Evil Endowment

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Relaxing completely naked against the frame of her bed, her arms behind her head, Nobara watched with a smile at the equally naked green haired girl that was slavishly attending to her tits below her.


The tall woman was firmly grasping one of the monstrous mounds, massaging it up and down with just enough of her superhuman strength to cause her over-endowed lover pleasure, but careful to not use enough to cause any pain. Meanwhile her jaw was stretched as wide as it could go as she took the shorter girl’s enormous nipple into her mouth, sucking and nibbling on the oversized bud with glee as she rolled her tongue around it. Bobbing her head up and down to get more suction, Maki let out an involuntary moan as she felt a warm stickiness begin to form between her thighs even more heavily.


“Yeah, that’s a good girl. Suck my big, sexy tits.” Nobara Purred with a smile as she closed her eyes, enjoying the treatment.


It had been almost a month since the odd relationship between the senior and junior began, but she had been quite pleased with how it had progressed so far. When they were out and about with their curtains on, Maki had finally gotten used to acting like they were just normal friends, leading to a much more relaxing time for Nobara as they had gone out shopping or to eat plenty of times, and generally enjoying the activities that two highschool girls tended to do. However, when the curtains came off the young Zenin had started becoming even more submissive than before, something that Nobara found herself taking a great liking to.


In the last few days the brunette had been training her pet lover to better please her body, specifically her tits and ass, and the taller girl had already made remarkable progress. Previously, she could barely even manage to nibble around Nobara’s nipple, but now the green haired girl was suckling the entire thing hungrily while working the rest of the woman’s breast with strong hands, as she had been doing for the last few hours. It wasn’t the type of treatment that would get Nobara creaming herself, but it was still incredibly pleasurable nonetheless, almost like getting a massage.


But despite the nice titty treatment keeping her lust at bay to a minimal degree, Nobara had still gone nearly a month without a real cock inside her, and she refused to count that pencil dick from before as anything other than a smaller than average dildo.


“Hah….” She sighed in annoyance again at her current predicament, causing the girl on her boob to flinch, freezing mid-suck.


Looking up at her with nervous eyes, Maki gave a questioning moan around the pink nipple in her mouth as she gazed at Nobara, who only gave a small giggle in response.


“Oh, don’t worry, Maki. You didn’t do anything wrong, I just got lost in my thoughts.” Nobara said with a smile as she reached a hand down and patted the girl’s head. Happily moaning in response, Maki returned to her service as she went down on her junior’s tits with renewed vigor.


However, just as they were getting back into it, the two soon found themselves interrupted as Maki’s phone began ringing loudly, a chime that sounded suspiciously similar to a police siren beginning to echo throughout the room.


Releasing Nobara’s nipple from her mouth with a soft pop, Maki looked nervously between the pile of clothes on the ground of Nobara’s dorm and the woman herself.


“Um…. I can ignore it if you want.” The Zenin supplied as she stared at her lover.


“….No. That’s the line for when we have orders directly from the higher ups, isn’t it?” The brunette asked as she gazed towards the phone as well. She knew that Maki always kept the ringer on silent when the two were alone together, but on all students’ phones that specific line was programmed to override it. “Go. It must be important. We can finish where we left off later tonight, OK?”


“Y-Yes!” Gently pulling herself off the shorter woman, Maki stepped off the bed and took a moment to admire Nobara’s monstrous figure, resulting in a wink from the girl, before moving to her clothes and beginning to get dressed under the watchful eye of her junior. Since it was the weekend she had picked a rather comfortable wardrobe of a navy blue tube top with a matching pair of bike shorts and long white stockings. “Alright then, I- I’ll see you later!”


Now dressed, the woman took one last look back at Nobara, who was still relaxing in her bed.


“Later~!” Nobara called out with a wave as she watched the girl disappear past her doorway before putting her hand back behind her head, going back to her own thoughts as she felt Maki’s cooling saliva stiffen her nipples under the cool air. “Man, I really need to get some dick…. All the city boys have been total flops…. Maybe it’s time to try someone from the school?”



