, though only Lord Naruto and Lord Kakashi had given her any real challenge. But she had beaten them both with relative ease. Kaguya smiled as the music began. She let Hanabi pick because there was nothing in the library that she really preferred.


As the music began, she felt A’s hands gripping her cock-gobbling rear tight. She loved the way his rugged fingers sank into her pliant, doughy flesh as he began rubbing his dick back and forth in time with the music’s beat. One thing she had noticed that was almost universal with modern music is that it usually started a little slow, and then picked up speed quickly. She listened to the music, letting herself get a feel for its pulse as she felt the baby fat of her ass jiggle and ripple with A’s endless thrusting. Once the music sped up, Kaguya grinned as she clamped her ass around the dark-skinned man’s huge cock!


“Whuh…?” he grunted in confusion.


“You did not think it would be that easy, did you?” she asked as she began flexing the inner muscles of her butt back and forth in a counter motion to his thrusts.


“Mmmmmmmh…” he groaned in pleasure as Kaguya continued to smile. “Im… Impressive…” He grunted, struggling to keep his composure. But Kaguya had only just started. For once, she was grateful for how the bright spotlight made her sweat as it helped lubricate her motions while she rocked her ass in a twerking motion as Karui had called it. Normally she’d use this move when dancing by herself, but it proved just as effective lying on her stomach.


“Hrrrr…” A groaned again, and Kaguya licked her lips slowly.


“Allow me to demonstrate, what a goddess’ ass can do!” She told him as the music changed speeds again, going faster now. Kaguya let out a moan as the audience watched in awe. Some cheered for both her and the former Raikage, but many waited with baited breath! She was excited by their anticipation, her pussy already felt hot and wet as she felt A’s cock brushing against it every time he thrusted deep.


“AHHHHHGHHH!!! NO!!! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!!!” A roared, keeping his thrusts in time with the music even as Kaguya gripped his cock with her ass, moving her muscles to double stroke him at the same time. He clenched her ass tighter, and Kaguya let out a little moan. She liked a man with the strength to keep up with her!


The music’s intensity slowed a bit, but there was still a rapid beat as Kaguya matched pace with A, loving the way he groaned as sweat began beading over his mocha colored skin. She could see a glimpse of her ass in one of the many mirrors that lined the walls and grinned. Her ivory skin stood out nicely against his darker tone. For a strange reason Kaguya found herself thinking of milk and coffee. The absurdly out of place thought made her laugh softly.


“RRRRAAAWWWR, YOU WILL NOT LAUGH AT ME EITHER WOMAN!” A hissed at her as he spanked her ass.


Normally, Kaguya liked being spanked in the right setting, but this was NOT it. “I’m not a woman…” she said back to him, “I’m a GODDESS!!!!” she yelled, clenching her ass so tight that the cheeks above his cock clapped loudly as they came together. She then moved her muscles even faster, stroking his cock while at the same time clenching it in place so tightly he couldn’t move!


“AH… OH… HAAHHH…!” A groaned, trying in vain to move his cock again as she moved her ass around his cock for him. As per the rules, she matched the pace of the music, well, maybe a bit faster…


“Hooow…” He asked, groaning as he tried to pry her asscheeks apart.


“As I just said, I’m a goddess. Now see what a divine booty can do!!” She yelled at A, hoping she had used the correct slang as the music hit its fastest beat yet!


“AHHH, ST… STOP!!! I… ARRRGH!!!!” A groaned and Kaguya could feel his cock throbbing hard now.


“You lose.” Kaguya told him as she felt him cumming between the cheeks of her ass just as the music came to a sudden and complete halt. She grinned victoriously as she released her grip on him and felt a rapidly cooling liquid warmth flowing over her thighs and pussy.


“Im…possible…” A groaned as he went slack on her back. Kaguya grunted as she felt his full weight bearing down on her. ‘What is he eating to make him so heavy?‘ she wondered as she shifted her body slightly for comfort.


All around the room, people began cheering. Several men groaned as they likely just lost substantial wagers on the former Raikage. That thought made Kaguya smirk. “Never bet against a Goddess.” She said to A as he remained on top of her, still stunned by his loss.


She then looked over to Hinata and smiled when she spotted her hugging her husband. She’d made good on her word to the dark haired woman, and that filled with as a satisfying sense of pride.


