Erotic Sorceress Display

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Jujutsu Kaisen stories)
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The words were written in broad, pink glowing letters above the entrance of a seedy looking club. It was a three storey high building with large, one-way mirrored windows on each floor that made it impossible for anyone to take a look inside.


A small line of people were in front of the entrance and were either let inside or sent back by the two muscular bouncers. One of them was a tall, bald man with a black goatee that already had some silver streaks in it while the other was a smaller but more trained and younger looking dark skinned man. Both were dressed in black jeans and muscle shirts and sent every person away whose name wasn’t on the guest list.


“Are you sure that this is the right place?” asked Nobara Kugisaki. The brown haired girl looked around, trying to ignore the lecherous looks she got from the men around.


Staring down a middle-aged man who started to undress her with his eyes while drool ran down his chin, Maki Zenin simply nodded “Yes… I think. At least that’s the address Mei Mei sent me earlier.” she said as she checked her phone once more “She just wrote that we should come to the staff entrance.”


“Staff entrance?” Nobara repeated and searched for another way into the building. The only way around the building was through a narrow alleyway between the club and the sex shop next to it “What does she want us to do?”


“Only one way to find out.”


Both girls walked towards the alley, their asses shaking in the short shorts that they were wearing. From atop a lamppost, two crows seemed to look directly at the two girls as they entered the alley. The walls left and right were both plastered with all sorts of perverted texts and graffiti. A nearby trash can was filled to the brim with cigarettes and used condoms while the stench of sex laid heavy in the air.


Nobara tried her best to breathe through her mouth instead of her nose. She looked to her senior who did the same “But don’t you find it a bit strange? I mean, she’s a Grade 1 Sorcerer and all, but calling us to come here without giving any explanation seems a bit dubious, right?”


Before the teal haired girl could answer however, an iron door to their left that they hadn’t noticed before was pushed open. A small boy with light blue hair, dressed in a plain white shirt and black shorts that were supported by suspenders, stepped through it and looked at the two girls. His face showed no emotions whatsoever as he looked them up and down.


“You are two minutes late!” he greeted them and went right back into the building, leaving Nobara and Maki no other choice than to follow him. Inside there was a long, perfectly cleaned hallway with only some shoes and coats hanging from a clothes rack to their right. “My sister doesn’t like it when she has to wait!”


“Wait! How did you know we were out there?” asked Nobara, who was certain that there were no cameras or anything like that in the area.


The young boy walked into a room to the right of the hallway. In it, there were twelve girls, all in different stages of undressing or applying makeup. All of them didn’t seem to mind that there was now a boy walking among them. From the looks of it, the room seemed to be a traditional locker room like one would find in high schools, with a series of lockers on one side and a vanity station on the other end.


“My sister has her eyes everywhere.” he answered ominously. Turning around, he pointed at two bags that laid in front of the lockers “She told me that you two don’t know why you are being called here and that I should fill you in on the details.”


Both girls nodded, getting a vague idea where this was going. And they didn’t like it!


“Two women who work in this place became unexpectedly ill and couldn’t come to work. So you have to fill in that role. In that bag are the outfits you will wear and-”


“Wait! Wait, wait, wait!” Nobara cut him short and crossed her hands in front of her chest in an x-shape “When did we say that we agree to this!?”


The blue haired boy leaned his head to one side and looked Maki up and down “For you…” he then said and pointed at the bespectacled girl “…this is a way to repay a life debt. I don’t know the details but my sister said that she saved your life and that you now owe her! As for you…” he then turned his attention back to Nobara again “…you will obviously be compensated for your job today and if you do it well enough, are free to do it again. At least that is what my sister said!”


Sighing in defeat, both girls answered in unison “Okay, let’s do this!”


Maki obviously expected something like this from Mei Mei but wouldn’t have thought that her friend would be dragged into it as well. She didn’t complain though! If she had to do this alone, she would sink into the ground out of shame but ever since her first sexual encounter with the country girl in a hot spring, she always felt at ease when she was around during such situations.


