Facing Cockzilla!

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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‘How did I end up like this?’ thought Sarada as another man came in her mouth, the thick salty taste of his cum washing over her tongue. She slowly pulled her mouth away from his cock and quickly swallowed. “Hah, next!” she shouted after taking a couple of deep breaths. The dark haired girl had been at this for almost five hours now; she’d lost count of how many men she’d blown as she knelt of the floor of the school gymnasium.


The smell of dust and sweat had been replaced with musk and a different sweat as she worked her jaw from side to side. She was infinitely grateful to her mother and Anko-sensei for the tips about blowjobs they’d given her before now. Still, she hadn’t expected this big a turn out for their auditions.


The last man in the group came over to her. He was a plain looking villager, one of those people you wouldn’t remember after bumping into them. He had dark brown hair that was just starting to turn gray, a few barely noticeable shots of lighter hairs streaked here and there. He came over confidently, his cock already out. Sarada forced a smile, he was what she guessed was the regular average, just a little longer than her hand from her wrist to the tip of her middle finger.


Not bothering with any pleasantries, Sarada gripped his cock confidently. She could feel his pulse through the throbbing erection as she opened wide and wrapped her soft lips around the tip. His scent filled her nose as she felt the underside of his prick against her tongue.


“Hmmmmmph…” she sighed softly, hearing the man groan softly as she took him deeper down her throat. “Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” she moaned, making sure to add in extra saliva as she worked her head back and forth. Her lips made wet smacking sucking noises as she moved her head faster.


Her mother’s words echoed in her head, ‘Make a tight seal with your mouth when you go down, but loosen up on the up motion, this makes a lot of erotic noises and the popping bubbles vibrate the man’s dick making him feel good. Get the right rhythm going and it won’t take long to get the average guy off.


“Ooooh, that feels so good…” the man groaned as she felt the familiar sensation of hot cum filling her mouth. Honestly, were all the non-ninja this easy!? The thick salty fluid filling her mouth again and she gulped the less than a shots worth down before pulling her head away.


“NEXT!” she called.


Still, she was expecting to have swallowed A LOT more given her experience with Boruto, Naruto, and Mitsuki. But as was mentioned, she’d been at this for five hours, so NOW she’s starting to feel very full.


“Why am I doing this again?” Sarada asked.


“We need a male teacher for the female students and faculty to interact with.” said Mitsuki. “The bulk of the cast is female and we need some more balance.”


“I know! I was asking rhetorically.” Sarada said back to him. “Can someone get me a glass of water or something? I need to wash the taste of cum down!”


“Want me to tag in?” Wasabi asked as she came over with a bottle of water. She’d been sitting on the bleachers the entire time watching as Sarada sucked one dick after another looking more bored than anything else.


“Nah, I got this.” Sarada told her, accepting the bottle gratefully.


Earlier in the day, Mitsuki and Iwabe had printed up flyers asking for men to come by the school to audition for a “Busteez Movie Tryout”. Sarada guessed the men of town were a bit smarter than she thought as Mitsuki escorted the last man out and let the next group in.






It was the usual response. Sarada was used to it now. In fact, after today, she didn’t expect to have to wear her breast bindings anymore as nearly every man in Konoha would know how big her tits really were! She had fully released them from her regular binding wraps that used a jutsu to compress them to a nearly flat size. Without them, her tits were easily bigger than her head. As she thought about it, Sarada realized she didn’t actually know how big her tits were, and made a mental note to measure them later.


The next three men through the door were Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, and Kiba Inuzuka.


She gave a bright smile and flashed a V with her fingers, “Yeah, this is the real me, not bad eh?” she asked, putting her arms up over her head, making her tits jiggle as she winked.


“Gentlemen, thank you for auditioning with us today.” said Mitsuki as he walked over to the trio with a clipboard in hand. “If you’ll just sign this, it’s your standard non-disclosure agreement. The same kind you sign with any V.I.P. treatment at the Busteez Club proper and any affiliated businesses.”


“Umm, what exactly are we auditioning for?” asked Shikamaru.


“We’re trying to fill a minor role for our movie, a male teacher who will be seen fucking one or more of the female students and a couple faculty women. It is something of a last minute addition to the story, so the final drafts of the scenes aren’t ready just yet.” Mitsuki explained simply.


“I’m here to measure your stamina with a hot little thing like me.” Sarada said, then shook her head, “Oh god, that sounded less corny in my head. Simple version, you get a blowjob from me, and out of everyone who auditions, we’ll pick someone to fill the role.”


“Makes sense.” said Kiba.


“Ambitious.” Shikamaru said.


“Ambitious indeed, this is truly the Springtime of youth!!!” Rock Lee said, holding up a fist with tears streaming down his eyes.


“Umm, right…” Sarada said, struggling to keep a straight face.