“Umm…If I can have everyone’s attention please, I regret to inform everyone that there’s been a mix-up.” Hanabi said over the loudspeaker. Her voice was sullen, almost defeated in tone.


The room was silent for a moment before Hanabi broke it again.


“Due to technical difficulties, the song selected ended thirty-five seconds before the playback stopped. Instead of stopping, it went to the next track in the queue.” she informed the crowd. “That means…” she paused again as Kaguya felt dread creeping over her. “Former Raikage A, is the winner!” she said, but without her usual hyper enthusiasm.


“What?” A asked no one as the room remained silent for several heartbeats before the crowd began to roar in approval!




“Winners may collect their winnings at the bar, sorry Nee-chan…” Hanabi said, quickly covering the mic when she realized the last part of her statement was still going over the speakers.


Kaguya felt A climbing off of her before he stood up and held his arms up high.


“YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” A roared for the cheering crowd. He then moved to the front of the stage as Kaguya pushed herself up onto her knees and let her head hang low. The shame was nearly too much to bare! She looked up when she felt a hand on her back. Hinata stood just beneath the stage, smiling warmly at her.


“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I, I failed you.”


“No,” Hinata said. “No one has made him work for it as hard as you. Not even Sakura’s little strategy brought him that close. There’s no shame for you tonight.” she told her. She then looked up at A as he turned to face her with a huge smirk on his face. If Kaguya still had her powers, she’d… Kaguya shut those thoughts down. Her powers had corrupted her once; no doubt they would again even if she was trying to defend a friend.


Not showing an ounce of trepidation or fear, Hinata began moving towards the front of the stage, the former Raikage’s eye’s following her. Out of nowhere, Naruto appeared and placed a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “Hinata, you don’t have to do this, I can work something out with the Raikage.” He told her.


Hinata placed her hand over her husbands, “That’s sweet of you darling, but like I said, I would honor the bet, win or lose. I got myself into this with my big mouth, now I need to face the consequences. That’s MY ninja way.”


Hinata stopped in front of the stage and recovered A’s belt, holding it up to him with both arms. In one hand she held out six golden colored cards. VIP slips, the nightly prize for a Hotdog challenge winner. A had been holding off on accepting them as he moved onto the next nights challenge. Now, he had six of them, and Kaguya had no doubts he would ask for Hinata to use each and every one of them.


“Well done, Raikage-sama.” Hinata said.


“Not trying to weasel out? I’m impressed with your resolve at least.” A said to her.


Hinata held out the slips and belt to him again and A accepted them, holding the belt up for all to see as the crowd cheered and roared its approval. He then made a gesture for silence. “Now, who wants to see me teach this wench a lesson in manners!!??” he called out to the crowd while pointing down to Hinata. Out of the corner of her vision, Kaguya saw Naruto wince, clenching one fist before he vanished from sight, only to reappear at his table with the other Kages.


All around the club, people cheered and applauded. Hanabi then explained the golden slips to the audience, “As you all know, the prize for victory is a free VIP slip good for use at any time. Having won six challenges in a row, Former Raikage A has won six slips to use at his discretion.”


“And I’m gonna use one now!” A said as he took one slip and tore it in half. “Now get up here!” he commanded Hinata.


Kaguya quietly recovered her robe and moved to the backstage area where she quickly got dressed in her Busteez uniform after hurriedly toweling the sweat and other fluids from her body. She couldn’t stop what was happening, but she could support her friend by being there.


By the time she got back out to the main club floor, Hinata stood with her back turned to A as he kissed her smooth neck. The defeated Hyuga MILF whimpered, his skilled hands caressing her spectacular boobs. A slipped both hands down the tube of her dress and cupped the giant udders. The crowd exploded with screams of approval when he roughly flung her tits out, slapping wildly back in place like bean bags. “What happened to all that bravado you had the last time we messed around?!” A sarcastically questioned in her ear before nibbling on it. He tugged at her nipples like he was trying to extract milk from them. Hinata didn’t say a word, but her body language spoke loud and clear. She shivered nervously as the former Raikage’s foreplay worked on her like a charm for all to see, including her husband. One of her hands stealthily reached behind her back to stroke his semi-erect thick cock. Hinata’s depraved nympho senses were tingling.


