Emi’s Erotic Enthusiasm

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Walking in through the Employee Entrance of Busteez Hero Agency, Emi Fukukado smiled as she waved a quick hello to Mitsuki Bakugo. The deceptively young looking blonde was coming in from the service entrance that linked to the Love Hotel next door. “Heya Milf, how’s the crowd tonight?” she asked the Honorary Heroine. Mitsuki wasn’t actually a pro hero, though she was treated as one by the rest of the Busteez staff, Emi especially did so by calling her by her chosen hero name of Mega Milf. Mitsuki picked it as a joke, something that made Emi respect her even more.


“Oh, the usual Monday night crowd.” said Mitsuki, “But the night is still young, most of the daytime pros are still coming off their patrols.”


“Yeah, well, they’ll be cumming off something else by the time I’m through with ‘em!” Emi joked, “That seat on the plane is as good as mine!”


They both laughed. It was all the buzz among the Busteez heroines. Midnight’s trip to America with nine of the other girls. Emi had been to LA once a long time ago, a class trip just before highschool. She often wondered how things had changed.


She walked with Mitsuki to the dressing room, admiring her sexy looking costume of a black micro mini-skirt that showed off the red dental floss panties she had on, a t-shirt with MEGA MILF printed over her ample breasts, and a plain purple jacket. A simple design, but in this line of work, less is more. Mitsuki stretched her arms over her head, making her heavy tits bounce inside her top. Emi was always jealous of those beauties, just the right amount of natural bounce and perfect skin thanks to her quirk.


“So, who took you next door?” Emi asked, curious.


“Hmm, oh no one, Manami needed some help resetting a room, Nemu-chan asked me to help the little dear out.” Mitsuki explained.


“Lemme guess, the Sci-fi room?” Emi probed. The Sci-fi room was one of the themed rooms in the Love Hotel, the whole place looked like the cryo-stasis chamber and med-bay out of some cheesy sci-fi flick. Most of the controls for everything were over four feet off the ground, so Manami had trouble working them without a stool. A shame too since she seemed to love that room, was probably all the computers.


“Yep, the auto release for that bed pod thing needed to be reset, and her stool wasn’t high enough.” Mitsuki told her.


Emi nodded, figuring it had to be something like that. She walked with the sexy blonde to the employee dressing room. The thrumming music of the main floor was louder here since the room connected directly to the dance stage. The emerald haired woman immediately spotted Mina Ashido, one of the girls from UA sitting naked on one of the leather couches. She batted at her lovely pink skin with a towel, wiping away the sweat beaded all over her body.


Grinning mischievously, Emi snuck up behind her and pinched both the antenna like horns protruding from the top of her head. Mina’s response was instant as she tensed up and let out the cutest little moan as she began squirming in her seat!


HEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!” she moaned as the seat was suddenly wet with more than just sweat.


HAHAHA!!!!” Emi laughed playfully, letting go of Mina’s horns.


“Don’t DO that!” Mina hissed at her, though her tone held no malice.


“Sorry, sorry, I just couldn’t resist.” Emi told her with a smile. “You just make the cutest moans when you cum Pinky-chan!” she said, using Mina’s Hero Name.


BIIIIII!!!!” Mina replied, sticking her tongue out and pulling the lid of her left eye down.


Both of them then laughed as Emi walked over to one of the make-up dressers. She sat down on the stool and tugged off the bandanna she had on. She ran her fingers through her emerald green hair to loosen it up after being stuck under the cap all day. Her hair felt dry and a little rough, ‘Better take a shower first.’ she thought as she got up and headed over to the connecting shower room. Inside she found Mitsuki already stripped down and stepping under the hot spray of one of the faucets. Steam wafted around the white tiled room as Emi found an empty basket to put her clothes in and stripped herself as well.


With her clothes stowed away in one of the baskets, Emi walked up behind Mitsuki, smiling mischievously as she stepped under the hot spray with the other woman. She then reached around her from behind, grabbing her big soft tits and squeezing them firmly as she pressed her own breasts against Mitsuki’s bare back.


“Hmmm?” Mitsuki said, completely unfazed by Emi’s actions.


“Mind if I borrow you for some soap?” Emi asked.


