Enhanced to Please

“Ugh, stop fidgeting Hinata!” Sakura chided the dark haired young woman as the ascended the stairs. Hinata flinched slightly and again looked down at her newly enhanced body. She’d gone with a rather large pair of breasts, easily as large at her head now. It made Sakura a bit jealous and mad at herself in hindsight that she hadn’t done the same.


“Are you sure this dress is okay?” Hinata asked, “I mean, my whole butt is hanging out…”


“It’s fine, trust me, we’ll knock their cocks off!” Sakura assured her as she again took a look at Hinata’s tits as they bounced up and down with her every step.


The woman at the Busteez Clinic had shown them a full Catalogue of what they offered, and Sakura had simply selected something from the first page! ‘I could have gone bigger,’ she thought ‘But noooo, I see something as big as Lady Tsunade and I jump right on it.’


Thinking of Tsunade, Sakura turned to look at the blonde as the brought up the rear of their procession. She chewed her lower lip as she looked at those gigantic breasts, barely held in place by her top! ‘It’s okay, it’s okay…’ she thought, ‘This is just an introduction, I can always get more upgrades later! Besides, of everyone here, I STILL have the best ass!’


She slapped her hand against her new big butt, straining to stay inside the shorts she had on.


As they neared the door to the office Tsunade spoke up, “Alright girls, remember the pose we practiced.” she said as she knocked. When it opened the three women all stood in the pose they had practiced as Tsunade spoke up, “Hello sir, we’re the first applicants for the Busteez Konoha Franchise, here for your personal inspection!”


All of their jaws then dropped as they found Kakashi standing on the other end of the door. Even with half his face covered, you could always tell his was grinning from ear to ear. He was dressed in a long gray bathrobe and sandals and his typical scarf covering half his face.


“Ladies, please come in.” he said, stepping aside for them.


“Kakashi-sensei, wha…why…? I thought we were meeting the manager…” Sakura stammered, blushing bright red at wearing such a provocative outfit in front of her old teacher.


“You are, I’ll be managing the Busteez in Konoha, now, we should get started.” he told them as he moved over to a large couch set to one side of the office. Untying his robe, he sat down; exposing the biggest cock Sakura had ever seen before!


“We’ll start with your oral skills; I’ve taken a special stamina medicine, so each of you can see if you can make me cum. I’ll give more consideration if any of you can deep throat me.” he explained.


Tsunade nodded, stripping off her top and kneeling down between Kakashi’s legs, mashing her giant tits around the man’s huge cock before she easily took the top half down her throat. “Ma…Master!!?” Sakura said with a gasp, even as her pussy started getting damp as she watched the blonde begin bobbing her head up and down.


“Mmmmmh, as expected of a Hokage…” Kakashi groaned, and then turned to both girls. “Well, while you two wait your turns, start making out, a lot of the customers are gonna want to watch some girl-on-girl action.”


Hinata and Sakura looked at one another nervously. “O…okay!” Sakura said, steeling her resolve as she stripped off her own top and grabbed Hinata. The dark haired girl gasped as the other covered her mouth with her own and grabbed her exposed ass in both hands. She was determined to get this job, and she wasn’t gonna let a little thing like having her old teacher watching deter her!

Story by Sailor Io

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