He then spun her half-naked body around and covered her mouth with his. Hinata’s eyes fluttered around like a timid school girl’s as she moaned on his lips. A ended the kiss and pulled back, prompting Hinata to lunge forward for more out of her own volition. Her head was spinning around just as hectic as her tongue was in A’s mouth. She snapped out of her French kissing trance a couple seconds later and looked back to the roaring audience. Hinata’s innocent expression was almost like that of a virgin getting naked in front of someone else for the first time. Naruto gave his wife a warm, encouraging smile despite the harsh position the circumstances put him in. A suddenly pulled the bottom of her tight-fitted dress up until it hanged around her torso, showcasing her round, creamy donk to everyone.


“This is what you consider underwear? What a shameless slut!” A antagonized Hinata with a hard slap to her jiggly ass when he noticed the faint black G-string she wore tonight. She yelped in response, only to be silenced with more smooching. The crowd cheered and whistled as he pushed his tongue down her throat while grabbing her tit with one hand and her ass with another. Hinata offered no resistance as he fondled and groped her. Her body then began reacting to his touch, her pink nipples stiffening as trails of juices began running down her thighs.


Kaguya blinked. The nipple-hardening she could understand, but how could Hinata be so wet? She was like a broken faucet! “I’m going to show everyone what a whore you really are, thanks to a few tricks I learned from the Suzuka Clan.” A said, “Temari’s little forfeiture last night gave me the time I needed to perfect this.” he told her with a chuckle.


“Suzuka Clan?” Kaguya echoed. That was a name she hadn’t heard in a very long time. They were a clan of Ninja that weren’t spawned from her sons like all the others. Their techniques didn’t use chakra, but rather a distinct knowledge of the female body. They were one of two clans of seduction and sex, the other being their rivals the Miroku. Kaguya never bothered with them as like all humans at the time, they were beneath her. But if they were still around, and A had learned from them…


“But before that, we’re going to have a little rematch.” A announced and proceeded to rip off Hinata’s miniscule thong, dropping it next to them. The gorgeous Byakugan Princess screeched as A’s BBC humped through her legs and out her porcelain booty, stimulating her clit and lathered pussy lips along the way. For the next three minutes, the vindictive Raikage tortured Hinata with cunt-grinding thrusts, slowing down each time he sensed she was going to cum (which was roughly every thirty seconds). Her vision was blurry with lust by then as a large puddle of her fluids surrounded the two. It was clear that despite defeating the other women AND a goddess in the Hotdog Competition, A still wanted to redeem himself by outlasting Hinata’s soft jello-cheeks in some form.


Kaguya watched as A spun Hinata around to face the crowd. Her face was flushed pink with arousal as he grabbed both of her big tits, squeezing and kneading them. He pushed his still-throbbing erection between her legs and rubbed its length against her dripping pussy. “Ahhhaaaa…! What, how are… Ooooohh…” Hinata moaned, her eyes crossing slightly as A began humping her from behind slowly, grinding his cock against her and quickly bringing her to a minor orgasm.


“That’s it; a slut like you should cum easily! Now, give everyone a good show!!!” A told her as he reached down and lifted Hinata up by her legs, holding her in a butterfly position, her legs spread wide and her puffy, pink pussy on display for everyone to see. Her snatch glistened with arousal as a small spray of juices made a brief rainbow in the air around the stage.


“Ahhhhaaaa… My body… Ahhh, I can’t help myself!!! Ahhhhh whhhyyy…” Hinata moaned, raw lust clear in her voice as she tried to reach for her pussy, but the position she was held aloft in preventing it.


“Because you’re a mouthy whore, now cum like one in front of your husband!!!” A scolded her as he positioned her over his burly cock and impaled her pussy on his length!


“AAAHAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!!” Hinata screamed, her pussy spraying like a water hose while her eyes rolled back in her head.


“It’s true.” Kaguya thought. “I can’t believe one of those clans survived to this day.” The ivory skinned woman watched as the former Raikage began slamming his cock into Hinata! His heavy balls swung with his motions as her stomach tented slightly. His length mercilessly plunged deep inside her, the sheer impact strong enough to make Hinata’s humongous knockers flap in the air like bird wings.


“I… I can’t… I can’t make it stop… Ahhh… This feels… IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!” Hinata moaned in another orgasm. All around the crowd cheered, loving the show of the Hokage’s wife being forced to cum in front of her husband.


“YEAH RAIKAGE!!!! MAKE THE BITCH CUM SOME MORE!!!!” Yelled one man beside where Kaguya stood. The white haired woman delivered a swift chop to the back of his head, rendering him unconscious. It didn’t change Hinata’s situation, but it made Kaguya feel better.