“So why did you bring me all the way out here?” Maki questioned with a glare at her blindfolded teacher. “And where the hell is ‘here’, anyway? Are we even still in Japan?”


After reading the text on her phone, Maki had discovered that she had been ordered to report to Gojo’s classroom in the school building proper. However, upon arriving at the class after a short jog she found herself suddenly teleported to an unfamiliar looking jungle with a large “DO NOT CROSS” sign attached to a wire fence that disappeared along the perimeter. In the distance she could see large buildings, but she knew from their size alone that it was not Tokyo she was across from.


“Yo! Afternoon, Maki-kun! I see you’re feisty as usual today.” Gojo said with a wide smile, his curse technique stopping a rock Maki had thrown inches from his face for not answering her question. “If you must know, this is a quaint little island owned by the Gojo clan that I use for certain…. Activities that could endanger the public. Or just to keep away from prying eyes.”


“Uh huh.” Maki said with a huff as she looked around the lush jungle, her eyes stopping on one thing in particular. “And what might those ‘activities’ have to do with me? Also…. What the hell is up with the tiger?”


Standing just a few feet away from her was a massive black and orange tiger lazily strolling towards the two sorcerers. Maki wasn’t exactly afraid, as she was quite sure she could handle the beast if it decided to pounce on her, but it was still an odd sight nonetheless.


“Oh, that’s Frederick!” The man answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Say hi, Freddy!”


In response, the tiger gave a soft roar towards Maki before settling down behind her, closing its eyes for a nap.


“You have a pet tiger?” Maki asked incredulously.






“It’s a pet tiger.”




Smiling once again, Gojo suddenly disappeared before reappearing behind the Zenin girl in an instant, laying a hand onto her shoulder.


“Anywho, my awesome tiger aside, let’s discuss why I called you for this little visit today.” Gojo said as he placed another hand on Maki’s other shoulder, with the woman soon feeling her skin heat up unnaturally in the areas he was touching. “So, I’m sure you’ve heard about young Itadori’s little situation involving the King of Curses, correct?”


“Uh, yeah. He eats those finger things and gains a part of Sukuna’s power. Why? What’s the issue?” Maki asked as she threw an elbow behind her, hitting nothing but air as Gojo suddenly appeared in front of her once again.


“Well, you see, I already made sure that Itadori is able to stay in control if he eats a finger during everyday situations, and he seems to be fine even in the middle of a fight too.” Gojo groused as he pulled a red looking finger out of thin air and tossed it up and down in his hand. “But there’s one last test I want to do. As I’m sure you know, sorcerers can have their cursed energy act in all sorts of funny ways when they’re aroused, so I’d like to have a little test to see if Itadori can stay in control when he’s got a fine woman in front of him after eating a finger.”


“Ummm, ok…. But why me? There’s plenty of more well endowed sorceresses out there than me.” Maki said, as she remembered the humbling she had received from Nobara all those weeks ago.


“Well, you’re a little tougher than the average lady, so it’s safer with you. Don’t worry about arousing Itadori though, you should be fine. I read that report from your and Kugisaki’s mission, apparently your body can grow quite explosively when someone injects large amounts of curse energy into you.”


“I don’t really remember too much of that, but apparently that’s what happened.” Maki said with a nod.


“Mmmhmm, well, I’ll give you three guesses what I just did.” Gojo said with a smirk, before nodding down to Maki’s chest. As if on cue, a warm surge began to fill Maki’s breasts, causing the girl to let out a moan as she went down to her knees clutching her chest.


“Oh, you son of a- ooooohhhhHHHHH!” Letting out a loud cry of pleasure, Maki watched in amazement as her tits literally burst through the tube top she was wearing, causing the fabric to fall behind her as her now massive mammaries began expanding in front of her very eyes. They grew more and more, with her areola puffing out and nipples enlarging in turn, until after nearly a minute they finally stopped, hanging only a few inches from her thighs.


