Exotic Blunette Sandwich

He’d always had a thing for exotic hair colors.


Oh sure, he paid attention to the rest of it too: her personality, her tits, her mind, her ass, all of that, but for as long as he could remember, it was the hair that grabbed his attention.


So when he found out that the new place in town had some of the sexiest ladies he had ever seen with hair that was naturally green, blue, purple, and all kinds of other colors, he broken the speed limit getting there. He came damn close to breaking the pen when he signed up as well.


The cost had him hesitating, but only for a minute. There were lots of pictures of his desired women on the VIP walls; sure, those could be faked, but a couple of them were wandering through the lobby where he was filling out the forms.


If anything, they were even sexier in person, and their hair was one hundred percent real.


He immediately paid up without a shred of hesitation. And it was oh so worth it.


He groaned in pleasure as the younger blue haired beauty sucked the hell out of his cock, her huge soft tits wrapped around it. Her pretty brown eyes were focused on it, and a cute blush stained her face. He got the impression that she was new to all of this, but damn, she had the talent to work here. This was the best blowjob he had ever gotten, and she had just started.


“Wendy! Don’t be so greedy! Juvia wants to taste it too!” the other, older blunette whined, her tongue actually sticking out in longing, which he found very hot. Her tits were even bigger than Wendy’s, and she had a curvier ass well. She must have been super horny too; even from where he was lying back, he could see the lust clouding her eyes.


Fucking her was going to be a real good time, he could tell.


“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance,” he assured Juvia, reaching down and grabbing their butts, giving them both firm squeezes. He grinned as his fingers sank into the hot, soft mounds. “We have all day and all night, and I’m going to make sure all three of us get exactly what we need.”


Both ladies reacted excitedly to such a proposition, and he gave himself a mental pat on the back. “While you’re waiting, why don’t you suck on and grope Wendy’s tits? They may not be as tasty as my dick, but I bet you’ll both enjoy it.”


Nodding eagerly, Juvia started doing just that, planting kisses all over Wendy’s huge breasts and digging her hands into them. Her younger friend moaned, the vibrations rolling through his cock and damn near making him cum right then.


He controlled himself though; he wanted this to last, and watching them was almost as good as the blowjob


Yeah: this was worth every penny and then some.

(Short Story by User: S22132)