“AHHHHH, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING SO MUUUCH!!!!” Hinata howled, her pussy spraying a seemingly endless stream of juices as her tongue hung off her lips as she panted for breath.


“Yeah!! Like that? How does it feel to cum in front of your husband!?” A asked as he continued bouncing her up and down on his dick.


“AHHHHH SO GOOD, SO GOOOOOOD!!! I’VE NEVER CUM SO MUCH IN MY LIFE!!! PLEASE, MAKE ME CUM SOME MORE!!!!” she replied then screamed again as A began slamming into her harder, “AHHHHH, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING!!!!!” Hinata howled as her face shifted into a mask of mindless pleasure, her eyes both crossed and rolling back in their sockets. Her tongue lulling from her mouth as a droplet of drool hung of the tip.


A laughed and spoke so only Hinata could hear, but Kaguya could reach his lips easily enough. “This is just a taste of what you get for humiliating me. I’m gonna repay you six times over.” he whispered to her.


“SOOO GOOOOD, MORE, PLEASE, FUCK ME MORE!!!! I LOVE IT, I LOVE THIIIISSSSS… I’M SUCH A PERVERTED WOMAN… I LOVE CUMMING ON BIG HARD COCKSSSSS!!!!” Hinata moaned her; entire body began flushing pink with repeated orgasms.


A laughed and continued slamming his cock into Hinata’s endlessly gushing pussy as the dark haired woman panted and moaned in ecstasy.




“Oh yeah, tell everyone who is better then, me, or your husband!?” A asked her loud enough for everyone to hear.


“YOOOOUUU!!!!! YOUR COCK IS SO MUCH BETTERRRRRR…” Hinata screamed as though her honesty meant life or death.


Laughing again, A slammed his cock balls deep into Hinata as he came inside her. His thick cum seeped back out around his cock as Hinata let out a long wordless moan of sheer ecstasy. The dark skinned man then dropped her like a sack of potatoes, his cock flinging free of her pussy with a spray of his cum as she fell onto the stage still panting. “Hehe, excellent. I didn’t even have to tell you and you’re already sticking that chunky ass out.” A commented over the fact that Hinata was propped up in doggy style while she attempted to regain her mind and bearings.


“Ehh?!!” Hinata panicked when she felt her womb get speared again by A’s bulbous cock tip. “How’re…you…still…ha-haaaa…!!” Her questioning of his virility went unheard as his hips began crashing into her massive asscheeks. A helped himself to two finger-sinking handfuls of delicious booty-beef and went to town! She hollered as he viciously churned her insides, making twisting motions with his hips to ensure he hit every nerve her constricting walls had.




An expression of fear and bliss formed on Hinata’s face in the form of an endless river of tears and a demented, toothy grin. Why couldn’t she stop cumming? And since when did A become such a god of sex?! At this rate her heart would explode from the inside out!! Hinata attempted to crawl away from A’s mighty grasp.


“Oh no you don’t!!!” The victorious Raikage shouted and balled up Hinata’s long hair in his fist, pulling her back balls deep on his Hyuga-destroying member. “What happened to your “ninja way”? Don’t tell me the wife of the Hokage is nothing but all bark and no substance!?” Her toes curled in her sexy heels as A threw her back and forth into his thrusts. She gave up trying to stop the seemingly eternal convulsions her pussy was going through. A was making her huge ass clap louder than it ever had before!! “This is why you don’t underestimate the Raikage wench!!”


“SHAOWRYYYY!!! I’M SHAOWRRYY!! CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMINGGGGGG!!!!” Hinata lost her marbles, making a contorted ahegao to the audience as the biggest climax yet obliterated any sense of decency she had left. A hilted himself inside Hinata once again and flipped her over on her right side. One arm went around her raised leg while the other grabbed her by the throat.


“Your husband is the one you should be apologizing to! Tell him how much of a pathetic nympho bitch you are that doesn’t know her place!!” A aggressively ordered, turning her face directly in Naruto’s direction. He licked along her lengthy leg while making circular jabs into her battered coochie.