“Wow, gonna be honest I was kinda doubting that would work.” Gojo whistled as he lifted the blindfold off of one of his eyes to get a look at Maki’s enlarged boobs.


“Holy crap, these are almost as big as Nobara’s….” Maki panted as she attempted to regain her breath, hefting her own massive chest in her hands.


“Well, don’t get too attached because it’s only temporary. Once my curse energy leaves your body in an hour or so, well, so does your new cup size.” The white haired man said before giving a thumbs up. “Well, now it’s time to go get the star of the show. Be back in a jiffy!”


And with that, Gojo clapped his hands together before disappearing once again. Seconds later, he reappeared just as spontaneously as he had left, but now with a new man by his side.


“Oi! Gojo-sensei, what the hell!? I was about to get in the shower!” A naked Itadori yelled as he looked around in confusion. “And- wait hold on is that a tiger-? Holy crap, Maki-senpai!?”


As he caught sight of the woman, Yuuji blushed in embarrassment as he moved both hands down to cover his crotch. However, as Maki quickly realized, it was a completely futile effort thanks to the sheer size of the organ he was trying to cover.


“Ho-…. Holy shit.” The girl stared in amazement at the organ hanging from the man’s waist. Naturally, it was a cock, but calling it just that felt like a disservice. The thing was absolutely monstrous, as thick as Maki’s own thigh and hanging down low enough to nearly touch his ankles, while supported by a massive set of balls even bigger than her own head.


Scooting herself forward, Maki found herself drooling mere inches away from the titanic shaft, admiring not only it’s size but the large, finger-sized veins spiraling along its length.


Itadori, meanwhile, was trying his best to hide it, but his two hands couldn’t even fully cover the root of his shaft as he glared at Gojo for ignoring all his questions.


“That’s Frederick! Say Hi!”


Well, all but one of his questions.


“Uh, hi Freder‐ Oughh ack…. Ugh…. What the hell did you just throw in my mouth?!” Itadori gagged as he felt a hard object slide down his throat, Gojo meanwhile was recovering from a pitchers stance a few feet away. “And- Woah, Maki-senpai?!”


Below him, Maki had been unable to resist herself as she had reached forward and grabbed a hold of her juniors cock. The sheer size made it so heavy that any normal girl, without a doubt, would have had trouble lifting it without a doubt. Placing the enormous dick over her tits, Maki felt her bottom lip begin nearly overflowing as she gained a new understanding of the man’s sheer size now that it was right in front of her. Reaching her right hand down, she gently grasped the underside of one of Itadori’s balls, hefting the weight in her hand as she felt it begin throbbing in excitement at the soft touch of a woman.


“Holy fuck…. This thing would destroy me…. There’s no way. This has to be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!” Maki spoke, half to herself, as she drooled over the piece of man meat in front of her. Given, among other sorcerers she had only seen the penises of Inumaki and some of her family before, but this outclassed all of those by such a degree it was almost laughable.


Placing her free hand down on top of the half hard shaft, Maki leaned forward and began giving the base of it butterfly kisses as she took in the taste and smell of it, idly rubbing the man’s glans with the palm of her left hand.


“Well, you kids have fun, and don’t worry, Maki, I’ll be watching in case anything happens. Adios!” Gojo announced, before disappearing once again. However, neither student seemed to notice as they were much more focused on each other.


“Oh god, Maki-senpai, hold on.” Itadori called out as Maki continued suckling along his dick, nearly in a trance as she did her best to pleasure the man. “I’m feeling a little weird….”


As the first year trailed off, Maki froze in her gratification as she noticed a change on the dick in front of her. Not only was it now fully erect, but two dark blue band-like tattoos had suddenly appeared near the base. Looking up towards her sudden lover nervously, Maki’s fears turned out to be well founded as she saw that Itadori had a litany of curse markings covering his entire body.