“Ahem!” Wasabi said, clearing her throat loudly. “Um, there is still a line outside, and the school is only letting us use the room for so long.”


Mitsuki nodded, “You’re right,” he then looked to the trio of older men, “Gentlemen if you don’t mind.”


Sarada nodded, “Come on…” she said, beckoning the three of them closer. As they approached Wasabi moved out with a set of bins not unlike the ones found at the bathhouse. All three men stripped quickly before moving over to her, their cocks already swelling as Sarada hefted her heavy tits. The dark haired girl smiled once she got a good look at them, ‘Finally, some real men.‘ she thought to herself, then when she looked at Shikamaru, ‘Oh poor Temari-san!‘ She finally understood what the blonde woman meant by her husband’s ‘pencil dick’!


Of the three, he was easily the thinnest! Rock Lee was a solid size thicker and easily the longest. Kiba however was the thickest of the bunch, though not as long. The dark haired girl found herself fantasizing about how each one might feel inside. Having taken both the Seventh Hokage and Boruto, she wondered if she’d feel anything at all! Well, maybe Kiba if he took her in the ass…


Sitting up on her knees, Sarada smiled as they closed in, Shikamaru was the closest and would be the easiest to start with, so she reached out with her right hand and grabbed his dick. For its size it was certainly a lot harder to the touch that she thought it would have been. She smiled up at Shikamaru as she began stroking him slowly while Kiba and Rock Lee took up positions on either side of her.


Licking her lips, Sarada said, “Time to eat!” before opening wide and…


She stopped short when she felt something hot and heavy come to rest on her shoulder. A heady musky stick filled her nose as she turned her head to the left.


“FUCK…! OH FUUUCK!!!!” she gasped at what her mind could only identify as Cockzilla came to rest over her shoulder.


The sheer shock of it left Sarada sitting there with her mouth hanging open. It was easily thicker and bigger than all three of the other guy’s dicks combined! How was this even possible?!


“A little poptart like you shouldn’t waste her energy on a bunch of twigs when she can have a full tree trunk!” said the man the cock belonged to.


“Huh… Wha…?” Sarada stammered, still in shock at the sheer size of the thing hanging over her left shoulder. Its smell was beginning to make her dizzy as she looked up at the man attached to it.


“Hey.” Former Raikage A said with a simple nod.


“Lord Raikage?” Sarada said, looking from his face to his cock and back again, “How…?”


“Impressive isn’t it?” he asked with a smug grin, “I’m not surprised a little poptart like you is finding herself more than a little lost for words.” He then turned to look at the trio of men in front of Sarada, “Beat it.” Rock Lee, Kiba, and Shikamaru all looked white as sheets as they backed away slowly then collected their clothes and hurriedly left the gym.


“You’re the Uchiha girl right, daughter of the man who gave me this?” A asked holding up his artificial left hand.


“I… Umm… I…” Sarada stammered, her eyes looking back down at the massive mocha colored cock still resting on her shoulder.


“I call it my Kono-bitch Breaker! Why don’t you put those big tiddies to proper use for me?” he said to Sarada.


“Sarada! Snap out of it!” Wasabi called to her, “Heyyy, Raikage-sama, if Sarada’s too stupefied I’ll give it a go!!” she said to A with a cheeky smile, as she waved her arms for his attention.


“Hmmm, you have courage, I like that!” A said to Wasabi.


“For… Forget it! I told you, I got this Wasabi!” Sarada said, finally breaking out of her shock and turning to face the former kage, his giant dong briefly rubbing against her cheek. “I’m sorry, I just, wow…” she said.


“Heh, Samui said the same. It’s the latest drug in Kumogakure Ninja chemtech developed from researching the Suzuka Sexcraft techniques. I came to Konoha to gather some valuable data for the researchers.” he explained.


“Really? You were able to figure out the correct mixture of herbs?” Mitsuki asked, “Not even my parent could do that.”


“Mmm,” A said with a nod as Sarada grabbed her tits, lifting them up and wrapping them around A’s ‘Bitch Breaker’. The smell was still making her dizzy as she felt the throbbing heat of his cock against her breasts. He let out a low groan before saying, “There was some trial and error, one of the researchers ended up in the hospital, but we managed it in the end.”


“Fuck, this is even bigger than Boruto…!” Sarada said as she began moving her breasts up and down. Her fully released tits barely wrapped around his girth as she began brushing her tongue along the underside.


“Hmm, bigger you say?” she heard Mitsuki say, then in a softer voice, “I wonder about that…”


“Mmmmmh, I’ve had Lord Seventh and Boruto, this is easily bigger than both!” Sarada said as she looked up at the dark colored tip, “I don’t even think this will fit in my mouth!”


“Hah! You’d be the first to manage that, poptart.” A chuckled.


