A Duel of Sexual Power Level

(Note: This story is part of a short series of One-Punch Man stories)
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“All right, Bald–I mean, Saitama. It’s just you and me this time, and things are going to be different! I’m not going down that easily again- ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!”


“Huh? Oh, sorry; I was looking at the room,” the infuriating man told her casually, still not looking at her. “It’s cuter than I thought it would be.”


“And what’s that supposed to mean?!” Tatsumaki demanded hotly.


“Uh, you’re kind of a bitch. Hot, but still a bitch. So stuff like this, and all the pink? Yeah, didn’t see that coming.”


“Grk!” she choked. Okay, all of that was true, but did he have to put it that bluntly. Though at least he acknowledged that she was hot; Tatsumaki could work with that.


“Whatever. We’re not here to talk about my tastes in decorations.”


Saitama shrugged. “I dunno why I’m here at all. You just bugged me enough that I finally gave in.”


After counting to ten and grinding her teeth together, Tatsumaki finally replied. “We’re here to settle things.” She pointed at the bald idiot. “I have another challenge for you! And this time, it’s one of technique.”


His expression didn’t change much, but there was a sudden, if faint, gleam in his eyes. “Oh?”


“Every time before this when we’ve fucked…you instantly destroyed me.” The words tasted like ashes, but Tatsumaki made herself say them. “So fine, you’re stronger than me when it comes to that. But let’s see if you can make it last long enough to make the sex feel as good as I can!”


“…okay, sure,” Saitama said with mind-boggling nonchalance, already starting to strip out of his clothes. Didn’t he realize what at gift he was being given, getting the chance to fuck someone like her for as long as he could?!


Breathing harshly through her nose, Tatsumaki nonetheless smiled. Finally, a chance to get her pride back and get a win against this stupidly powerful idiot. A flex of her powers had her dress fly off her body and folded itself neatly away in the closet, leaving her in only her panties. She wanted to tease him a little before fully committing.


Hefting her tits in both hands to draw more attention to them, Tatsumaki found herself slowly licking her lips at the sight of Saitama’s enormous cock. It was all hers, all day, and she was going to make the most of it!


“Get closer!” she snapped, smiling when he shrugged and walked towards her. As soon as he was within reach, she wrapped her heavy tits around his dick, rubbing them up and down as fast as she could while licking and sucking the length of his cock.


“You’re starting out fast,” Saitama noted with amusement, a bit of a flush showing across his face. “What happened to technique?”


“Ha!” Tatsumaki scoffed, looking up from her paizuri/blowjob. “You think this will wear me out? I can keep this up forever, while keeping you on the edge! You just focus on making sure that I get what I need!”


“Whatever you say,” Saitama told her, a brief flash of amusement in his voice. He started playing with her nipples, smiling when she sucked in a deep breath, blush deepening. “You like that?”


“Not bad,” she told him, proud that her voice wasn’t shaking. Tatsumaki could feel his unbelievable strength through his fingers, but quickly reassured herself. Strength didn’t mean skill, and this lowly ranked hero couldn’t possibly be as good at sex as she was!


She kissed and licked his dick all over, focusing on the head of it. When it was as hard as she thought it could get (which was pretty fucking hard, like diamond), Tatsumaki began deepthroating it, bobbing her head up and down. Each time, she got it in deeper and deeper, until her nose was buried in his crotch. She began using her tongue, intending on teasing him and pushing him ever closer to the edge.


“Wow. You’re really good at this.” For once, Saitama actually had an emotion other than boredom in his voice; he sounded a little excited. He tweaked her nipples, making her gasp and thus suck even harder on his cock. “This feels really good!”


Ha ha! I’m winning! Just a little more, and it will be my turn! Tatsumaki sucked like she had never sucked before, until a veritable explosion of cum rocketed into her mouth and down her throat. Swallowing as fast as she could, large amounts of it still leaked out, coating her face with white.


“And that’s how it’s done,” she declared smugly, once she had caught her breath. “Your turn; remember, you’re supposed to make this last, so don’t-”


0.0000000000000000000000000000001 seconds Later…


“Oops. I think I went overboard again,” The room, now looking like a mess with Tatsumaki sprawled on the bed and covered in sweat and cum, very faintly heard Saitama say; the bald loser sounded sheepish. “I couldn’t make you last very long; I guess that means I lost and you won?” He didn’t even have the grace to sound ashamed of it!


…I’m going to KILL him… as soon as I can feel my body and move again!

(Story by User: S22132)

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