“Oh man, that felt weird….” Itadori groaned as he looked back down at his senior. “Uh, sorry about that, Maki-senpai.”


But despite still having the markings running along his body, Maki was pleased to see that it was still the kind eyes of Itadori looking back down at her.


“….No worries, something came over me too.” Maki said with a smile below him. “But still, your dick is crazy, Itadori! I’m amazed you’re this big as a first year.”


“Oh, uh, thanks. I’m not particularly talented or anything though, it only got like this after I ate one of Sukuna’s fingers. According to Gojo-sensei cursed energy does some wacky stuff to our sexual organs, so the more of Sukuna’s power is within my body the bigger this will get.” Itadori explained, pointing down towards the giant dick Maki was currently holding.


Wow, and he hasn’t even eaten a quarter of them yet….‘ Maki observed with wide eyes as she looked back towards the cock resting on her newly enlarged boobs. “Wait, so does that mean it’s gonna grow even more since you ate another on-”


“Oi, brat. Why are you just standing there? There’s a woman in front of you, claim her.”


Finding herself cut off by an unknown voice, Maki looked down in shock to see two new occurrences with Itadori’s dick. For one, there was now a mouth and eyeball on the other testicle that she wasn’t holding, but more importantly, it was growing.


Inch by inch, the shaft began to expand in both girth and length, rapidly growing in not only size but weight as it rested on top of Maki’s tits, forcing the girl to start supporting it with her left hand due to the new weight as it continued growing in front of her very eyes.


Maki could only stare with her jaw dropped as the cock continued to expand for nearly a minute before coming to rest, having grown almost a foot longer and the girth now surpassing the circumference of her own waist.


“W- what the fuck?”


“Ah, sorry, Maki-senpai. He likes to come out when I get a little too horny.” Itadori said as he glared at one of the eyes on his testicles. “He can’t do anything though, so don’t worry.”


“Feh, if you’re gonna take advantage of my curse energy the least you could do is let me in on the action, brat. Let me take over for a few minutes and I’ll break her in! I won’t even eat her after, promise.” Sukuna’s mocking voice called out once again, causing a twinge of fear to pulse through Maki.


“Fuck off! You’re never taking control of anything ever again. The last time that happened you ripped out my heart!” Itadori huffed, moving to slap down his hand onto where the mouth was, only to stop himself short as he remembered it was currently residing on his own testicle.


“Uh, so if you get satisfied he’ll go away?” Maki asked as she stared at the oddly shaped eyeball on Itadori’s sack. The way it was staring at her was the definition of creepy.


“Yeah, usually.” Itadori said with a frown. At first all it took was a quick fap session to get Sukuna back into dormancy, but with every finger he ate it was becoming harder and harder to satisfy his growing dick with just his hands.


“Well…. It’s technically my fault this happened anyway. So…. Maybe I can help out a little?” Maki said with a twinge of nervousness as she looked up at the man. It had been a few weeks since she had received any sexual experiences that didn’t involve her being Nobara’s toy, so taking the lead was starting to feel a little foreign, especially in front of such a monstrous example of sexual endowment. “I definitely can’t take that in any of my holes, but we could try using these?”


Maki lifted her new tits for emphasis, squishing them into the underside of Yuuji’s cock pleasantly.


“Oh, um, ok. If you don’t mind then I guess we could give it a try.” Yuuji said with a chuckle as he scratched the back of his head. “Uh, sorry if I’m a little out of practice though. I haven’t really got any action since I got to Jujutsu High.”


“Hah, don’t worry, I’m not exactly used to this size myself, with my boobs or your dick.” Maki said with a small smile as she moved around to the head of Yuuji’s cock.


The curse vessel looked at the girl quizzically because of her response, but decided to drop his questions as he felt Maki’s soft melons begin wrapping around the head of his dick.