Sarada took that as a challenge as she gripped her tits tighter, pressing them around his dick even harder, rubbing her entire body up and down. “Fuuuck… This smell… Ahhhh… It’s making it hard to think…” she whimpered. Every time she took in his scent Sarada’s young mind raced as her new discovery to big black cocks got her pussy dripping in need. Just looking at this monster dick made her imagine how good it would feel pushing inside her.


“Heh, you’re awfully enthusiastic. Loving your first taste of Kumo Cock poptart?!” A asked.


“Watch it; you’re talking to the next Hokage, Old Man!” Sarada shot back.


“HAAAH!!! Now that’s the spirit, I see you take after your mother!” A told her, “Alright poptart, show me how a Hoekage sucks kumo-cock!” he told her. Sarada remembered her mother’s stories about A, how he’d called her a whore in a mean way, but then apologized later, showing himself to be a decent man. Though he did still humiliate Boruto’s mother, but Hinata had told her it was her own fault for that mess.


Pushing such thoughts aside, Sarada focused on the task at hand. Kneeling down, she hugged her tits around the base of his cock, slowly lifting herself up as she brushed her tongue against the underside of the throbbing stinking shaft.


“Hmmmmmmph…” Sarada moaned, her tits felt good rubbing against the hard shaft, she loved the feel of it against her skin, the heat especially. Bringing herself to a full stand, Sarada moaned at how several inches of A’s cock still stuck out from the top of her cleavage. Moaning again, she began swirling her tongue around the wide tip, savoring the taste as the dizziness only got worse with every breath.


“Aaguuughh…” Sarada moaned as she opened her mouth wide, struggling to wrap her lips around the tip of A’s cock. Her jaw ached painfully; she could almost feel the joint dislocating as she let out a wet gasp before the tip popped fully into her mouth! ‘I can do this!‘ she thought to herself, ‘I WILL be Hokage!!! SHANNARROOOO!!!


“Guuhmmmmmph!!!” Sarada choked as she felt the tip press against the back of her mouth.


“Hoooohh!!! I’m impressed poptart! But how much can you take!?” A said to her as he looked down at her with a grin.




“You’ll do fine.” A said before placing his good hand on her head and pushing down. Sarada’s vision sharpened suddenly as her Sharingan triggered, tears welling in her eyes from the strain.


“GUUGHAAAGGHH!!!” she choked, feeling her throat stretching around A’s cock as she bent forward to allow it to move down her throat and into her stomach! “HAAAAAGH, SHO BHIIIIIG, BHIIIIG… MMMMMPH!!!!” Sarada moaned, her pussy gushing as she felt herself choking and cumming at the same time! She could barely breathe as she gagged and moaned in pleasure.


“That’s it, show me that you deserve to be a kage you little poptart!” A groaned as he gripped a fistful of Sarada’s dark hair before pumping his cock in and out of her mouth as she bent forward at a perfect right angle.


“Guugh, guug, gug, gug, gug…” Sarada choked, her eyes rolling back as she placed a hand on her distended throat, feeling A’s cock moving back and forth through her.


“Mmmmmh yeah… That’s the way girl…” A groaned. “Now, tell me how bad a little Kono-slut poptart like you wants my cum!”


“GIMMIE ID!! MAGE ME SHOKE ON ‘OUR PHICK KUMO CUM!!!” Sarada gagged around A’s cock, letting out a long low moan as her pussy gushed every time she felt his cock entering her stomach!


“Hahaha, that’a girl!!!!” A laughed as he pushed his cock all the way into her mouth! Sarada felt his balls pressing against her chin as a thick heat bloomed in her belly. The edges of her vision began to turn black as she teetered on the very edge of consciousness.


“HAAAAHHHHH!!!” Sarada gasped as she could suddenly breathe again. Sweet delicious air filled her starving lungs as A pulled free with a lewd sucking noise. “Hahhh, ahhh… Haahhh…” she panted.


“Sarada-san are you okay!?” Wasabi asked as she came over to her side.


“I’m… Haaahhh… Fine…” she replied. “I feel like I just drank a gallon of milk… But I’m fine.” she assured.


“You turned purple! I didn’t think that was actually possible!” Wasabi told her as she gently patted her back.


“I’m good… Really.” she repeated, and then looked up at A, “That all you got?” she asked, trying to sound as tough as she could while still panting for air.


“Hoo, someone is sure of herself.” A said with a grin as he made his cock jounce up and down without touching it.


“Bring it!” Sarada said, standing up and turning around to present her ass to A, “I’ll take that big kumo-cock up my ass!”


“HAHA!!!!” A laughed, “Don’t cry to me when you end up a drooling mindless kono-slut on the floor!” A told her as he walked up to her again.


“Don’t forget you’re talking to the future eighth Hokage!” Sarada told him as A placed his cock on her back; it was still wet with her saliva and glistened under the buzzing fluorescent lights of the gym. ‘FUUUUCK that’s big!‘ she thought as she felt his length reaching up to her shoulder blades. Still, Boruto was nearly as big and she’d taken THREE of him at once before!