Mitsuki grinned, “Oh, I don’t mind.” she said as she triggered her quirk. The blonde’s body suddenly felt slick as the glycerin she produced began forming a thick sudsy lather between their bodies. The natural soap was far better than anything that could be found on the market, it helped keep Mitsuki’s skin so young looking and fresh. Emi had heard the blonde often used her quirk in bath house settings, now she understood why!


“Mmmmh, you smell nice…” the green haired woman purred, leaning her head over Mitsuki’s shoulder and rubbing her cheek to the other woman’s.


Mitsuki giggled, turning in Emi’s arms so that they were face to face. She smiled at her as she wrapped her arms around Emi’s waist, hugging their naked bodies together. Their big tits slipped and rubbed against one another, Emi cooed softly, feeling her nipples getting stiff as they rubbed against Mitsuki’s.


“You know normally I charge for this.” Mitsuki joked, moving her hands down to grab Emi’s ass and giving it a squeeze.


The green haired woman smiled back at her, interlacing her legs with the other woman, loving the smooth slippery softness of her skin as a thick foam began building between them. She then pushed the blonde woman back against the white tiled wall, mashing their heavy breasts together and leaning her head in close before nibbling on her ear softly, “Mmmmh, but then it wouldn’t be as much fun…” she purred. She then pressed her thigh between Mitsuki’s legs, giggling as the other woman began grinding her pussy against her leg.


“Mmmmmmmmh, yeaaah…” Mitsuki moaned and Emi moaned with her as the blonde haired woman reached a hand between her legs from behind, gently toying with the hot folds of her own pussy. Their mouths then connected, tongue pressing together and wrestling for dominance. The two women began rubbing and sliding their naked flesh against one anothers, the soapy foam between them becoming thicker and making everything even more slippery!


Emi moaned softly into Mitsuki’s mouth as she continued to wrestle tongues with her. She pressed her thigh between the blonde’s legs harder, smiling inwardly as she moaned a little louder. The two naked women pressed their bodies together harder, Emi could feel Mitsuki’s fingers dipping even deeper into her pussy as Emi grinded her thigh into the other woman’s cunt. Mitsuki then moved her hand up to grip Emi’s head, pressing their faces together harder as she rolled the two of them around, pressing her back against the wall now.


“Mmmmmmh…!” Emi moaned, cumming just a little at the other woman’s assertiveness.


“Mmmmmmph…” Mitsuki purred back, rubbing her entire body back against Emi, sucking on her tongue roughly now as she pressed her crotch against her thigh. Emi moaned again, loving the feel of Mitsuki’s fingers as the other woman found all her sweet spots.


“Mmmmmph, hawder…” she moaned back against her lips, Mmmmph, mhake meh cuummmh…” she moaned.


Mitsuki giggled like the cougar she was, pressing her entire body against Emi hard, their breasts slipping all around one anothers. Emi began grinding her pussy against the blonde woman’s fingers as she moaned back into her mouth louder. She could feel the pressure building in her pussy as she sucked back on Mitsuki’s tongue roughly.


“Yeah… Yeah….” she moaned.


“Hey you two, quit goofing off!” shouted another woman’s voice from the entry to the shower area. Emi and Mitsuki gasped as they broke apart and turned to see Nejire Hado standing there with her hands on her hips. Try as she might, it was hard to look imposing wearing only dental floss bikini bottoms and a pair of pastel green nipple pasties.


“Rie and Rumi just messaged that they won’t be here tonight, so now we’re short staffed and the crowd is getting bigger!” she explained. Emi could tell the blue haired girl was trying to sound firm, but her soft natured voice and peppy manner of speaking made that impossible.


Panting softly, Emi asked, “What happened…? They sick?”


“No, there was a big accident on the freeway, both are first responding with rescue and recovery efforts.” Nejire explained.


Yeah, that’ll do it,’ Emi thought bitterly.


“We’ll be out in a couple minutes.” Mitsuki answered before she could. Nejire nodded and turned away, but Emi saw her sweet smile as she turned away, followed by a giggle. “Rain check?” Mitsuki offered.


“I’ll be sure to cash it in soon.” Emi replied as the two of them focused on rinsing off as quickly as possible. The green haired woman then moved back out into the dressing area, not bothering to put any clothes on as she went to her locker. A quick thumb scan and the door opened to reveal a number of kinkier versions of her own Hero Costume. They were all designed by that Hatsume girl at UA in the Hero Support course. Her personal opinions of UA notwithstanding, the girl had style! Each Busteez Version of Ms. Joke was more erotic than the last. Better yet, they were all interchangeable so she could mix and match the looks however she liked from strip teases to erotic walk arounds!


