Drunk on Harribel’s Hips

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Matt was having a great day at the beach, enjoying the sunshine, the waves, and the crowd of pretty girls in bikinis, when his best friend Frank abruptly elbowed him in the side. “OW! What the fuck was that-”


Frank grabbed his head and forced Matt to look a certain direction, whereupon Matt promptly forgot his irritation as his jaw dropped. “Holy…”


His friend didn’t reply, though his head was nodding like a bobble-head doll in an earthquake.


The woman calmly walking towards them put all the other ladies to shame without even trying. Her white bikini contrasted brilliantly with her light brown skin, and every single one of her fabulous curves were on display, along with her toned physique. Her pretty face, bright green eyes, and golden, sun kissed hair were the cherries on top of a delicious sundae.


Matt was so caught up in staring that he didn’t realize that Frank had slipped ahead of him and was talking to the incredibly sexy woman with only a slight trace of nerves. ‘I didn’t know he had it in him!‘ He thought as he chased after his friend.


He got there just in time to hear the woman say, “-name is Harribel, and no, I’ve never had a pina colada or a mai tai.” Her face was near expressionless as she tilted her head slightly to one side. “Are they any good? I’m…new to this area, so my experiences are limited.”


“Oh yeah, they’re great!” Frank told her enthusiastically; Matt could see the effort he was putting in to keep his eyes on Harribel’s face instead of her chest. “In fact, since you’re new, why don’t you let me and my friend Matt here buy a couple of rounds for you?”


Making a soft humming noise, Harribel gave them a considering look and then a nod. “Very well. I’m meeting with my friends later, so I have some time to spend. Please, lead the way.”


Somehow, Matt was able to keep up a smile as he fell in beside Frank, who was walking towards their favorite beach bar. “Are you insane?!” he hissed from the side of his mouth. “That babe is way out of our league! You’re really going to try and get her drunk to give you a shot?!”


“First of all, speak for yourself…yeah, no, she totally is,” Frank admitted, his shoulders sagging. “But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And secondly, no, I’m not trying to get her drunk; just a little buzzed and relaxed.”


Matt shook his head as he cast a quick glance back over his shoulder; he met Harribel’s intense green eyes for just a moment as she looked around, but it still made him shiver from both excitement and nerves. There was something about her, something almost…otherworldly.


Still, she was really fucking hot.


“Fine, we’ll give it a try,” Matt conceded. “But the way she’s built and the way she looks…no way someone with that kind of body hasn’t been offered all the drinks she wants. And she can probably handle it too, as big and tall as she is. She’ll most likely drink us under the table.”



(A few minutes later…)


WHEE! You were right, these drinks are awesome!” Harribel cheered, jumping up onto the table and impressively not spilling a drop from her glass. Downing it all in one shot, she raised both arms in the air. “Who wants to see me do a striptease?!”


YEAH!” the crowd roared back, applause and whistles filling the air as Harribel began doing a sexy bump and grind routine. The enterprising owner of the bar quickly found some music to match her dancing and turned it up, getting the crowd even more excited.


“…drink us under the table, huh?” Frank asked Matt sarcastically. The latter was too busy staring open mouthed at a now nude Harribel to respond.


Then they both yelped as Harribel suddenly appeared in front of them. They hadn’t even seen her move! “Holy-!”/”What the-!”


“C’mon!” she said with a big smile, grabbing them by the arms and then…well, neither Frank nor Matt knew exactly what happened next. Everything was a blur, and then the three of them were standing in the shallows.


While the men were trying to wrap their heads around what the fuck had just happened, Harribel dropped to all fours, still smiling up at them. “I wanted to thank you both for buying me those great drinks; I really loved them!” she said enthusiastically, before giving them a smoldering look. “And I think I know how you want to be repaid,” Harribel finished with a knowing glance at the bulges in their shorts.


The two friends looked at each other, each with the same thought on their mind:


Forget figuring out the weird shit that had just happened; time to fuck!


They were naked in record time, and Frank was the faster, getting behind Harribel and grabbing onto her ass as he rubbed her pussy with his erection.


Matt was far from disappointed, however; Harribel gave him a knowing smirk and opened her mouth wide, inviting him in. He took full advantage, pushing his cock in all the way to his crotch. She was able to easily take the whole thing and immediately began sucking with enthusiasm; Matt groaned as he got even harder, something he hadn’t thought possible.


