DP on the Dancefloor

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Sakura smiled as she sat naked on top of a barstool inside Raijin’s. After leaving the waterpark earlier, Sakura followed the group of her ‘fans’ back to the club for drinks. Pulsing music filled the air as she turned back to the bar to look at D, the club owner.


“Another please.” she said, pushing her empty glass towards him.


“Coming up.” said D. Sakura watched as he took the empty glass and placed it out of sight beneath the bar. He then pulled out another glass and began pouring various liquors into it. The liquid started a clear color, then turned pink, then orange, then red, and strangely blue. The final result was a concoction that swirled with all the colors of the rainbow.


“One Spectrum.” said D as he pushed the glass over to her.


“Thank you.” said Sakura as she accepted the drink and took a long sip. She loved the tingling sensation the drink made as it went down, followed by a heat that started in her groin that went up to her head and back again. “Mmmmmmh… Ahh…” Sakura said as she finished the entire drink in a single go.


“You should take it easy on those,” said a voice, “I hear they go to your head fast even for a veteran drinker.”


Sakura turned to her left to see Naruto walking up to her, “Oh too late for that…” Sakura said with a grin, “That was my… how many have I had D?”


“Four.” the big man answered as he took the empty glass back and began cleaning it.


“What he said.” said Sakura as she got up and moved to stand in front of Naruto. She loved the way his blue eyes darted down to look at her naked body. “See anything you like?”


“Ahhaa…” Naruto said as Sakura reached up to run her hand up and down his chest. “Sakura, Hinata said…


“Shhhhh… What Hinata doesn’t know won’t hurt me.” she said with a soft giggle. She then snapped her fingers and there was a dull thunk behind Naruto as D set down a large mug of beer.


“Now, let’s have some fun!” Sakura said with a grin.



“Hmmmmm, yeah, squeeze them harder!” Sakura moaned as she leaned herself back against Naruto’s body. She loved the feel of his fingers digging into the soft pliant flesh of her fat tits almost as much as the feel of the thick bulge in his pants as she rubbed her ass against his crotch. She could nearly feel his dick pulsing against her ass as she reached a hand down to open the fly of his pants.


The two of them stood in a wide open area of Raijin’s, a crowd of people around them watched and cheered as Naruto fondled her. It had taken a few beers, but the pink haired woman finally got him to relax and have some fun here in the club with her.


“Mmmmmmh, yeah, that’s what I wanted!” she purred as she grabbed his cock and pulled it out, moving to stroke it slowly to full hardness. Chewing her lower lip, she ran her thumb over the tip, loving the feel of it, the soft hardness and shear thickness made her pussy ache with raw need!


You really have changed since coming here Sakura.” Naruto said with a groan.


Nah, I just discovered who I really am is all.” Sakura said as she grabbed a small vial of a clear fluid that sat on the table next to them. The container was made of a cheap plastic that was easy to open with one hand. Inside was a viscous oil that Sakura poured over Naruto’s cock, making it all slick and slippery as she continued stroking him with her other hand.


“Now, shove this beast up my ass!” she whispered harshly as she pressed his cock between the cheeks of her ass. She moaned happily at the feel of his cock rubbing against her naked skin and began moving her butt up and down.


“Jeez, you’re a sex maniac, Sakura!” Naruto said as he pushed his cock up her ass slowly. Sakura moaned in sheer bliss as she pushed herself back against his cock.


“Because big dicks feel really good!” Sakura moaned as she shuddered in pleasure as Naruto began pumping his cock in and out of her ass at the same time he gave it a solid spank. “MMMMMMH, YESSSSSS… BIG DICKS ARE THE BEST!!!!


“Damn, I’ve seen some sluts come through here, but this bitch takes the cake!” said a man who came over to them from out of the shadows. Sakura licked her lips as A stepped into the light, his big dick already standing at full erection and dripping with precum! Her pussy began twitching all on its own as a squirt of hot juices sprayed out.