Emi grabbed a pair of fishnet stockings, happy face pasties, and stripped dental floss bikini bottoms. She then coupled those with some arm coverings and yellow gloves. The end result was her hero look redone to be as lewd and slutty as possible. While she didn’t like how the panties dug into the folds of her pussy as they only just BARELY covered her clit, the reaction they got out of most of the regulars always made her smile! A quick application of some sexy red lipstick and eyeshadow and the look was complete! “Too sexy!” she told her reflection as she turned around to look at her ass in the mirror. ‘Death by nosebleed!’ she thought, picturing some of her student’s faces when they saw this on her.


Emi went out to the main floor of the agency through the VIP entrance since the hallway to the dressing room connected through there. The main floor was laid out like a club, with a large dance floor for stripping near the back. To the right of the building’s main entrance was the bar where drinks were mixed and served. Emi spotted Inko, the mother of that kid with the Gold Card for unlimited services. The green haired woman often suspected a tiny bit of foul play there, since the guy hardly used it for anything more than meals. Picking up his girlfriends didn’t count. If it were one of her students like Yo Shindo, he’d be in here with a different girl every night of the week! Though she supposed that was for the best. She’d only spoken with Izuku directly a couple of times, but he seemed like a good person. Very respectful even when she was wearing only a thong while they spoke.


As she looked at the group of customers sitting at the bar, Emi smiled as she spotted one of her favorite people sitting at the end drinking sake. Moving with determination, Emi made her way over to the bar and plopped herself down in Shota Aizawa’s lap!


“Well howdy Eraser!!! You came all the way out here to see me, I’m so touched!” she said with a grin, “Wanna go screw?” she asked.


Shota Aizawa maintained his stoic expression even as Emi clung to him, her big tits pressing against his chest. She snickered as he took another sip of his sake and set the cup down before responding.


“Hello, Joke.” he said, sounding half asleep. His face was a little more disheveled than usual, it must’ve been a rough night. Few people knew what Emi did about him, but the reason he always looked so tired, and took constant naps throughout the day was that he was still doing hero work at night on top of being a UA teacher. She’d tried to tell him many times that burning the candle at both ends would wear him out even faster!


“Awww, don’t be that way. People come here to cut loose and blow off steam.” she told him, grinding her butt into his lap a little harder, “Comon! Let’s go upstairs and fuck like bunnies!” she told him excitedly. She then snickered again as he maintained his completely stoic expression. He was so fun to tease. Ever since they first met in their rookie days when their agencies were close together, Emi had made it her mission to get the man to crack a smile at least once. She could easily do it if she used her quirk, but that wasn’t the same thing.


“No thanks.” he replied simply.


It wasn’t like Aizawa couldn’t afford it. This wasn’t very well known, but he was actually one of the richest Heroes in all of Japan! His incident resolve rate was easily enough to earn him a spot in the top five, but he worked so hard to stay out of the public eye that his rating was in the triple digits.


Emi shifted positions on his lap, giggling as she saw his expression shift just a bit as she felt something stiff pressing against her ass. She poured him another sake and draped her arm around his shoulders.


“So, what happened tonight?” she asked.


“I thought I was here to decompress after work, not talk shop.” he told her, accepting the drink she poured and sipping it down. “But if you must know, that weird drug that Senosuke made is still circulating on the streets. It’s being used in a lot of date rape incidents.”


Emi had heard about it on the HN, some kinky sex drug that made women go wild with sexual desire. It was somewhat related to the drug that had made Midnight’s skin hyper-sensitive to touch, though from what she could tell, the effects weren’t permanent like they had been with her.


Tapping a finger to her chin, Emi wondered who could be selling the stuff since the guy who invented it was now sitting in Tartarus for his next ten lifetimes. She sometimes wondered how the stuff would feel. To become so completely filled with desire that you’d have sex with anyone or anything. To lose oneself in the need to fuck. On a certain level it sounded rather exciting, if it was used consensually.


“The downside is the couple I caught tonight was using it recreationally. So I had to arrest them on possession of an illegal substance.” he told her, taking another drink, “I probably ruined an already rocky relationship.” he said bitterly.