Stepping a few steps back, the young boy let the girls open the bags with their names on it. His expression didn’t change even when they began blushing upon seeing what they were supposed to wear. Or, to be more precise, what they didn’t have to wear!


Before they could protest or say anything, he walked towards the other door that led further into the club. “If you are finished dressing up, just ask Frost Fireheart, Candy or Jade about what you should do next. They will then write some words on your ass with a special marker, as requested by my sister.” he told Maki and pointed at the three aforementioned women.



LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS VERY SPECIAL EVENING!!!” an obese looking man shouted from a DJ table on which he blasted loud music throughout the dance hall.


Several dozen golden chains hung from the ceiling and reflected the pink light from the spotlights above. The different girls either danced for the men, grinding their asses against the men’s crotches or pressing their tits against their bodies while other girls walked around the place, offering drinks and more intimate things to the men in the booths.




The ground began to shake as the man then began jumping from one leg to the other, making his entire body shake like jello. All around the dance floor the people followed his example and started dancing to the new beat.




He pressed a small button on his table, causing the whole area around it in an about 7 foot radius to be lifted up. Long, silver poles appeared out of the ground on which the DJ’s platform was now balanced. Smoke rose from the floor beneath as a second platform came from below with two figures standing in the middle of them.




With a snap of his finger one of the spotlights shined directly onto a squatting Maki Zenin. A heavy blush spread across her face as she realized just how many eyes wandered up and down her near naked body right now. Her “outfit” consisted of thigh high golden latex boots, a thong that dug deep into the folds of her clean shaven pussy, golden heart-shaped panties that just barely managed to cover her nipples and long gloves in the same color. Around her neck was a silver collar with a ring at the front.


The audience went wild! Money rained down around her and whistles of enthusiasm filled the room as the young girl slowly stood up. She took hold of one of the poles in front of her and made sure that the cold metal would rub between her breasts.




NOOOOO!!!” answered the audience in unison, their roar echoing through the entire building.


A large grin spread across the DJ’s face “THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT! FOR THAT REASON I AM HAPPY TO PRESENT YOU… THE BEWITCHING BEAUTYYYYYYY!!!!!!” he snipped once more and another spotlight shined on the girl next to Maki.


Just like her friend, Nobara was also nearly completely naked. Black Fuck me pumps on her feet, fishnet stockings and gloves, a silver thong, golden pasties with red feathers and black makeup all insured that all eyes were drawn to her!


She currently leaned against a pole of her own and slowly slid down on it, letting it run between her ass cheeks as she moved down into a sitting position. Spreading her legs wide let the audience get a good view of her already dripping pussy!




Are we really gonna do this?‘ Maki thought to herself as she started moving her butt to the DJ’s beat just like that other girl, Candy, told her. She lasciviously licked the pole. An unseen camera filmed it all and a projector brought the footage onto a few screens that were scattered across the room for people who were too far away from the stage.


Next to her, Nobara grabbed the pole behind her above her head. In one swift motion she pulled herself off the ground and put one leg around the pole. She then began rotating around it, the cold hard metal pressed against her butt as she slowly slid it down.


The DJ roared one last time into his microphone “THAT’S IT FOLKS! I LEAVE IT TO THOSE FINE BABES NOW!! SHOW THEM YOUR LOVE!!!” he kicked up the beat and both girls tried their best to keep moving in sync to it.


Once at the bottom of the pole, Nobara did an upside down split that showed her ass for the audience while her face was covered by her tits that now dangled directly in front of her. If it weren’t for her training as a Jujutsu Sorcerer she wouldn’t be able to hold this position for very long, if at all!


From her upside down position, she could barely see past her tits and how Maki strutted around the stage. The bespectacled girl caressed the chins of all the nearby guests, giving them a great view of her breasts in the process. Her huge bubble butt swayed from side to side with each step that she took as she moved to the beat.