A reached out to grab Sarada’s wrists as he began rubbing his length between the creamy cheeks of her ass.


“Sarada! Think about this! This is nuts!” Wasabi said, genuine concern on her face.


“Don’t worry, I got this!” Sarada said confidently.


“Mitsuki?!” Wasabi said, looking to the pale skinned youth.


“Let her try.” Mitsuki said as he continued to watch with his usual smile.


“Get ready poptart, ’cause I won’t be taking it easy on you!” A said as he realigned the tip of his massive dick against Sarada’s tiny asshole.


“Bring it ooOOOONNNN!!!!” Sarada groaned as A pushed, her vision going double as her eyes suddenly crossed! “SHIIIIIIIT FUCK, FUCK SHIIIIIT!!!!” she groaned as she felt her ass stretching wider than she’d ever felt before! “MY ASSSS… OH FUCK, MY ASSSSSS!!!!!” she screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain as the wide tip of A’s cock slipped inside her with an audible ‘pop’! “BIIIIIIIG, SO BIIIIIIIG, TOO BIIIIIIIIIG!!!!” she howled as A began pushing in harder, though it was like he ran into some invisible barrier.


“Mmmmmh, tight, you sure you work for Busteez poptart?” A asked.


“NNNNGGH, I’VE TAKEN THE HOKAGE UP MY ASS, THIS IS NOTHIIIIING…!” Sarada screamed defiantly even as she panted and groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as her belly distended visibly and barely any of A’s cock had gone inside her! ‘Crap! CRAP, CRAP CRAP!‘ she thought, ‘I honestly don’t know if I can… No, I got it in my mouth, I can DO this!


“Sarada, don’t give up!” Wasabi cheered, though she could still see concern on her friends face. Sarada felt as though her insides were being compressed as a rope of thick drool ran from her lips as she looked down at the floor, her vision getting fuzzy now.




“That’s enough! Raikage-sama, you have the part!” Mitsuki called.


A stopped trying to push and released Sarada’s wrists. The sudden release combined with the weight of her heavy tits pulled the girl forward. She felt and heard A’s cock pop free of her ass loudly as her face met the floor. Her vision was still cloudy as she pushed herself up on her elbows. Wasabi was at her side in an instant, helping pull her into a sitting position.


“Part, what are you talking about boy?” A asked Mitsuki.


Mitsuki looked openly confused for a moment before returning to his regular expression. “That part this audition is for of course.” he explained. Sarada listened as Mitsuki explained how they were working on a Busteez movie and already had most of the roles filled, but were missing a key part of a male teacher to interact with students and faculty.


“Ahaa, I see. I saw the line outside and merely followed it out of curiosity.” A confessed. “When I saw the poptart doing a blow bang I decided to join the fun, no more, no less.”


“WHAT!?” Sarada asked, “Seriously!?”


A merely nodded, “I didn’t come to Konoha looking to be in a movie. I have some personal business to wrap up with the Hokage’s wife.” he said, moving over to a pile of clothes Sarada hadn’t noticed until now. He reached into the pockets of his pants and produced a folded gold colored piece of paper and held it up for them to see.


Sarada remembered, awhile ago, during the first rounds of the still popular hotdog challenge at Busteez. A had lost to Hinata on opening night, but then won the following six challenges back to back! The prize being the ‘golden tickets’, free VIP passes. Sarada had seen a few of them, since there was a huge box of them in the ladies dressing room collecting dust since only one or two men ever won in a given month!


“Well,” A said as he began to get dressed, “While I may not have come for your audition, the idea interests me. I heard the Hokage tried to do the same a few years back, never went anywhere though.”


“Hey, we saw the footage from that!” Wasabi said. “It looked like it would have been a fun story.”


“How could you follow the story, you were trying to blow Boruto the whole time!” Sarada teased.


“Say’s the girl who actually DID blow him the whole time?” Wasabi asked with a raised eyebrow.


“When do you begin filming?” A asked, ignoring the girls.


“About one week.” Mitsuki told him.


A put his hand to his chin, rubbing at the golden hairs of his goatee, “I believe I can make the time.” he said, “Send the scripts and full schedule to my Hotel, I’m staying at the Konoha Mountain Villa.” he told Mitsuki as he turned to leave, stopping by where Sarada now sat on the bleachers.


“Not bad poptart, keep practicing.” he told her before leaving.


“Does he HAVE to call me that?” Sarada complained.


“What’s a poptart?” Mitsuki asked with his usual closed eye smile.


“Haaah, I’ll explain later…” Sarada said with a sigh.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

Great work as always and sarada will no longer like boruto cock after this like every girl who passed by him
He passed in the audition just read something and fuck sarada hope to see the anal pic 😉