THAT made Emi laugh, “That’s why I say you need to loosen up Eraser! You gotta learn to read the mood! Come on, didn’t you ever take a girl to make out on a cliffside somewhere in the woods?”


“No, I haven’t,” he answered honestly.


Emi shook her head and spun the stool around before sliding off his lap, “Well that changes tonight! Come on!” she told him, grabbing his wrist and pulling him from the seat.


“Joke! What are you doing?” he asked as she kept a firm grip on his wrist and grinned wickedly. Pulling him along behind her as she made her way to the VIP door. Along the way she stopped by the DJ booth and grabbed a small packet about the size of a condom wrapper. Mei Hatsume’s Blue Baby #7. Through a lot of trial and error, some more embarrassing than others, she’d perfected her version of what that Senosuke guy had made. It worked a lot like most male enhancers on the open market, only doing its job without raising the heart rate. And without the loss of control the illegal version had.


Using her teeth, she tore open the packet and pulled out the tiny blue capsule and expertly tossed it into Shota’s mouth. She grinned as he swallowed it before he could react. “Emi, what the hell!?” he asked, finally showing annoyance on his face.


“Relax, it isn’t harmful, mostly.” Emi told him, then smiled genuinely, “And thanks for calling me by name.” she told him. She then continued to drag him along behind her, taking him up to the building’s second floor and to the VR room. The place worked like a holodeck out of an old sci-fi show. Emi only partly understood how it worked, Melissa and Mei’s science bordered on the Mad level sometimes. Moreso with Mei. She quickly began tapping at the controls by the door, selecting an outdoorsy area near a lake. The kind of spot teenagers liked to go screw in.


[Program Complete, you may enter when ready.] replied a sexless computer voice.


Huh, when did they add that feature?’ she thought as the door unlocked and Emi shoved Shota inside. The interior of the room made Emi think she’d stepped outside and right into the middle of a forest surrounding a beautiful lake. She could even smell the trees! All of it was made with some selection of perfumes like they used in those little tree shaped air fresheners, pumped in through hidden vents. And while there were car settings in the computer, Emi hated fucking in a car, so she instead selected a simple picnic setting as she shoved Shota down onto the spread out blanket and smiled as she made a show of stripping out of what little she had on!


The green haired woman was proud to admit that she was a spectacular dancer, moving her hips in an erotic fashion as she peeled the pasties off her nipples and flung them aside like trash. She grinned as Shota gulped at the sight of her naked breasts, her nipples already getting stiff from the cool air and the sensation of tugging off the coverings. Since Recovery Girl had made her chest bigger, her nipples were especially sensitive to touch. She cupped her hands under her tits, hefting them up and making sure he saw how her fingers sank deep into the soft skin. She then licked her ruby lips slowly, still rolling her hips suggestively as she slid one hand down to her bottoms, pulling the bit of string tighter against her pussy until her clit peaked out from behind the fabric.


“Emi, this isn…” Shota said, gulping as she ripped off her bottoms, the flimsy fabric tearing away easily, leaning her practically naked. She then tugged off her gloves with her teeth and smiled as she squatted down and then knelt over to slowly crawl over to him, making sure to sway her breasts with every movement.


“At least this part of you is honest.” Emi said as she saw the massive tent in his black pants. She didn’t give him time to reply before she undid the belt and fly of his pants, letting his thick cock spring up from its confinement. She giggled happily, she always suspected that Shota was well hung, his cock was nearly as long as her arm from the elbow to the tip of her middle finger, and twice as thick. Emi moaned happily as she inhaled his scent, a thick rich manly odor that clung to the inside of her nose. She took a deep breath, loving the smell as she began kissing his cock and balls slowly, leaving red lipstick marks up and down his length.


Shota groaned softly at her attention, and Emi smiled again, slowly licking his cock from it’s base to the tip, savoring the flavor before opening her mouth wide. “AHHMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned, swallowing his dick down her throat. How long had she waited for this!? His cock tasted delicious, and Emi loved the feel of it blocking her throat as she gagged loudly.


GUHMMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH…” she moaned, bobbing her head up and down faster. She turned her eyes up at him, watching as he leaned his head back and groaned as she deepthroated his cock. Emi could feel the way her throat was being stretched out by his girth and moaned even louder.


