Dreams of Thick Dick DP

‘I hate it so much when this happens!’ Isane thought furiously, still struggling to get up off the ground. Normally she loved having massive tits and a giant ass, but not when something like this happened; she could barely move!


Bad enough that she had tripped over her own feet, but now she was stuck, her huge tits weighing her down. She couldn’t even reach the ground with her arms! And of course her enormous butt was sticking up in the air for anyone to see, as well as her pussy.


If anyone saw her like this, she would just die of embarrassment, Isane just knew it–


“Now that is a sight to behold,” came a dryly amused voice from behind, causing Isane to freeze. She recognized it, and her cheeks flooded with a bright blush before she slowly turned her head.


And then Isane was gaping, blush doubling, as she beheld Hitsugaya-san. The biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen in her life was dangling between his legs; even as she goggled, it was twitching and hardening.


Because of me.


She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but Isane could feel her pussy getting hot and wet, even as her mouth dried out. She squirmed slightly, before freezing when Hitsugaya’s eyes locked onto her shaking ass.


Their eyes met, and Isane could tell they were thinking the same thing. With a nervous smile, she starting shaking her ass and pussy again. “Shall we make the best of the situation, Hitsugaya-san?” she asked sultrily, wishing she could stop blushing.


The white-haired captain’s eyebrows rose. “Are you sure you can handle this?” he asked, sounding somewhat skeptical as he gestured to his now fully erect dick. It was massive, and Isane swallowed hard even as her arousal started to drip down her thighs.


“I can handle it,” she replied, doing her best to sound confident, trying to trick herself into actually being confident. This is either the best or worst idea she’s ever had.


Under other circumstance, Isane thinks that Hitsugaya might have tried to talk with her more, make certain she was sure about this. But his own lust and desire is burning in his eyes, so she’s not surprised when he simply nods before grinning widely. He takes a few quick steps forward, and then his massive cock is pushing against her pussy and oh god, it’s SO DAMN BIG!


“GHA~! AH~!” Isane moaned, feeling her pussy getting stretched to its limit. The sensation was so intense, she wasn’t sure if it was pleasure, pain, or a combination of both. It was amazing, whatever it was, even if it threatened to overwhelm her.


“Oh, by the way…”


If Isane had been less distracted by the enormous cock that was getting ready to pound her, she might have noticed the rare hint of mischievousness in Hitsugaya’s voice.


“I actually came here with company.”


Isane blinked and started to look back at him. “Wha-”




When she’s mildly distracted by someone landing on her gigantic ass.


And then she’s very distracted when a HUGE DICK is shoved into her ass, oh holy-!


F-FUCK!!!” Isane screamed, her eyes screwed tightly shut as her body is rocked with the most intense sensations she can ever remember experiencing. “YOU TWO ARE HUGE!!!


Would her ass and pussy ever be the same again?! Fuck, and now they’ve both started to move and it feels like it’s way too much and AHHHHHH!


“NGH~! HAHH! SLOW DOWN!!!” Isane begged, her body rocking back and forth as she’s double penetrated by the biggest cocks she’s ever taken. Her gigantic tits rubbed across the ground, making her nipples even harder, to the point where it’s almost painful. Her ass is spasming around the dick buried inside of it, and her pussy is gushing like a fire hydrant.




“AAAAAIIIIIEEEE!” Isane squealed as she was spanked twice. She could feel the ripples spreading out across her ass; judging from the way Hitsugaya was chuckling, he could see it too.


“Sorry, Isane-chan!” came the cheerful voice of Yushiro, who didn’t sound sorry at all. “You’re just so damn sexy with your monster tits and ass! When I’m done fucking your ass, I’m gonna do your pussy, your tits, and your mouth! Then I’ll start all over!”


Isane’s eyes had steadily gotten wider and wider as Yushiro spoke, and when Hitsugaya laughed, she gave him a disbelieving look.


He smiled warmly back at her, even as he continued to fuck her more thoroughly than anyone ever had. “Do you really want us to stop?” he asked bluntly, putting even more power and speed into his thrusts, making her eyes start to roll up in her head. “Just say the word and we will.”


For a single moment, Isane considered doing just that…




She pushed back against them, doing her best to match their rhythms and maximize her pleasure. Isane shrieked as she came, and then started screaming again when they kept fucking her, Yushiro resuming his spanking and Hitsugaya groping her thighs.


YESSSSSSSS!!!!” Oh, this was the best! Forget the embarrassment, this was so worth it! Isane writhed as much as could, eyes squeezed shut as another orgasm built with blinding speed-




“OW!” Isane exclaimed, opening her eyes…only to pause when she saw the ceiling of her bedroom. “Wait…I was dreaming? What was I…dreaming…about…”


She trailed off, blood steadily rushing to her face as she remember exactly what she had been dreaming of, and how enthusiastic she had been about the whole situation.


When a concerned Unohana came to find her, she found Isane passed out by her bed, face crimson red and the room smelling of just how…aroused Isane had been in her sleep.


“Oh my…”

(Story by User: S22132)

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1 year ago

Would love to see Isane, Unohana, and Rangiku in a lineup with monster tits getting ready to fuck Ichigo or maybe them facing away while Ichigo pounds Retsu cause I always envisioned her as having the largest ass for some reason.

1 year ago

It’s always wonderful to see a woman like Isane thoroughly enjoying being as enormous as she is.

1 year ago

It sucks that this was only a dream, because this was insanely hot! It was a hell of a one shot.

What really set this apart, aside from Isane herself, was the DP action. Now that doesn’t get old. It really doesn’t.

Overall, it was a fun story and picture. Nice work.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu


It’s been a while since I’ve used the ‘all a dream’ plot; it’s handy for stories like this, when I’m having hard time devising an in-universe explanation for what’s happening. 🙂

1 year ago

ah yes my two favorite shotas, toshiro and yushiro

1 year ago

Yushiro’s balls swinging back so much makes me laugh so much it kind of tampers down the hotness of the picture 😛 But it’s impossible to draw Isane at this size and not be aroused by it. She was really destined to be constantly huge like this.

What I would have liked to know, story-wise, is if Isane is that huge normally, or if it was just part of her dream fantasy.

1 year ago
Reply to  BioYuGi

In most of the stories I write with Isane, she’s quite large, but not quite this big. Having assets this big is usually a dream of hers.

1 year ago

Quite a fun little adventure, something short and sweet. Too bad it was simply a dream Haha, she deserves some real fun times.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Thanks, and I’m sure Isane will have plenty of fun in the future. 🙂