“Being thoroughly used while having my tits mauled and my ass spanked, I love it!!! It’s all I can think about now!” said Sakura as she moved a hand down to spread the lips of her pussy wide.


“Here, have another dick up front you pink haired skank!” said A as he came closer. She quickly spread her legs wider for him and let out a low panting moan as she beckoned him closer.


“Mmmmmmh, hurry and stuff my needy cunt!” she moaned.


A grinned and walked out into the clearing, grabbing her thighs before stuffing his thick cock deep inside her. Sakura moaned as both her holes were stuffed so full. Her vision doubled as her peridot colored eyes crossed and she let out a long howl of pleasure.


“Ahhh, Sakura, your ass, feels great!” groaned Naruto as he helped A hold her up. Sakura moaned like a rutting animal as the two of them bounced her up and down on their cocks.


AHHH, YESSS… TWO BIG COCKS, FILLING MY INSIDES… AHHHH, IT’S SO GOOD, I, I CAN’T THIIIIINK…” Sakura howled in pleasure, as the two men continued thrusting into her together. She could feel their big cocks stuffing her insides so completely full! She moaned as her tits bounced up and down wildly from the force of their impacts. She loved this feeling, being stuffed and mounted like a cheap whore turned her on so much.


AHHH, CUMMING!!! TWO BIG COCKS ARE COMPETING FOR MY INSIDES!!!!” she screamed as she felt her entire body shaking in pleasure as she came hard! “YES!!! I LOVE THIS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME MORE, DESTROY MY HOLES WITH YOUR BIG GIANT COCKS!!!


“Aahhh, Sakura, I can’t pull my cock out, your ass is so fucking tight!” Naruto groaned as he began pounding into her harder.


IT FEELS SO GOOD BEING DOUBLE STUFFED BY BIG DICKS!!! I CAN’T LET THEM GHOOO!!!!” Sakura moaned as she felt her body clamping down on both cocks harder. “AH, AH, AHHHHH, I’M CUMMINGGGG…!!!” Sakura screamed in pleasure as they both jammed their cocks balls deep inside her. The three of them then separated for an agonizing moment as A got down on his back before Sakura remounted him in a Reverse Cowgirl position. She then moaned again as Naruto pushed her forward and shoved his cock back up her asshole!


“So which you like better slut, up your cunt or up your ass!?” asked A.


I DON’T KNOOOW, I CAN’T DECIDE!!! I JUST WANT BIG COCKS FUCKING ME FOREVERRRR!!!” Sakura moaned as Naruto spanked her ass again. The pink haired woman screamed in pleasure as the crowd around them began cheering.


“Stupid cock slut!” said A.


YES!!! I’M A SLUT, I’M A SLUT FOR BIG KUMO COCKS, BIG COCKS, SO LONG AS THEY ARE BIG I WANT THEM TO FUCK MY HOOOOLES!!!!” Sakura moaned, ‘So sloppy and wet, this feeling, I truly can’t get enough of it!’ she thought as people began throwing money around them. “SO GOOD!!! BIG COCKS, BIG COCKS, BIG COCKS, BIG COCKS, BIG COCKS, BIG COCKSSSS I NEED BIG COCKS ALL THE TIME, I DON’T CARE WHOSE COCK IT IS ANYMORE!!!! JUST FUCK MEEEEE!!! FUCK MY HOLES!!!!


“Fuck, this bitch just can’t get enough!” said a voice in the crowd.


I nailed her a couple nights ago, she did a full train with the whole club!” said another.


“Seriously, damn, shame I missed that.” said the first man.


“Don’t worry, looks to me like she’ll be wanting more when those two are done with her.”


“Nice.” said the first man.


AHHH, I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING SO HAAAARD!!!! MORE, MORE!!! MORE MORE MORE MOOOORE!!! FUCK MEEEE FUCK MY HOLES RAAAW!!!!” she begged as she listened to others talk about her. They were right tHo, once she was done draining A and Naruto’s balls, she fully intended to let the entire club fuck her again. God that was an amazing night! So many big cocks, all for her.