After circumnavigating the stage once, Maki then moved to the pole where she was originally. In one swift motion she grabbed the metal rod with both hands while raising one leg above her head and draping it around the pole. She then spun around the pole and slowly pulled herself upwards with the one leg above her head.




The cheers from the audience echoed through the girls’ ears as they both swung their tits or shook their asses to the beat. Despite only getting a quick crash course from the three girls that Mei Mei’s brother told them about, the guests seemed to love it! Money rained down around them, which was enough for Nobara to let go of some inhibitions.


Going down on all fours, the auburn haired beauty slowly crawled towards one of the nearest guests. Her breasts brushed across the stage as she turned onto her back and spread her legs, granting the lucky guy a very up close view of her positively dripping pussy.


Is she seriously going to…!?‘ Maki thought whilst shaking her ass in front of a woman’s face, who replied by stuffing a wad of cash between the thong and her hips.


With a kittenish smile on her face, Nobara draped her legs around the guy’s face. His face then turned as red as a beet as she pulled him towards her crotch “Hmmmm~!” she moaned happily as his nose dug past the string that failed to cover her pussy and into said hole!


WOOOAAAAAHHH!!!” a roar of approval erupted from the audience as more and more money began raining down onto the stage.


“Hey! Psst! New girl!” a female voice called out to Maki who was, just like the crowd, too focused on her friend to notice anything else. To get the young Zenin girl’s attention, the other woman brought her hand gently down on her ass, causing the fat on it to wobble slightly.


“Hm? What?” Maki asked as she turned around and saw that the person who just spanked her was Frost Fireheart. She could remember her name, due to the scar across the brown haired girl’s stomach and her tits. Like the other girls who were tasked with dancing for the guests, she also was dressed in a reverse bunny suit with a butt plug with a bunny tail at the end shoved up her ass.


Frost Fireheart pointed towards a booth behind her where three figures were sitting. Due to the lighting, Maki couldn’t make out who it was though “Someone ordered your services! Candy will take over for you!”


“What??” Maki’s eyes went wide “But it was said that we only need to dance on stage!”


“Sorry, order comes from the boss!”


The boss?‘ the green haired girl mused. She jumped down the stage and made her way through the crowd. Some of them booed, feeling betrayed since one of the girls on stage left but then cheered as a pink haired girl with rosy red cheeks took her place.


The closer she got to the booth, the more Maki recognized the people sitting in there. One was an old, bald headed man whose face looked like a wrinkled raisin in a traditional japanese kimono. In one hand was a long pipe and a cup of Sake in his other. Adjacent to him and facing the approaching Maki, was Mei Mei who looked as stunning as usual. She was dressed in a chinese Qipao with an intricate flower pattern on it and had a drink of her own in her hand. The silver haired Sorceress seemed to be in a friendly discussion with the man on her left.


It was a tall built man who seemed even more muscular than the two bouncers at the entrance of the club. And something about him seemed eerily familiar to Maki. He was dressed in a somewhat run-down looking tuxedo and a white shirt underneath that already had some stains on it. Black hair hung down to his shoulders and looked like it hadn’t been washed in quite a while.


“Anyways, she’s now somewhere in Hokkaido, helping a good friend of mine on the farm. I gotta tell you, it’s the most delicious milk you’ve eve-”


Raising her hand, Mei Mei cut the man short “Not now, Nekureta! The girl you asked for is here.” she waved towards Maki who just now reached the booth “Hello, Maki. Good job out there! Come, have a seat.”


With a motion of her hand, the old man to her right moved closer towards Mei Mei, so that Maki also could sit on the semicircular, upholstered bench. As soon as the young girl sat down, the black haired man opposite to her did something that caused two heavy curtains to fall, drowning out the music that blasted on the dance floor and giving them some privacy from any potential onlooker.


“Do you want a drink?” Mei Mei offered and held up a flask of Sake “Dancing for almost an hour straight must be pretty tiring, especially if you never did it before. It’s on the house!”


