Dungeon Knights

“Damn, for such a shorty, she sure does have some big tits,” the man on Rukia’s left laughed, poking her breast with his huge, erect cock and laughing at her resultant blush.


“You got that right.” The man on her right was leering over her nude form, craning his head to look behind her. “Holy shit, what an ass she’s got. Way bigger and juicier than you would expect; huh, maybe because she’s so short, all her curves seem much bigger?”


“I dunno about that,” grunted the busiest one of the trio as he repeatedly thrust his cock into Rukia. “But I do know this is the tightest fucking pussy I’ve ever pounded. It’s damn near crushing my dick; it feels amazing.”


Rukia blushed harder as the other two men considered that. “Well shit,” the first one said. “Now I wish I had won the draw; I would have loved to have been the first one to fuck her tight little vagina. Still,” he grinned suddenly, good cheer restored, “I bet her hot mouth will be just as tight, if she can even get my whole dick in her mouth. If not, I’ll give her a good tit fucking.”


The second man laughed. “If her pussy is that tight, then her ass must be out of this fucking world. I can’t wait to fuck and spank it; I just see it jiggling now, me spanking her with one hand and grabbing her tits with the other.”


“But before that…” Reaching up, the lucky man on his back tweaked Rukia’s nipples, making her jump and squeal. “Get back to those squats, slut! Pump that pussy! You got a long fucking ahead of you before you get to my friends; you take too long, all three of will pound you at the same time! Though maybe you would like that, you fucking whore!”


Rukia bounced faster, not sure if she wanted to risk getting a three-way pounding or not. The huge cock she was riding had already driven her to orgasm, with another fast on its way. Three at once might be too much for her.


But it would definitely be a hell of a lot of fun!

(Short Story by User: S22132)