“Ooohhh, that’s nice.” Yuuji moaned out as he placed a hand on the base of his shaft. Maki’s titjob wasn’t exactly masterclass or anything, the girl seemed almost unfamiliar with the size of her chest, but thanks to the sheer size of both his cock and her boobs even her sloppy movement was more than enough to please the man.


Gently beginning to buck his hips, Yuuji let out a louder moan as he felt the young woman place her mouth on the tip of his dick, beginning to hungrily kiss and lick the oversized urethra as she lapped up the steady stream of pre-cum that was pouring out.


“Damn, Maki-senpai, this is awesome.” Yuuji groaned as he felt the beginnings of an orgasm rumbling in his balls. “You can press a little harder, if you want.”


Nodding her head in response, Maki applied more of her strength to her soft breasts, forcing them to apply more pressure to Yuuji’s shaft as she groaned in response to the pseudo-order.


Looking down, she noticed the man’s heavy testicles began pulsing hungrily as they swayed beneath his hips. Taking the hint that his orgasm was rapidly approaching, Maki pressed her breasts together even harder, now using a fraction of her superhuman strength to produce the maximum pressure. Meanwhile her lips formed a tight suction around the man’s tip as she awaited the inevitable flood of semen that was soon to arrive.


“M- Maki! I’m cumming!”


At the announcement, Maki pressed her tits even harder and vacuumed her lips even more as she felt the man’s dick begin expanding within her boobs, moaning aloud as she felt her own orgasm approaching just from the warm pressure in her breasts as well as the sheer eroticism of the situation.


“Oh, shit! Cumming!” Yuuji announced as he grabbed the base of his cock with both hands.


Groaning, Maki found herself struck with whiplash at the sheer amount of ridiculously thick semen that immediately forced itself down her throat. Gagging as some of the seed threatened to go into her lungs, the Zenin pulled back only to relieve an equally large load directly into her face.


“Yu-….! Hol-….! Wai-….!” Maki tried to call out, but kept finding her words cut off by another massive load filling her mouth. The entire front side of her body had been covered by this point, but the flood didn’t show any signs of halting.


“S-sorry, Maki-senpai! It should stop in just a few more minutes!”




Maki could only respond unintelligibly as dozens of orgasms rocked though her body at once at the humiliating yet hopelessly arousing experience.



“Good job, Yuuji! I didn’t sense any of Sukuna’s cursed energy during the entirety of your little escapade! Bravo! But uh…. What happened to Maki?” Gojo said as he reappeared back into the clearing.


“Uh, I kinda, um, came a little too much.” Yuuji said as he kneeled down next to Maki, gently trying to coax the woman out of her semen induced stupor. “Uh, sensei? she won’t snap out of it…. What should we do?”


Looking between the concerned Yuuji and the unconscious Maki, Gojo placed a hand on his chin as he thought through the best options.


“Alright, well first things first, absolutely no one is allowed to know about this…. Especially the principal.” Gojo mused. “Secondly…. Well, she’ll probably wake up on her own but just to be safe we’ll leave her at Shoko’s for tonight.”


“A-alright! Let’s go!” Yuuji agreed as he picked up the unconscious woman just as Gojo teleported them away.


(Story by: A Stray Cloud)

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1 year ago

Will their ever be anyone who can take Yuji’s ever growing dick in their holes?

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
1 year ago
Reply to  Whitis

Definitely, Yuuji’s big but not the biggest among the sorcerers, and certainly not something the more experienced female sorcerers can’t handle lol.

1 year ago

Just out of random curiosity, have you caught up with the Manga?

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

I have, yes.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Once again a really good read! Maki’s and Nobara’s chemistry is really interesting and I can’t wait to see more of them. Gojo having a pet tiger named Frederick is my personal highlight of the chapter and the way the sex begins was rather unique and gives room for speculation. I wonder if Yuji’s dick would be enough to satiate our size-queen Nobara?

Great chapter as always.

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, I really like Maki and Nobara’s interactions, they’re fun to write. I’m excited to have them interact with some of the other characters during the sexy times as well.

Glad you enjoyed it!