Maki’s eyes went wide ‘One hour!?‘ she shook her head “No, I don’t need anything at the moment. So… you called me?”


Smiling, the silver haired woman simply put the flask down “Right, where are my manners? The fine gentleman to your left is the man who’s in charge of this fine establishment. Peaches was in financial troubles a long while back and I invested in the run-down place that he called a club.”


“G- Good evening!” the old man said and bowed his head slightly. Despite being surrounded by sexy girls all the time his eyes were still glued to Maki’s breasts and the thin layer of sweat that covered them “When Miss Mei Mei here said that two new girls would help out, I was a bit skeptical at first. But you and your friend out there sure did a number on the audience.”


After the old man was finished with his compliment, Mei Mei raised her hand and alluded to the man on her left “The man in front of you is-”


“Please, allow me to introduce myself.” he interrupted her before turning his attention towards Maki “My name is Nekureta Monsu. I’m not sure if you remember but we already met once, not so long ago.”


The man at the sex shop!” Maki remembered, now that she heard his voice more clearly without the sound of the music distracting her.


A big smile crept across Nekureta’s face “Exactly! I have to admit, I was quite fascinated by you and your friend back then and couldn’t help thinking about you two.” he said, unconcerned about how strange his words sounded “What lucky coincidence then that you just so happen to work at Mei Mei’s place.”


“He is a business partner of mine who I met a few years ago, doing some questionable stuff. The details don’t matter but he has been quite helpful to me ever since on more than one occasion.” Mei Mei explained upon seeing the younger girl’s surprised expression “He introduced me to Candy and this DJ Q out there and you can hear what effect he has on the crowd.”


Maki nodded slowly, not sure what to think about this man in front of her “That is nice and all but what does this have to do with me?”


Sighing, Mei Mei took a sip of her drink. “Long story short, Nekureta asked if you could spend some time with him and I said yes.” before Maki could respond in any way, the greedy Sorcerer continued “Provided that you’re okay with it. I won’t force any of my girls to do anything they don’t want to.”


The bespectacled girl thought about it for a moment, taking a good look at the black haired man’s body and weighing her options “If I do this… is my life debt paid?”


“If you consider your life to be worth one hour of pole dancing and maybe intercourse with a stranger… then yes, your debt would be paid.”


That woman…‘ Maki thought, her eyes wandering between her superior and the unknown man“…Okay, I’ll do it! But not to repay my debt, at least not fully.” she then said and stood up from the lounger


“Excellent!” Mei Mei turned towards the old man next to her who so far just watched the conversation unfold with a nervous expression on his face “Peaches, would you be so kind and leave us alone then?”


“Of course Miss Mei Mei! Right away!” he bowed his head and hurried past Maki.


In the brief moment that the curtains were open, the 2nd Year Student got a good view on what’s going on in the dance hall. Nobara had left the stage and was now walking from table to table, making sure that her slender and smooth legs graced the faces of as many visitors as possible.


When Maki turned her attention back to the matter at hand, she found Nekureta patting on his own lap “Come to daddy!” he said with a grin on his face.


She did as said and walked around the table. She made a show out of climbing onto his lap, pressing her barely covered tits into his face in the process. As soon as she lowered her ass on the man’s lap she was greeted by the sensation of his erection throbbing through his pants. The throbbing only got stronger when she started grinding up and down on his lap!


“Hnnnnngh~!” despite her best efforts she couldn’t help but feel aroused as the bulge in the man’s pants grew and grew ‘God, he might be just as big as Yuji!!‘ she thought as she remembered the time when she and Nobara first made contact with the curse that caused them to act like shameless sluts, and where Yuji had to help by fucking them for almost the entire night.


“Damn, your ass really is as big and soft as I imagined!” said Nekureta, his hands hovering centimeters above said bubble butt.


Before he had the chance to grab hold of it though, Mei Mei took hold of his wrist “No touching the merchandise, remember!”


“Hrrr! You know how I am!” he said with a smile on his face, watching as Maki swung her chest back and forth. Her two milk tanks almost hit him in the face several times. “When there is a sexy girl, I can’t contain myself!”