“Fuck, me too, I’m gonna cum!” Naruto groaned.


PLEASE!!! CUM INSIDE, BOTH OF YOU, FILL MY COCK SLUT HOLES!!!!” Sakura howled as she bucked back and forth between them. Both men groaned and she could feel the warmth of their jizz spraying her insides, and she loved it! “SOOO GOOOOD!!!!! COCKS CUMMING INSIDE ME FEELS SO GOOOD!!!! I’M CUUUUMMMMINGGG!!!” she screamed in utter ecstasy.


A hot warm liquid feeling flowed out of her ass and pussy as the cum filled her holes to the brim! Sakura’s eyes crossed again as she arched her back and howled in sheer mindless pleasure. She then whimpered as the thrusting stopped and turned to look back at both men.


“Hey! Don’t tell me you two are spent already!?” she yelled at them, “I’m nowhere near satisfied yet!”


“Hoho, a challenge eh?” asked A, and Sakura grinned.


“You boys man enough to satisfy me, or do I need to look elsewhere?” she asked.


“Cheeky slut!” said Naruto as he grabbed her ass and resumed thrusting into her asshole, his cock making all kinds of lewd wet noises as it moved back and forth.




A laughed and began slamming his cock into her as well, grunting with every thrust as he gripped her thighs tight for leverage!


AHHHH, YES, FUCK ME, POUND MY SIZE QUEEN HOLES LIKE MY PATHETIC HUSBAND NEVER COOOULD!!!!” Sakura screamed as she began cumming instantly, “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK, FUCK MEEEEE!!!! YESSSS, I LOVE THIS, I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT BIG COCKS ANYMOOOORE!!!!” she howled as her personal orgy dragged on well into sunrise on Ranko Island.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Michael Rhee
Michael Rhee
1 year ago

I know that this isnt relevant to the story right now, but is there going to be a time when naruto has his turn with the enhancement pills? I would love to see that

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael Rhee

I’m not opposed to the idea, ask SailorIO

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael Rhee

Naruto doesn’t need no pills he is already epic

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

This was a very hot and interesting chapter. The art is top notch as sakura getting her huge fat ass double destroy, the club like background is nice but the light and money did make it a little blurry. Overall the art is a 8.5
The story is written well and alot of naughty raw big cock sex! As sakura is at the bar getting shots she is approached by naruto which advises her to watch her intake. As she was clearly drunk on booze and soon to be cock her and naruto take center floor as naruto is grabbing her fat tits and his monster cock rubbing her ass, she grabs some lube and naruto splits her ass in two as they fuck right in front of everyone! But the fun doesn’t stop there as A shows up and it’s double stuffing time with A stuffing her pussy and naruto breaking her ass as she yells out what a whore she is for huge fat cocks! They continue to reshape her holes as her transformation into a size queen is complete and getting naughtier and more hot. 9/10
As for the characters I see all three of our main characters trully shine most sakura and naruto there relationship. 8/10
Overall this was a super hot chapter with double stuffing to sakura as her size queen side has taken over! What is next for her? I want a naruto/sakura gangbang but that’s just me.
Overall: 25.5/30

1 year ago

Glad you like the story man. Sorry for slow replies, I’m getting back into working again. And I have almost 0 free time there. I’m still having fun with this series, and I think I might have a finale in mind when things get there.

1 year ago

Sakura, Sakura, Sakura. The more we see you, the worse you become.

This also brings back some memories of the Busteez Fuckfest chapters, especially given how both A and Naruto fucked Sakura for everyone in the club to bear witness to. Though I hate to be the one who has to face Hinata.

That being said, this was a fun little chapter. Not a lot else needs to be said. XD

Looking forward to seeing what’s up next for Sakura the Size Queen.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yep, she is a total lost cause now. Just a collection of holes that crave big dicks to fill them and stretch them out.

1 year ago

Ah, lovely to see Sakura’s more than ample assets being put to great use!

1 year ago

The light is a bit distracting, otherwise I think it’s great!