HMMMMMPH, SHO TASHTYYY… AHHHHGUH, YESH, LUV DISH FLAVOURRRR…” Emi moaned around his cock, moving her head faster again. “GUGH, GUG, GUG, GUG…” she gagged and slurped, her hands caressing his balls as she buried her nose in his pubic hairs.


“Emi… Ahh, fuck…” Shota groaned softly. Emi smiled inwardly, slowing her motions just a bit. If anything she’d learned in this job was to hold back just a bit. Make them cum too soon and she wouldn’t have as much fun!


Keeping his cock in her mouth, Emi managed to get his pants off as she moved into a sixty-nine position with him. Pressing her huge tits around his cock, Emi focused her efforts on the tip. She then moaned as she suddenly felt his hand on top of her head, pushing her down on his cock.


HMMMMMPH!!!” she gagged in surprise, then moaned as she felt his cock filling her throat again. “GUMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMMPH!!!” Emi moaned deeply, making her throat vibrate around his cock.


HMMMMMMMMMPH!” Emi moaned as she suddenly felt his mouth covering her pussy, his rough stubble scraping against her clit as he slid his tongue inside her. Emi began bobbing her head faster, gagging and moaning as she rolled her hips back against Shota’s face.


YESH… MOAR, EAT MUH PUSSHY MOAR!!!” she moaned, taking his cock deep into her mouth until she felt his balls pressing against her nose. “GUMPPPH, GUG, MMMPH, MMMPH, GUH, GUG…” she gagged and moaned, feeling her entire body shaking in pleasure as Shota pushed his tongue in deeper. She never would have imagined he was this good, her entire body couldn’t stop shaking as she felt his stubble rubbing against her clit even more!


MMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” she howled around his cock as she felt her pussy gushing all over his face. She then felt his cock spasming in her throat as thick liquid warmth flooded her mouth! The green haired woman swallowed what she could, but most spurted back out her mouth as her eyes rolled back in her head.


A few moments later, Emi lifted her mouth free, gasping softly as she turned her head to look back at him. “I knew you’d be a lot of fun if you just loosened up.” she said with a grin, “So, you ready to get married?” she asked with her impish grin.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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10 days ago

Sorry I haven’t commented in a while but I really enjoyed seeing a busty Ms.Joke in the busteez series and I just want to keep encouraging you guys to do your best and I hope we can see some more Mina in the near future

13 days ago

It would be so weird if mitsuki out of the blue told Bakugou she plans on divorcing his father so that she can join izuku’s harem and eventually work her way up to becoming one of his co-wives or at least one of his mistresses because she realized she can’t live without his cock and she finds that izuku has quite the charming personality and is cute and that bakugou should mentally prepare himself for a half brother or sister in the near future because she will cut off all times with him if all he does disrespect her new child and threaten her new lover but this will most likely never happen because it seems to messed up.😅🥲

Last edited 13 days ago by Whitis
14 days ago

I’m so glad to see misuki again. I still hope to see her with deku more, maybe on a romantic night.

15 days ago

Wow. Didn’t think we’d ever see miss jokes but I am definitely on board! Great art and chapter as always!

15 days ago

That proposal at the end made me smile.

15 days ago
Reply to  uNgrATefuldEad

It just seemed like something she’d do

15 days ago

This was a fun read!

15 days ago


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
15 days ago

Maybe it’s the Mandela Effect (or I’m simply stupid) but did this artwork not already have a story? Either way, I’m not gonna complain! Always great to see other characters get some attention as well and not just the usual ones (Midoriya, Uraraka, Tsuyu,…). You did a really good job with her and I would imagine that she has her ways to keep the crowd entertained. Her two pairings in this chapter were both equally hot to read and it seems that she is much more interested in going to america than Mirko for example. I doubt that she will be one of the lucky few though, simply because I think that she’s not one of the most requested girls (I think that are still Uraraka, Tsuyu, Momo and maybe Mirko). I’d be happy to regret my words though because I believe that she brings a lot more maturity to the table and some much needed variety compared to Tsuyu, Uraraka and Momo who swoon all over Midoriya already. It just gets a little bit tiring, you know? And seeing her lighthearted interaction with Shota here was pretty great. Bringing Mitsuki into the mix was pretty sexy as well and the little shower scene was extremely hot!

Keep up the great work!

15 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

The image was in a Gum Road pack forever ago, but it was never displayed here with a story. Glad you liked the story. Emi was trickier to write than I thought she’d be, but I think it turned out alright.