“Her mouth that good, Matt?” Frank grunted, slowly pushing his cock into the blonde’s pussy, biting his lip as her powerful muscles squeezed him. “FUCK…you should try out her pussy! It’s fucking divine!”


Harribel’s eyes gleamed with amusement, though Matt wasn’t sure what the joke was, nor did he really care. Her tongue was swirling around his cock while simultaneously sucking on it with a force that he had never imagined. Her breasts were pressing against his legs and his balls, adding to his pleasure.


Frank pumped his hips as fast and as hard as he was able, but it still felt like Harribel was just playing with him. He couldn’t remember the last time he had fucked a woman who was so much taller and stronger than him; it was intimidating and exhilarating in equal measure. Her huge ass bounced with each of his thrusts; despite its size, it was very toned and firm. He loved the feel of it under his fingers.


“Oh god…I don’t think I can last much longer!” Matt gasped, locking his knees and curling his hands into fists as he struggled to keep from blowing his load too early.


“Same…HERE!” Frank shouted, as Harribel’s pussy tightened even more; with a strangled scream, he came hard, the biggest cum he’d ever had.


Matt was right behind him, and it felt like Harribel’s mouth was drawing out every last bit of semen in his balls as she sucked and swallowed eagerly.


“That was a good warm-up,” Harribel said cheerfully as she got to her feet and stretched. That drew a wild reaction from the crowd that had gathered while they were fucking; Harribel, still buzzed, just waved back at them with a bright smile.


“Can you two handle more, or did I wear you out?” she teased, hands on her hips and chest thrust out, looking like a fantasy come to life.


The sight put new strength into both Matt and Frank. Their dicks hard again, they nodded. “We can go as long as you can!” Frank declared.


“Hell yeah!” Matt cheered.



(One hour later…)


“Mercy…I’m begging you…” Frank whimpered, flat on his back with his limbs splayed out. Matt was beside him, knocked out from the mind-blowing sex.


They weren’t the only victims. At some point, the fucking had turned into an orgy, with Harribel at the center of it.


And she still stood, with only a faint sheen of sweat on her lovely body, amid a sea of twitching and groaning bodies, all of whom she had personally fucked into submission or helped in the process.


“Huh…maybe I went a little overboard,” Harribel mused, sipping on her rainbow colored drink thoughtfully. She licked her lips when she was done, loving the taste. “Yum. Anyway, thanks again for the drinks and the sex. Maybe we’ll see each other again some time.” She started walking off, thinking to herself. I wonder if my new friends and allies would be able to last longer during fucking. Mmm…I’m looking forward to finding out, especially if I can have more drinks like this!


“…Frank?” Matt eventually groaned as he regained some semblance of consciousness.




“…I’m not sure if I want to thank you or kill you.”


“I don’t blame you…oh god, my hips…”

(Story by User: S22132)

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3 months ago

I hope their is an ichigo and Harribel chapter in the making. Preferably the more loose and wild drunk Harribel but the normal Harribel is good to.

Last edited 3 months ago by Whitis
3 months ago

Well gentlemen, now you know what it’s like to fuck someone who is way out of your league, more so if she just so happens to an Arrancar.

And in the case of Harribel here, that’s an understatement. But wow! That escalated quickly. O_O

It only took off once she had some drinks in her, then our two dudes got caught up in the fun, and somehow it turned into a orgy that left only Harribel herself as the only one standing. No one would ever forget this meeting, that’s for sure. :O

Still, I really enjoyed this chapter from start to finish. Same with the picture itself too.

Hope we see more of her later on. Nice work! 😀

3 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thank you Hiryu, happy you enjoyed the story as usual man. I always appreciate reading your comments 🥰

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago

Despite the rather bumpy start (in my opinion) this chapter turned out to be extraordinary sexy. Random dudes aren’t for everyone but I at least enjoyed them and their attempts to satiate the cock hungry shark. The drunk Harribel was quite the fresh spin and a nice contrast to her usual composed demeanor. Safe to say that her toying around with these two guys and the others was a blast. Given from the names of the two dudes I assume that she is in england and that the friends and allies she mentioned are Ichigo and consorts.

Anyway, seeing Harribel is always welcomed, especially when she gets to be the dominant one during sex!

3 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Happy you like it man, and thank you for enjoying it even if it’s two random guys