“HONEEEYYY, I CAN’T HELP ITT! I’M A BIG, SHTOOPID SLUT THAT LOVES GETTING RAVAGED BY GIANT COCKS! FORGIVE MEEE!!” Hinata pleaded to an expressionless Naruto, clearly trying to suppress his emotions, he needed to rationalize that this was her mess that she decided to get out of on her own. Although she seemed to be in love with the circumstance much less in peril. She truly was a big slut that got off from everyone seeing her in her natural habitat. Many in the audience threw insults at Hinata, ranging from “cheating whore”, “cum dumpster”, and a whole variety of others. But all it did was fuel the depraved sex beast within her.


“Time to finish this…for now.” A said before leaning over to suck on one of Hinata’s thick nipples. She was so far gone that howling like a wild animal was the only reaction she had to anything he did to her. He quickly pulled off the tasty tit and stood up, holding Hinata up by her neck and his left hand gripping her waist. He speed-fucked her for a full minute, Hinata becoming nothing more than a motion blur until he dropped her back to the cold, hard stage. A grunted like a mad titan as he ejaculated for the third time tonight all over Hinata. He milked his cream-firing gun and made sure ALL of his DNA marked every corner of the shattered MILF’s conquered body. Hinata’s dangled off the edge of the stage, making it all the more sexier to see her eyes roll back. Her mouth was wide open as if it was expecting a monstrous black cock to lay waste to it next. A bent down and tore off her rolled up dress, using it to wipe off his shrinking and exhausted prick. “That’s a rather unsightly face to make, Mrs. Hokage.” A taunted before throwing the sticky garment onto Hinata’s embarrassing face.


“YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” A screamed again, holding his hands up for the crowd. All around the bar people cheered. Chanting the Raikage’s title again as Hinata lay defeated on the floor of the stage.


Through all of this, Naruto merely sat at his table, his face as still and expressionless as stone. Kaguya couldn’t get a read on the Hokage at all as A reclaimed his belt and clothing. Retrieving a large marker from the pocket of his shorts, A pulled the cap off with his teeth and reached down to write on the spent womans ass. It was rather impressive how he was about to write BBC WHORE on her ass upside down and still be perfectly legible. He then capped the marker and tossed it away, not bothering to get dressed as he proudly walked over to the Kages table.


“Be proud, your wife took that with honor.” A said to Naruto before he left for the men’s room, likely to clean himself up again. Kaguya rushed to Hinata’s side as the woman weakly pushed herself up. Before Kaguya could say anything Hinata gave a shaky thumbs up.


“I… Need… A shower…” She panted. All around the club the crowd began slowly exiting now that the show was over.






Naruto and Hanabi made their way through the crowd to the side of the stage as Kaguya helped the naked woman to her feet. Hinata looked up at her sister and Husband, her eyes still slightly unfocused.


“Darling I…” she began. But Naruto only smiled and placed a hand on her head.


“I’m proud of you.” was all he said before moving to take her into his arms and carrying her up the stage and into the back room.



Half an hour later Hinata was looking much better as she sat naked on a couch in the dancer’s dressing room with a red blanket wrapped around her body. Naruto sat next to her and poured a cup of green tea for Hinata as Kaguya leaned against the far wall.


“It was like I couldn’t feel anything but pleasure.” she said when Hanabi asked what happened, “I just kept cumming and cumming…”


“Suzuka Sexcraft.” Kaguya told them.


“What?” Naruto, Hanabi, and Hinata said together.


“Not surprised none of you have heard of it, it was something from my time. There were two clans of Ninja’s that mastered the art of sex on a level none of you can comprehend. They actually fought one another with it.”


“So wait, if they were fighting with sex, then…” Hanabi asked.


“The loser is whoever cums first.” Said a voice from the door. Everyone turned to see A standing in the door now fully clothed. “An old man in my village taught me a few very interesting techniques, and none of them require the slightest bit of chakra.” he explained before looking down at Hinata, “And since you came more than once, I own you at all times until the last ticket.”


“Please, Lord Raikage-sama,” Hanabi said, “Let my sister rest, she can barely stand.”


“Hanabi…” Hinata began, but A held up a hand.


“I’m not completely without compassion, but I WILL be claiming my prize, ALL of it.” he told everyone, “So, I will let you rest tonight, but tomorrow, we will continue. I want you to meet me at the park under the Great Stone Faces, and we’ll continue.” he told Hinata, holding up another of the golden slips and tearing it in half, tossing the pieces down onto the floor before turning to leave. “Be sure and get a good rest Mrs. Hokage, you will need all of your strength.”

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