“Then you just have to learn!” Mei Mei let go of his wrist and observed as Maki turned around so that her back was facing the man. She began swirling her butt in front of his face, causing the words on her ass to shake with the motion “If you do want to take her though, I can offer you two a room on the 2nd floor.”


“Oh, that does sound nice!” a grin spread across the black haired man’s face. “So, what do you say? Wanna go for a ride? I promise you that I won’t bite and that you will definitely enjoy your time!”


Maki turned towards Mei Mei, who simply took another sip out of her glass with an unreadable expression on her young face ‘Should I do it? Have sex with a complete stranger??’ a shudder ran down her body as she felt his hot breath against her ass.


Seeing the uncertainty on the young Sorcerer’s face, Mei Mei sighed and put her drink down “You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want. It’s your choice!” she then moved right next to the man, pressing her tits gently against the man’s shoulder. “If you don’t wanna do it though, then I ask that you move your butt aside so that I can take care of this myself!”


“There are three things in this world that Mei Mei values more than anything else!” began Neruketa to explain upon seeing the green haired woman’s perplexed expression. The silver haired woman started to unbuckle his pants “The first is her brother. The second is a steady income and getting money.” he groaned as the Sorceress pulled his pants down a bit, letting his cock spring free “And the third is a healthy relationship with her business partners. And luckily enough, I just happen to be one of these business partners.”


Whilst continuing her twerking, Maki felt the man’s erection rub against her butt. She stepped over his lap again and turned around to get a look at it ‘He really is almost as BIG as Yuji!’ she then thought, her mouth watering just by looking at the hot rod.


“Hrrrrgh… Oh, how much I missed your touch, Mei Mei.” he said. He laid his arms to rest on the bench’s backrest. With a blissful expression on his face he watched as the Sorceress’ left hand moved up and down his length while her right began fondling his balls.


Mei Mei sighed and turned her attention towards Maki, who watched the handjob unfold. Her hand moved so fast that it became a blur of motions “One last chance, Maki. Either join in or go!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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9 months ago

Really good story so far. Hope characters like Nanami, Utahime, Ieiri and Akari get included at some point too.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  EbolaBeetle

Hey, glad you like it! As for the characters you mentioned, maybe. Rtenzo doesn’t seem to draw them, so I’ll probably stick to mention them here and there throughout the story.

9 months ago

Damn, this was really impressive! This is probably my favorite chapter in your JJK story so far, and one of my favorites that you’ve done here as a whole.

This entire setting at the nightclub was really impressive. Not to mention the way both Maki and Nobara had to work as substitute dancers for the night was as crazy as the dance work itself. But those were nice routines from them. I think Nobara was really right at home on her part. Hahaha.

I also really liked the Matsunami/Frost cameo here too. Didn’t expect a Welcome to BSU cameo appearance here, but considering that she worked at the Peaches club in her own universe, it made a lot of sense. Still, awesome to see a personal favorite in Matsu pop up!

Overall, well done! Looking forward to the next one. 😀

Last edited 9 months ago by Hiryu
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Wow. Thanks dude. Your words mean a lot to me!

This chapter and the first new chapters of One Piece, Bleach and Fairy Tail were written in roughly the same week, which led to the sex scene in this chapter falling rather short. Glad you like the dancing scene! Since it is the defining aspect of the artwork, I decided that it would be only right to flesh it out in the chapter. It was my first time ever writing a dancing scene, so I wasn’t quite sure how well it would be received. But seeing your high praise of it really makes it worth it!

Happy to hear that you like the cameos. They’re mostly due to JJK not exactly having the biggest roster of girls. And I wanted to include some characters in the club, which led to the Busteez and One Piece cameo.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Makes perfect sense there. JJK could really use some more ladies in their roster.

Still, it all worked out quite nicely overall, thanks especially to the cameos we see here, like Matsu for example. XD

Again, very well done! 🙂